How to Make a Rain Stick : How to Use Newspapers to Make Rain Sticks

How to Make a Rain Stick : How to Use Newspapers to Make Rain Sticks

Hi, this is Ginny with Simply Beautiful Crafts
on behalf of Expert Village. Another simple way to make a sound filter for your rain stick,
especially if you’re working with young children, is to make wads of paper. Just take a newspaper
and wad it up and get it as tight as you can. Now if your tube is relatively small like
this one, that wad is going to be too big, and you won’t be able to filter things through.
So you’re going to have to judge how big of a wad you make by how big around your tube
is. So can experiment with it. Try different sizes. You may be using one of these larger
tubes. You may be using a tube that comes from wrapping paper, and in that case this
big of a wad would work. But for this little tube we’re probably going to want wads of
paper that are about this size. OK. You’ll just drop it down in the tube. Now if it’s
going to be this small, for this tube you’ll want to cap the end first. Just put something
over it and secure it with a rubber band so that you can fill your tube with wads of paper.
The point of the wads of paper is so that if you put rice or something small, bird seed
in it, it will fall between the wads of paper and filter the sound as it goes. You may have
to experiment several times, but it’s newspaper and you’re done reading it anyways. So, it’s
not going to cost you anything but a little bit of time and maybe some inky hands. Once
you’ve filled the tube with as many wads as you think you will need, go ahead and use
whatever it is you’re going to fill it with, whether it’s bird seed or any of the other
fillings. Put a little bit in it. Hold your hand over both ends and simply try it and
see if it has the sound that you like. If you feel that your filling is moving through
too rapidly, then you’re going to want to put more paper wads in. And if it’s not moving
fast enough, you simply take some of them out. A very simple, inexpensive, easy way
to make a sound filter for a rain stick.


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