How To Get Digital Marketing Clients WITHOUT Cold Calling

How To Get Digital Marketing Clients WITHOUT Cold Calling

hey everyone this is Ron and in today's video we are continuing our digital marketing agency training now before I go ahead and start I wanted to move in and announce the winner and also announce the topic for today's video and we're gonna be covering today how to get clients for digital marketing regardless if you live outside of the country if you don't have any legs or arms to do anything if you literally just started it does not matter where you are inside of the journey today we're going to be covering how to get clients and this is not going to be your average five minute YouTube video covering some so I can try to solve course it's gonna be everything that I've experienced for the past year inside of my digital agency in terms of clients where to get clients how to get clients and what you should sell those clients I think later down the week I'm gonna cover fulfillment a little more and what I mean by fulfillment is how you can actually get results for your clients by doing the actual work because there's really two pieces of it that you've really got to understand the first piece that you really gotta understand is there's a there's an art of getting clients and then there's an art of delivering the service to the client effectively now I'm blessed because you guys left a ton of comments yesterday and i truly appreciate it okay so the winner for the 30 minute consultation is Abby and he said hey everyone I've also started the digital marketing agency but struggling to get clients can you tell me how to get clients for digital marketing it's an excellent question huh beep make sure that I'm gonna reply down with an email address that you can email me up and if you want to win a 30-minute consultation leave a comment down below as to what you found best to get clients or what you've having struggles with in terms of getting clients so let's get right into the video so getting clients really is an art now there's a lot of people that firmly believe sales is the number one reason why companies grow yeah there's a lot of people thinking that you know if you send out a million cold emails if you send out a million cold calls if you send out a million this and that that you're going to get much more sales the problem with that analogy is although you can get a bunch of sales what's gonna happen when you have to deliver services for those sales I think a lot of us tend to forget that when we get a customer we have to implement we have to show them results we have to do stuff on their website we have to run their begad campaigns we have to do a bunch of different things to get that client results so understanding that there's two pieces of digital marketing their sales their service and in the last video I talked a little bit about customer service which is kind of more important than sales at the end of the day because imagine you bought a product on Amazon and Amazon just completely forgot about you after Amazon collected your money after they deposit it into their bank account after they've told you what you're gonna expect they just didn't deliver the product to you they just didn't give you the product well now what's happened here is is they've created a gap of risk and liability for themselves because you made an order and they still didn't ship you out your product so when you have bad service you tech typically have bad bad liability you have much more risk and you're a much more risk for not delivering services to clients so if you if that happened to you you'd be pretty pissed right well the same thing goes with digital marketing before you even get a client before you even get a customer why would that customer hire you right are they gonna expect their product deliver to their door in two days or less after doing business with you this is what you've really got to understand before going off on a customer acquisition tangent before even worrying about getting a ton of clients now I know a lot of you that are watching this video probably have not a lot of income to get started or some of you may even have a lot of income and you're just watching the video to grow I'll tell you this that at twenty five thousand dollars a month in my agency as opposed to one thousand dollars a month I thought I think very differently now so what I mean by that is is when I was just getting started and I was trying to find my first $1,000 per month client or when I was trying to find a client that would pay me anywhere more than five hundred bucks whatever it may be I learned this stuff I watched a course I was ready to take action I wanted to go ahead and and start implementing some stuff here what I realized is now is at the $25,000 a month run it's a lot different than the $1,000 a month run and the reason why is because when I was at that low revenue stream when I was at $1,000 a month the only thing I wanted to do was get clients but what I wasn't doing is I wasn't focusing on service I was so into sales and I thought that sales was everything so in this video I'm gonna talk to you about why becoming professional with service skills inside of your industry is by far the best way to get clients now I read a comment yesterday in in the in the actual description so I wanted to talk about this for a little bit and I felt that it was really important to talk about okay so a lot of people seem as if you're trying to convince a client to get you know to get you to hire them or to onboard them and and many times you're gonna get clients that say things like I don't have a budget you're gonna get clients that's that don't even respond you're gonna get clients that don't even acknowledge you and this is the problem with cold calling and sending out cold emails is you're really seen as the salesperson at that part you're not seen as the trusted consultant or the trusted adviser and at the end of the day you have to be a trusted consultant or an advisor because at the end of the day people see through fake and you know people see through someone who's fake or someone who's just trying to sell really quickly right someone can really quickly see what your intentions are just play the vibrations of us being human beings so when you're sending out these cold emails and when you're trying to convince clients to do their services for them you're seen as a salesperson right you are nothing better than the Cable Guy calling the house at you know 8:00 p.m. at night bothering the people at dinner to try to sell them or cable services you are no different than that although you may offer a service that's much cooler a service that's much more impactful such as SEO or Facebook