How To Financially Survive A Break-Up! – Relationship Advice

How To Financially Survive A Break-Up! – Relationship Advice

Ladies, welcome back to my channel. Today, I have a very hot topic for you because this is something
that I get drilled quite a lot since I am promoting a
certain lifestyle for women to achieve, since I am
talking about men providing for women and women having
the decision to be able to decide whether she wants to
work in life or she doesn’t. So, the naysayers always, always, always ask me the same question, “But what about if he leaves you?” “What are you going to do then?” This video is all about yes,
what if he will leave you? What will you do then? For those of you who are new,
my name is Anna, and I run an online finishing school called School of Affluence. That’s where I teach
women on high society how to become more elegant and refined. If you want to have this transformation, visit and start today. So, are we smart ladies,
or are we stupid ladies? That’s kind of the basics. We always have to think one
step ahead, and of course, we are clever ladies. We know that any time, unforeseen
things can happen in life. That’s just part of life,
whether you are living an affluent lifestyle or if you’re not. Anything can happen at
any point with anybody. Any man can leave you at any point. Any man can go broke at any point. Anything can happen, even
the worst possible scenario. So, to be able to survive in this world, you always need to have a plan B. Number one: you always need
to have an education in life. I would never tell a woman to
not study, to skip university, to not be bothered by
finishing even high school. Of course not, I think a woman
should definitely educate herself to the max, and not
only is it gonna benefit her, but she has always a
degree to fall back on if things don’t go
according to plan in life. Number two: work experience. Every woman out there
should have some form of work experience, why? If for instance, it doesn’t
go well with your partner, and you have to have
your own job to be able to fund for yourself,
then you have to be able to find a job, and to
be able to find a job, you need to have work experience for that. It’s very hard these
days to only get a job when you only have education,
so you need to have some form of experience, qualifications
to bring to the table, if you want to feel secure in the fact that you can always provide for yourself. Even though it’s a man’s responsibility to look after his woman financially, a woman must know how
to provide for herself. It doesn’t mean she has to
do it in her daily life, but she needs to know how to,
and she needs to have a plan B to be able to rely on if she has to suddenly rely on herself. So, that’s kind of the key aspects here. I do not encourage women not to study, not to bother to work, you
know, just let themselves go and wish for the best, not at all. Life is not that friendly, and it’s not going to treat us well if we apply that strategy,
so I really want you to think ahead and be clever. Number three: savings,
and not everybody’s good with their finances. I belong to one of those who love to spend a little bit extra, but you know, you have to really think about
having your savings in order. I have done the mistake
of not having savings, and then it ended with my
partner, and what did I do then? Well, panic hit the fan, and oh my God, I did not know how to survive tomorrow. And I really did learn from that mistake, and I never repeated
that mistake ever again, so that was a good
learning, but now I’m here to tell you all about it. Ladies, you must have savings. From the day that you are
a grownup, from the day that you have to look after yourself until a man look after you, regardless of how your lifestyle is built, you always need to have savings, even if you are not
earning a lot of money, even if you are currently
investing in your own leveling up, you must put at least 20%
away for savings, or 30%. It really depends how much you can afford, but even if it’s just 10%,
a little 10% of your pay will really make a big
difference rather than zero because if you have cash on your account, you’re never going to feel
like you are locked down in something and that you
cannot make certain decisions in life just because you don’t have the financial option, right? So, you have to really understand that your savings is your ticket out. Your savings is what’s going
to give you freedom in life. Your savings is what’s going
to give you options in life because when we don’t have
options, we become desperate, and desperation is what kills success. I don’t want you to be
a locked-down woman. I don’t want you to be desperate woman. I don’t want you to think that only a man can pay for your meal. I don’t think that that’s
