How To Market Your Amazon or eBay Store via Social Media

How To Market Your Amazon or eBay Store via Social Media

How To Use Social Media for eBay and Amazon ATTENTION GRABBER (00:00-00:06) Hey everyone! In this video, I answer Becky’s
question: How do I use social media to draw people to my eBay or amazon stores? (Insert
screenshot) INTRO BUMPER (00:07-00:13)
Personal-branded logo with music, animations and text to set the tone. THE CONTENT (00:14-01:14) So, if you have a retail gig or ecommerce
focus, how do you use social media to draw traffic (and potential buyers) to your store?
Now, that’s a question I don’t get asked every day in the agency realm. When I am searching online for a new pair
of workout shorts, I don’t go to Twitter or Facebook. I go straight to Google Search.
What about you? Though social media is probably not my first
place to find new items, here are three get-started tips to promote your store across social. 1. Pick just one social media channel to start. Don’t try to be on every social media channel
all at once. You will feel overwhelmed! Which of these sounds like a perfect place for YOU
to start? Facebook allows you to build a community of
fans who can interact with you through comments and by posting questions. Make sure you create
a FB page for your business. [Insert link to Mari Smith] YouTube is the place for you, if advertising
your products through video would be ideal. Beware of the trolls here! [Insert link to
James Wedmore:] Twitter is a great way to send out a short
message (140 characters or less) to your followers.  Pinterest is where millions of people go to
discover and share things that inspire them, including your products! More about Pinterest
in a moment?this would be my #1 choice. 2. Keep your products and social content up
to date. Once you’ve chosen your platform, it’s
time to start posting. You will need a posting calendar?I’ve got one of those for FREE
at the end of this video. Stay tuned! A few quick tips:
* Respond within 24 hours to comments or questions * Post a few times a week
* Listen to what your fans/followers are saying 3. Join Pinterest for Business. Yes, I mentioned that Pinterest is my favorite
channel for retail. Though it’s not the go-to platform for me as a social media pro,
I recommend you get a Pinterest for Business account TO-DAY. If you need more help with Pinterest, you
should check out Melanie Duncan, the Pinterest Guru. Her course is only $97, which would
be a better investment than wasting time searching all over the web to get all that information.
Otherwise, just do some DIY searching or subscribe to her blog. [] Whew! That was an information-packed session.
You ready to put it into practice, now? CTA: As promised, you can get my free social
posting template by clicking the link below this video to download it in the Mindi Zone.
Now, get posting. What are you waiting for? OUTRO BUMPER (01:14-01:21)
Personal-branded logo with music, animations and text to deliver my Call to Action. OUTTAKES (01:21-1:30)
Pay-off at the end of outtakes, funny moments or something enjoyable. Marley doing something silly. 🙂


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