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How to Build Your Social Media Following – Cardone Zone

hungry Oh each one of us can build wealth replace scarcity with abundance replace average with greatness replace uncertainty with conviction success is there for the taking small business owners entrepreneurs startups and the ambitious Grant Cardone tells you what you have to do to prosper in this new economy he'll inform you in everything business finance and career related get ready find the knowledge for your success it's all here right now in the cardones zone hey grant cardone here well welcome cardones own with all this echo going on I got my ears I got my ears having a problem of welcome Tuesday afternoon 1 p.m. we are in Miami Beach Florida today man it's beautiful outside I got a little sense of humidity moving in on us but yesterday I was in New York I was in New Jersey in New York and it was cold I got to tell you I'll take heat over coal any day of the week that's what my wife says just keep me warm papa keep me warm my name is grant cardone if you don't know it you're in the car down zone this is where we talk about your career your money your finances your bidness what you got to do to keep your business right and speaking of business before I get involved in the show I want to tell you each week we give a winner that tweets the overall concept of the show at the end of the show we vote for it right here in my my office's last week's winner for the best tweet overall concept conceptual best tweet best basically overall summary of what I said in this show along with one of my crazy quotes $500 winner every week at every show Michael Camargo eight tweets follow him at Crusaders I'm sorry CR USD ers Camargo CA ma RG o do you want 500 bucks to be used at my store congratulations he had 8 tweets he had the best summary of the show last week what we were talking about appreciate you guys follow me everybody on Twitter you can follow me at Grant Cardone this is the cardones own always use the hashtag if you want to be part of this $500 winning and we'll do it every week give $500 away at my store for the best tweet of the show today we're going to be talking about something that you have to know about you have to know about this to get known and I'm gonna give you 500 dollars to be used in my store a company called what's app I didn't know that was a company dude until four days ago I didn't know anything about out what app I'm running around saying do what the hell is a whatsapp I've learned more names of more new companies in the last three years whether it was Facebook or tumblr or myspace er I've learned more new names we'll check it out whatsapp you probably heard it's all over the news I mean it's occupying everything Facebook bought a company called what at whatsapp they got some people say they only have five employees some people they got say they got 50 okay company was bought for 19 billion whopping 19 billion dollars supposedly the owner the company was on food stamps not too long ago okay I think he's internachi the guys from overseas Ukraine or somewhere over there I think they're tearing up that country and he's making 19 billion dollars look I got to be an idiot I don't know about you but I feel like an idiot a complete idiot because I don't know what whatsapp is I die you know I I don't even know what most these mediums are I mean three years ago four years ago I didn't have a youtube channel didn't have a Facebook Channel didn't have Twitter didn't know what it had to do with business didn't know Google+ or Vimeo or Twitter or 140 characters or do I write a bio log or do it how do I even use these things what are they check it out this whatsapp just so you know it offers unlimited text and voice mail not voicemail yet but they're saying they're going to do that unlimited text so people that go international and don't like when I'm in a Rueben I don't want to text back to the US because I keep getting banged by et I could be using whatsapp cost me 99 cents to use the program okay a guy named Kelm K oh um founder says whatsapp has 465 million monthly users and 330 million daily users well you're in the cardones own what do we talk about here I'm not talking about social media I'm talking about your business your finance your career what you have to know what you must know the fact that I'm an idiot when it comes to whatsapp the fact that you didn't know what it was the fact that this cat from the Ukraine gets 19 big Billy's Billy killer is what we are to call cone Claymore on anybody know how to pronounce a cast name ko um you know how you pronounce his name rich mf'er that's what he is okay at 99 cents a clip can you multiply 99 cents times three hundred and thirty million users everybody on Wall Street saying Mark Zuckerberg has lost his freaking mind you know what mark says yesterday he says I stole the company he thinks it's worth more than that okay literally close the deal goes out in an ounce I think I stole the company now why am I telling you about this you're 65 years old maybe you're my age 55 I turned 56 next month maybe you can send me something okay don't send me one of my new water bottles okay I got my I