out whatever it may be you're still seen as the salesperson so now we're left with this large objection as to or this large wall or barrier as to how do I not become a salesperson how do I make that transition to becoming a trusted consultant or a trusted advisor there are way too many people out right now trying to start digital marketing agencies that have little experience they have no results and they think that they can do it and they don't separate themselves in terms of their marketing and they just them regular you know the regular salesperson with digital marketing skills at the end of the day people are getting really tired of that because while we may think it's cool if you're watching this video right now you may think it's cool what we do and you may think it's cool what you do which is you know digital marketing or whatever you're doing at the end of the day very difficult it's very difficult to break out of that salesperson to getting into that trusted adviser point where you must get to so with that being said how exactly do you get to that trusted advisor standpoint and how can you seamlessly tell your customers that they should believe you they should trust you and they should do business with you rather than the other people that are sending them cold emails how can you become that trusted advisor at the end of the day what it's gonna come down to is how good are you at what you do a lot of people they practice and then they get customers and then they fail and then they practically do the same thing over and over again why not spend the necessary time practicing so when you go to get a client and this is what I teach all of my students is to get a website ranked immediately and then once you go to get clients you are now seen as a trusted advisor because the thing about SEO the reason why I like it so much more and in this video we're gonna weigh the pros and cons of both but the reason why I like SEO so much more into selling it is because when you have a website that's ranked at the top of Google you are now seen as a trusted advisor so let me talk about that a little bit right how can you become the person that people want to go to and people want to see as a trusted advisor well like I said you really need to hammer down your service you really need to hand with down your skill set and you need to make it known and proven that you're the person that's right for the job right so how do you become right to the job well like I said you have to get good at the skill set so if you want to become an email marketer right well or have you ran email marketing campaigns that have seen over a 50 percent open rate right if you want to become a graphic designer okay have you created enough graphic design to demonstrate a large portfolio for your clients okay you want to sell search engine optimization services you want to sell SEO your way if you want to rank websites well how many websites have you ranked or how many websites of your clients have you ranked or what exactly makes your positioning in the marketplace different than the other person's positioning right what makes it different and at the end of the day when it's going to come down to is getting more clients it's not about the cold email it's not about the cold call it's about demonstrating that you are really good at the service it's about being the best in the marketplace at what you do because what starts to happen in the marketplace when you start telling people where you start demonstrating to people how good you actually are at your service right word-of-mouth happens and I know many of you may be thinking it's very difficult because you may be from a different country you may not have the access of the capital available to start getting your own stuff done but at the end of the day there's always a way there's always a way to do it and a lot of you watching this video you may be international or you may just be you may just be another person in the water that doesn't want to seem like a normal person right you may have a different situation right well here's the beauty of it SEO can be done in in in English it can be done in Spanish it can be done in Portuguese it does not matter the language you're doing it you need to provide results for yourself before you go out and try to provide results for your other your clients now let me explain this for the quickly this is why it is so important that you get a niche in your services right if you're a generalist if you're just a person trying to go after whatever in the marketplace you're going to quickly dry up there's too many people doing that there's two oceans that you've really got to look at the blue ocean and the red ocean the blue ocean is oh it's open waters right there's no blood there's not sharks there that I've already eaten up the food right you get to create that ocean and make it red you get to contaminate the ocean with blood because you are going to thrive in that ocean right I'll give you a good example as to what is a blue ocean right a blue ocean would be somebody that specializes in getting injury attorneys more clients with digital marketing right that's blue ocean you're just targeting injury attorneys you're going after a market that is pretty competitive but you're also not just going for the generalistic stuff and you are also not trying to go for whatever may come your way and that is the ultimate sign of weakness is when you're just taking whatever you get coming your way that is exactly how you become a tuna in the market that is exactly how you go out of business right because you're seen as the guy that will just take anything when you work with a specialized consultant when you go to get heart surgery when you go to get brain surgery you know you're spending money why that person is specialized to meet your needs right so at the end of the day when you look at a niche let's look at a red market right I'll tell you a red market right now there's personal brands and there's influencers and what's becoming really hot right now is there's a lot of people trying to market for those personal brands and influencers I can't tell you how many times I get on the phone with you know maybe students or you know business people and they tell me that they're now into marketing personal brands whatever whatever it may be which is really cool and everything like that but in my personal opinion I think that personal brands most of them are not sustainable but a business that's been in business for forty five years that has an SEO budget will be a lot more sustainable than somebody that's selling online courses on YouTube right so at the end of the day it's really figuring out your niche and sticking to it now you may be wondering