a healthy way of living, absolutely not, even though I
still believe and support 100% that the man should be your provider, but you need to be a
self-sufficient woman, and you need to have savings. When you have savings, ladies, it is easy to let go of
a man who is an idiot. It is easy to move on. It is easy to look for other solutions. It’s easy to change plans. But if your bank account is empty and you have nowhere to go,
no form of ability to sustain yourself if you
leave the person you’re with, then you’re going to be quite miserable, and you might have to
sacrifice and do things that you are not entirely
happy with doing, so please, the basics: education,
work experience, savings. These should be sorted. If you don’t have that sorted, I don’t want you to do this lifestyle. This lifestyle is not for you because you might end up pretty unhappy. Now, what I do want to
touch upon is the importance of stashing cash. Okay, I spoke about savings, but I do want to expand
this topic a little bit more. Because what happens when we actually are dating affluent men, we get a lot of great gifts, oftentimes, unless the man is stingy, but, you know, you can get jewelry as
gifts, bags as gift, clothing, apartments, cars. It can be anything you want. Maybe you can get an education as gift. You can get, what else can you get? a business Businesses are great gifts. If you can have a man
invest in your education, in your business, that is a really good investment, ladies. Affluent men tend to really like investing in people they care for, and for them, if they end up investing
a lot in you financially, they don’t feel like they
just bought you, like, loads of material things that
are just collecting dust. They actually really see
a deeper purpose of this, and usually, it’s easier to
get this type of investment from a man. Some men give their partners
allowances, some don’t. Some only provide material
or other types of investment. If you are getting an
allowance, then you definitely should try and stash that
cash as much as possible. If we focus on the more material things, a woman should really try
and get as much jewelry as possible from a man because
obviously jewelry always have a high resale value, same goes for certain brands of watches. That’s why I recommend
getting a Patek Philippe because Patek Philippe tends to have one of the highest resale value. Then of course, we have
the classic Hermes Birkin or Kelly bags. Hermes bags really have
the highest resale value when it comes to luxury bags. Chanel does too to some
level, but nothing in line as with Hermes. So, let’s say your husband
is giving you a credit card, and you can use it as you please, don’t use that credit card to
spend on shopping all kinds of various, how can I say,
non-important designer bags. Because those bags, they’re
not going to have any, any particular resale value. If the day comes when you
really have to see how to get funds, Hermes bags,
definitely the best value. I mean, there is a cap of getting two bags per year from Hermes. If you have an affluent
man who is supporting you to that level, try and
get two bags per year so that you have a good
stash of bags waiting for you if need be. But jewelry, another thing, make sure to always get big
gifts from him when it’s time for Christmas or birthday
or anniversary rather than, I don’t know, a nice pair
of boots or a nice coat or something like that,
things that do not have a high resale value. Make sure you have these type
of pieces as much as possible that you collect while
you are with your partner so that if anything happens, you know how to put food on your table. Now, ladies, that was a
small sample from some of the financial
strategies that I do offer to my course students,
but I do want everybody to have access to this in particular because this is so
fundamental and important. Now, for my course students, of course, I do have more information
that we go much more in depth on this topic because it is
a really important topic, and we as women, we need
to always think ahead, and we always need to
think of a rainy day, and we need to act cleverly. In the end, if it all goes down the drain, the only people we can
rely on are ourselves, so make sure you are sorted. Okay, ladies, I hope you
have enjoyed this video. If you have any additional
comments on what you think about this, what is your exit plan like? What is your financial
strategy with a man? Leave a comment below,
and if you think this is absolutely crazy, but maybe my channel is not your cup of tea. Ladies, now I do recommend
that you watch my video, Men that You Should Avoid,
men that are perhaps not good for you because maybe
you do not want to end up with an exit plan after all,
if you end up dating a man who is like this. Watch that video now after this one. I will see you there.


