How to get Faster PHONE Internet with the REAL signal bars - TheTechieGuy

How to get Faster PHONE Internet with the REAL signal bars – TheTechieGuy

so I am currently traveling and as you can see this is not my usual studio and I'm relying a hundred percent on my phone for all my connectivity and it's got five bars and yet my internet is sluggish and ridiculously slow to use so what's going on well today I've got a couple of solutions for eurotruck to get better connectivity through your phone let's do this welcome to another talking tick would the checking of my name's Leon Sagan where I make ticks simple if you're into phones gadget apps tips and tricks on how to hit that subscribe button and let's get on to today's show so as I said I'm currently traveling I'm not in an environment I'm used to and my entire connection to the outside world relies on my phone and the problem is even though it says fireballs which is kind of the golden standard what we all look for I'm still getting terrible connection well turns out that your signal bars on your phone get those are not a true indication of the signal strength that you find actually gets how ridiculous is that your phone is measured in DBMS or decibel Mille watts and it is shown as a negative figure now the closest to zero that you're gonna get to better the signal so anything be over negative 110 DB ms means it's basically unusable you don't have a good signal and then anything closer to the negative zero and typically between kind of negative 64 and negative 50 is considered an excellent signal and so that's kind of what you're looking for but your fire bars on your phone don't actually show you that detailed information so the first thing we're gonna do is I'm gonna show you how to look at your exact signal strength at your phone's receiving and then you can see exactly what kind of signal that you're getting and then this will unlock a lot of that frustration or while your internet connectivity really isn't that great the good news is it's all built into your android into your iOS devices so you don't have to download more apps let's start with that all right let's start with the Android phone basically gonna go into settings and you're gonna go all the way down and you're gonna look for something called about phones now sometimes it's under about phones sometimes under systems just look around but you're looking for something like some status and here we go you'll see something called a signal strength this one is negative 109 DB negative 110 no wonder my internet is really really slow at the moment so you'll see even when you turn your phone to different directions then it will each starts to change the signal strength because it's trying to use your phone's antenna to try to get you the best possible signal so I'm just swinging it around trying to get a better signal realistically I'm in one spot so I'm really not gonna change much I should be getting up and walking around until I found a better area okay let's do the same on an Apple phone or an iPhone but of course it's much more complicated on an iPhone what you're gonna do is you're gonna find the dye lab yes and I'm gonna type in this code which of course will be in the description below so you don't have to memorize it there it is but essentially it is star three zero zero one hash or number one two three four and five and then hash then star and then don't forget to hit the green data button this will take you into the field test menu and there at the top you'll see connected mode something about measuring frequency you want to click into that and there it is there is your signal strength meter right there as well so a little bit more of a long-winded way of getting to it but there it is none the less so now that we have a signal strength meter app we can walk around the environment we can find the optimal spot the one that's closest to the zero where you get the best possible signal mark that spot and essentially what I do is I actually found a spot happened to be at some weird room facing a window and that is where I leave my phone as a hot spot now so I go there switch it on leave it charging and then all my devices connect to that and it's made the world of a difference okay now that we have a signal strength let me show you a cool thing you can do with us so let's find an app called open signal that's available on Apple as well as Android this is the Android version I'm not interested in the speed test but I am interested at the bottom where it's got a couple of cool options so firstly you've got an option for coverage so basically tells you the area that you are and tells you what kind of coverage you currently have so therefore you know that if you're in a dead zone well of course then you're not gonna get good internet connectivity the next thing is going to show you this location to the nearest tower that you're currently connected to and allows you to run a little bit of a test telling you kind of how good a strong your signal is between your phone and that particular tower okay so this one seems to be okay I'm connected to this network at the moment if I click on it i think it refreshes the connection but I cannot find information about what that does but as I spin the phone around it's going to tell me that the tower is in a certain location and that's where it is now look at this click on cell tower on that and what it does it actually shows you the tower – I feel father let's just zoom a little bit more in so you can actually see it a little bit clearer and it's gonna show me the connection there it is so it's gonna show me a little blue Lansing I'm connected to their Tower which is weird because it's a much stronger tower right next to me so why would it connect me to a little one it's further away well it doesn't want to do the handover because otherwise I would have dropped my calls or potentially just one towers able to handle my connection so here's the trick switch off into airplane mode aeroplane mode area right switch off into airplane mode wait a couple of seconds a minute or so spice and then undo airplane mode and what it should do is reconnect you to the strongest signal that's have got available to you which should be the tower that's closer let's go back into the map and voila there we go it's connected me to the strongest hour which was the one that's closer to me this alone can actually boost your signals just by doing that and it really makes a big difference if this is your first time here and you like this kind of tick hit me head below to subscribe give the video a thumbs up if you liked it check out some of these other cool videos over here and I'll see you in those videos


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