How To Make Money Online With Email Marketing In 2019 | Digital Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

How To Make Money Online With Email Marketing In 2019 | Digital Marketing Tutorial For Beginners

introduction many people have a hard time believing that it is possible to make $10,000 per month after only 90 days they have tried a few different approaches in internet marketing and have not made a single dollar so how are they going to make $10,000 in three short months if you are one of these people then consider this there have been people that have followed the method described in this training that have made more than ten thousand dollars by the end of ninety days there are others that have made ten thousand dollars a month faster than 90 days it's certainly possible what is the difference between these people and the majority they took consistent action and follow the plan precisely and most people fail with internet marketing because they do not take consistent action they try something for a couple of days and then give up they then complain that the method doesn't work this is not a miracle make $10,000 a month by clicking a couple of buttons on your computer method those kinds of claims are just hype and you should avoid them at all costs this is a solid and dependable method that has been working for many years and will continue to work in the future some people may tell you that the method is dead but it isn't sure there is more competition than there used to be but it is still possible you need to be prepared to invest your time your effort and some money to make this work we are not talking about large amounts of money here where there are free ways to get results with this model that we have included them but please bear in mind that free methods often take longer the most important thing is taking action every day in the first video of this training we will show you how to shape your mindset so that you are motivated to take daily action don't skip over this video it is the most important thing in the whole training there are great opportunities to make money online if you use the right methods everything is laid out for you in this training and all you have to do is follow the instructions do not miss out on this opportunity you can change your life for the better starting right now shaping your mindset important make sure that you watch every word of this video and apply what you learn your six with this model depends on you having the right mindset the power of belief belief is everything if you strongly believe that you will make ten thousand dollars a month after 90 days then you will if you do not have a strong belief in your ability to do this then you will fail it's that simple we all hold strong beliefs about different things sometimes these beliefs limit us to achieving what we really want they can be deep-rooted and difficult to shift but you can eradicate these limiting beliefs many people have limiting beliefs when it comes to money this can often stem from childhood as some parents drum into their kids that money doesn't grow on trees another cliches such as this what is your attitude towards money here are something that you can do right now to test your belief system ask yourself the following question how can I make ten thousand dollars a month after 90 days what kind of thoughts into your head once you asked yourself this question were there any doubts did your inner voice tell you that it was not possible or that you would never do it or perhaps you generated a thought about you trying this internet marketing stuff before and failing at it so you will fail this time if you experienced any of these kind of doubts or negative inner voice responses then you have limiting beliefs that you must eradicate before you start your 90-day journey here is a very important thing to remember you are not your beliefs your experiences in the past have modeled you into the person that you are today you can remodel yourself into the person that you want to be today and in the future it is all too easy to dwell in the past and recall past failures this does not help at all but so many people do it the past is the past it is gone it can be a useful reference and learning guide for you but not always so how do you change the limiting beliefs that you have well the first thing that you need to do is identify your limiting beliefs by asking yourself questions like you did about making ten thousand dollars a month in ninety days your limiting beliefs will come to the surface through your inner voice write down all of these limiting beliefs one of the limiting beliefs to work on you cannot successfully tackle more than one at a time take a look at your list which ones are money-related pick one that you know is not true such as you failed with other internet marketing methods so you will fail with this one now question yourself as to why you hold this belief think about the experiences that you have had that led you to forming this belief think about why this belief is false for example there are many true stories of successful internet marketers that failed miserably a number of times before they got it right the final step is the neutralize this limiting belief with a positive belief when this thought enters your head counter it immediately with a thought like it doesn't matter that I failed before I won't fail this time keep practicing this for all negative thoughts that you have you can use visualization to make this even stronger approach all of your limiting beliefs in this way after a while of counteracting with positive thoughts the limiting belief will diminish and eventually disappear you must be consistent with us it takes very little effort to counter negative thoughts and it is highly effective make this a daily ritual stopping the negativity unfortunately we live in a very negative world negativity is all around us on TV the Internet and the people that we associate with it is impossible to avoid unless you want to live alone in the middle of nowhere and be a hermit every time you sit down to watch the news there will be negativity someone is causing a problem for somebody else if you spend a lot of time on social media and online forms then you will be awash with the negativity people really like to complain and moan about to life don't they if you are doing this regularly then you need to stop it right now but be warned it is not an easy transition there will always be someone who will happily bring you down with their tales of woe if you come into regular contact with people through your job or another situation then you will know who the negative ones are you can try to avoid them as much as possible and you should do this but this will not always be possible so how do you counter negativity from people social media TV etc well social media and TV are easy spend as little time on them as possible some people are addicted to social media it can actually be a great tool for making money but you won't make a sack if you spend time telling people what you had for dinner and reading everyone's complaints if you receive negativity from anyone in any situation here is what you need to do counter it with a positive thought if you tell your friends that you're going to be earning $10,000 a month after 90 days a lot of them will not believe you they will say things like you'll never do that and I will believe that when I see it the best thing to do is to not tell them about your plans if you have to tell them and they shower you with negativity then think positive thoughts in time this will make you so determined that you will be inspired every time you hear a negative comment have you ever thought about using an internet marketing method to make money online and then gone to a forum to check out what others think about the method if you have then you will have found that there are always people who will tell you that the method doesn't work they never provide any evidence of course these internet marketing forums can be very useful and it is possible to learn a lot from them but you must be prepared to deal with a negativity that you will find remember counter any negativity with positive thoughts setting goals do you really know what you want to achieve in the next few years of your life if you do then congratulations most people don't if you were to visit any area where