How To Get Unblocked On Social Media | Manifesting

How To Get Unblocked On Social Media | Manifesting

Has your ex blocked you on social media? Did your specific person block you on his
phone or on WhatsApp? In this video, I’m going to share with you
5 tips that will get you unblocked FAST, using the law of attraction! What’s up superheroes! welcome back to my
channel, the place where we make the impossible possible! I’m Scarlet Grace from I’m a manifestation coach and
today I’m going to share with you 5 tips that will get you unblocked by your specific
person fast! If you’re new here and you want to learn
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below. Ok, the first thing you need to do to get
your specific person to unblock you is stop focusing on being blocked! Your imagination and your thoughts create
reality, so if you obsess over being blocked then what’s going to happen is that you
will keep being blocked! So stop thinking about being blocked by this
person, stop focusing on it, stop talking with your friends about how this person blocked
you. If you want to be unblocked by this person,
then your thoughts need to be about how they message you and you chat, and how this is
a normal thing that happens every day. Which brings me to the second thing you need
to do to get unblocked: Stop buying into the lie that you cannot be
happy, or believe that manifesting any big change is impossible, as long as you are blocked
by this person. People always message me to ask “but how
can I create an imaginal scene where me and this person are happy together when they have
blocked me? I do my imagining session and I feel much
better and in control, and then I’ll see that they still haven’t unblocked me and
I’ll start thinking who am I kidding? We’ll never be together again!” Now this is normal and I get why it may feel
this way. But here’s the thing: Believe it or not, you won’t instantly be
happy when they unblock you. All your problems won’t be instantly solved
when they unblock you. Why? Because what you want isn’t for them to
unblock you! What you want is way more than that. It’s being loved by this person again, and
exchanging messages with this person daily, and being together and happy again. I know that if they blocked you, it probably
feels to you as if getting unblocked would be this huuuuuuge breakthrough that would
change everything, but it’s really, really not. Because if they unblock you but never actually
message you, then within a few hours or a few days you’ll start obsessing all over
again. This time about why they haven’t messaged
you. And it will suddenly feel that if only this
one thing happened, if only they messaged you once, it would be this huuuuuuuge breakthrough
that would change everything. Sound familiar? It doesn’t matter what this one thing you
are convinced would change everything is. What matters is that you have decided there
is such a thing and by obsessing over it you are creating a ton of resistance. The moment you decide that something just
HAS to happen or you don’t know what you’re going to do if it doesn’t because it’s
so flipping important, it’s like hitting the brakes and any progress you’ve made
with your imagining sessions or any other technique stops. To manifest, you need to feel that it has
already happened. That you already have it. Making anything so important that it just
HAS to happen for you to be happy is the exact opposite of that. And you know what? Just like getting unblocked isn’t the one
thing that would change everything because it doesn’t mean that just because they unblocked
you, they’re actually going to talk to you, messaging you isn’t the one thing that would
change everything either. Why? Because you are assuming that if they message
you it’s because they missed you or that they want to know how you’re doing. Or that they want to be back together with you. What actually happens in many cases where
someone obsesses over getting unblocked, and their specific person messaging them -and
I’m saying that after watching it happen to so many of my friends who aren’t into
manifesting that I’ve lost count- is this. You obsess over being blocked. Eventually, after a few weeks or months, the
person unblocks you. Then a day or two later they message you,
and it’s usually something about a specific object. Like, they’ll want to ask if you still have
that T shirt they had left at your place, or let you know they have a box of your things
and ask when you want to pick it up or if you want them to drop it off at your place. And you’ll think great, he found an excuse
to talk to me! That means he missed me too! So you’ll arrange to go pick up your things,
or for them to drop them off at your place. And once that’s done, they’ll block you
again. Because it was never about missing you, or
being sorry, or wanting you back. It was truly just about that box of stuff. And hey, guess what? You pushed and pushed and pushed so much,
that it did manifest. For a second there. And it was nothing like you imagined, because
the seed that you planted was filled to the brim with obsessing and resistance and forcing
things and desperation! Now this kind of thing happens a lot! But you know how to make sure this is not
the case for you? By not obsessing over the middle. The middle is getting unblocked. The middle is receiving a message. The middle is picking up a T shift from someone’s
place. If you go straight to the end though, straight
to the end result you want, and think and live and operate from that end result, then
guess what? You will also get unblocked, and they will
also message you, and it’s not going to be for a stupid T-shirt getting your
stuff out of their place. Because if you live from the end result you
want, then that naturally contains all these middle things you want. If you’re a happy couple then it’s natural
that they have unblocked you, and it’s natural that they will be messaging you regularly,
right? The third thing you need to do to manifest
being unblocked is change your mental diet. Your mental diet is the things you tell yourself
in your mind. If your specific person blocked you, then
that is something you manifested. So take a look at your thoughts that manifested
this, because those are the same thoughts you need to change if you want them to unblock
you! For example you may have had thoughts and
beliefs like he doesn’t want to talk to me, it’s over, we broke up for good! He hasn’t responded to any of my messages! He’s angry at me. He doesn’t want to hear from me. He’s going to block me, he’s ghosting
me, he never wants to hear from me again. You may also be having thoughts like I’m
