How to Manage (Multiple) Social Media Accounts


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  • Hassan Mahmood says:

    I just started working as a social media manger for an American company which produces Embroidery Custom patches. Will you give me any advice to deal with such niche? Because there is a lot of competition in this niche.

  • Thanks for the video guys. As a micro business just my wife and I, how can we go about growing our social media following without coming across as pestering or overloading potential customers with blogs and posts? Thanks in advance Brett.

  • digital marketing scope and what work we done in digital marketing and what the terms it includes , please make a long video and understand about digital marketing . Because lots of people are confused what exacatly digital marketing is ?

  • Does the length of facebook post also affect the reach….like I make a post with a detailed info of the topic, does it reach better than just sharing the topic and the link?
    Hope you understood the question.

  • I have question it doesn't relate to this video, the question is, is Shopify stores saturated, is it profitable to open the store now.

  • Hey Neil, I’m starting a niche blog in a space that’s mainly dominated by local service business, its the “(service) near me” type of search. Can you rank above local service businesses on google as just a blog? If so, what are your best tips?

  • Mastermind Webinars says:

    Cellphone is the best way to manage multiple accounts because you can sign right off and into another with a snap of your fingers. Love how technology is getting better, keep up the good work Neil, educate the masses, knowledge is power…

  • Malin Kodithuwakku says:

    Hi Neil, Would like to know about creating reports for clients social media and specially SEO reporting , would like to know whats the better format and if any samples? Thanks

  • Hey , neil just wanted to know what is you favoraite technique to rank on the top can you make or provide a checklist of task to do ??

  • This is certainly a great video. your substance is high quality! I will be checking out the rest of your videos soon!

  • If we share same content on all platform or create different style of content for different social media. What we should do ??

  • hi neil i see video from u abut internal link and u say for online marketing u link online markting in the sidbar and content when its make sens .. i see Another video by moz too and they sey if link use in the navigation google doesn't see another anchor text in the content . im comfus pls help me

  • ILUMINA Publications says:

    So, Neil, what's up with the title in Portuguese?! What about making the video also in Portuguese?! You are getting too bold! LOL! Love your content and personality! Your co-host is also super cool! Great tips, always!

  • I create quiz answer videos and I want to create a recipe . Need help Neil bhai. I am Tarun Patel. I create YouTube video and its go to all sites.

  • Good one!

    Do some videos for people starting marketing agencies. Answer questions like– where to start, how to structure your services, how to streamline the processes, etc.?

  • Great tips. Apart from FB and Twitter I use tools to schedule for other platforms. Glad don't use the tools for them two platforms now.

  • Sansern Kiattivejsoonthorn says:

    Wonder for about this issue since the Facebook privacy policy hit earlier this year.
    Which I actually normally use the Hootsuite and some other stuff such as Adespresso etc.
    But the FB leaks seems to make every platform got an effect even in website such as Google analytics.

    Question is that shall I still stick to them as not so sure whether what is the best decision to make for my team.
    As it is not easy to get someone to learn one web app analytics such as Hootsuite.

    What I still believe is that provide best site and with the great seo structure and then find the way to manage the content to spread all around each platform. Does this way will be better and then for the social network shall I leave Hootsuite as it not cheap.

    Please advise. Will have a look through the Meetedgar.

    Once again thanks for great content as always. Thumps up.

  • RKF Search Results says:

    Had NO idea about the reach difference between posting directly in Facebook vs Hootsuite, though makes sense. Is that also the case with Twitter? I do my scheduled tweets using Hootsuite.

  • Abhishek Verma says:

    Hello Neil,
    I listen to your podcasts on NPD they are awesome. I uploaded video version with animated NeilPatel & Eric siu character on YouTube. Do you have any problem with it. I mean copyright issue. Please let me know I will remove them.

    Please don't copyright strike on my channel.


  • Neil, What do you think how much schema markup is important for a common blog based on seo, tech, travel or any other topic? or it is only useful for some specific type of websites.

  • Samawat Shakeel says:

    Hi Neil,

    I am starting a new digital marketing agency.