got my 10x water right here I got it handled don't send me any water I got it okay but check it out look if you don't know about these mediums and you want to grow your business you want to expand your business I want to talk to you today about why you have to know about social media today and how to get started how to blow your business up what you have to know you can find a great article right now at entrepreneur magazine entrepreneur magazine go to entrepreneur magazine calm and you can put in look for how to get started on social media one of the top 3 articles on social media today I'm sorry at entrepreneur magazine today is how to build a presence on social media and that's what I want to talk to you today I'm gonna give you seven simple steps and then we'll be talking about throughout the showing up we be taking callers at 3:05 8 6 5 5 to 600 305 8 6 5 5 to 6 so this is internet radio baby my name is Grant Cardone you in the car down zone you need to pay attention to what I'm saying what I'm putting down can you smell what I'm stepping in baby I'm gonna tell you how to blow your business up YouTube is the single greatest source of my business okay I'm gonna show you some things that we're doing a Facebook and Twitter that are just I'm talking rock I can't I'm a humble man okay like like I got to tell you I'm a humble man I'm so humble I got to tell you that the only fault that I got like Ollie said the only fault I got but what is it when you humble and you you don't brag a lot what does that call no no no come on grit not grateful man come on man now not humility it's uh it's uh it starts with a C I think huh no not shy man these guys don't even know come on man you guys got to help me out I say I say I say I say I'm modest you know this what Ali said I'm so modest okay that the only fault that I have is that I don't know how great I am Muhammad Ali see these mediums right here these are streets these are avenues these are billboards these are ways for you to get known but look they're all different and the biggest problem than anybody has is how to get started how do you get a following at all how do you get anybody to listen to you to pay attention to what you have to say I'm going to be talking about that when I return how you can make your business work my name's grant cardone you're in the car down zone stay with me there are seven billion people in the world who are you how are you different seven billion people on planet Earth there's a small portion of them that what greatness Celer be sold book an audio package you can't get away from this idea that you have to sell more voted the number one business sales book by axiom gold Awards now for the first time ever in audio read by Grant Cardone if you want to get your way in business and in life call 803 six eight five seven seven one seller be sold book an audio package call 800 three six eight five seven seven one today one thing closed in a transaction is something completely different if you don't close you lose stop losing start closing deals make the decision discover over 100 ways to ink the deal got to be able to ask for the clothes in several different ways your job isn't complete until your customer has taken delivery of your product or service my job is to help the client make a decision Coleen hundred three six eight five seven seven one for the closer Survival Guide book and audio package today your money is in closing to eat and recommit to your career recommit to your profession understand the rules of closing a deal the closer survival guide book and audio pack call 836 eight five seven seven one call 836 eight five seven seven one and start closing today hey if you don't if you don't know anybody if nobody knows you if they're not talking about you if they're not coming to see you you can't close anybody so what the first thing we got to do is fill up your pipeline you're with Grant Cardone you're in the car down zone the number here is 305 eight six five five two six zero three or five 865 526 so here are the steps that I use just three short years ago to get six million views on YouTube 30,000 subscribers 265 thousand people follow me on Twitter two hundred sixty three thousand people follow me on Facebook five thousand Facebook friends okay I got nine followers on tumblr nine I got nine followers I started today man I just started medium cuz Glenn posh text me and said dude you need to be on medium I didn't even know about medium until 45 minutes ago I posted my first article there it's titled how to start multiple flows of income okay so here are my seven steps to building a social media platform number one start okay the most important thing for you to do right now start okay you don't need to know anything you just need to know you're dumb you're stupid okay you're an ignoramus okay you're a redneck you don't know you don't have time you run a business you don't run a business you work for somebody else you work for yourself the first thing to know about social medium okay is you don't know nothing and that's how simple this is you don't need to know nothing it's like a casino do you need to know anything to lose money in a casino you walk in you're like man this place