How to Gain New Customers Through Social Media

How to Gain New Customers Through Social Media

Hey, friends. Welcome to another episode of your favorite marketing show, Tip For Tip, where you, the business owner, ask us marketing questions in exchange for a tip in your industry. My name is Aaron and my name is Christian. And today we have Tabitha with Ernesto’s. I’m Tabitha and I work at Ernesto’s. We’ve been here for twelve years, And I was just wondering how we get more people to come in through social media. First of all, twelve years. That’s amazing. Congratulations on that. I think restaurants are such a fun way or fun businesses to market. I guess they could be actually pretty tough to market, but there’s a lot of different things that you could do. And I think one of the first things that I would do has to do with your social media strategy. Your regular posting on Facebook and Instagram. I think you’re doing a pretty good job with consistency and I guess doing some offers and then taking advantage of the National Tequila Day and all these national holidays. And they’re all great. But I would definitely include more people in your posts. Talk about the people who are working there and talk about maybe your cooks. Talk about your servers or your bartenders and include people within your content. I think that will sort of give you a more fulfilling social media presence instead of just pictures of food, which look absolutely amazing and pictures of like national days national that. So I think you have a really good consistency and you have a good plan there. But I would insert some of that stuff along with some video. I think video, we advocate for video a lot. And that is very important. There was a video that I saw on one of your Facebook pages. I thought that it was great. There’s just a lot of sort of B-roll going through the restaurant. Bartender mixing some drinks, platters of food coming out. That kind of stuff is really cool. But again, I would definitely showcase some of your people and just kind of just give you your page and your social media presence and more fulfilling, more wholesome appearance. Maybe more of a family-type restaurant or a place that people want to actually bring their family. Yeah. I think coupled with that is to get offers out there. So there’s a theory out there that so many offers need to be redeemed because that just means new people are coming out there. And to Christian’s point about putting on great content, I think a lot of people put out content and ourselves included, are guilty of this, of just putting out content to put out content instead of having a purpose behind it. And putting out a piece of content should have the motive. And I say this now because my philosophy about digital marketing is shifting a little bit to say that you should put out a piece of content that’s going to move people to give you their email address, that you can nurture them over time to bring them into your location, because more than likely, it’s not going to happen right away. Well, let’s just say you did half off of enchiladas, which your guys enchiladas were a bomb, by the way. Half off of your enchiladas. Great. That’s a good offer, but you want that email address so that you can send those people emails and coupons and offers for the future. So it’s not just a one time deal, it’s more of a reoccurring customer. So for us, we’d rather give you 10 customers and have those 10 people come back with their friends seven times throughout the year than to give 20 people a coupon and have them to come by, come down, come back once. So purpose for what Christians saying you’re gonna entice them with the way that he’s telling you to go to because good content on Instagram is what works. But have a purpose behind that to collect email addresses, to give an offer and take people to action and make them actually do something and move other than just saying that’s a cool picture. Let me double-tap and like that, because as of the recording of this right now, in September of 2019, there may not be likes for videos or for pictures or anything like that on Facebook or Instagram in 2020. Who knows? But that’s something that’s kind of that could happen. So. Hopefully, that was good for you. Let’s hear your tip for us. So my tip for the audience is to run a longer happy hour. Most people get off at 5:00. And if you run a longer happy hour, it gets as many people into the bar before the happy hours over. Amen sister, I’m all for a longer happy hours. Let’s do all-day happy hours. Like Wednesdays are all day. I like that. You know, you provide Uber. Yeah, happy days. Happy hours or. Yeah, happy days. We’ll bring that back. Yeah. Very good tip. Yes. Especially for us when we get off at 6:00, 7:00 sometimes. So happy hours are never for us. Today’s Question of the day is what is your favorite Tex Mex dish? I have two big contenders. You can either pick fajitas. Yes. Or Enchiladas. Fajitas. Yeah, I’m a Fajitas guy, although I don’t I’m not huge on Tex Mex, but fajitas. All right. Tabitha, thanks so much for coming on the show. We really enjoyed coming out to your location. We hope you got a lot out of this video. And if you’re a business owner watching this, you and you went this far into this episode, make sure that you subscribe, but also make sure that you go to and fill out that form so you can come on the show like Tabitha did. And if you are a food company, yeah please really fill it out. Thank you.


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