How To Follow Your Heart and Find Success | RJ Sayema | Radio Mirchi | Josh Talks

How To Follow Your Heart and Find Success | RJ Sayema | Radio Mirchi | Josh Talks

I had a degree in Lectureship and was freelancing as an RJ I had got an ultimatum from both ends I could choose to either become a Lecturer or Radio presenter After years of efforts, I had become a lecturer because isn’t that what I wanted to become But I can’t leave the radio Because if I leave radio, all my dreams will die. My name is Sayema and you hear me on the radio. I cannot be seen on the radio Which is why I warn about one thing That when I come in front of you, your heart might skip a beat You would be expecting Katrina or Madhubala to come, but I am not them I am as I stand in front of you It was true for a while, that my voice was my identity But not anymore Today on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram even your face is your identity. I wish there was a world where the relations we made through our voice, with hearts and soul, stay the same. But now the truth is that we can be seen. I am often asked why I read so much of poetry. Even I wouldn’t know, why I read so many poems. I later realized why I used to read Because there were many instances where I wanted to understand myself, and realize what I wanted What did I want to make a career in? I studied all that was needed I actually wanted to become a lecturer in Delhi University Because my father (abu) was a lecturer Referring to the old saying that I would follow my father’s (abu) footsteps So I did all the correlated study and became a Lecturer I was a Lecturer and had a degree too But I got into Radio The question was as monumental to me as to anyone else And then… Poetry revealed a huge thing to me, about myself Which I used to think was wrong Every person used to tell that I was very practical Even today people tell me that I am practical Which means that you take all your decisions from your mind Everything is charted out on an excel sheet And in reality I had written my life out on a excel sheet But I didn’t know that I used to listen to my heart’s calling the most. My heart speaks out the most to me And I shut it out every time And that was the point when when I make a choice between Delhi University and radio a choice between teaching and radio Where for the first time in my life, I listened to my heart’s calling And I got into radio Because until that time I wasn’t ever ashamed to listen to my heart’s calling, whereas maybe I was ashamed earlier Which is why I wouldn’t sing openly I would secretively sing Everything that my heart would desire, I would do secretively But coming to radio was a decision where for the first time I listened to my heart’s calling And after that, the first thing that I realized about myself was that I want to listen to my heart! And then I listened to my heart kept on listening to my heart There were many times when I wanted to say things on the radio And we were told that, it is not allowed You can’t be talking about it But I had to speak, otherwise I would suffocate myself to death And so I read it out, bol ke lab aazad hai tere( now your words are free) Bol zabaan ab tak teri hai(your words still belong to you) Just by reading this I had said a lot So who could stop me? Nobody. People would say you can’t take the name of that Minister you can’t talk on ‘this’ specific issue But I talked on every issue In these times, you can’t talk about such things So I picked up Manto’s books Read up Manto Manto has said, that after killing 1 lakh Hindu’s, what did you think? That you were able to destroy the Hindu religion? But see, it is still alive! And after killing 1 lakh muslims, what did you think? That you have destroyed Islam. It is still alive. Manto said it, I read it, I also said the same. But my name didn’t come forward In the favour of poetry Actually through the art of writing We can speak about topics which we are prevented to speak on I entered into a relationship and he asked me..where are we heading in this relationship ? I said, “I don’t know”. I haven’t thought about it So.. I read out some lines by Sahir Ludhianvi If a relationship is not possible We should end it on a happy note I told him and I could end it on a happy note too. and… Life Moved On.. So I have realised that in every moment which is the poet who will help me out in my tough times and be the answer to my problems Poet Gopal Das Neeraj taught me what is love “Phoolon ke Rang Se, Dil Ke Kalam Se” “Tujhko Likhi Ek Baatein” Then we keep finding the answer to “What is Love?” I have found a lot of answers in my life through poetry All of those answers that my parents could not give me But now things have changed My parents ask me questions & I answer them back What I want to do and What I do not want to do This is what poetry has taught me A phase had come into my life where I had the degree to become a lecturer and I was freelancing in the Radio Industry My stint in the Radio was a part-time job and it was a hobby There was one moment Where I had to choose between Radio & being a Lecturer I went home that day in a very bad mood and told my father that I do not want to do anything I told him That I am confused and I do not know where to go Then my father told me, that you can do both the things, and it is your decision to do what you want. For the first time, my father told me that the decision is yours. This was a rare occasion and that night..I could not sleep and did not know what to do It took so many years to get this degree to become a lecturer so let’s take that path. But I cannot leave Radio If I leave Radio then all my dreams will be crushed. I cannot go away from music That night, I told myself My heart is begging me to listen to it My heart said just “Go, become a RJ” and my brain was dictating me. The voice in my brain said, “Nothing Doing” You are going to become a lecturer That night, I decided.. Now, my the voice in my heart will never have to beg in front of me I made my heart the king and joined Radio the next day I chose the voice in my heart over that in my brain and since then I have been following my heart. There is one question that keeps following us in life. In every situation, every moment and in every decision Whether we should listen to the voice in our hearts or that of our brain There should be some clarity over this question The voice in your heart might make you wander but will never let you lose track of your life The voice in your head can fill you with a lot of thoughts that will make you lose track of your life So whenever there is a situation where there is a question and a battle between your heart and mind Then, Follow Your Heart and whatever the heart wants Make sure you use your mind to get it


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