is complicated oh my god it ain't that complicated walk up cash in get you some chips and they'll show you how to lose your money social media the deal is it don't cost you any money you show up tumblr Twitter LinkedIn Google+ whatever it is you just go there and hit start putting your first name your last name and figure out what are you going to call yourself while you're there how do you start billions of people are using these mediums the second thing you need to post often and you need to keep posting until people or itchbay in you okay you need to post you need to follow me first okay you need to see how much I post how often I post and how much people love it if people are criticizing you is because you're not doing enough I'm telling you you need to beat it to death and the people that quit following you they weren't gonna do anything with you anyway don't worry about it beat it to death number three be the celebrity expert in your space poly can we show them what a celebrity expert on Facebook or looks like be the celebrity expert you have to be the guy that's Martha Stewart and me and next to that is an ad for my 10x so I happened to be at a show this weekend not a show I was at the Ritz residence opening here in Miami myth myth Martha without her ankle bracelet was there at the Ritz so I told my wife I said you clip a picture of me and being big girl she a Billy killer baby me I said I don't care what you gotta do I don't care she feels bad about I don't care for embarrassed I don't care if it's uncomfortable you get a picture with me and Martha okay cuz this bitch knows how to make some cake dog okay I'm talking she can bake it she can make it she can cut it she is the cake maker Billy killer see when I'm talking to you about tweeting about the show today that's the kind of stuff that's going to win right there what I just laid out for you be a celebrity expert in your space man get pictures of everybody and anybody that makes you that that that brings up your altitude okay that gives you some celebrity we'll be talking more about each one of these number four planet Earth planet Earth is your target okay it's not a zip code you don't need to be in a 706 oh one where I was brought up it's planet Earth is your zip code number five create varying content you can switch to some other content poly that'll show them the kind of stuff we do maybe the kitty cat the kitty cat the kitty cats good people love cats okay oh my gosh my wife just got here okay create varying content the 80/20 rule number six the 80/20 rule man 80% of the time needs to be informational 20% promotional I would actually switch that to like a ninety five five and look lastly I'm gonna take a call do not delegate this is yours to learn I don't care how important you think you are you need to make this yours Miguel Miguel what's your question my friend Oh wonderful I appreciate your you allow me the chance to win the $500 to your store brother I am jacked up out of my mind right now and I ragged essa and more of a testimony for you today that close the deal app I've got that app a little over a year ago just really dived into it a lot yeah it is it is helping me recruit could I work with Primerica you know just getting people's mind and then the 10 extra man that if any of your followers have not got that book pick it up did you demand it Miguel where you calling from bruh I'm called from Jacksonville Florida we spoke last Thursday oh good man hey I appreciate you calling in he's talking about close to say lap he's a financial planner I don't think you caught you guys don't call yourself financial but cars don't finance planners now so he's a business man your business man right are you a businessman but absolutely one thing I would say about our just social media that I'm taking they're all the notes from you is toast like crazy I was on Twitter that much but uh once I did I said you know what let me just get up get started get started and within a couple days got 300 followers and I'm to consider moving that up it's awesome Paul which we Crusaders Camargo okay oh yeah you won the 500 right dude congratulations thanks for calling in preciate you calling in man he's telling you right now to get close to sell app he's using that that's a five dollar app by the way if you have an iphone you can download if you have an Android you can download just go to the iTunes Store or the Android Play Store I guess Drew's on the phone drew what's up oh what's up drew oh great Amanda this is Drew van from Columbus Ohio big fan exam thanks man thanks for calling in buddy hey I'm sorry for bugging you the reason for my call is this man is that I was looking at into this multimedia marketing you work in mock care sales we sell a really low price you know 35 to 70 dollar applications all right every two months five monthly payments yeah but-but-but drew here's the deal here's the deal let me just cut you off okay here's the deal with social media bro you're not worried about the product right now I need you just to start okay start the number two you got a post anything about lawn care bro anything about anything and everything you know pictures of blades pictures of grass pictures of you know