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  • School Of Affluence says:

    Thank you for watching! Ladies, what’s your financial strategy for a situation like this? And there are red flags to watch out for even before a relationship begins, so save yourself from possible headache AND heartache and watch my video what types of men you should avoid:

  • A couple of bonus words of wisdom. from a guy, on preventing break-ups before they begin:Ladies; Read Chris Voss's Never Split The Difference and Leil Lowndes's How To Talk To Anyone, keep your body fit and trim even after marriage and babies, and know how to please a man in bed. There are no panaceas in life, nonetheless the aforementioned will reduce the odds of your man straying significantly

  • A ginger jar, like the one on your side table, should always have a lid on it. They come with lids and should be displayed with lids, not open like that. Just a hint.

  • Never give up everytbing to ANYONE. Only exception r ur kids. Theyll always blurs and related by blood but even then when they're old enough and working studying what have u, let them work and in that situation u must nit sacrifice all ur savings for them make sure u have something for urself bcos u r older and retirement age and need something to fall back on they r young they can work and get somewhere u cam assist them but not literally sell all ur things and hand everything over, and b out on the street. Obviously when we pass away everything will go to them and we should have a Will in place for that.

  • Hi Anna! I just wanted to say thank you for all your videos. I was born in country Australia but I'm studying medicine in our capital now. I noticed the doctors I study with look and behave differently rather differently to me and the folks where I grew up, and so I've been using your videos to "level up" and fit in better in my new environment 🙂
    I'm also sorry for all the hate you seem to attract – I really can't see what the problem is. I meet male doctors quite frequently who are actively looking for women who would prefer to live the lifestyle you promote (e.g. "I work at least 70 hours a week. I can't date another doctor – it just wouldn't work. I need a woman who would be happy to prioritise our home life over her career, etc").
    Thank you again and best wishes xx

  • Emily Rose Dawson says:

    Do you think you could make a video on when is the best time to sleep with a man? I'd be interested to hear your opinion!

  • Ladies if you’re counting on anyone else to take care of you financially, you might as well let a bus roll right over you now. Who negotiates a Birkin bag… you better get your MBA or MPA work and buy properties, one for yourself and several to collect rent from…count on yourself for the luxury you desire.

  • AuntyK Coaching says:

    As a life coach I can't emphasize how important it is to maintain your own footing in rels. When the balance is shifted it can be tough.


    Women, take advantage of his contacts circle, start a business and make your own money. Problem solved. Being dependent is not a pretty look

  • Hello Anna. I'd like to request a video about fragrances. What fragrances are elegant, what is not? Where to wear fragrance and when to avoid it? And of course, what fragrances do you wear?

  • Abigail Johnson says:

    I read a quote recently "You don't have enough savings until you can afford to say 'Forget this, I quit'" to your boss if you need to. A "screw you!" fund, to put it crudely ? I think the same goes for a relationship!

  • Ana, if I may, with love, suggest a thing…concider English lessons. You make so many basic mistakes that it makes your messeges a bit off, especially when you want to be an affluent woman. Shoes, looks is great but language reflects on us as much. Or at least have someone who checks your talks and corrects you. So please, no more „What if he will” 🙂 I keep my fingers crossed! Thank you for your input!

    As to the topic I suggest good financial education. Find a school or mentor, or a financial support group. Stashing bags is one thing, but solid financial education goes way beyond simple savings approach.

  • This video is for everyone…all type for women …I have managed to buy a house,have my PF in check ,have enough jewllery and also have stake in my ancestral property…also ensure your credit scores are high…I am financialy very conscious..I have a great job but I dont splurge my money..I invest…

  • is there any chance that you could you do a video for single mothers? I feel embarrassed even asking because I'm embarrassed to be one… I feel like there is a stigma to it. It is very hard to meet men in this position because I don't go out partying anymore, or to big social events. I would love to find love again. I don't know how, or where to start?

  • Don’t put your eggs all in one basket, ever! I have several streams of online income and I’m actively self employed with a main job too

  • sandra castellanos says:

    I have a problem. I can dress the part but the car I drive looks like junk. I often feel silly looking elegant when the car I drive is a Honda Fit. I would get a better car but I went back to school and I can’t work as much at the moment.