am I going to lose business when looking for people inside of this niche it's a really great question you know you may think that because you're in the blue ocean you know you're gonna have a much smaller pond well the red ocean is you know the Atlantic right it's it's it's it's the huge ocean and the reality is is when you're playing in waters that are way too deep and waters that are way too wide and there's too big of a market what starts to happen is the most beautiful form of marketing goes away instantly under your feet and that form of marketing is word-of-mouth the the power that someone has by giving a personal recommendation to the friends will never ever ever ever be competitive with something like digital marketing meaning digital marketing will never equal up to the power of word-of-mouth why because we trust people and digital marketing when you're showing ads is not trusting people so what starts to happen in the blue ocean is you start to get a lot of people doing word-of-mouth and they start saying those little injury attorneys that you're going after they start saying well have you worked with scorpion have you worked with this guy I mean they do my stuff they specialize in injury attorneys go talk to them and to answer that question will your business be impacted because you feel as if you're going for a market that may be too small well think about this right if the market was too small how many clients does it actually take for you to create a substantial living off of stuff right I can tell you right now our prices for SEO range from anywhere from 750 a month depending on what the clients getting all the way to five thousand dollars a month how many clients does it actually take do you need a marketplace full of millions of people the answer is no you're going to have much more success if you just focus in on your little pond then if you try to become a shark fighting with way bigger sharks in the ocean sharks that have a lot more money than you do in the ocean and sharks that have been doing this for way longer than you have and you're just gonna come into the market like a little tuna and you're going to get eaten alive by a shark that is my perspective on going after a niche market now let's talk about the two services that you can offer and really this is all going to relate back to getting clients because if you notice that the trend in this video is really talking about a few things which are really important we're gonna talk about exactly how to become the certified consultant which I've already talked about we're gonna talk about how to actually you know how to actually answer objections right if you've emailed somebody they've emailed you back and you know they're saying something that's different how do you object to that and answer and we're really gonna dive into that so there's one comment that I saw yesterday on the channel and it was how do you overcome the objection of somebody wanting something like that right how do you overcome the objection of people wanting something very quickly you know in the world of instant food instant TV instant videos instant everything right how do you tell a client that it's going to take time when they sign up for your services so you may have now become the certified consultant you may have found your blue ocean niche now what it's time to do is how do you exactly set the right expectations for your client so they don't think that you're robbing them okay and this is what comes down to the most important part in human and now you know in human anatomy it comes down to communication how often are you in communication with your client I can tell you this right now you should have a goal if you're working it with your clients on a monthly basis you should have a goal of communicating with your client once a week in the form of email once a month in the form of phone call video call whatever it may be I'm gonna say that one more time every week your clients need to hear communication from you right this is a massive massive mistake I did when I was starting out what I did when I was starting out is I had the worst communication with clients and I slowly started to realize that the reason I was ever terminated for an agreement was not because of the SEO performance was not because I wasn't an expert it was all because of the communication with the client as long as you have very powerful communication with your customer and you follow that small guideline which is one email a week it's one phone call a month you're going to have a bond with your client that nobody else is going to be able to mess with and that bond will be the reason why they stick with you and it'll allow you to perform a lot better so now let's get back to the objection of what exactly does do what should I expect you know that may be a question that a client can say I mean what should I expect well if you're in the underground you'll know that it's all about timing right you may say well within the first three months we're gonna target longtail keywords so you get some instant rankings and then what we're gonna do is you know months three to six is we're gonna focus on link building this and this so you've really got to figure out what your package is and set timeline expectations for your client they may be wanting results but what they're also looking for is progress right so if you're selling search engine optimization versus social media which we'll talk about the two differences in the next little slide here you're really gonna want to figure out what are your timelines for exactly what you do and and make sure you're instantly communicating with the client about your timelines after the tasks are completed so let me give you an example if days one through three inside of your SEO campaign you're going to focus on on-page optimization reporting keyword research reporting benchmark reporting well you need to tell your client within the first three days they should expect that type of document inside of their email so now though we'll be wanting instant results which is like pretty unrealistic with search engine optimization um they're still gonna see that what's on the contract and yes all we use use a contract no matter what always use a contract you never want to be held liable for something that you didn't agree upon cuz I could tell you this right now what happens when you don't have a contract in place is people will hold you to things that are not on what you agreed to so let's say we agreed to write two blog posts a month right well then they're gonna start asking you to change title tags all on the website or they're gonna ask you to do backlinks so they're gonna ask you to do all of this ridiculous stuff that you