there are people and ask a few of them what they want from their life and you will get a lot of thumbs and ahhs and a lot of them will tell you that they don't know if you are in this position then you will not succeed you have a head start with this training you know that you can make $10,000 in 90 days so how much do you want to make any air write it down you need to write down your goals and then break them down into individual plans and take action on those plans this is a three step process for success number one know what you want number two develop a plan to get there number three take daily action this training has been created to support this process well the first two steps anyway the daily action part is totally down to you change and the law of inertia change is not always easy in fact sometimes it is really tough but you must make changes to what you were doing in the moment or you will not achieve the success that you want making the initial change is the hardest part then you can let the law of inertia take over let's say that procrastination is a problem for you the first thing that you need to do is decide that you are not going to procrastinate then you must build on this every day by taking action instead of procrastinating you see the law of inertia is against you to begin with you have procrastinator for so long that it is forcing you to continue which makes change difficult but once you make the change and keep going in the opposite direction then the law of inertia will work for you against the procrastination it is very powerful so use it developing your iron resolve all successful people have an iron resolve what does this mean well if a successful person tells you that they are going to do something big or small then you can click your last penny on them doing it it will be a certainty this is where you want to be when you decide on your goals you know that you were going to achieve them because you have an iron resolve if you promise something to someone then it will always happen so how do you develop an iron resolve well there are six traits that you need to master in order start people with an iron resolve always start they do not wait around for the right astrological signs or New Year's Eve to make resolutions or whatever other excuse you can think of they get an idea and they start immediately prioritize when you start working on your goals you will have a number of actions that you need to complete each day some of these actions will be more important than others so you need to be able to prioritize there will be some days and something comes up and will prevent you from achieving all of your tasks if this happens then those really important tasks need to get done at all costs prioritize them over the others and tackle the rest tomorrow focus if you have been involved in internet marketing for a while then this may well be a problem for you what we're talking about here is your ability to concentrate on your goals amid all of the distractions that life throws your way help yourself to focus better by turning off Facebook and even your phone when you were working on your goal actions you will become better at concentrating the more that you practice so stick with it persistence this could be at the top of the list but it doesn't matter as it is part of your ayran resolve this is all about not giving up whatever the situation let's say that you're working on your ten thousand dollars per month in 90 days plan and something goes wrong and you do not get the results that you're expecting what do you do well what you mustn't do is give up if you feel like giving up then get up and punch the air and say come on and allow it and passionate voice try to understand why this particular thing did not work out and try something else review all successful peoples that have an iron resolve review where their actions are taking them this is very important and you need to do this too if two people take the same course of action then it is very likely that they will get different results you need to regularly review how close you are getting to your goals through the actions that you take if you are not getting close then take a different course of action don't just blindly persist with something that is failing conduct a reality check and then think about what else you can do to get the results that you need organization are you organized can you find stuff on your computer from years ago in seconds if you are disorganized then this is going to slow down your progress towards your goal considerably there is no magic solution here just get organized what you need to do now is think about all of these six traits and where you have weaknesses you need to take action to overcome those weaknesses when you do this you will send the right signals to your subconscious mind and you will develop a very strong iron resolve why you must choose that passive income model there are many different ways that you can make money online the model that we have chosen for making $10,000 plus per month after 90 days is a passive income model a passive income model means that you set up something once and then do a little work to maintain it and earn money passively stop trading your time for money what is the alternative to passive income well it is trading your time for money known as active income if you have a job at the moment then you were trading your time for money if you are an online freelancer and you write content design websites or write code for applications then you are trading your time for money we all have the same amount of time each day with active income you can only earn as much as a time you're willing to put in if you are an online freelancer and you can't work for a few days then you will not earn any money for that period you cannot gain more time so your ability to earn more money with an active income model is extremely limited there are things that you can do to use your time more efficiently and squeeze more productivity out of your time but these will not increase your earnings by a large margin make money while you sleep when you adopt a passive income model you can literally make money while you sleep imagine spending a few minutes or even a couple of hours on a passive income task and then waking up the next day with hundreds of dollars or more in your bank account with active income you are working on a one-on-one basis there is one employer who pays your wages you earn money as a freelancer on a customer by customer basis with passive income you will be connecting with many people at the same time and for all those that make a purchase you will make money while it is easier to earn good money with an active income model faster in the long run a passive income model will always have the capacity to overtake regular active income with very little work passive income models can bring results pretty fast as well passive income models there are many passive income models some of the most popular ones email marketing here you will build a list of email subscribers normally in exchange for an incentive you can use the services of an autoresponder to send automatic email sequences out to every subscriber and you can send a broadcast message to part or all of your lists whenever you want the idea is that you build a relationship with your subscribers so that they trust you you can then send them promotional offers for your products and services or for other people's affiliate marketing create your own product if you have expertise in a niche and can create a product or a service that will solve a problem for your audience then this is a good passive income model there will be some significant work required to create the product and the sales tool that will have to go with it you can also outsource this work if you prefer once your product is ready you will need to promote it to generate sales some niche forms have a marketplace where you can advertise your product you can also team up with other people in your niche that have an email list and split those sales revenue with them for promoting your product riot and ebook this is another form of product creation you will write an e-book or outsource the writing that solves a problem that your audience has you will need to research this to ensure that there's sufficient demand for you to make good passive income once your ebook is