How to manage Media Library in Luma fusion?

How to manage Media Library in Luma fusion?

Hello there! Welcome to In this video, we will talk about how to manage
the Media library in the Luma Fusion. Let’s get started. Open the Luma Fusion, click on sources, as
we have mentioned in the previous tutorial that we have multiple sources that we can
deal with. Personally, I prefer the files as the source
of my media library for making my videos. As I have already explained, how to map a
folder into the Luma fusion from the icloud Drive. But there is one limitation with the mapping
your folders into Luma fusion from third party cloud services like Google drive, Drop box,
etcetera. Let us see, how we can import from third party
cloud services. Click here, now you can see bunch of third
party cloud services like Google drive, Drop box, onedrive etcetera. And you can even import from network drives. If your ipad OS is 13 or latest only. If any cloud service which is not listed,
can also be accessed from the files. If you have the cloud service app lined with
your Files app, it should do the job. Once you import the documents these will be
listed under imported folder. One more thing, this imported data will be
stored on you device. Luma fusion will create a folder, and this
data will be stored under user media. Let us try how it works. Let’s go back and see what we have left. Now with photos media source, you can access
all the content which is stored in the Photos app. You can open any of the subfolder to access
the media. one more thing, to move between the subfolders,
you can utilize the breadcrumbs navigation. The
Next one is, GNARBOX. GNARBOX is a Portable backup drive, if you
have it you can connect it. If you are using it, probably you should know
how it works. The Next one is, Transitions. These all transition effects are free to use. Let me try to use them once. Just drop in between two clips and hit play,
that’s it, this is how they work. The Next one is, Story Blocks. Note that these are not for free, they comes
with subscription cost. But they provide huge catalogue of story block. Check them once. And we have a music option too. This will connects to the icloud music. If you have any purchases then they will be
appeared here. You need to download them to this device,
then only they can be appeared here. Please note that, if you have apple music
subscription, those will not be available for use. This is how you can manage the media library
in Luma Fusion. Thanks for watching, See you in the next video. Please subscribe to our channel, and press
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  • Mobile Video Editing says:

    Nice video!, hank you! When you select a clip from the photo library, LumaFusion makes a copy of it and that copy is the clip used in the project. The copies are located in the following folder: LumaFusion -> LibraryMedia -> PhotLibrary.

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