How to get CHEAP internet in 2018 - Alcatel LINKZONE Unboxing and Review

How to get CHEAP internet in 2018 – Alcatel LINKZONE Unboxing and Review

hello everyone if you're like me and looking for new and better wireless internet solutions then stick around for this video we're gonna be unboxing and reviewing the Alcatel link zone 4G hotspot from MetroPCS this is not free internet but it is very inexpensive so in this video we're gonna be testing it out to see if it's fast enough for my needs and we're gonna be going over the different hotspot plans that they offer so here we have the MetroPCS Alcatel link zone 4G LTE hotspot let's go ahead and get right into it so here in the front of the box we have a picture of the hot spot and the MetroPCS logo here on the bottom nothing here on the side another MetroPCS logo here we have some basic information on the device serial number and such here we have another MetroPCS logo and here in the back some basic information about the device hot spot device features 4G LTE enabled capable of connecting up to 15 devices including gaming consoles tablets and more so let's go ahead and get right into it so let's open it up here let's remove the first box put that to the side and the second box looks like we have the hotspot there and here is the Alcatel link zone hotspot so it's gonna have little icons up here the Wi-Fi antenna take a look at it so we have a nice matte front here here on the bottom we have the charging port here on this side we're gonna have a small opening here to remove the back cover and then here we're gonna have the power on an off button and the WPS button and on this side just a plain side and on the back is plane as well just a matte finish to it let's remove the back cover so here we have the battery this is a 1800 mAh rechargeable battery under the battery here we're gonna see a slot here for the SIM card and for an SD card and then here we're gonna have the basic zero information for the hotspot device let's put that to the side and see what else comes with the hotspot so here we have the wall charger adapter your standard wall charger this one is 5 volts 1 amp let's see what else comes in here and here we have your standard micro USB cable as well and looks like here we have the Quick Start Guide manual as well alright let's go ahead and get the hotspot it also comes with simcard for service so here we have the hot spot we're gonna go ahead and power it on now press the power button hold it for a few seconds and all the icons should light up in blue once they light up just let go of the power button so next up all you have to do is go on your computer and your computer's Wi-Fi should automatically detect it it's gonna say Alcatel link zone and the last four digits of the serial number try and find it if you can't find it in your computer's Wi-Fi though what we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and press the WPS button we're gonna hold it for a couple of seconds until the Wi-Fi signal turns off and then begins blinking once every like two seconds once you do that and we can go back on the computer and it should pop up so go ahead and click on it it's gonna ask you for your password the password is gonna be located on the back cover of the hotspot so locate that and type it in so let's give it a couple of seconds as you can see here on the top of the iMac the Wi-Fi signal is trying to connect and there we go it's connected so let's go ahead and verify that and as you can see it has the checkmark next to it it connected to the hotspot successfully and once it's connected the Wi-Fi signal on the hotspot will light up in blue okay so now for the fun part let's go online now let's open up the web browser and check it out we're gonna surf around the web to see how fast it is see if it freezes up so let's go to the metro pcs website that way we can also check out the different lot spot plans that is offered with this device there we go so it loaded up the web page pretty fast not bad for 4G LTE hotspot it's actually pretty quick quicker than I thought it would be let's go ahead and click around here let's go to shop plans hotspot so here it is so here we have the hotspot here's the information on the hotspot there's the price but actually there's a promotion going on at metro pcs that if you just pay your first month service for the internet for the hotspot service you actually get the hotspot for free so you just pay your first month service and don't pay anything for the hotspot so with $35 a month you get 10 gigabytes of 4G LTE internet which is it's a lot for $35 I can't complain there and if you need more there's actually add-ons here that you can pay extra $5 for 2 gigabytes $10 for 4 gigabytes or $15 for an extra 6 gigabytes if you need more than the 10 gigabytes included there's a couple different ways to make your payment for your service you can make a payment here online through the website or you can call them by phone and make the payment or go into a local metro pcs store let's go on the website browser up here let's go to a different website so we can run a speed test and test how fast this 4G LTE hotspot really is and let's go ahead and click on go so wow the speed test is doing really good it's up to 57 megabytes per second 58 now megabytes per second so it clocked in at download speed of 57 point 83 megabytes per second now it's doing the upload test it's at almost 12 megabytes per second this is pretty this is pretty crazy these are high speeds especially for a 4G LTE hotspot I definitely didn't think the numbers were gonna be this high so this has definitely surprised me so let me just show you here that I am connected to the Alcatel lings own as you can see we're connected to the hotspot I'm gonna go on and run the test once again because I'm pretty shocked myself of these high numbers so it's loading up here it's about to get started and off it goes so the download speeds is now up to 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 and looks like it finished at 50 point zero 3 megabytes per second that's still very good that's very high for a 4G LTE hotspot so now for the upload speed looks like it's up to 11 almost 12 12 there we go 13 14 megabytes per second upload speed very impressive numbers let's go to YouTube now and open up a YouTube video so we can see the video streaming quality since video does take up a lot of data I want to see how fast it loads it up there you go it's looking pretty good and how clear the images is very important as well so it's the page isn't freezing or anything and the video quality is extremely good compared to other hotspot devices that I've used in the past so excellent quality here and there are two ways to manage your hotspot to check out how much data you've used so far so the first one is go to mobile dot hotspot it's gonna take you to the MetroPCS hotspot page where you enter your password and it will take you to your account once you're logged in you can click on statistics and it will show you how much that have you've used and how much you have left the other way that we can do this is by going into the App Store and downloading the app called Alcatel link app so go ahead and search it in the App Store download it after you download it you can open it up but before you're able to log into it you're gonna have to go to your Wi-Fi settings and connect directly from your phone to the hotspot so you're gonna find the Alcatel link spot on your phone put in the password and log in then you can log into the app by putting in your app password after you logged in it's gonna confirm if you want to change your Wi-Fi name and then once you're fully logged in it's going to give you all your information how much battery your hotspot has left how much devices are connected and how much data you have left and much more information as well so those are the two ways to check your hotspot information through the website or through the app so the main thing I like about this hotspot service is that it's prepaid so there's no contract involved you just simply pay-as-you-go and also that the plan is just $35 a month for 10 gigabytes of fast 4G LTE hotspot where they don't charge you if you go over it just simply stops until the next month when you pay again alright everyone so that's it for this video if you enjoyed the video or if it helped you out please give it a like remember leave comments down below on suggestions for future videos subscribe to stay tuned for future videos like this we're gonna be giving away a brand new smartphone of your choice when we get to a hundred thousand subscribers and if you're interested in making an extra thousand eighty dollars per week from home working part time we're going to be having a link in the description down below that you can check out we're going to be showing you how to be able to do this in the cellphone industry alright everyone so that's it for now and I'll see you around in the next video and as always peace ciao