not good enough, he’s not in love with me anymore, he found someone else, he doesn’t
care about me anymore, he doesn’t want to be with me. So if you want to get unblocked, you need
to change these thoughts. And not just once. Every time one of these thoughts comes up,
you should stop it and replace it with a new thought of your choice. For example let’s say you wake up in the
morning and check your phone and you see no messages from him. And you start thinking of course he hasn’t
messaged me. That’s why he blocked me, because he doesn’t
care about me anymore and doesn’t want to talk to me ever again! Now the moment you catch yourself thinking
this -and if possible, before you even complete this thought- you stop and tell yourself “actually,
no, he does want to talk to me! He does care about me!” Find the thoughts that created being blocked
in the first place, and create a phrase you are going to tell yourself every time the
old thought pops up. And every time your mind goes to these old
thoughts, jump in and replace them with your new phrase instead. And every time you check your phone and notice
that he hasn’t messaged you, do the same. And you need to do this every time. That’s why my first tip in the beginning
of this video was to stop obsessing over being blocked, stop thinking about being blocked
and stop discussing being blocked with others. Your thoughts create. So there’s no room here to talk with your
friends about how he still hasn’t unblocked you, because this conversation will just manifest
more of the same situation. More hours and more days where you’re still
blocked. If you spend 10 or 20 minutes a day imagining
the end result you want or changing your thoughts, but then spend 3 hours on the phone with your
best friend talking about how he still hasn’t unblocked you, and he doesn’t care about
you anymore, and what if he’s found someone else, then guess what? The 3 hours of worrying and obsessing and
thinking your old thoughts is what’s going to manifest in your reality! You need to saturate your mind with the thoughts
that are focusing on what you want to manifest as if it’s already happened, so that those
thoughts are what you predominantly think during the day and any thoughts about how
it hasn’t happened yet and how you’re still blocked are a much smaller percentage
of your thoughts. Which brings us to the fourth tip for
getting unblocked by this person, and ensuring they won’t block you again in the future. Was there a specific behavior that got you
blocked in the first place? For example, if you posted long rants on facebook
about how he treated you and tagged him in those posts, or posted nasty stuff on his
wall then it’s possible that he blocked you so his friends and family or his coworkers
wouldn’t see that kind of stuff. Or if you kept sending him angry or desperate
messages, maybe that’s why you got blocked. Now these kinds of behaviors start in your
thoughts, which is why tip number 3 was all about changing your thoughts. If you changed your thoughts, then you aren’t
going to behave in these same old ways in the future, right? If you did do or say stuff you’re not proud
of though, if you did leave him angry or desperate messages before he blocked you, there’s
something else you can do: You can use the revision technique to change
that! If you haven’t heard of the revision technique
I’ll link the video in the card up to the right and also below in the description, so
after watching this video you can click the link and learn how to do the revision technique. The revision technique comes from Neville
Goddard and you can use it to change something that has happened in the past. So if for example you left an angry message
on his wall that embarassed him to his friends and family and so he decided to block you,
you can use the revision technique to create a new version of what happened, and replace
the old version -where you left the angry message on his wall- with a new version of
events. Or if you left him several desperate messages,
you can use the revision technique and make it so you never sent those messages, or create
a new version of events where the messages said something completely different instead. And while you’re at it, also go to the time
when you realized he had blocked you and change that so he never blocked you! Just doing this may result in getting unblocked. But even if this happens, you still need to
examine your thoughts that created being blocked in the first place and change them, to ensure
he won’t block you again! The fifth tip for getting unblocked is using
a fake chat app. These are apps that you download on your phone
and they look exactly like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, but of course they aren’t. So what you are going to do is download such
an app -for example if you used to chat with your specific person on WhatsApp then download
a fake chat app that looks like WhatsApp, for example the WhatsFake app- and use it
to create fake conversations with this person. So you download the app, and upload your photo
and this person’s photo and you create a conversation where he messages you and you
start talking. You will be writing both sides of the conversation
and in the app it will look just like a real conversation. Just like it would look if he had actually
messaged you and wrote those things in the real app. So what things would you like to hear from
this person? For example if you want them to message you
and say “hey, how are you doing? I’ve missed you!”, then you can create
a conversation in the app where they send you that message. So if you miss chatting with this person,
you can use this app daily to create any dialogue that you want between the two of you, and
also scroll up and read their messages from the day before that you wrote, that say exactly
what you want to hear. And since it looks exactly like a conversation
in the real app would look, it’s easy to persuade your subconscious that this conversation
that you wrote both parts of is actually real. That it really happened, and this person actually
has sent you those messages. And that means that you are going to manifest
him messaging you and even writing some of the stuff you had him write in the fake chat
app in his actual messages! And having these conversations in a fake chat
app will also manifest being unblocked, because if you are chatting on messenger or whatsapp
for example then that means he had to unblock you first, right? Comment down below if you’ve used any of
these tips to manifest getting unblocked by anyone, and if you liked this video then hit
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