How to calculate the OVAL BOTTOM/from newspaper tubes

How to calculate the OVAL BOTTOM/from newspaper tubes

let’s start our weaving !!! look
take our lap of our bottom so here I am circled
this is the bottom that should be in As a result, we find in his middle
here is this point of our middle now we take and do it like this while it’s done
approximately we will be laid on 2 racks here it turns out I have 1 2 3 4 4
pairs of 8 racks they lay down my rectangular
there will be less of these strips at
you just strip closer it can be more depending on your bottom
depending on what you want to form now
This principle is approximately applied but she is
usually everything turns out like you mapped out and it turns you. now from here these lines that we
did i get here somewhere 1.5 cm by 1.5 centimeters
only three and a half here I and a half here now we measure this distance from our ending edge 1 to this one
lines here I have about five well somewhere half means here too 5 with
half means from this side must
be also from here this edge which we
charted here we measure our five with by half
here they will be it we will have 1 rack estimated 1 rack so here with this
the parties we measured out the same so we did it well, it is necessary
you will still be corrected because what may not match here here
quantity then racks I have this size over
leads me here it turns out somewhere between racks somewhere 1.7
it turns out every stand I will have be on 1.7 between racks
centimeter if you want more clear
the distance there is two centimeters then you
will have to do like this 2 2 2 and 2 will be needed or here
mark or here it means you measure
this is the distance then 4
measure it here 4 and as you see here
you just have to add ours horizontal racks still here
add 1 2 or vice versa if you are here here I will not subside I hope it is
it is clear that this is the distance from 1
small stands to our product in the edges should be the same as here with
and also here that’s basically the whole
complexity now we lay our racks and
let’s start our we also spread our weaving
racks �see above
and take action build up i don’t has become
build up then now take a double tubule and weave
string of 2 and weave around so disconnect gradually
one by one in the process of weaving and I reach before
our finish is our size. I dragged my bottom see here matched
my edges are almost perfect with this side and from this side. Subscribe to our channel, set huskies, click on the bell. Sharing on social networks. All creative success! Until new meetings, in new commercials!


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