How to Make an Amateur Ham Radio Stealth Wire Antenna Mast Support

How to Make an Amateur Ham Radio Stealth Wire Antenna Mast Support

WARNING – COMPUTER GENERATED SUBTITLES oh hello all a lot of people ask me can
we do these her little telescoping pole so and what I want to do is put a
massive or trapped load eed multiband dipole off the top at 10 meters what do
you think I’ll tell you what I think you’re bloody mad so did you say seven
major Pole but I do for about twenty quid or something and I mean the top of
that is and well it’s perfect for a vertical to be honest I mean yeah it’s
got a bit of Bend plenty of Bend excuse me
but you can’t start putting massive wires if you’ve ever lived in a wire or
field day or something or a mask you’ll notice the drags on the ground on the
way up once the wind gets to it starts puts a lot of wind loading on a wire you
know particularly if it’s long and I’d built a 160 meter coax fed dipole for a
hundred sixty meter contest at once and I couldn’t believe the weight and you
know once it was all all down hanging on the field and I’m pulling on the end to
try and get a bit of you know tension on it cor blimey I mean I’m pulling good 30
or 40 pounds you know 20 or 30 kilos of weight there’s no way you can put down a
lightweight mast so we all have the same problem if we want to put wires up maybe
you know so we don’t know the Noida neighbors the best way of doing it so in
the UK anyway there’s such a thing as a scaffolding tube and by the way there’s
a difference between a pole and a tube if you talk to scaffolders and phone
them up and say hello you got a scaffold Pole and that you’re
confuse the hell out of the girl on the phone if you say I’m after a scaffolding
tube then you’ll know exactly what you mean now a steel one is extremely heavy
but very cheap an aluminium one they don’t you use this handrails these days
because they’re not apparently strong enough for that sort of thing but you
can get a 6 meter or 21 foot scaffolding pole put that to one side um in it I
want to take you somewhere else down if you go on eBay and search for a 4.6
metre sailboard mast second hand used and you’ll find that they normally come
in two sections and occasionally you’ll find one you know within 10-15 miles of
you in which case you can just drive if you’ve got a hatchback car one a car it
you know with the tail a tail lift you can normally get them straightened down
the front pressure as well or just strapped to the roof you’ve got some
roof rack mounts now here is the amazing coincidence the inside diameter of a
sailboat mast happens to be about the outside diameter of a scaffolding tube
you get some wet and dry Emery cloth sandpaper or whatever else and just take
all the edges off the scaffolding tube because you’ll notice they’ll be dings
in it or where it’s been cut it’s a bit rough you’ll need to just take that
surface off just to round off the edges take the fiberglass sailboat mast which
you will get for 20 to 30 pounds by the way and do the same on the inside of
that put some ice around the scaffolding tube get some hot water on the
fiberglass bit of vaseline wd-40 or something just to help this thing on and
it will slide on about two feet or in new money at sixty centimetres once it’s
on you could just drill a hole all the way through the whole lot maybe an 8 mil
or 9 mil hole and then or you do a 7 millimeter hole and then put in a 6 mil
bolt and just just stop it twisty I mean it wouldn’t go any way with it now I’ve
got two of these out the back and I’ve got three or four down the workshop in
stock that I bought there was an old boy
selling and they were really crappy but what I did is and if when you go and
pick them up if they’ve been out in their garage room for the last 20 years
take some gloves with you because you get hundreds of splinters otherwise rub
it down gently and and spray paid it now if you go to and Halfords in the UK
probably Home Depot or something in the u.s. you can actually buy camouflage
paint you mean you get the dark brown and the light brown and the cream sort
of thing and what I’ve done with mine is laid it all out a couple of trestles and
just randomly sprayed it all but having a time again I might actually spray the
top say three or four meters maybe 16 feet or something gloss white because
weirdly enough gloss white not dark gray or light gray gloss white is the most
stealth you can get once it’s in the sky but if it’s camo pet painting it’s
anywhere near trees it will start to blend in rather well I even considered
buying some of that camo netting stuff to drape it all around just to make it
literally disappear make it look as if it was ivy growing up a pole or
something so that’s what it is the bottom line is you can now get 20 feet
or 6 meters plus for me you can certainly get 10 meters height now how
do you attach it there’s two ways you can either put a four inch by four inch
large post in the ground that’s all I’ve done and I’ll just bolt them straight
into the wooden post I’m gonna get 15 years out of that article alternatively
concrete a small stub in the ground obviously very vertical and then by a
barranco joint I’ll show you where you can get from and and that way you could
have a tilt over 10 meter wire support you could even put a small vertical
Wi-Fi aerial or something like that a lot of people ask me okay put a
collinear on top of a telescopic master no you can’t okay but that is the
stealthiest and the most economical robust engineered solution
I’ve come up with a lot of people say oh I can’t forward that you know this hobby
done right isn’t isn’t cheap if you do cheap it generally doesn’t work if you
do it right it costs a little bit more but you can get a second hand used
aluminium scaffolding pole you could get a second hand used fiberglass mast they
talk carbon fiber they’re generally a bit more expensive slip the two on and
get it up and there’s ten meters now I haven’t gone the whole 10 meters I’ve
got about seven meters here so I have a 60 meter loop that goes all the way
around my my loft attic space down the garden several meters across these posts
here because that didn’t have trees in the right place you see and that’s my
kind of general receive antenna come transmit actually I’ve just got four to
one ballon at the top I need to put an isolation choke as well to be honest and
then I could run it through the 84k bit of coax it’s good enough for me okay cuz
this is just a experimental Shack it’s not worried in much you know super
efficient high-power stuff so there we are tip of the day okay so
my name’s Callum from DX commander enjoy radio folks see you next song