shouldn't have been doing in the first place if you just set the right expectation so with that being said you really got to figure out how to create a contract from your from your package from the proposal that you have the price that you want your deliverables or is the client getting them on time that's the number one thing with setting client expectations and once you start doing that you're going to hear less from your client your clients gonna be more satisfied they're not gonna want to they're not going to be worried that is the worst thing when you receive a worried text message because it is close to you getting fired and potentially a bad review to be honest I mean probably the biggest con with doing clients is you're not worried about getting bad you know service you're not worried about losing the client in terms of cash revenue you should be worried about what that client is saying about you to their friends you know online whatever it may be so the goal here is to just set the expectations very clearly as to what's on your contract in terms of what you're going to deliver and what they can expect in terms of communication and stuff like that and once you start really figuring out the system's the processes and the workflows to make yourself successful for your client in terms of communication then you're never going to want to not service a client because really deep down what it all comes down to the reason why you're not getting the client is because you're not that certified consultant and you're not that certified consultant because you haven't really done anything to prove worthy to a client or not so this really breaks down to becoming really good at the service so with that being said I really want to cover the two differences in the what I believe is the two most powerful services that you can start offering right now if you are doing digital marketing okay there's social media marketing which is managing a client social media account which I personally hate doing I know that a lot of people like doing it I don't like doing it I think social media is so personally in tact with the person that they're going to do a lot better job than any agency that ever comes in and this is simply why people charge way less for social media management rather than people charging $5,000 a month for SEO look I'm going where the money is I'm not going for the low-skill posting on social media just launching an ad type of thing That's not me I want to go to a market where it's a lot more blue ocean you know there's a lot a lot of sharks and I'll tell you that right now but it's not like a client perceives social media is very inexpensive you know there's options out there where you can pay something like $99 social you pay like 99 bucks a month and the business owner gets 30 social posts a month there's really no way to compete with that because social media all comes down to price it doesn't really come down to large expertise it doesn't really come down to a huge strategy and if it is huge strategy its in-house for that company so let's look at the two different ones there's social media marketing which like I said I don't really like doing simply because it's a very low ticket service and then there's search engine optimization which on the other hand so there are search engine optimization I mean let's start with some of its cons one thing is it's very very very risky I think that SEO is a religion in itself and I think that people have a lot of their own beliefs and clients have their own beliefs and when a website starts going down you really don't have any control over that right Google is kind of telling you what to do I mean Facebook if you see an ad like cost if you see an ad like not reaching as many people well it could be very possible that you have not um you're not paying enough so you just got to up your budget and your ad will go up but with SEO it's very risky but with that risk comes a high payout right because anything in any business that you're doing any investing that you're doing any business dispute ventures that you're doing generally speaking the more risk the more capital so how do you mitigate that risk right because SEO what you're under you gotta understand what you're doing is is you're telling a client that you are going to get them results after they pay you ten thousand dollars I mean it's very risky it's not the best thing to like really tell a client they don't want to hear that they want to hear they're getting results like that so that's why I figured out that when you're selling both of these services you've really got to play down to the clients thought process and the clients beliefs right because digital marketing at the end of the day is a literal religion people believe what they want to see people believe what they hear on YouTube if I told you right now that there's a new way of doing digital marketing you would probably take your time to invest in it because you have a religion of your own beliefs with this digital marketing stuff so the end of the day I want to go for something that's risky as well as high reward now the reason why I say SEO risky is because people like I said have their own beliefs so if you're saying to a client that you want to focus on creating content and they say well no I don't think that's what you should do I read online somewhere that I should be focusing on doing social posts and getting backlinks right what I found best in terms of that regardless if you're working with social media regardless if you're working with SEO what I found to be the best with that is I found that your best bet is just sticking to what they believe with a little bit of your expertise blended in because at the end of the day you've got to remember if you don't do any SEO and you only do a little SEO a little SEO is going way further than this so if the client tells you that's something that's completely irrelevant is important make sure that you get it done make sure that you get it done do not be the guy that goes out and a great disagrees with the client that's just stupid don't do that your goal is to go ahead and agree with the customer say you're right mr. Smith backlinks are very important we are going to implement backlinks next month here's the cost whatever it may be whatever you're doing if it's not in the contract don't do it but before you make that contract make sure it's aligned with whatever they believe to be true in terms of their religion right so you've really got to figure out two different things here one is do you really want to be known for the person that posts on social media is that what you really want to be known for do you want to be known for the person that's doing SEO on websites