How To Get Your Content Seen Online & On Social Media 🖥

How To Get Your Content Seen Online & On Social Media 🖥

If you spend time labouring over something, you want people to see it, right? Creating great online content
can be time-consuming no matter how much of a
content wizard you are. So it better be seen by the
people you intended to see it! Today we’re going to look at how you
can make sure your good stuff is seen and not left in the corner
of the internet to rot Get ready for the internet
to enjoy your work, because Wednesdays are
about to get GIANT. Hello, my name is Adam and
welcome to Giant Wednesday, the only place to be to discover the
wonderful world of digital marketing. Don’t forget to subscribe to our
channel and post your comments below. We’re here today to look into
making sure your content is seen online and given the
attention that it deserves! We’re going to look at the different ways
to promote your content and increase visibility through owned, earned and paid channels It’s hardly a secret that there’s A LOT of
people out there on the world wide web, so making sure to stand out and be
seen is imperative to your success. So, your content promotion strategy. First things first, well… after you’ve made that
killer piece of content, is understanding where your
audience spends their time online. Are they more Pinterest than Instagram? Are they more into consuming their
content through blog formats or videos? Do some research. You can find this kind of information out
by looking into demographics for your channels, looking at analytics and asking people. Yeah, it’s that easy. And you might find it’s a mix of
many different types of content and a variety of platforms that’s where you’ve got to get strategic. Now let’s break down the
three-channel types; owned, earned and paid. So first, let’s look at ‘Owned’ This refers to the marketing
channels that you manage. For example, your website, your blog,
or even social media channel. Owned channels are the best place
to start when promoting content because they’re easy for you
to manage and low cost. Now let’s check out ‘Earned’ This refers to anything that is
picked up by a third party. For example, other bloggers,
companies or even influencers Earned channels are great to
boost the reach of your content, meaning you’re not relying on just your own. They also add a sense of
credibility to your work. And finally, let’s consider ‘Paid’ This refers to promotion you pay for… clues in the name really. For example, advertising on social media, paying to be promoted by an external
party, and boosting your posts. Paid channels are great for targeting
campaigns to specific audiences based on goals and budgets, reaching more audiences and
potentially growing new audiences. So now you know you’ve got to
work out where your audience is, how they want to consume content and the best ways to reach them
through different channels. That’s the why and the how, but now we need to ask when? This is where having a content
calendar comes in handy. So you all know what a
calendar is, right? Yeah, i’m sure But having one for your content promotion means you can construct a detailed
timeline to manage your activity. You’ll want to outline what to
publish and when, and you don’t want to do this willy nilly. You need to have some
strategy behind it. There’s little point
posting on a Sunday if your audience isn’t up for consuming
your theme of content on that day, or at 2am in the morning unless you’re targeting
insomniacs or night workers. Use the tools available on
social media platforms, as well as the research methods
I mentioned earlier, to see when your audience are online. Factors these times into your content
calendar and look into things like interests. Things like public holidays
and funny trending days can be a great time to
distribute content. Websites like days of the have a pretty giant list of
these kinds of dates. Own a pet grooming business? Well go through your content calendar and mark out the days like
“National Cat Day” or “Walk Your Dog Day” Distribute your content on the days relevant
to your sector and see a greater reach But don’t forget to ride on these trends using things like hashtags, or by
entering conversations online. And don’t forget the owned, earned and
paid channels for maximum content boosting. There you go! You’ve made some killer content, and now you know how to
distribute it and promote it online through a variety of different channels to achieve maximum reach
and hit those objectives! YES! Work on that content calendar and
let us know if you’ve got any questions. Post a piece of content
you’re most proud of in the comments below,
so we can check it out! So, that’s it for today, go forth
and comment your views give us a like and subscribe to see more great digital and
marketing content every week. Thanks for watching, and we’ll
see you next week for another GIANT Wednesday


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