How to Create Great Headlines | Technology Marketing Tips | Sales & Marketing Speaker

How to Create Great Headlines | Technology Marketing Tips | Sales & Marketing Speaker

well hi this is Frank furnace and welcome to technology tips and today I'm gonna speak about headlines you know if you look at any magazine or newspaper the first thing you do is take a look at the headline and then you decide whether you going to read that article or not it's the same thing if you get an email you take a look at the subject line and you decide whether you're going to read it now or later in fact if we take a look at some examples of brilliant headlines over there oops 22 nutrition mistakes and how to avoid them thousands of guys reveal what really flips their switches 14 tricks to melt fat and tone muscle foster how to sell you a house for a sweet price the truth about oil so you can see over here what you really need is a great headline now unless you've got a big marketing department that can sit and do this for you or you want to outsource it it's going to cost you a small fortune unless you use a great little product rep that I found recently and this little product is called simple headlines calm and what this does is you actually fill in four different headlines here and it'll come up with 100 different headlines now maybe ninety five percent of those are not going to be great but in amongst those you're going to find one or two really good ones I use this all the time of sitting on all of my computers and one of my latest websites is all about how to lose weight so over yeah you would fill in my product helps the customer to annual so mine would be you lose weight and look good now you've got to think what you would put in there what is your product or service out the customer to do how quickly can you help them well it's going to take them three months now if you're putting in a software system it might be immediate if it's putting a customer care system it might be three months you decide out quickly you can help them to get this goal the next thing is what are the expected results if I buy your product to service what's in it for them now yeah thought about this Lou wait and look good what's in it for them is of course dating they're going to attract the opposite sex so let's put in attract the opposite sex and how many steps are tips are there so they might have to fill in forms they might have to do a couple of things mana left to go to gym they got to go on a weight loss program they've got to eat the right food so these five different steps yes I just put in five steps and then the magic create the headlines and up comes 100 different headlines how to lose weight and look good in less than three months who else wants to lose weight and look good five steps to losing weight and looking good and as you can see over here there are so many different headlines here's a quick way to lose weight then good five steps to attracting the opposite sex man I'm definitely going to read that over there dare to attract the opposite sex are you willing to follow these five steps to lose weight and look good now all of these people take a look at it and they'll say that looks great let me read this article let me watch this video and / yeah you can see it comes in two different ways questions hard to how to lose weight and look good news great new discovery reasons why free book tells you the five steps to lose weight that testimonials proven advice and then you've got all of your headlines so 100 different headlines and it's so easy all you then do is go in copy and paste it also gives you some emotional triggers why do people buy what you're selling lots and lots of emotional triggers over there it's got some hypnotic words now remember these are put together by some of the world's top internet marketers and then it's got some examples of great headlines advice to Wiser's husbands don't save money by a wife not by a wife by a wife so for me this is a great little program it's cut down a lot of time it's pretty inexpensive once you put it in you use it all the time I've gotten every one of my computers it doesn't limit me as to how many computers i can put on to this so take a look at simple headlines comment gang this is frank furnace with your technology tips


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