written you can use digital book platforms to promote it the most popular of these platforms is Kindle owned by Amazon there are self-published offers that have their ebooks on Kindle that make many thousands of dollars every month sell physical products on Amazon here is another great passive income opportunity to make thousands per month the Amazon FBA fulfilled my amazon program allows you to advertise your products on the various Amazon Web site Amazon will charge you for fulfilling the product but you keep the majority of the sales revenue this is not as easy as it sounds and you need to select products that are in demand and not too competitive you can use a website like to find suppliers of these products in China and other countries you just add your and seldom via Amazon list building and email marketing building an email list and then promoting offers to your subscribers to generate income is one of the most tried and tested passive income models around successful internet marketers have been using this method for years because it works why you need to build an email list we have chosen list building and email marketing for your $10,000 plus a month in 90 days method because it has a proven track record there are some internet marketers out there that earn much more than $10,000 a month from their list building and email marketing efforts one of the main reasons that email marketing wins over other forms of passive income is that you can communicate with your subscribers as often as you like have you heard the sales adage that it takes up to seven contacts to convert a customer that is pretty accurate and most people will not purchase the first time around if a potential customer visits your sales page they will either buy your product or leave if they leave then there is very little chance that you will see them again with email marketing you will have your potential customers for a long time as long as you take care of them email is one of the most effective ways to communicate online this is unlikely to change for a long time to come once you have an email list you have an instant traffic source most internet marketers struggle to get traffic so email marketing is the perfect solution it is important that you develop a good relationship with your email subscribers if you do this then they will respond a lot better when you present them with offers it will take a little effort but it is worth spending the time to do this people like to receive emails to some people it means that someone cares about them most people check their inbox several times a day and this is all good news for you when you become an email marketer building an email list is not difficult to do if you believe that it is difficult watching this training will change your mind you do not have to possess technical skills to set up an email list we will show you exactly how to do it step so the most important reasons why you need to build an email list and use email marketing are people like to receive emails it is not difficult to build an email list it is an instant traffic source you can present offers and make money whenever you want list building and email marketing are exciting you were not trading your time for money you can live the internet dream you will be building an asset one very important area that we have not touched upon in this video yet is that an email list is an asset as your list of subscribers grows and grows so what does its value if you take good care of your email subscribers and you send them emails regularly then you will have a very valuable asset on your hands if you wanted to sell your list to another internet marketer then you could command a very high price for it if you choose another passive income model which just relies on you sending traffic to a CPA offer or similar than when you stop sending traffic the money will stop you cannot easily sell a CPA business or product creation business they are not assets an email list certainly is in conventional business you see companies changing hands for a fortune this is because they have assets such as software intellectual property rights a patented product and so on there are not that many internet marketing models where you build an asset if you create the next Facebook then you're on to a winner what is Facebook's biggest asset it's huge membership base of course you will be building your own membership base when you build a list all internet marketers know that they should build a list but they come up with all kinds of excuses why they don't do it this does not make sense as list building is easy and so is email marketing if you know how to do it properly the math for $10,000 per month when you are building your list and conducting email marketing you need to treat it as a business this means that you need to know the numbers or metrics that are important you need to look at often conversions and the value per subscribers a minimum to few internet marketers really know their numbers they try many diff broaches and do not measure how well they performed you must take the time to do this it is just simple math in a lot of cases $1 per month per subscriber for a long time in the internet marketing world it has been accepted that each email subscriber that you have in your list is worth $1 per month this does not mean that every subscriber is going to spend money it means that on average there is $8 per month spent per subscriber nothing has changed for us to believe that this rule of thumb is not relevant today there will never be a shortage of people that want to learn how to make money online for example they will spend money on the resources that they need to achieve this so makes all of your calculations on $1.00 per subscriber per month getting to one thousand email subscribers your aim should be to get one thousand email subscribers on your list in the first month if you think that this is impossible there was a recent case study where an internet marketer who was relatively unknown started to build the new list and got 1,000 new subscribers in a single week you can do this but it is going to take some serious effort it will help if you are willing to throw some money at this in a later section we will provide you with some very good ideas to drive traffic to your squeeze page more on this later so that you can rapidly build your list the more subscribers that you can add your list the more opportunity you have to make it even bigger you can do this with free traffic but it is going to require that you devote a great deal of time which you might not have there are a lot of tasks that you can outsource to drive traffic and if you have the budget then you can leverage your time by doing this getting to 5000 email subscribers after you have reached your 1000 emails subscriber target you need to aim to grow your list to 5000 subscribers again you can use techniques such as ad swapping explained later to make this happen make it a target to have 5000 email subscribers by the end of the second month getting to 10,000 email subscribers this is the magic number if you apply the rule of thumb about email marketing then 10,000 subscribers will mean $10,000 a months or more so your target for the third month or a 90-day period is to have 10,000 subscribers on your email list using the traffic methods that we will explain in a later section once you get to 10,000 email subscribers you don't want to stop there keep on building your list for as long as you can imagine having 20,000 email subscribers that should bring you in $20,000 per month what about 50,000 subscribers or 100,000 subscribers the math is easy so get excited about this building developing your list building plan before you rush into implementing your list building and email marketing business you need a plan there are a number of things that you need to consider and we will cover these in this video everything from the niche that you're going to choose to the sales funnel has to be considered avoid the temptation to just jump into this you must treat this as a real business that will replace the income that you are earning at the moment pretty quickly if you don't have a proper list building and email marketing plan then you will not get the optimum value that you want from your subscribers what niche and why you sure have a lot of niches to choose from a lot of so-called experts would tell