doing both is very difficult especially when you're starting out you want to get a name in something you want to saturate your blue pond so that this way there's word of March the mordant mouth starts to happen so think about it this way do you want to be known as the person that does social media do you want to be person the person that does SEO and really by doing both right physically today go and do go post on social media and go write a blog article for SEO and see which one you like the most and while you're doing these little tasks go in and notate exactly what you're doing and start to build processes and systems in place because when you really find one that you like doing you can take it to the moon and that's kind of where I am inside of my business is trying to figure out how to scale it without spending too much on overhead because as you guys know you know I have the office space I have four people it gets kind of expensive the lights behind you the camera that's recording this microphone there's just a lot of stuff that starts to play in in terms of cost I mean I have I have another camera you know there's a lot of stuff that goes in terms of calls so that's why it's really important that you figure out a way to scale without breaking the bank right so figuring that out which is easier to scale well you can definitely outsource social media but that is a huge risk outsourcing social media is a major risk because if somebody who you outsource the work to is very cheap right if they put something on their social media page and the client doesn't like it or even worse it embarrasses the client or it sets the wrong expectation for the client whatever it may be you're going to be at a huge disadvantage in terms of service now with SEO the same thing can happen you can get an article that's written and the article cannot be up to your clients expectations or up to par with what your client wants that can happen it does happen all the time and you've really don't got to worry about that because when you figure out how you do it and you write it down in a system you can easily give it to somebody else to do it and they'll do it perfectly each and every time you just got a double check to work but that leads me to this point is I've found in my years experience of doing this stuff SEO is much more scalable than running a million social media accounts you've got to think about it like this right if you go ahead and schedule posts for a client for 30 days on their social media that's what a social media marketer does they launch at they do that they schedule these posts and they're going ham on whatever it may be you've got to read you've got to realize that those 30 days are extremely thoughtful you are spending a lot of time figuring out how to communicate your clients brand and I guaran-fucking-tee you they are going to complain they are going to complain about something they're going to complain out the post you did they're gonna say that they could do it better and you're going to last with that client for the total of six weeks if not eight weeks if you last two months I'm very happy for you I'm glad that you did that now on the flip side SEO right guess what SEO is so systemized right keyword research right on page report right title tags here the meta tags that are missing here's how to write blah you know it's so systemized that what you can do is you can scale it because what starts to happen is is the keyword research unlike social media you can't do you can't do so you can't do keyword research for social media but the keyword research literally tells us what blogs we have to write right what topic ideas should we be talking about on our blog what exactly should we be doing to get our clients results and the data tells you so when the data tells you what you can do is you can take that data and you can send it all to a writer and you can say hey here's my budget it's $300 I need 15 blog articles written about this website and I'm gonna schedule all these blogs throughout the whole six month campaign in one shot like that you've just completed all of the content for the client in 30 days and then what you're figuring out there is what the do you do on your spare time because now what you're given now is the opportunity to get more clients so with SEO I've just found that it's much more scalable simply because it's a system put in place that you're gonna be able to easily scale it for your clients so now what I'm gonna do here is I've gotten into the computer and I'm really gonna continue this video explaining to you the process that you can use to scale SEO or scale social media or really scale anything because I know a lot of people they want to see my systems my workflows and exactly how I get this done so what I've done here is I've decided to go ahead and open up the handy-dandy aaww board whiteboard app and I'm just gonna explain very quickly how to actually in take a client how to do all this stuff and kind of go a little more in depth into my system in my workflow and what exactly what I tell you know contractors to do employees to do all of us other stuff so that you can really understand and how to actually take in a client so the first thing that we do is we have our little phases right we have the first you know we have the cold or we have the discovery discovery call with the client okay so this is kind of like your discovery call this is your first meeting and in this one you're just asking questions you're just really trying to figure out more about this situation right in meeting – you're going for the close so this is kind of like meeting – this is where you may have a proposal already you may have already closed on the first meeting so the second meeting is where you really come in and you close so this is where you have your proposal ready and your proposal really is set with exactly what you're going to do for that client from day one to day 100 right this is you know your proposals here you know you already have information on the client you're using a proposal and proposal training is a completely different topic I'm not going to really talk about that but you have your proposal ready your proposal shows exactly what you're going to do you know there's no loopholes exactly what you're going to do and communication expectations okay so that's really what your proposal is going to do is it's going to show your client you know how much the cost is gonna be what their communication expectations are gonna be how often you're gonna reach out to the client how often you're gonna talk to the client all that stuff okay now what's gonna happen is is you are going to close the client and you are now going to have to deliver services for the