How to Conquer Social Media w/ Lizzy Greene & Casey SimpsonπŸ“±| NRDD | Nick

How to Conquer Social Media w/ Lizzy Greene & Casey SimpsonπŸ“±| NRDD | Nick

Do you #Love social media? Are you up to date on
what’s hashtag trending? Do you wanna become a #influencer? Well Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn
have got you covered with these helpful social media
tips and tricks. Do get creative with hashtags
so that they catch on. – #RickyLife.
– Ricky life. #RickyLife. Don’t create a holiday
dedicated completely to yourself. #DressLikeRickyDay? Yeah, like anybody would ever do that. [laughing] – I’ve had this nightmare.
– Do. If you have to brag, brag in person. It’s so cool you made it
to the top of the rock wall in record time yesterday. How come you didn’t boast about it
on FaceShack? I like to brag in person. So who has four thumbs
and rocks the rock wall? This girl! She has four thumbs! [laughing] Or do us all a favor
and don’t brag at all. Keep a brush in the freezer.
It makes your hair smell like ice cream. I thought of that.
Here. – Go ahead, smell.
– Pass. Your loss.
Mint chocolate chip. Do encourage your friends
with tons of thumbs up. I don’t think it had the impact
we thought it would. Well, I thought your thumbs were great. [laughing] Don’t go thumb crazy
and give yourself 12 thumbs. This guy! [laughing] – That guy.
– That guy. Do use your devices
in a responsible manner. Don’t overdo it with the phones. Dawn, did you get my text
about Glee Club rehearsal? Yeah and check this out. When I got it I was also texting May
on a tablet with my other hand, so I said to my mom, I’m like, “Hey look, I’m ambitextrous!” [laughing] Do make new friends. Ricky Harper, what’s up? Just you, cash money. Don’t friend request everybody
in real life. – You know them?
– More like they know me. [laughing] They know you too? We’re wiggling fingers, aren’t we? – Yo, Harps!
– Sup, Zane? Will you come meet my girlfriend? Sure thing, Zaniac. Do do it up for the story. – Boco Yolo!
– Boco Yolo! – Boco Yolo!
– Boco Yolo! – Boco Yolo!
– Boco Yolo! Don’t steal other people’s stories. Stop it! Stop lying,
stop stealing and stop posting. – Yeah, that’s not gonna happen.
– Why not? ‘Cause I like it. Do go viral. I can’t believe you tricked
the entire school into thinking that you’re cool. It’s the power of the internet. I’m a social influencer. Don’t let your new found fame
go to your head. Yeah well we’re going
to tell everyone the truth. Let me Rick-splain something to you. Once you build a strong,
personal brand online, people trust it. They’ll believe anything I say. [laughing] [laughing] Do take tons of selfies! Don’t create a fake profile. Creating an account just to chase knocks
is dangerous. Before you know it, all you care about
hearing is the next knock, and the next one,
and the next one! Where’s my next knock? Where?! – Give her the pie back.
– Okay! [laughing] Do explore making
your own catch phrases. You ain’t got the bread. [laughing] You ain’t got the bread. Don’t go overboard. Sorry but, you snooze you lose. No posting, no boasting. No tagging, no bragging. No shares, who cares? Do be honest if you’ve made a mistake. I stole their stories
and pretended they were mine. [gasping] – It’s true.
– All him. So #RickyLife was actually #TheirLives. I learned something today. And it’s a lesson for us all. It’s better to be less popular
for who you really are, than more popular for who you’re not! [falling] Don’t go to crazy lengths
to impress your fans. [screaming] Oh, I’m gonna get a lot of knocks
for this one! [laughing] And just remember… I was posting stuff about my own life. Math grades, knitting,
correcting people’s grammar and such. So, I stole some of your lives. Ricky you can’t just steal
other people’s lives. If you didn’t post about it, did it really happen? – Yes!
– Yes! Think these tips were helpful? Let us know in the comments below what types of dos and don’ts
you’d like to see next. Hank, you might wanna leave. I know you don’t like confrontation. [barking] Okay.
But don’t say I didn’t warn you.


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