you that you should choose a niche that you are passionate about this will work only if there is a large demand for products and services in that niche some niches are tougher than others when it comes to building your subscriber numbers and making sales and commissions some niches have a huge supply of products and services that you can choose from to make money and others do not you do not want to spend time and money building an email list and then being unable to monetize it our advice when it comes to niche selection is simple go where the money is the niche that we strongly recommend that you consider is the make money online MMO niche sometimes called internet marketing this niche is huge and there is a never-ending demand for it everybody understands what this niche is and there are a very large number of hungry buyers in it is it possible to be passionate about making money you bet it is this will be an exciting journey for you as you build your list numbers and see the money rolling in imagine being able to send an email out to your list about a great making money offer that converts well you can make thousands from doing this just one email choose to make money online niche there are a lot of negative people out there who will tell you that there is no room left in the MMO niche they will tell you that it is saturated and too competitive well it isn't saturated but it is competitive and guess what competition is good because it proves that there is money to be made the demand for making money will never dry up there will always be something for you to promote in the MMO niche as well new products and services are being launched every day there are no other niches that compare an opportunity not all of the products are great and later we will show you how to choose the high converting ones while you need a sales funnel when each new subscriber joins your list you want them to go through an automated process that provides them with value and offers them something to purchase to understand how a sales funnel works consider the diagram below there is nothing difficult to understand about this concept and setting it up is easy too your sales funnel must be set up before you send traffic to your squeeze page opt-in page we will take you through setting up your squeeze page later in this training if you want to outsource this work then this is also possible so let's take a look at the individual sales funnel components the squeeze page on a squeeze page you will present an enticing offer that there will be a box where the visitor can enter their email address on a squeeze page you never add any other links so the visitor will opt in to your email list or they will leave just give them one of two choices and keep it simple for the best results once they have entered their email address and click the button on your squeeze page that will go through your sales funnel your squeeze page has to look good so that you get the most often as possible here is an example of a simple but effective squeeze page this squeeze page took a few minutes to create using WordPress and a plug-in that is free you will be shown how to create a similar page in a later video you will notice that there are no other links so if a visitor does not enter their email address and click the button the only other choice is to leave the page these squeeze pages have high conversion rates autoresponder service you need a place to store your email subscribers and the tools to capture email addresses this is best provided by an autoresponder service you can host your own autoresponder service and we will explain why you shouldn't do that in a moment an autoresponder will provide you with a necessary code to create the all-important email box on your squeeze page it will capture every email address entered and store them in a list that you have set up you can pay for service monthly from a company such as Aweber GetResponse or MailChimp or host your own software if you purchase your own autoresponder software and host it then you will not pay monthly autoresponder service fees this sounds good right well there are some downsides with this approach installing and setting up hosted autoresponder software will definitely require a degree of technical know-how if you are on a shared web hosting then there will be limitations about the number of emails that you can send out every day you do not want your business to be stricter by limitations our advice is to use an autoresponder service a high quality lead magnet you need more than just a pretty squeeze page for people to enter their email address and join your list there needs to be a valuable incentive that your visitor feels is worth trading their email address for this incentive is often called a lead magnet and it is a vital component of your list building process think about it for a moment these days most people receive a lot of emails on a daily basis they are going to be very selective about who they share their email address with you must provide valuable information in your lead magnet and make it an attractive proposition on your squeeze page a very popular lead magnet format is a free pdf report as long as it provides valuable in formation a few pages are okay don't give away too much in your lead magnet more secrets can be revealed in a premium ebook that will be your one-time offer OTO other alternative formats are videos and mp3 audio files you can conduct interviews with successful people or provide some important training if you have high quality PLR then you can use this as your league magnet if your PLR is not high quality then don't use it one time offer OTO page as an example let's assume that your league magnet is all about free website traffic you will show some ways that your reader can generate free traffic for their products or services your subscriber will certainly be interested in free traffic or they would not have subscribed your list so create a product that you can sell as an OT oh that reveals even more free traffic sources your new email subscriber will see this OTO as soon as they have entered their email address and click the submit button on your squeeze page at this stage they will not have access to their free report yet your OTO product will be closely related to the information in the league magnet so they will have a level of interest you will tell them that they will only see the offer one time and this will make them feel under pressure they will immediately have feelings of missing out if they do not make the purchase if your OTO is of high quality and it needs to be then you should experience high conversions a lot of people worry that they will lose out if the new subscriber does not purchase the OTO and they will never see it again well here is an idea to overcome that problem that not many people know about you tell your subscriber that they can purchase the OTO later but they will pay more for sole for an example the product as a note EO is offered at a discount price of $9 and if they want to get it later then it will cost some 17 your download pages the function of a download page is to provide access to the free lead magnet or OTO product if your new subscriber declines to purchase e OTO then they will be taken to a page which tells them how they will get access to the free league magnet more on this if they have purchased the OTO product then you need a download page for them to access this never let your new subscriber have immediate download access to the free lead magnet why because some people will use a fake email address in an attempt to access the lead magnet without having to receive any emails from you this is a form of stealing if you think about it instead tell your new subscriber that they will be provided with instructions for access to the free league magnet via email if the email address they provided is fake then they will never get your lead magnet this brings us nicely on to single and double opt-in list building with double opt-in the subscriber will need to confirm their email address by clicking on a confirmation link in the first email that they receive the single often there is no confirmation process we recommend double opt-in as this confirms that a person really wants what you have to offer here is an example of a page that explains everything to the visitor online money power email confirmation you are just one