  • Thank you Anna, this video really open my eyes. I have been so bad at saving money. I’m married to an affluent man, I don’t have any university degree. I guess I have walked in the clouds without thinking how dangerous this could be for me. I will start focus on plan B and C! If a rainy day comes I will be prepared and independent if I need!

  • Thank you Anna, this video really open my eyes. I have been so bad at saving money. I’m married to an affluent man, I don’t have any university degree. I guess I have walked in the clouds without thinking how dangerous this could be for me. I will start focus on plan B and C! If a rainy day comes I will be prepared and independent if I need!

  • EEEEEK!!!! I love your segments on elegance, etiquette, and lifestyle. I really do NOT love your segments on dependent financial relationships. It's such a throwback to 1950s womanhood. 🙁 In those times, women who were "tricky" in relationships were highly regarded, and women who sought egalitarian power in a male dominated world simply didn't exist. I was raised by an unusual father in the 50s and 60s, who viewed his daughter as intelligent and talented and raised her to be a leader. I always swam against the tide because of the time I was in and welcomed the feminist era. It therefore makes my heart cringe to hear you talk about stockpiling handbags so that you can flog them later, if your money tap runs dry. I'm putting this out there for your watchers…. there IS another way to live well and elegantly, without giving up your independence. Investing in your education, talent, entrepreneurial abilities, and your leadership potential is the path. Case in point…. Ana runs a very successful business that produces her own wealth. She may be partnered with a wealthy person, but she has her own path to follow.

  • I'm not with an Affluent man, and I still want to work a while but we both have a clear decision that I will not work after we are blessed with children. I plan on limiting material things and going with more classic pieces. I'm going to put back as much money as possible until I quite working into a savings at a different bank. I'm working on a personal training certificate. Once I get that I'm going to get my Real Estate license. Not sure, but I think I am because I could put bAck a lot of money for that. I want to have enough put back for a house, and enough to live on for a year.

  • My mother taught me that every woman should have an education: even if you never Have to work, you Can work, and that does give you the confidence that allows you to make good decisions about your life. Anna, your advice here is Excellent!

  • Ana, this video is by FAR one of your most informative and educational videos to date! All women, need to know this. Thank you!

  • Gracefully Wild says:

    Love that you mentioned savings for all the women out there. When I was very young my mom taught me at my first job to always put away 25% of my paycheck into savings.

  • Colby Dominique says:

    Can you do a video on what an elegant lady should always carry in her bag? Mints, hand lotions, pens, etc.? I’ve always wondered what I should have in my bag to be ready to always look my best and be prepared for the day. Thank you Ana! ♥️

  • This is probably the best video on this channel. Ladies, you need to take care of yourself no matter what! A rich man is only a plus in life.

  • From 7:17 onwards she gets down to details instead of generalities and it's sheer brilliance…as a man I salute you, Anna! However most of your subscribers will find it difficult to get a Birkin bag!

  • Roth IRAs, CDs, Bonds, Emergency Funds and so forth! Work while you’re young and level up while you’re with him. Every month my husband talks about a shed for the backyard because he knows I save like crazy and every month, I tell him to save for it. Let me see all of his financials and it shuts him completely down. I make sure he pays extra on the mortgage principal. I’m the Financial person so I don’t play games.

  • cuteblackberry1 says:

    From London, my sugar daddy invested in my education. I went to law school. I needed a place to live, and my favourite places are chelsea and brighton. My sugar daddy bought me both. Along the way, I met my husband. A successful lawyer. I am now divorced.but, I have a thriving career and lifestyle. I would advise any woman, to do the same. Do not be seeking the title of Ms Independent!
    I dont care if you have PhD. Have high standards. !The Key is to be groomed 150%, be feminine. And do not give up the cookie, too soon. Make him desire,you and have a mystery. Dont be available all the time. P.s. if you meet a man, and he says go Dutch, make a beeline for the exit, let him know you are going to the restroom.

  • I love you Anna! Why would I ever PAY to live with a man when I can use my own income to invest in property solely owned by myself.

