How to Create a Social Media Campaign – Halloween Edition

How to Create a Social Media Campaign – Halloween Edition

– Welcome to The Journey. This is the first ever Halloween episode comin’ at you. We’re bringing you three
Halloween episodes this month. And today, we’re talking
about how to create a social media campaign. (playful spooky music) – And, what’s really exciting
is you can use this for upcoming holidays and we’ve
got a lot around the corner. And I’m super excited
and it’s really important when talking about how to create a social media campaign because at any given moment, when it comes to adults, yes adults, 26% of people are online all the time. Like, always. Are you online right now? – I’m on the line. – (laughs) Hot diggity dog. All right, so another fun fact, there are 3.7 billion
users on the internet, using the internet. So what are you doing on
the internet as a business? What are you doing with
your social media pages to really leverage the holidays? ‘Cause this is when people
are ready to celebrate – Right?
– And spend money. – Lots of money – And you want to make
sure you’re attracting them in the moment they’re ready to do that, so ’tis the season for some holiday fun. – All right, Emma, so
I’m thinking of doing a social media campaign for my business all about hot dogs. But, what should I start with first? – So, I would definitely
have some goals in place just like when you’re
making the perfect dog, man. Have four goals as a business owner. – Ketchup, mustard,
relish, onions, got it. Goals.
– You’re missing one thing. – What’s that? – Good buns. – Good buns. (laughter) – So, you wanna have four goals and the four that a lot of businesses are clinging on to to make sure they are fulfilling that social media campaign: One, brand awareness. Number two, I would count with my
fingers, but it’s difficult. Number two, increase engagement. So that brings us to goal number three, which is about increasing clicks. So, essentially you wanna get people to of course, engage with your post like some that we were talking about. Two dollar Tuesday with the pizzas, but then, where do you
want them to go to next? For a lot of businesses out there, they usually want the consumer to go and check out their website or go
check out their review pages, because after all,
sure, you have this cool two dollar Tuesday, but I wanna know like, what do your customers
think about your pizza? Are they into it, or not? Well, I’m gonna wanna
check out your reviews as a potential new customer. So, direct them to your website, or your Yelp, or your Google. Plus, Google’s great, I need
directions to get there. Right?
– Yeah, just click that button. – (clicking noise) – And with those call to actions, don’t always just send
them to your homepage. Send them to the page that makes the most sense for whatever it is. You have those two dollar pizzas, right? Don’t send them to the homepage, send them to a page that
talks all about those two dollar slices of pizza. That way, they get exactly
what they’re looking for. – All right, so that
leads us to number four, which is about conversion rates. So back to the two dollar
pizza, two dollar Tuesday, you’re gonna drive them to that page and then you can see, hey how effective was this
in my social media campaign? – Yeah, whether it’s a
coupon that you kinda track, or it’s emails that you’re signing up, you can just measure that ’cause you want, basically
that page to do justice for your business. The better those ads do
and those campaigns do, the more that you remember cool, this worked with
this type of customer, I wanna do it again going forward. Hey Nealey? What’s that? – (chuckles) Why did the
hipster burn his mouth when he was eating pizza? – Oh my goodness, why? – Because he ate it before it was cool. (laughter) – So, you know what I really
wish more that anything? – What’s that? – Is just have that
perfect social media post for my hot dog page. (poof) – What’s up, dog? – What? (laughter) – What up, genie? – How ‘ya doin’, weenie? – Cool, so now that you’re
here to grant my wishes, what can I do to make my posts perfect? – I’m so glad you asked. So, visuals. A lot of these platforms Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, they rely on the graphics. We wanna catch people’s attention. – Like your outfit? – Yes. Getting people to showcase them, you know, enjoying your product. Eating a slice of pizza, eating a hot dog, maybe a little mustard stain. – Don’t forget the stuffed crust. – That’s perfect to showcase
on your social media. And in talking about the platforms, social media, yes all social media, can be considered the same, but each platform is a little different. – Like pizza. – And hot dogs. – Like hot dogs. – Each platform is gonna have some dimension requirements for your post, so you want to make
sure you have that post fit the certain platform. A twitter post may not
look the same on Instagram. – That makes sense, ’cause
Instagram’s square, right? And Twitter’s a little bit longer? – Exactly. – I’ve noticed my videos
and pictures get cut off. That makes perfect sense. – I noticed that about your videos, too. – Hey, thanks for telling me. – (laughs) – And remember your captions. You know, use your words. It’s good to be able to
use the text overlays and make sure that you showcase what’s special about your product. And make sure people know some, you know, good things in the description that makes your item stand out. – Yeah, so awesome stuff there. You also wanna consider searching, right? You talked about hashtags, to be able to search those hashtags to find other relevant content. But same thing goes with search engines. All those key words and