click away from generating all the free traffic that you need dear internet marketer shortly you will receive an email asking you to confirm your subscription to the online money power email list which is going to be in all likelihood one of the most important decisions that you have ever made please also check your spam email box to see if it is landed there by mistake it will be from online money power make sure that if it has ended up there that you mark it as not spam yes you will receive this incredible free traffic report once you confirm and on top of that I will send you more life-changing emails in the subsequent days with answers to questions regularly asked by people who are looking for ways to generate free traffic just be sure that you have included an email that you use and check regularly click here and go back and subscribe with a more preferred email please note that if you use a fake email address you will not receive this incredible training I can't wait to see you inside the online money power team this approach works really well if your visitor used a fake email address they have the chance to start over and use a real address if they use a working email address you are prompting them to confirm their address to receive their free lead magnet and advising them to check the spam folder for your email more and more emails are ending up in spam folders these is if your subscriber has a gmail address then this is very likely so you need to tell your potential subscriber about this problem put in that little extra effort at the front end to gain more long-term email subscribers email follow-ups the final part of your sales funnel are your email follow-ups this is the sequence of emails that you have pre-written and loaded into your autoresponder so that they can be sent automatically to your new subscriber these will be triggered as soon as the email address is confirmed you should write at least 7 follow-up emails load them up in your autoresponder so that your new subscriber receives a new email each day from you for the first week use the emails for relationship and trust-building provide more valuable information here don't be tempted to blast out seven days worth of promotional offers if you have decided to use the – price oto strategy then you can refer to this in a couple of emails they can ignore this if they already have your oto you want your new subscriber to become accustomed to receiving regular emails from you so this follow-up sequence is vital if you just give them access to your free lead magnet then they will forget about you very quickly click the effort in from the beginning all autoresponders have a broadcast facility where you can send emails to some or all of your subscribers at any time you can use this after the seven emails have been received or even at the same time creating the right image this is a short but very important video there are ways that you can set up your entire sales funnel using a free website but you must not do this this will make you look extremely cheap and people will not want to subscribe to your list you must treat this as a proper business otherwise you will fail be prepared to invest a few dollars in the beginning so that you create the right image you will need a few tools that are inexpensive to do this will follow the advice provided here to the latter choosing a domain name never be tempted to use or blogger com to build the sales funnel this will not only be tough to do but it will look tacky and cheap they are never going to believe that you were a top quality internet marketer who knows a lot of Secrets if you do this get your own domain name buying a domain name is easy and you can go to GoDaddy calm Namecheap calm and a whole host of other domain registrar's sites like GoDaddy publish discount coupons that are easy to find if you need help with the purchase of a domain name then there are plenty of helpful videos on YouTube that you can watch web hosting you have to purchase web hosting so that you can host your domain name and your website files web host offer hosting services on a monthly basis and $10 a month for shared hosting is average there are many web hosting companies to choose from Hostgator comm is used by a lot of internet marketers they provide good hosting plans and the most popular is the baby plan their support is good as well with the baby plan you will be able to host an unlimited number of domain names which is good news for your future internet marketing projects when you have placed an order with your web host they will send you an email with your account details this will include your DNS server addresses this is important as you need to use these addresses to connect your domain name to your web hosting the addresses should look something like this there are many videos on YouTube that will help you understand this process and how would it make the necessary changes in your domain registrar and web hosting accounts installing WordPress ok so now you have purchased your domain name and web hosting and connected the two together you now need a website for your sales funnel and we highly recommend the WordPress blogging platform which is totally free most decent web holes to have a one-click wordpress install facility this is available through the cPanel access that they provide if you can't find it then contact your web host support for assistance setting up your sales funnel now you will be really starting to make things happen it is time to set up your sales funnel with your autoresponder service and WordPress to make the setup complete you will need your o2 yo product ready to go so that it can be uploaded to your web hosting account setting up your autoresponder service in this section you will see screenshots from the MailChimp autoresponder service the functionality is similar to that of Aweber and GetResponse although there will be slight differences the aim of this section is to give you a general idea about setting up your autoresponder the very first thing that you need to do with your autoresponder service is to create a new list from the MailChimp dashboard you need to select lists and click the Create list button you will see a screen like this you now need to fill in the details I'm going to call this list online money power this is just for your reference in the name field I have also used online money power this will show up in people's inboxes so they will know that it is for me if I just added my name they wouldn't know who it was from and made is method I selected the double opt-in and saved the details you will have no contacts in this list because it is new the next thing to do is create a signup form for use with your website so click on create a signup form from here select general forms and a screen like this will appear getting opt-ins is tough so delete the fields for first name and last name you need to change the submit button to and make it look better this is how our form looks after the edits now if you were to leave things like this your new subscriber would be taken to a default MailChimp created web page which is not what we want we want to send them to our OTO page which we haven't created yet so we are going to come back to finish this once we have the OTO page created later setting up your squeeze page we are going to show you how to create a high converting squeeze page using a free plugin for WordPress this is really easy to do you could use services such as leadpages but this will cost you money and we believe that it would be better for you to spend this money on driving traffic to your squeeze page for the free plugin example we need to install a plug-in called WP lead plus ax to install this plugin you need to log into your WordPress dashboard and go to plugins and add new in the search plugins box type in WP lead plus X and press ENTER on your keyboard and you should arrive at this page you want to click on the Install Now button and confirm that you want to install it you will then be returned to the active plugins page on the left hand side you will see WP lead + X and if you click on this a menu will appear and you want to click on make pages you will see a page like this this is a cool drag and draw page builder the first thing we are going to do is add some text for the squeeze page headline just drag over a paragraph and you can start typing and editing I've