  • Running a business that doesn't take up much of your time is excellent. Something that you can manage from anywhere is great, so you can travel with your man. It not only gives you revenue, but it keeps you INTERESTING!!!

  • My mother was dependent on my father for most of her life but she taught me something from a very early age; ALWAYS ALWAYS have credit in your own name! I spent the first 5 years of my marriage plunking down “my” credit card next to his as we paid half for appliances etc. I resisted having a joint account as well because what I earned went into my account and we split the finances. Now we have joint but I still have cards in my own name and accounts as well. Remember, not only make sure you can fend for yourself but your children as well…independent of what he can/should/will give. You may never need to stand alone ,but the comfort you having knowing you can, makes you a strong, confident, affluent lady!

  • Mary Anne Gatbonton says:

    When my partnership was breaking apart, I was already looking for a job. I do agree men's income is bonuses, but yeah, we always have to support ourselves when break-up happens. Learning few skills, photography, painting, work from home jobs.. Invest on gadgets that you can use in the future work, from the partner too is also a good thing. After such breakup, you know you can support yourself. Being busy will help you move on and find another better guy.

  • A lot of you are missing the point of Anna’s video. She is saying to have a foundation for yourself. A man providing for you should be a bonus/investment. Use the money they give you to invest in stocks, bonds, real estate, jewelry, business etc. If you go for an affluent man, they will be able to provide for you. Don’t ever give your money to a dusty/go 50/50 or just be single ??‍♀️

  • Augusta Osobase says:

    Annaaa…………… I want to scream your name from the roof tops in a hilarious, hysterical unladylike manner because this is another great video."Always be one step ahead, be smart, have an education, work experience and get some savings " I will never forget this!

  • Emokiriemi Abednego says:

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  • I heard of a woman who got a credit card from a man but no cash. She would buy things for her co-workers, and have them give her cash in return (often less cash than the thing was actually worth) and then she would put the money away

  • Hope those housewives were paying attention to the education and job experience part. Tomorrow is promised to no one, and the world owes you nothing.

  • I got duped foolishly when I saw that my ex would spend extravagantly on his personal purchases, but would spoil me occasionally. He was stingy and controlling. When we broke up and refused to meet financial obligations, I had to go into debt to survive. NEVER AGAIN ?

  • I think it's very important for us women to have our own money, our own jobs, our own bank accounts! It's nice to have a partner who is generous, but we can't get fully dependent on him.

  • Yes! Many clarifying points in this video. Currently diversifying my portfolio, building up my short term, emergency savings, cash reserves, and retirement.

  • Savannah Starcher says:

    So intelligent! Love this. I have the education and work experience, now working on personal finance. I am becoming affluent on my own. An affluent man would be a definite plus though!! ❤❤❤

  • It's important to keep a high-quality resume, just in case we suddenly find ourselves in the job market. Not currently working? Still build that resume by doing volunteer work.

  • I always wondered – do women pay taxes from allowances? I never was given allowance from a partner but I'm guessing some tax has to be paid from it (in the EU)? Would he be the one to pay it?

  • Be like a squirrel – never eat your nuts at once, hide them until the days you need them – then you will never starve. Very wise approach…

  • I am in favour of the woman making her own money herself and I see nothing wrong with a breadwinner wife and a house husband.

  • This is good advice but… you can avoid all of this if you just provide for yourself?? ESPECIALLY if you aren’t even married. Never rely on anyone other than yourself

  • Wow! This is the best advice any woman can get. My husband was very generous, worked hard so that his pension would be mine in full in case of his death. We paid off our mortgage in full early on. I worked also and we were able to have all the comforts and we did it together. He died unexpectedly but everything was in order, paid for and I didn’t lack for anything. I also made it my business from the beginning to know everything about our finances and to save. Today, I do a lot of volunteer work and do not have to worry about what to do for lack of funds. I happened to marry a great guy but I also kept my head on straight. Today, I’m at peace. Your advice is right on!

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