descriptions and captions that you add to your post, especially things like Twitter,
Facebook and Pinterest, are indexable by Google
and Bing, if you use Bing, or Yahoo search, whatever you use. But those social media posts can now start popping
up on search engines. So people looking for that content, that awesome specials on pizza, maybe this dope costume for genies, whatever it looks like, talk about that in your post. Dance about pizza, and you might actually be
found on search engines. – Make your wish come true. So Nealey, should I stuff in those keywords like I stuff this crust? – (laughing) No. You shouldn’t do that. So, not only is it bad for search engines, Google will know that you’re just basically becoming spam at that point, but it also looks bad for your visitors. Have you ever gone to an Instagram post, or a twitter post, or a Facebook post, and there’s just like a
million bajillion hashtags, it just doesn’t look good? And people are just gonna think you’re just out there to be spammy– – Desperate. So I know what you’re probably thinking. That seems like a lot of content and you might even be asking yourself so, do I need to create
new content all the time? Do you need to get a
little genie on your hands so you can magically get posts to appear? No, you can actually repurpose content. Repurpose it from your email newsletters. Repurpose it from your customers. I know before I bite
into a slice of pizza, wherever I am, I’m taking a picture, and I’m mentioning the business. – That user-generated content. – That user-generated content. Exactly. And then, so you as the business, pay attention to those mentions or people tweeting about you. Because then, you can simply retweet or repurpose on Instagram, and you have some content. You also saved yourself some time. Because, after all, time is
of the essence here, right? You are a small business owner, you do not have a lot of
extra time on your hands. – You’re not a genie that
lives ten thousand years. – But clearly, we have a
ton of time on our hands. – And you wanna make sure that what you’re doing
is gonna be beneficial. So you wanna track your posts. It’s gonna be easy for you to get into that kind of mindset that you know, set it and just forget it. But that’s not what’s gonna
give you the best result for your social media. Every platform is gonna
have it’s own analytics that you can look at your post and see which ones are going to gravitate or cause your fans to, you know, engage with it more. Figure out what works best for you and do that on each platform. – Yeah, sometimes it’s as easy as just looking at, maybe like your last eight posts and see which ones got the most likes, which
ones got the most comments and see why. Was it a super dope post
about this pizza special? Or was it some behind the scenes stuff that you showed your employees working? – I love behind the scenes. – Right, like whatever that looks like, see what your best posts are and then just duplicate,
duplicate, duplicate and just keep creating
those types of posts because that’s what your
followers want to see. – And Twitter does it, like the top tweet. I look at that, even for myself sometimes. Just kind of curious like, what’s vibin’ with my audience? You should be doing the
same thing as a business. – Woo, sorry I’m late guys. Traffic was smurfin’ ridiculous out there. – You know, it’s the wurst. – Well speaking of running, running ads that’s another great way to
get your content out there. If you have really amazing content, just like, you know,
our costumes right now, you wanna make sure you get it in front of as many people as possible. So, if you have a
flexible marketing budget, consider running ads on
that promoted content. And you don’t have to run an
ad on every single platform, you can just pick the platform where your audience is
really gonna see it the most. – Yeah, and whatever
that looks like, right? And you could also boost your posts that had done really well. So if you’ve got a post
that has a ton of likes, ton of comments, boost that post ’cause people liked it. – Yeah, that’s great on Facebook. I know I definitely do that
for Coffee and Kickflips where you look at like, hey, organically, which post did well, and then from there, how can I get the most out of this post? The most out of my money? Then I’m going to put
a little boost into it. – And it sounds like
we’re talking patience. It doesn’t have to happen right away. So you just wanna sit back, relax, wait and see what others do, then you take the action. – Absolutely. – And another great point is make sure you’re posting
holiday content that converts. Timely posts like that, perfect. You don’t have to even worry about it. You know certain holidays
happen every year, so create posts around that. – Good point, Sam ’cause this is smurfin’
amazing content right here. – All right, do you all
have any last minute wishes? – Look, we’ve got the pizza,
we’ve got the hot dogs, I could really go for a
really big dessert right now. – Yeah! – All right, party. – I can handle that. (loud stomping noises) (growling) – I don’t think we need that much dessert. – That’s a bit much. Ri! – [Ri] I got it! – He’s ruining Seattle. (laser sound) (screaming) – All right, that’s a wrap. Be sure to comment. – Like. – Subscribe. – And ring that bell. This is The Journey. We’ll see you next time. – Do you smell s’mores?


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