used the words online money power presents because I want the visitor to remember this you can change the font size and color and other factors next we will add another paragraph to tell people what our lead magnet is about then we need to add a marker for the autoresponder HTML code for the visitor to opt-in finally we will add text to say that we never spam our squeeze page is really taking shape now we will need to come back to this page and add the autoresponder code from MailChimp later so we have not finalized this yet so we need to save this page and give it a name go to settings and provide a page title we have used squeeze then click save as to save your page there are many features to this great plugin and this is beyond the scope of this training there is a great getting started video that you can watch at now we are going to add a nice background color to the squeeze page and tidy it up a little this is how it looked in the end there are other things that you can do such as add a background image the email box is missing at this stage because we have not added the code from MailChimp if you want more versatility with the design of your pay then you can purchase a special wordpress theme called optimize press or a special plug-in called instabuilder but these will cost around $97 keep the page open and go back to your WordPress dashboard we are going to make the oto page using the same plugin the one-time offer page here you will be creating a sales page for your one-time offer product we are going to use the free plugin to do this but you may prefer the results if you use a premium plugins such as insta builder or a premium theme like optimize press to create a sales page so we are going to make a new page in WP lead + X again our OTO page will consist of text an image and a button to make the payment for it we recommend using PayPal for these payments rather than describe every step of this process we will do it in one go you can see the major elements here at the bottom of the OTO page we have added this text as follows you need to give your visitor a way out with OTO pages this page will be a link to your email confirmation page which we will cover shortly once your OTO page is finished then grab the URL by clicking on view page you will need this to add to your autoresponder form it will be something like now you need to go back to your autoresponder and add this URL into the form builder so that when someone opts in they will be taken straight to the OTO page once you have done this get the HTML code for your opt-in form and copy it you will then need to paste it into your squeeze page download page is setup you will be creating 2 download pages an oto a download page for those that purchase your oto and a leak magnet download page for all subscribers we will start with the OTO download page after your visitor has purchased your oto they will need to be taken to a download page where they can access the product this is simple to create but there are a few things to consider with this page you want to take every precaution that you can to safeguard against theft the first step is to use a complex name for the page so that it cannot be easily gassed don't call it download or your product name you want to thank your visitor for making the purchase at the top of the page we will use the WP lead plus-x plugin to make this page again before you start on this it is a good idea to upload your oto product in the form of a PDF document to your web hosting there are many videos on YouTube that show you how to do this using a free FTP File Transfer Protocol client called FileZilla you must remember the name of your file and its location after you have created your page give it a difficult to work out title such as DW LD art – yes 1 1 1 4 here is what your page should look like notice that the visitor has been thanked for their purchase you can also add your card will show a charge from PayPal or similar they can download the product by clicking on the image it is recommended to provide the product in PDF format you need to have uploaded this to your hosting using an FTP clients such as FileZilla there are many good videos on YouTube that explain this well you can now apply the link click on the image once to select it then click on the link button and add the URL to your oto PDF once your page is published then you want to record the page URL this is very important as you will need to add this into PayPal when you set up your payment button after a successful payment has been made PayPal will then automatically redirect the visitor to this page your download page is prime real estate and you should never miss an opportunity to sell more especially as the prospect has just made a purchase and could be hot for another one you could add a section at the bottom about related offers that might interest a visitor ok now you can make your free lead magnet download page with WP lead + X following a similar method to the oto download page there is no need to protect this page like you need to with a purchase page if you feel strongly about this you can do the same thing as you did for the oto download page this page will be called free traffic forever as you did with your OTO product you will need to upload your report to your server using FTP before publishing Paige and add the link to the image remember to exclude your page from page listings by unchecking the box you should thank the visitor for confirming in their email address and at the bottom of the page you can discuss the OTO product and you can provide a link to the normal sales page where it is available for the normal price of 17 dollars instead of the discounted price of $9 if you want to follow this method you will have to create a separate sales page using the copywriting that you used on the OTO page setting up email sequences the final part of your sales funnel is to write and setup a sequence of seven emails that discusses your free report and your paid product writing emails that get opened and read requires good copywriting skills in this series of emails you should also be prepared to give away a couple more seekers for free to really get your subscriber to like and trust you you can outsource the writing of your emails if you want the first email must contain the link to the download page for the free report it is also an opportunity to introduce yourself and tell them that the secrets in the free report have provided a lot of success for you do not try to sell them anything in this first email for example subject your traffic report hi thank you for subscribing to the online money power newsletter you have made a very wise decision joining us as we will reveal many underground tips and techniques to supercharge your internet marketing business as promised you will be receiving our fantastic gift just for signing up the amazing free traffic forever report will have you driving lots of traffic to your site in no time first things first let me introduce myself my name is John Doe and I will be your guide through the exciting journey of traffic generation and internet marketing why me I have experienced several disappointments over the years trying to make my internet marketing business work only recently when I got connected to the right people was I able to make a substantial income online I have not only been able to set up a business that pays me almost on autopilot but as a way of giving back I am set up your domain comm so then I can give back to others like yourself the internet market industry is changing all the time and my team and I are dedicated to staying on top of this and inform you of the latest developments on regular basis via email I will share with you the latest tools and other resources that are assisting in the development of my business and that can help yours too I will also share with you further underground traffic tips you can have the best website in the world with the best products but if you don't have a steady stream of traffic to your site you will not make any sales in tomorrow's email I will reveal a site where you can freely post your advertisement that will be seen by millions I have had fantastic conversions from the site don't miss this email here is a download link to your free report read it and take action John Doe and the online money power team you will notice that the download link is included