How to Make a Built-In Entertainment Center


24 thoughts on “How to Make a Built-In Entertainment Center”

  • XxShadowGTxX says:

    "I'm using pocket holes for this, which I know some people don't like and… it doesn't really matter." Savage

  • Bob, the thing that I kept wondering is you picked a tv size that looks to be smaller than a 65". Is that so, and if not why not make a cabinet that would have a center TV spot with adjustable size for different size tvs.

  • Aristos Andreou says:

    Hey. Nice project. What i learned? Do not use plywood for simple, sprayed, box-like projects. People invented MDF for projects like these. You would save loads of time plus the finish with spray paint (that you actually used) would have been by far better!

  • I’ve always loved your videos, and still do, but lately it seems like you’ve added a lot more really loud music with scenes of sawing and drilling, and less scenes of you explaining what you’re doing. I have to hold the remote in my hand and constantly adjust the volume down for the music and then up again to hear what you’re saying.

  • I'm somone who doesn't like pocket holes, mainly because I don't see why you'd want to use them. They weaken the wood significantly compared to other kinds of joints. Even dowel joints would be better, and they are almost as easy to do, using a jig similar to that pocket hole jig. Pocket holes work, sure, but why on earth would you want to make a thing worse than you could make it, when the difference in time and effort is so small?

  • I really enjoy these videos however I must confess, every time I see the tablesaw without a safety guard I wince a bit.

  • You could explain in detail how you made the doors, I did not understand very well, I believe that for beginner women it is a bit complicated

  • Are you very skillful, but can you make a video a little slower and explain how you made the doors? But it was really very beautiful.

  • I liked how you included face framing on the shelves so when everything is in place it looks seamless and they don't jump out at you as being adjustable shelves.

  • Guga Caldeira says:

    Why keep the TV stand? You could just remove the stand and hand the TV on the back panel and would feel like the TV is floating, much better looking than with this horrible stand… I rather have my TV hanged than use does horribles stands that came together… But overall looking of the room is awesome… just hate the TV stand… just that…

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