How to Disable / Turn OFF TalkBack on a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

How to Disable / Turn OFF TalkBack on a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus

this can get pretty annoying this is called the voice assistant or voiceover or talkback whatever you want to call it and I'm gonna be showing you how to get out of it how to disable talkback on your Samsung Galaxy S 9 plus hello everyone welcome to cellular pros in this channel we do tech reviews and tutorials so if you're new to the channel I welcome you to subscribe all right let's go right to the video now all right so maybe you got into this mode by mistake and you're having trouble getting out or you want to enable it you know you'll be able to disable or enable it with this method I'm going to show you once you're ready to turn this off all you have to do is with two fingers swipe down from the top okay you're gonna select the setting icon up here and then double tap it it's gonna open up the settings here gonna scroll around with two fingers scroll down to where you see accessibility here you're gonna select it and double tap it and there is a voice assistant so you're gonna select which assistance DoubleTap you're gonna select on the switch here and turn it on and then here it's gonna ask you to confirm by selecting ok and double tap ok there you go voice assistant off so it is not off it is working normal now once again so that's how you enable and disable voice assistant talkback on your samsung galaxy s 9 plus that's it for this video I hope you enjoyed the video and I hope it helped you out if it did please give it a like it really helps to channel a lot so I took for now I'll see you around in the next video and as always peace ciao


6 thoughts on “How to Disable / Turn OFF TalkBack on a Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus”

  • Karen Biafora says:

    You saved my brain – this is the second time that my poltergeist phone turned on this function, and while it's talking it is so difficult to find the right setting. You are the best.

  • They need to improve that, note 4 galaxy was better, I like using it for my texting when someone send me a texts and it would read it out loud,are would let me know a person is calling me

  • Hey man can you please do the video on how to turn on video call on galaxy note 8 cause I had video call on note 8 when I bought the phone just like face time on iphone but the video icon disappear and I tried everything even download the app that turns hidden features on but did not work

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