    How do I create Facebook/LinkedIn and other social media accounts for my clients?

    I mean to say that for creating a facebook page we have to link it to our personal account and the same works for LinkedIn as well. So what is the solution?

    If I have to create 10 Facebook page for 10 clients what do I do? I cannot link 10 accounts to my personal account????

    Please help

  • Christian Banks says:

    Hey guys. What are your thoughts on buying backlinks??? Could you create a video on this subject. Great stuff Neil, thanks!

  • Swetha Vigneswaran says:

    Hi Neil
    I discovered your channel today.
    I'm about to finish my bachelor but it is very general.
    I took recent interest in Digital marketing and I would like to do an internship in that field but I have 0 skills. What can I do ?

  • Neil I am starting to learn SEO and aim to become a Professional SEO expert and consultant in the near future. Do you think SEO still have chance in the next 5-8 years. I mean do you think companies will still be paying for SEO services in future?

  • Hey Neil, I hope you see this. I love your videos and been watching for some time now. My question to you is, what is the best way to market my new book (physical). Preferably free or low costs do to a lack of budget?

    As always,

    Thank you!

  • hi neil,
    i have an idea for making a software related to content marketing but how do i know that people need my idea so how can i test it before making it properly

  • Hi Neil thanks for sharing & caring. Question. Does Facebook allow business pages to mention of their niche on their cover page or cover photo? i.e using words like men, entrepreneurs, executives?

  • Anna Andritchii says:

    Hello. Thank you for the information. Please, Advice needed
    I was using my FB for my smma and recently FB disabled my account, so now I have no idea what to do. May be you know how to deal with it? I do not even know whom to ask for help. Thank you

  • Nikolay Stoyanov says:

    I just noticed on several websites from different countries and even continents with an interesting traffic drop. As much as the websites get traffic from social media as lowest they get from the search engines and most particularly Google. So my question is why after getting a lot of traffic from the social media the websites keywords ranking went down the drainage just in a week? Just a note: the social media traffic was 100% organic with now spam or so…

  • Ibraheem Mustafa says:

    Hey Neil. One issue I have is that my website is for a business that does physical therapy and other things, but it's not really ranking for any associated terms. Instead it ranks for our blogs on MMA and boxing. I checked Ahrefs and even that says our top 10 competitors are other combat websites. So, how do I make Google recognise the site as one for physical therapy and not a combat sports blog?

  • RankWatch | SEO Software says:

    Does it really impact the number of reach when we manually publish a post on Facebook rather than scheduling it through HootSuite or Buffer?

  • I was using Hootsuite and sometimes Buffer. And now I've learn about a new tool MeetEdgar.

    Would be interested in exploring the automatic resharing feature of MeetEdgar.

    And would keep in mind that I'll post directly on Facebook without using any of these tools.

  • Hi Neil, you care and it shows! Question: do you manually reply to comments on each platform? Or do you at least use a tool for this part? If so which tool?
    Thanks for so much insight, all the best!

  • Hi Neil and Adam, I am an admin for a client's Facebook business page and I want to use Hootsuite to manager her social media. Do I log into my own Facebook page in order to add her Facebook business page, or do I login to her Facebook page?

  • Neil – Thanks for producing this video. You recommend manually scheduling posts with Facebook. What do you recommend if you have too many clients to manually post on Facebook for each one?

  • I use Hootsuite and it's totally true how a lack of reporting makes the client think that nothing is happening (even when the opposite may be true!)

  • Hello Neil, I am a UI/UX Designer & WordPress developer how can I get client using social media.
    What Should I do? What are your opinions, Neil?

  • Debra Sherman says:

    When I schedule posts on automated scheduling tools (I use Blog2Social), how often should I post, and how many times?

  • Michael Thacker | RE/MAX | Realtor | Louisville, Kentucky Real Estate says:

    Yes, I use Hootsuite for my real estate business, and also my side businesses which are affiliate/blog sites. I just find it to be very cumbersome at times, especially when loading the images. I haven't found a better option though…making sad face!

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