How To Invest $1000 In The Stock Market

How To Invest $1000 In The Stock Market

how to invest $1,000 into the stock market that's what I'm gonna share with you guys here today if you're new here I am Jeremy and today we're going to talk a little bit about investing in the stock market let's say you have a thousand dollars on the sidelines how should you go about investing that that's what we're gonna get into today I hope you guys really enjoy today's video I hope you get a lot of value out of it let me get across one point before we start getting into like like how to actually invest as money how to deploy out this thousand dollars okay first and foremost make sure you always have some savings on the sidelines some what I call emergency money at least a few thousand dollars of emergency money that's on the sidelines at all times before you really start investing because what can end up happening is let's say you have an emergency situation that's something that really needs money okay you get a flat tire for your car or something health-related happens or something in general that comes out of the ordinary and it costs you money okay if you don't have any emergency money and you already started investing in stocks then essentially what you're gonna have to do is you'll have to sell your stocks you've got thousand dollars you have in your stocks to go ahead and use that money toward your emergency expense you don't ever want to be in that situation because stock prices can be volatile what if you're in a tying you invest it happens to be a time with the stock market struggling or one of your stocks are struggling then you have to go and sell it a loss is that's something you really want to do know so before you really start investing make sure you have some emergency money on the sidelines that's like untouchable money just in case the worst happens okay and the other point I want to just kind of drive across as some people think $1,000 isn't enough money to start investing and you tell you you have to start somewhere whether it's a few hundred dollars like I started my first investments were like two hundred and fifty dollars and then I built up to like five hundred dollars then I started investing a thousand dollars at a time and now it's you know several thousand dollars if not tens of thousands of dollars at a particular time I didn't get there because I was like oh let me just wait a million years until I have ten thousand dollars safe know I started with hundreds of dollars we built up to thousands then tens of thousands of hundreds of thousands and kept building from there okay and you want to do something very similar where you start with smaller amounts of money cuz it's the best that's the best okay when you can start with smaller amounts of money and start building and also you go from you know maybe three figures and then four figures then you have five figures in the market okay things start to get real fun and you just kind of get that process you get that experience in the market okay so there's no such thing as oh it's not enough money you only have $1,000 no okay if you have $1,000 as plenty to invest in the market even if you have a hundred bucks even if you have 200 bucks no means you have some money on the sidelines and you feel comfortable investing you feel comfortable deploying that money out and trying to make that money into more money as long as that's the situation for you then you're ready to rock and roll regardless of money okay and one of the big reasons for this okay the biggest reason I could actually give like the credit to is honestly an app an app that's been created called Robin Hood now there might be some other apps out there that do similar but I'm not sure okay so Robin Hood basically in order to place a trade with them it is free okay it is absolutely free so there's no trade commission to go ahead and buy and sell shares with that particular app called Robin Hood whereas in the past okay when I first started investing every time I bought or sold a stock it costs me $20 okay if I want to be exact it was $19.95 every time I bought or sold a stock rather whether I had one share in that stock or 20 shares or a hundred shares or a thousand shares okay and so needless to say when you were investing small amounts of money when I started it was actually a very very negative thing I wish Robin Hood was around back when I first started investing because I would have been in a situation where I could invest it way more money where I could have basically started getting gains right off the bat whereas in the early days when I was only investing a few hundred bucks at a time I always having to get like a five percent gain or six percent gain or something like that just to break even on the stock because the Trade Commission was taking so much money out okay so didn't say you guys have a really good situation because you have an app called Robin Hood that's free Robin Hood is not very international as of right now however there may be some apps out there in the international markets that maybe do something similar of basically free trades and that is a definitely an awesome thing for you guys out there okay so you have this thing called Robin Hood so that allows you to basically invest smaller amounts of money because you don't have to pay those Trade Commission's by the way most other brokerages online brokerages nowadays they don't really charge 20 bucks anymore most of them charge around $5 now okay so if you go with one of the other brokerages like a fidelity investments TD Ameritrade Ascot rarity trade someone like that you're probably paying around $5 per trade so you don't have to go with Robin Hood but in my opinion if you have small amounts of money hundreds of dollars or maybe a few thousand it generally makes sense to go ahead and use Robin Hood okay so awesome you set up your Robin Hood of town you enter in all her your information you got this set up and hopefully you've already researched what to look for in stocks and things like that okay I have a full course link down there in the description that goes into everything I look for when picking stocks I've been in the market for over a decade I'm pretty successful at doing the sorts of things so if you want to learn that way you can definitely learn that way that's link down there in the description but hopefully you have liked this knowledge bank of what to look for in a stock so you're ready to actually start investing and actually deploy this thousand dollars out so what I would suggest you kind of first start with is looking at a stock you know thinking about a big company okay a really like big tech company okay maybe it could be something like an apple maybe it could be something like a Facebook I would include Amazon I would include Google into this list but Amazon's like eighteen hundred dollars a share so if you have only a thousand dollars like you couldn't even buy a whole Amazon share Google I would include them but they're like a thousand dollars a share are somewhere around there roughly so that would be all your money essentially so but neither say something that's a really big tech company could be a Microsoft a Facebook and Apple someone like that that's very well-known so you get some experience investing in some of those really big Goliath companies that are super super profitable that their business models are super super relevant and things like that okay so you pick something like that okay and Mister Softee will put up your Microsoft as well okay something like that one of those big huge companies I have hundreds ability Alibaba Alibaba is a possibility okay we'll add Alibaba to this kind of Bank here Alibaba is a Chinese conglomerate in China it's kind of almost like you know a little bit different business model than what Amazon has but in terms of like the importance to you know Amazon to unite States Alibaba is that for China okay so one of those big massive companies you deploy some money into one of those so great now you have a really really big company okay no the next stock I will try to go ahead and find is something that is a nice