19 thoughts on “How to Make an Amateur Ham Radio Stealth Wire Antenna Mast Support”

  • william northcote says:

    You could go light pink for the top of the antenna. Shorty Longbottom in WWII had a pink spitfire and would surprise fighters as pink is good between dawn and dusk due to the light. Also the SAS painted theirs pink also in Africa as most of the movement was done in lower heat (again dawn and dusk) and with dawn being pink they were hardly seen.

  • Finally! I can't do it now but I'm planning on getting a house soon, and I wanted to build a DIY tilt-over 4m or about mast for a vertical (probably a hygain AV-680). Tried few steel companies around here but it gets quite expensive. Now googled scaffold tube and would you look at that: steel for 65$ and aluminium for 90$ for a 4m pole, I need 3 of these, that makes it a bargain! I reckon I'll go for steel, I read it's sturdier but I'll see. Thanks for the vid as usual 😉

  • Callum… you said you can’t put a colinear on a mast? I have my diamond x50n on top of a 9’ pole and just underneath the base radials of the x50 is a pulley where I have the center point of my g5rv. Seems to work… or have I misunderstood? Ta muchly. MW6WHL

  • Callum….Have a look at this guy's site….got my scaffold tube mount from him…..Google….Big Marts Brackets…..Mark ( m0mco)

  • Great stuff (made me laugh at 2mins 25sec you say scaffolding pole :-). ). I also use some white plastic water pipe (2 telescoping parts, about a fiver even at B&Q) onto of 20 foot ally scaffolding tube out portable and it adds 10 foot for 80m RSGB contests.Normally jointed using Shellie Clamps (2 for a tenner, eBay). Decent for NVIS to about 1000km. Ditto on the heavy 160m dipole btw !

  • Just don't ask a Pole Dancer for a tube! You may get smacked in the kisser !
    How do you find your own antenna poles when they are camouflaged !

    Hugs !


  • Christopher Macrae says:

    You know what Callum? That is the best tip I've heard for stealth mast EVER! Thank You! I'm an injured vet just home trying to get on air for a pittance and you've just helped me no end! Thanks again mate…keep it coming! 73

  • You can also find on ebay camo net support tubing from the military. It's plastic tube wrapped in fiberglass. 10 meters runs about 30 euros. Use it for permanent antenna support or portable. Very light weight and durable. I moved around a bit before I bought my house and it was very handy. I really enjoy your videos and thanks. Brian

  • Great video Callum please could upload a video on how to fix a scaffold tube to the side of a wall using the pully system with the tilt cheers Dan 2e0bln.

  • Thomas Sweeney says:

    After 60 years of being silent, I have passed my tests and now a General class operator . I have been watching your videos and honestly enjoy them. Good information and very helpful. I must say entertaining to boot. Thank you and 73's, Tom

  • Paul's Reviews says:

    How about a insulated flex weave, if you can find a way to hook the dog bone at top of tree and run wire down trunk to 9 to 1 balun at bottom. Same length as yours, ìt would be almost invisable.

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