client okay so now that you've done all this you now have the clothes you now have taken the client in so exactly what what do you do from there right so once you've done that once you've gotten the client to sign the proposal what you're gonna do is you're gonna follow this very simple system and workflow to make sure that you're delivering extraordinary results for the client number one the number one thing you need to do is have the client fill out a survey now the survey is something that's very simple now you can do your survey with a bunch of different things you know it can be a word doc it can be um you know it could really be anything and the survey the goal of the survey let me see if I can pull one up here no I can't find my that's fine the goal of the survey is to really get to its really get answers out of the client so you're gonna want to ask questions in the survey and make it mandatory that a client fills this out you're going to want to ask them questions about their business so this can be questions such as how long have you been in business in business you unique selling propositions you know selling you know whatever you want to ask the client you know favorite colors for design whatever it may be that you want to ask the client you want to make sure that you get a survey and you want to make sure that you have this back now you may be wondering why would I want a survey why would I want to have this information back well in reality when you're writing content or when you're doing social media or when you're doing any type of concert for the client you're gonna want to know this quick important information right let's say that I was writing a Word document and let's say I was writing a blog post okay this was a blog that I was working on yesterday which I can't really show everyone but let's go in here and let's just do a new blank document right let's say you're talking you're writing a blog about the client and you don't know exactly what to say in the blog well now that you have a survey what you're gonna be able to do is you're gonna be able to find stuff that you can write about right well you can say something like you know client has been in business since 1998 you know providing exceptional SEO services to law firms in the Colorado area this is just an example but if you have a survey right here you know you can utilize what they say inside of the survey inside of the content so it's gonna make your content writing process much easier and in fact what I want to do is I really want to show you guys a survey but I want to click around through my computer cuz it's recording but anyways once you've gotten the survey back you'll now have a bunch of information about the client that you can use once you've gotten the survey back what you now want to do is you now want to move into the audit and analyst phase right and this phase right here you're really just giving a nice audit you're really just understanding a lot about their business right and this could be things like keyword research right so you really want to figure out exactly what keywords you should be targeting this should be competitor research and this may be something like figuring out what their competitors keywords are ranking for and then you also want to find longtail keyword opportunities so this these would be keywords that would make sense for them and these are long tails so they're easy to rank for inside of the SEO program opportunities all right cool and then you really want to do is you also just want to do like an audit like an on page on it and you can use a lot of different tools to do an on-page optimization audit if you want to find a good tool to use it's very simple you can you a website called SEO reseller and you can create these little on-page optimization audits for free doesn't cost you any money and it'll tell you exactly what's wrong with that website in terms of on-page SEO in terms of technical analysis in terms of really everything you got to know about the website right so now that you have this stuff well right here in your contract this should be your first point of contact you should tell the client look in one week right so seven days into the contract okay seven days into contract we want to give you and you saw in your email address we're gonna give you a keyword research we're gonna give you all of this stuff that goes right to your clients email and this will be your first contact and this is what needs to be set out exactly inside of your contract if you're running an SEO campaign so with that being said now that the client knows your first contact well once their second well let's say fifteen or let's say fifteen days into contract okay fifteen days into contract we will have the title tags optimized okay let's just say title tags optimized all right title tags have been optimized your meta tags have been optimized okay okay and we've we're also going to go ahead and optimize any of the missing you know any of the technical SEO issues this can be stuff like slow loading speed this can be stuff like hosting whatever it may be so in fifteen days mr. client you should receive an email on the second contact and this is going to be a report showing you what we've optimized on your website so far very simple strategy very very simple strategy and I'm not really going to cover exactly the whole SEO roadmap in this video but you can really see the goal here the goal is to get a survey and get enough information about your client then once you have that is start delivering the services on the contract with set timeline expectations for your client to review and for your client to actually get it look into exactly what you're doing so following this process and following this steps which I cover much more in depth in the underground secrets following this stuff right here is really going to set you up for success because you're going to be able to send this to your employees you know your employees you're gonna be able to send it to whatever you want to and it's going to be able to be delivered to them and they're gonna be able to have a system set in place that they're gonna be able to follow so if you guys follow this system this is really going to help your client acquisition process and what I want to get it into now is now that you have this system in place now that you have all of this stuff in place is exactly how further do you go with it right so there's this is just 15 days into the contract and you've really got to figure out how to exactly create your own contract so I'm gonna get into that into more videos in the future and Brent time's running out for this video but I really hope you enjoyed this video and I'll see you in the next one


