How To Create a Social Media Content Calendar In Excel [FREE Template]

How To Create a Social Media Content Calendar In Excel [FREE Template]

when you’re posting on social media
whenever you have time it can be so dangerous to your brand I know there are
some companies out there that don’t have a set schedule but you need one and I
need one if you’re some kind of solopreneur or small business owner it’s
so helpful for you have a resource that tells you what you’re going to post and
when you’re going to post it I mean no one’s going to hold yourself accountable
but you so it’s so important for you to have some kind of guide that tells you
exactly what to do and when to do it if you need a tool that helps you organize
all of your social media content I have the resource for you at the end of this
video but now I’m going to show you that same resource in action ok so this is a
calendar that I dug up it’s from a whole client of mine she owned a toy shop and
so I’m gonna use this to kind of walk you through some of the components of
this calendar I use this this template when I first started started doing
social media for forum for clients about three years ago and in starting out
without having to pay for for an actual like scheduling tool or or anything like
that this was so helpful for me and so now I’m just going to walk you guys
through how I used it and hopefully this will be helpful for you to use in the
future and so before I started writing any kind of content I made sure that I
knew like what like what were the clients goals or like the theme of the
month or if there were any blogs that that they wanted me to UM feature as
well I also wanted to highlight any any important product launches or event that
the customer had as well so I’m so far in this example on April 11th was a doll
Fashion Show and there was also a promo happening for four weeks where you would
where there would be a secret word that was promoted somewhere online and the
customer would have to kind of find out where it was then and then send in an
image in some kind of like fashion to enter it
themselves into a contest the third thing that I wanted you guys to look at
is the imported invent section so this would be where you will highlight those
those holidays or anything else that um that matches well with your industry but
isn’t an actual company event it’s just a well-known holiday or event that you
guys don’t want to do do content for so down below all of that we have the
actual calendar which is separated between a by the date a topic platform
and content each day so each day that you’re using goes here all of the dates
go a go here and the topic now here is where you can choose which social media
site you want to have now it was part of the strategy to post two times a day on
Facebook and three times on Twitter at that time but if you have an Instagram
or Pinterest you could use the same thing now the other section is also the
content section and so this can be used however way you want it to be used now
what I did was I if there was if this was a text post I would kind of write
out what the post would would be and then put the link share in the actual
post so for example this one right right I’m right here I did that and you could
also just kind of just write anything that will help you remember what you
want to say during that day so for example I just use hashtags and so these
were where the hashtags the Iowa point was going to use that day and so I in so
the secret word for that day was frozen and these were the hashtags that we were
using because it was part of our strategy and so you can use this sheet
however way you want now I’m keeping mine now you can even customize this so
if you are more photo base or video base you could also create another another
category by just adding another um column so this
could be the content section and this could and then you can also have another
section labeled photos or or videos and then you would just share those links
there that way you have everything in one spreadsheet ready to go and ready to
be scheduled out on any platform so that was a resource and I hope it was helpful
if you would like that template for yourself you can find that link down
below but if you’re still having trouble finding what to say online I have a
three three-part video series that can help you out
it’s called shaping your brand story and if you’re interested the links down
below thank you guys so much for watching this video if you have any
questions leave them in the comments down below and please don’t forget to
like this video and share it with a friend okay so that was the resource
that I dug up from five years ago I hope it was helpful no oh no


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