46 thoughts on “How to get CHEAP internet in 2018 – Alcatel LINKZONE Unboxing and Review”

  • MarvelousMusic says:

    The speeds for this hotspot are much faster than if you were to rely on your phone's hotspot. I'd say it's worth it at least for downloading games to a console then you can use your phone's hotspot to actually play multiplayer games

  • It's obvious you're down with MetroPCS promoting this like every number output surprises you. Trust me 10gb ain't shit

  • Witches and Demons says:

    Just so I am clear is this internet you can receive like you would with spectrum in the home? Or is just additional meaning do you have internet in the home already?
    10gigs for 35 a month or one time?

  • Keeshun Floyd says:

    This shit is a rip off , i use it with my LG SmartTV , i bought the $35 plan and it stop connecting the next day .

  • If anyone has good recommandations on which box i should get for the Wireless wifi internet can i be noticed? Because i'm trying to slove a certain problem in my life and without Wireless internet for 5 months i've been growing very bored especially since i begin to search a box for channels and getting really sick of using the old tech fasion of satelites…

  • Um you edited out the parts where it took long to load..I can see the cut… your mouse just jumps to the other side of the screen… 🤦

  • female Online says:

    April 16th 2019. All these mobile hotspots from T-Mobile Metro PCS AT&T and even Sprint are not unlimited you pay for your gigs if you go over your gigs you're going to have to pay extra and that kind of sucks if you're looking for something for your home those are not the ones to get you might as well go with a regular internet provider Verizon DirecTV Spectrum Optimum. But if you're looking for something on the go this still isn't the one for you because you're going to go pass your pancakes real quick somebody posted in another video that they bought one from Metro PCS and their son when right through the whole 10 gigs in a matter of like minutes or hours in the first day of having it so it's not worth it.

  • Diego DEL RIO says:

    awesome video! I buy and flip homes and needed a temp internet connection for my cameras. This is a perfect fix as I leave the device at the home until I sell it. it works great and I don't need to buy a long term att contract!

  • Everyone burning through 100+ gigs a month need to put their damn phones away 🤦🏻‍♂️
    In all seriousness, I’m looking into getting a hotspot for my laptop for work due to having Ethernet cables strictly for desktop in the garage and service, only customer WiFi is available for personal devices. This honestly seems well worth the money, for a decent price as well. More than enough for just inspections and training. Appreciate the video

  • Gaming Channel says:

    men you can use unlimited data from phone and connect with bluetooth or usb tether and get unlimited for whole month it cost like 50 or 60

  • Gaming Channel says:

    i bought same but i only had 2 gb of speed monthly then i tried to upgrade to metropcs plan for 50 with unlimited data but decided to go with fios internet so i can download alot of thngs i bought a 2 tb harddrive usb one and cds i like it tomorrow will get router install

  • Pan Black Solutions says:

    Got one a year ago cause att said I was in some kind of red zone and couldn't get internet in my apartment even though most of my neighbors had it. I mostly use it for home work and tutorials. Sometimes I watch Netflix on my phone using it. I've forgotten to turn off the wifi on my phone and binge watch YouTube and it's never run out of data

  • 5:49 comonn manee not even the leter p, nahh you put s and som porn shit comes up lmaooo you ddnt even cut it up…

  • Julio Santana says:

    first of all metro pcs is horrable service and 10 gigs is nothing now in days when you want to stream video 10 gigs will burn in like 45 minutes

  • Metro needs a more advanced hotspot option with carrier aggregation, and access to T-Mobiles newer spectrum technology.

    The signal for this device struggles in many indoor locations.

  • This is crazy. It should be unlimited just like getting hotspot for your home. Not 10GB. Way too expensive 👎

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