at the end of the email why is it at the bottom so that they will read through the whole email of course in the second and third emails you can give away two more secrets you always want to leave a cliffhanger at the end of the previous email that will encourage them to open the next one when it arrives the next day you can see an example of this in the first email above in the fourth email you can gently introduce your paid offer make sure that you describe the main benefits and the success that you have had by using the methods described in the product the fifth and sixth email should be information only but add value in the last email you could offer them a special opportunity to buy your product for only $12 you will have to set up a special page for this this method works well okay once you have your emails written it is time to load them into your autoresponder so that they will be automatically sent out once your subscriber confirms their email address to set up your email sequence and your autoresponder is very easy in MailChimp you go to create a new campaign choose add an email and then automation and you will see a screen similar to this click begin to get working on the first message which is your welcome message now you want to click on design email so that you can write your welcome email you will need to add an email subject line preview this can be very powerful and then click Next now choose the simple text template and create your email once you are happy with the content click Next and on the next page you can send a preview email to yourself to check how it looks it is recommended that you do this as you want your emails to look professional and that's it you just set up your first message to set up your other messages just follow the same sequence remembering to name them differently and send them a day apart it is recommended that you use a numbering sequence like 1 2 3 4 as it is easy to lose track in the send option choose one day later for the second email which means that it will be sent out automatically one day after the subscription has been confirmed soul for your third email you would send two days later and so on until all seven of your emails are created your sales funnel is now complete be sure to test every part of it by subscribing yourself the autoresponder broadcast one of the best features of an autoresponder service is that you can send an email at any time to some or all of your subscribers it doesn't matter how many subscribers you have your autoresponder service will send your email to all of them or those that you designate in MailChimp you set up a new campaign again in the same way as you did before but just create one message to go out to your subscribers your traffic plan you need to make an investment of money and time to build the traffic to achieve your subscriber numbers for the 90 days the people often think that if they build it they will come but this never works don't use these traffic strategies SEO a lot of people believe that the best way to do this is to rank their website on the first page of Google for search terms like make money online well let me tell you that Google will never rank a squeeze page on the first page for terms like this and even if they did you would have to pay a small fortune for quality SEO services or spend the time and money doing this yourself and wait months if not years to get there not a good option pay-per-click PPC you have probably heard of pay-per-click PPC advertising that is offered by Google Bing Yahoo and others this is not a good option either as Google will no longer accept a squeeze page as your landing page into Google AdWords campaign other networks may accept squeeze pages but using PPC never usually produces great results when it comes to gaining new subscribers stay away from PPC as it is also very expensive buying website visitors you can go to and other places and buy 10,000 visitors to your site for as little as $5 do you think that this is going to get you many subscribers it won't for sure this is being tested in the past and it simply doesn't work if you do get any subscribers from this at all they are unlikely to become buyers as the traffic is too random give this one a pass – these are good traffic strategies articles a lot of people in the internet marketing world will have you believe that writing articles and submitting them to high-quality article directories is a waste of time now okay Google fell out of love with article sites some time ago but it doesn't mean that people do not use them anymore has a global rank of around 6,000 according to which means that they are still receiving a lot of traffic writing articles about making money we'll bring you some targeted traffic a few years ago people used to write substandard articles and publish them on article site so that they could get a link back for SEO purposes this doesn't work anymore but people still read high-quality articles if you don't like writing then you can easily outsource this to freelancers on the warrior forum you usually get what you pay for with article writing so if you want your articles to be accepted by the higher quality sites then they will need to be high quality it is okay to link to squeeze pages with most of the article sites free classified ads you can create a catchy banner advertisement and pull stood on free classified sites such as us free ads com2 try and drive traffic you can even use the job section of Craigslist com to post job ads these methods work with some success and it is even possible to find subscribers and buyers don't rely on this as your main source of traffic but it can bring you a few leads solo ads a solo ad is basically where you pay somebody that has a responsive buyer list to send your ad to a number of their subscribers in the hope that they will join your list and buy your products and services some people will tell you that solo ads are dead and that they are saturated because people are selling to their list over and over again this is not the case solo ads are still the best way to build and grow your list before you go out and spend money on solo ads you need to test your sales funnel to see if it converts one of the best ways to do this is to run a free wso warrior special offer on the warrior forum this is not free to you but to the person reading your WSL at the time of writing a wso posting cost $20 and you have to be a member of the war room which costs $97 per year the warrior forum is the biggest internet marketing forum in the world and you will be guaranteed to get traffic to your wso with some compelling sales coffee you should be able to drive a number of visitors to your squeeze page who want to get their hands on your free lead magnet you will want to track how many people visit your squeeze page from your wso and then you can determine how many have become subscribers and then went on to buy your oto if you experienced good success with your wso then you can keep bumping it to obtain even more subscribers and buyers you will find solo ad sellers in a number of places a good website is udemy calm and there are some good sellers on the warrior forum and even Facebook Facebook fan pages it is highly recommended that you set up a Facebook fan page so that you can tell people what is happening in your business and for my tips for them here are a couple of example the fan pages that have a lot of legs in the internet marketing world you will notice that they do not directly sell anything but just provide information you can set up a fan page with good graphics you can outsource this and then make posts on the page which direct visitors to your sales funnel do everything that you can to build up a good following for your Facebook page you can purchase Facebook ads as a quick way to do this and swapping once you have built a list of responsive Myers you can then use ad swapping to increase the size of your list here you will enter a joint venture with another list owner and you will show their ad to your list and they will show your ad to their list this is often performed on a click exchange basis for example if you agree to a 100 click ad swap with another list owner you will send out a broadcast email to a number of your subscribers with their free offer and they will do the same with your free offer once 100 clicks visitors clicking on the link in the email to the