How to Pronounce ADVERTISEMENT in British and American English [ ForB English Lesson ]


36 thoughts on “How to Pronounce ADVERTISEMENT in British and American English [ ForB English Lesson ]”

  • Hi everyone! Did you know how to pronounce "advertisement" in British and American English?
    1. Yes, I did.😄 2. No, I didn't.😝

  • Torrie Crutcher says:

    @James McCallum …no , I mean with a southern drawl , almost sounds like ADverTIESment. We a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll. GO TITANS!!!

  • wheelmanstan says:

    I just heard an american actress say it the british way…so weird…the american director left it in as well which is just as strange…I mean it's an american movie set in america and all of a sudden she choses to pronounce things like she's british and no one's supposed to notice or question it? but hey, brits playing americans say anythin' and I'm supposed to not notice it as well!

  • Спасибо большое, а то я думала, что опозорилась вчера на уроке в языковой школе, так как преподаватель говорила адвертайзмент, а я упрямо адвертисмент.


    wow good to know i did not pronounce it wrong! my friends laugh at me they said its pronounce ad-ver-tis-ment not ad-ver-tays-ment

  • Today, we (my young son and I) were discussing how words can have drastically different pronunciations based on local dialect. This was a great example. Thank you.

  • The Stanimal says:

    I’m British and I say it the American way. my year 8 English teacher is the only person I’ve ever heard say it the British way.

  • Lol. I was taught ti pronounce my english as the british without knowing and it baffles me to hear it pronounced as 'advertise'; even after adding the "..ment". I had to know why🤔

  • Hmm.. I'm from Australia and have been told advertisement is pronounced as "ad-ver-tyze-ment" (despite our English being British influenced from colonisation). When you say advertised however, you don't say "ad-ver-teased" you say "ad-ver-tyzed" which would make sense that advertisement should be pronounced "ad-ver-tyze-ment".

  • Higher Projections says:

    I’m a native English teacher and I was never sure how to pronounce this word! I quickly googled the pronunciation and found this video… I still feel slightly stupid but at least I know what the issue was- I was hearing both versions without realising there was 2 and becoming confused!

  • I pronounce it in American style, but recently i went to ielts test and the examiner for speaking was pronouncing it in british style and i got confused and was thinking that all my life i have been pronouncing it the wrong way

  • My English teacher, who favors British English, told me that the British pronunciation is correct after I told her the
    American one. When I told her that I've heard a lot of people speak the "American way" and they never got corrected, she got really confused and told me that she'd never heard the word spoken that way.
    1:0 for me, Miss.

  • mrchairman08 says:

    Born and raised in New England we were taught the British pronunciation. Then moved to upstate New York where the American version is used.

  • I’m from Australia and my English teacher told me the proper way when pronouncing “advertisement” is the British way. This got me really confused

  • Hi Gabriella, are you a British or an American? Thank you so much, I've learned a lot of words and phrases in your channel.

  • anna floresca says:

    Once in high school, I mistakenly said this word in the british way and my teacher shamed me for it because she didn't know it existed lol

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