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  • If anyone wants to learn more about working remotely or join a fun & active community, check out! We love helping freelancers & digital nomads find their dream jobs. 💕

  • Timothy Olofson says:

    I discovered you around the time this video was released and forgot to watch the rest of it lol glad I finished doing so today!

  • Holy shit Ruan. Thanks for this video. I have been struggling to get clients (still have no client), but you've made me realize that it's important to show than to say. I'm going to challenge myself to offer free trials first before trying to acquire clients. I am also going to challenge myself to create content for the prospects to build rapport.

  • Somerandom Guy says:

    Another informative video this really makes me just wanna find a dude in nyc that does seo and team up with him. Ill contact the clients while he does the research that gets the client to close. Then ill outsource the rest while he gets a commission for closing .

  • Hey, Ruan. Huge fan! How do I put together a contract? I'm in the process of getting my first client and not sure how to put together a contract for him. Also, what is you PoS (point of sale]system? Do you use paypal, or stripe, or what?

  • I didn't disagree with my client. I fired him. Wasn't worth the hassle. Got articles completely pulled from two major websites legally, and a company in California wanted $6K each. I did it for practically nothing. After a second check coming that was short $1100, I fired him. Don't disagree with a client? What am I supposed to do, lie to him (by agreeing to something I actually don't agree with or is just plain wrong?) That's selling you soul. I really like you videos, but I refuse to kiss a clients butt. This one paid me approximately $16K over 18 months. I repeatedly told him 'expert' seo for Atty's is $20K/month ( I sent him an article from an SEO Attorney in Forbes) He didn't care. Now that I don't take his calls or respond to his emails, he's sweating. I'll take him back, as soon as he pays me a $3500 bonus / restart fee. The two articles I got removed would have cost him $12K ALONE with the few companies that claim to be able to do this. One of them regulary 'redirects' the prospects to 'other' rep management services (since they aren't really willing to do the work to get the actual articles removed)

  • Terry Sukairain says:

    This is awesome! I just started offering SEO and other services in my agency. But still on the hunt for my first client. This helped a lot with setting a road map to what I should be doing and where my focus should be. Can’t wait for more videos!!!

  • I have a total of 55 clients, all in different industries that pay me on a monthly basis. These clients serve a local audience. A lot of doctors, lawyers, contractors, dentists, massage therapists, etc. I wouldn't say you HAVE to serve a niche industry but you should serve a niche business type. In my case, it's those service-based businesses that are heavily searched for but don't rank well on Google.

  • Haha your very good Ruan. I can hear it in your voice. You have been there dealing with the pain of having a digital agency and become bigger than the problems thrown at you. Well done.

  • Awesome video! Many thanks!😀 We also publish videos about marketing! Could you give me some feedback? Thank you! 😀 Don't forget to subscribe if you like it!!😀


  • Bakers Tree Service says:

    How to get clients ///an art/// doing actual work. Trusted advisor/cold email barrier wall, sales person transition ——into becoming trusted advisor. # trusted advisor!!!!!large portfolios 💼 demonstrating the BEST
    Blue ocean influencers personal brands are not subststainable1 email a week 1 call a month off/ target long tail key words/ link building time line or expectation //////create contract/2 powerful 📦 face book adds clients thought processes //Seo is a religion///

  • I am very disappointed.
    The title is very misleading. There is content about everything except what the title says. Didn't expect this from you.

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