23 thoughts on “How To Finish Days 5, 6 & 7 Tasks At PartyBus Event In 1.12 ! Last Day On Earth Survival”

  • 9iCE/LLC Lucian Nita says:

    My Day 6 is brocken, i don't have the boss and not even the dealer, i complete rest of tha task (kill raiders, bring alchool, and give medkit), but i can't take the rewords

  • Truth Seeker ツ says:

    kinda mehh, but atleast everybody can easily do it, doesnt require a chopper, certain level or hard to obtain resources. so thats nice. even though as a low level you wont be using half the loot for a very long time lol just end up getting it raided from you by then lulz

  • marlon alisuag says:

    I am at day 6, after the raiders got killed , no dealer at the partybus. how do I finish it? Done with tasks.

  • Onepunch_Bonnie says:

    My game crashed and restarted when I zoned into day 6 . When I came back dealer joe and a couple npcs are gone. Now what?

  • Elyse McClure says:

    Day 6: Dealer is dead after attack? I left and came back and he’s not on the map anymore. I finished all tasks but can’t open the box. >:(

  • Himanshu bhanwala says:

    At starting when raider Stan attacked me I just zone out when I came back there were only to person I gave them med kits too and killed raiders with turrets help. But no I can't see task! PLEASE HELP!

  • Talky Talknot says:

    On Day 6, the camp was full of raideur except 2 "friends" … And no camp boss to finish the daily quest… And open this chest
    Moreover, one of my team friends had the Day 6 event Empty of all Raiders & camp Joe boys… Just freaking full empty
    So now WE only expect that WE could Get the new chopper skin tomorrow

  • sergio ndreka says:

    I have a question!Why day 5 was different in my game?The big one was escaping and there was a raider on the cell!!!!!!

  • Im stuck in day 6, i killed all the raiders and finished 2 tasks with micheal and a girl ask me for a first aid, but i dont see the dealer who is stand near the loot box. It seem like raiders kill him, all i see in my map is micheal got drunk and a girl i’ve given first aid. I have watched your video and finished the tasks like you but the loot box still ‘locked’ and i didnt see the dealer. It’s a bug or something, do you know hox to fix it, thank you

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