relevant squeeze pages has been established then the ad swap is complete there are lots of list owners that have responsive lists that will be looking for an swapped it is important that you build your list using quality solo ads and WSO's so that you build a responsive list you can then continue to build your list for free by doing ad swaps with other list owners if you consider that a quality 100 click solo ad can cost anywhere from 40 to 60 dollars or more this is a great way to enhance the size of your list promoting offers to your list when you are building your list you will want to promote offers to them this can be either your own products or services or someone else's products or services where you earn a commission there are many good courses available on product creation and it is beyond the scope of this manual so let's concentrate on promoting other people's products the internet marketing world is blessed with a number of new products and services being launched every single day you can become an affiliate for these product vendors and promote their products to your list where to find affiliate offers Clickbank one of the most well respected affiliate market place is they have many products available in the MMO niche and becoming an affiliate is free and simple you do not need approval from the product vendor to become an affiliate with Clickbank and you will receive a check like clockwork every 15 days if you have made sales once you've signed up as an affiliate go to marketplace and click on e business and emarketing and you will see a screen like this the filter has been applied to display the products by gravity there is no exact explanation for gravity from Clickbank but it is related to the number of sales by the most number of affiliates in other words the product is selling the third product the CB passive income looks interesting it pays 30 dollars and 85 cents on average per sale as an average rebill amount of two hundred and fifty seven dollars and 85 cents recurring commissions and a gravity of over 87 the next thing to do is check out the sales page to see if it looks professional and will convert visitors the page looks good so it's time to promote the product you will need a special link to do this and this is easily obtained by clicking on the promote button you will then be asked to enter your nickname and then this screen will appear all you need to do is copy the link and then you can use it to promote the product Clickbank is an excellent company that always pays their affiliates on time and signing up to be an affiliate is very easy the biggest drawback with Clickbank is that many people who were involved in the MMO niche know about them and already have accounts there if you promote a Clickbank product to your list it is very possible that some of them that liked and want to purchase a product will use their own affiliate ID to buy it effectively stealing your Commission's jvzoo is a good site with lots of products and any commissions are paid directly into your PayPal account once you've signed up for your free account you can go to the marketplace and select bestsellers you will then be presented with a page that shows today's bestsellers yesterday's bestsellers the last week's bestsellers and the last month's mest sellers let's check out the affiliate details for the video maker FX video creation software by clicking on the link from here you can see that a pays 50% Commission on a sale price of $37 you can view the sales page and the vendor has requested that you contact them seeking approval to be an affiliate you will not always get accepted when you make an application explain that you have an existing list of X subscribers and are regularly building this list most of the vendors will approve you on this basis people that launch products on jvzoo often have upsells one-time offers etc and in some cases you can make Commission's on these as well click the affiliate details to be sure of this jvzoo has a vast range of products and you are unlikely to get your Commission's stolen when promoting your offers the downside is that you have to request approval to promote the products and this can take some time to receive from some vendors warrior' plus this is one of the best places when looking for offers like jvzoo it is free to become an affiliate and you need to request approval from the vendor to promote their products if you tell them that you were building a list and growing it that is normally enough to get approved the good thing about warrior plus is that a lot of the offers are often timed to warrior forum WSO's this is good because any potential purchaser can read the positive reviews about the product in the thread before making a purchase commissions are paid directly into your PayPal account sign up for a warrior plus account and then click affiliates and offers to arrive at a page like this you can sort this page with a number of sales commission payout value per visitor etc as always you should check the affiliate details and the sales page often a wso before making a decision to request approval if you are happy to promote the product the make the request by clicking the blue request button on the right hand side product launch JV another way to promote other people's products and make good money is to be an affiliate for a new product that is being watched you could find out about these product launches by using websites such as munch Icom and v3 dot JV notify procom / account that have information about many product launches coming up you can learn about these new products and some of the big-ticket ones from people like frank kern that pay very large commissions what the smart people do for the big-ticket launches is create a unique bonus pack that is related to the product and can only be claimed if your subscriber buys through your link leveraging your list if you already have a list and are an experienced marketer then there are a number of ways that you can increase your income you have a lot of power in that list and you can use it in many different ways sell solo ads you can start selling solo ads to other marketers here you will sell guaranteed clicks for said price you always need to vet the ads that people send to you for solo ad clicks and using your experience you can suggest tweaks to the ad so that the click will be more likely some solo ad sellers insist on writing the ads themselves it's up to you in the internet marketing niche clicks self around 35 cents to over $1 when you were just starting out it is best to start at the lower end to build your business you can increase your prices once you have proven that you are a quality seller you can market your solo ad business on the warrior forum on Facebook or join quality science like there is always good demand for solo ads and if you become a high-quality solo ad seller you will make a lot of money coaching you have probably spent a lot of time money and effort building your list so why not teach others how to succeed online you can promote one-on-one coaching or group coaching to your list and give them a discount as they are your subscribers high ticket courses you could create a high ticket course teaching people how to make a lot of money online list building will be a foundation of this course there are many big list marketers who have had a lot of success with this approach conclusion we have provided you with everything that you need to know to get started on your mission of making $10,000 per month after three months with email marketing now it is your turn to take action and make it happen watch the mindset video and then re-watch it your mindset is critical for you to achieve great things in life take daily action to ensure that you diminish limiting beliefs and build your iron resolve start creating your lead magnet and your sales funnel immediately if you are not good at writing they don't source this you must have everything set up so that you can start driving traffic to your squeeze page we have only just scratched the surface with traffic generating ideas in this training make it your mission to find more good traffic sources by reading other good content on the subject once your sales funnel is set up then traffic generation is your number one priority take action and make $10,000 plus per month in the next 90 days


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