dividend payer K let's just say yeah dividend payer which a dividend payers essentially is a stock that pays you out dividend money generally every three months so just for holding that stock you actually get money deposit in your account dividend money that you can go ahead and buy more shares of that stock you can go buy another stock you could take that money out of your account and go spend it or save that money or do whatever you want with that money but basically it's dividend money that comes to you okay and you can just go to like Yahoo Finance or something and start searching in different stocks different ticker symbols and you'll see different stocks have you know dividend money they pay out they'll say their yield there that you can actually go to the history and see the history for how much money a lot of these stocks have been paying okay so that's awesome so now you have one stock that's a big huge tech company okay you have one stock that's a nice dividend payers all right so we're getting some experience now you're noticing that the main kind of principle I'm thinking about when you're starting out in the stock market in your investing investing a smaller amount of money is you want to get experience in different types of stocks okay so so far we have big tax something related there we have a big dividend payer now we're gonna think about something that is a growth play okay something that I like to call a growth play now a growth play in the stock market is when you're investing in a stock that has a lot of growth and when I talk about growth I don't mean its stock price gone up a lot of people get confused when they get you know first start in the stock market in the first few months or first year they think being a growth stock means a stock that has a stock chart that's going up or something like that that's not at all what we're talking about when we're talking about a growth play a growth stock what you want to look at is the revenue growth now you can see this information on any company's Investor Relations page so let's say you wanted to look into like Zillow okay you like men Zillow that must be a growing company you go to Zillow investor relations page and go ahead and look at their latest 10k which is otherwise known as their annual report their latest 10-q and it will go ahead show you how much that company's grown the revenues and that's really what we're looking at we're looking at revenue growth how much is a company growing when it comes to revenues okay so that's what we're looking for they're a growth play so now we have some experience we've invested into a big tech company we've invested into a dividend pair that's going to consistently pay out dividends we've invested into a growth play a company that's growing revenues very very quickly and has a chance to maybe grow revenues massive amount into the future okay I'll give you a few more examples of growth plays okay growth play could be something like a Tesla Tesla for this latest quarter is going to grow revenue somewhere around sixty percent okay Zillow I just mentioned Zillow that's a huge growth company okay even a company like Facebook is a growth company even though they're already a massive company it's a company growing revenues at you know 20% plus Alibaba the company that still has unbelievably strong revenue growth in the mid double digits growth for Alibaba there okay so there are a lot of companies you don't have to just look at like very very small companies they're actually a lot of companies that are huge companies that have market caps in the tens of billions or hundreds of billions but are actually still growing very very quickly and you could go ahead and use one of those stocks as kind of a growth play there okay and then there's one last stock I would buy here okay and what this stock would be is a stock that you really believe in a lot for the long term the company that you would say okay I had to put all this thousand dollars into this one stock this is a one stock I would feel the most comfortable with this is a business model I know the best this is a company I like the most okay so let's just call this your number one all right let's call this your number one and for this one it could be a small company okay it could be something that has hundreds of millions of dollars of market cap which is super super small it could be something that has that around a billion dollar market cap it could be a huge company that has hundreds of billions of dollars in market cap whatever is your number one that you believe the most and it could be an Nvidia it could be an AMD stock it could be an Apple stock Alibaba it doesn't matter whatever that one stock is that you understand the most about you're like man I had to put all my money in this one stock this is a particular stock I would go ahead and do that with okay if you have that one stock out there that's the four stock you want to buy because you want to get experience and you want to get some confidence built up in yourself especially when you're investing smaller amounts of money and you've got to have some conviction for a particular stock now once again if you're a little confused on like how to do research on these stocks make sure you're using something like a Yahoo Finance make sure you're going to the company's Investor Relations page okay so let's say you want to look at Nvidia okay you're interested you like know a lot about Nvidia you've been a gamer in the past and all these sorts of things okay you're like I know Nvidia pretty well I know their products I know the things they're successful I know the things are not successful out okay but you want to take your research to next level you want to understand the financials once again literally go to Google open up your Google page go to Nvidia investor relations it should be the first thing that pops up there click on that start reading through their reports I'm talking about the 10k I'm talking about the 10 Q okay their annual report in their quarterly report those are phenomenal you're gonna get a ton of information on there you can even go to a tab called events and presentations and go ahead and listen to the latest conference call or investor meetings that have happened in the past okay and you will over the course of probably six hours get a ridiculous amount of knowledge built up in your mind oh what that company does it why you have strong conviction that that's a great stock okay so if I look at this this is kind of the perfect scenario for investing your first thousand dollars in the market you buy one stock that's a massive tech company that you know really well you know they're super profitable and you know you know there's a good chance you're gonna make money on this stock you own one stock that's gonna be paying out dividends probably every three months that's awesome you get to get experience owning a dividend stock collecting that dividend money every three months going ahead and deploying that into new stocks you own a third stock which is a growth play a stock that you think has you know huge potential to grow into the future in a type of stock that just has massive massive potential there and then you own a four stock which is your number one the stock you believe in the most of any stock in the stock market it could be a big tech company it could be a small tech company it could be a dividend company it could be a growth plate it could be a value play it could be anything across the board but that fourth one is just a company you believe in the most and users trying to get confidence in yourself that your judgment and your reasoning is correct okay guys so that is how you invest $1,000 into the stock market I hope you guys really enjoyed this as always if you have a question anything we discussed in today's video or something I didn't address make sure you ask it in the comment section I will try to get back to as many of you guys as possible and also make sure you guys hit a thumbs up if you got some good value out of this here today thank you for watching and have a great day


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