of maybe fertilizer or water and grass those are all things that can go on Instagram or Facebook the mediums that show photos then there needs to be things that you're blogging about anything and everything to do with cutting grass taking care of yards landscaping do you got to come like post and keep posting post you know like a maniac and then become a celebrity become the celebrity in Ohio or Ohio right yeah man yeah Columbus you you not in Columbus dude I'm talking about the whole Midwest right you need to become the man that knows everything you need become like mr. green remember you probably not old enough to remember mr. green from the the I forget that show back when I was growing up y'all don't even know it hey stay with me folks is Grant Cardone you in the car down zone ever you want you got to commit all the way in and think in terms of domination not a spectator you don't want to be a spectator folks spectators pay players get paid you got a really smashing on you got a you got a wow you got a freaky mount you Louie and dominate a space your ability to do so impacts you in ways that will determine the very outcome of the future of your life there's not a second a third a fourth or fifth it's just first or nothing but improvements and products comes from competition but if you're the one playing game you want to dominate Holly hundred three 685 771 if you're not first you're last will show you effective strategies to outwork and outsell the competition so you can push advance and dominate the market please call 800 three six eight five seven seven one nine visit Grant Cardone com forward slash first or last call 800 three six eight five seven seven one grant cardone saved my business about six months ago I found grant cardone on YouTube and I instantly liked what he was saying I wanted to know how to go out and get the sale I wanted to know when I wanted money how to turn the faucet on and get money I call that money on tap and Grant Cardone taught me how to get that stuff whatever it takes do what you got to do go get it what you want in your business and in your life I need a new guru somebody who's really up-to-date and modern and that's when I found Grant Cardone and that's when I found 10x look massive massive massive massive action what are you waiting for you're either going to have more or you're going to have less make the decision get committed read the books get to the seminars take action you're trying to build a massive brand I think there's nobody better in the country than Grant Cardone your time is now get your 10x book and audio today visit Grant Cardone com forward slash 10x or call eight hundred three six eight five seven seven one oh whoa whoa whoa that was a short break right there this grant cardone you in the car down zone 305 eight six five five two six oh three oh five eight six five five two six oh we're taking your calls here on Twitter I'm at Grant Cardone if you want to be part of the $500 $500 if you want to be part of that just tweet cardones own hashtag car down zone and what you got out of the show today wait till the show's over to start doing your posting this is what I'm talking about why you have to know what whatsapp is why you have to know what medium is why you need to know tumblr why you need to know Instagram Facebook YouTube you need to know them because they don't cost you anything folks you need attention for your business your brand your company okay you got to get it if you don't work in business you probably not listening to the show but if you're not in business and you got your kids ball club that you're trying to raise money for you're going to have to do that with these social mediums because they're a way to get to people what I want you to do is get started don't think it's complicated okay it's simple billions of people are doing this what 465 million users on whatsapp and I didn't know what it was four days ago so you get started okay so if you open show my tumblr account I just started my tumblr account today I have nine followers it's humiliating the first thing I do is I put a picture of my wife in there because she's so pretty she'll get me a couple extra followers all those lonely guys out there will go there okay so I created this page my staff didn't do this I did in your life will grant you got you know I said somebody I wrote this article in Entrepreneur Magazine and and it says seven steps to building a social media following and this person comments you can go there entrepreneur magazine calm and you can see this person comments and says well yeah but you're good at writing and you're good at this and you got this personality and I'm like so what and not everybody has time to do all this I got this didn't only gig I'm running right here okay I got other businesses I'm running my wife would tell you who just walked in maybe I'll bring her here she's got reasons for not using it but but you got to find the time because if people don't know who you are okay so just start number two post often and keep posting I'm telling you you're not posting enough I don't care what you think enough is just add some okay I would tell you to multiply times ten what's the perfect number I don't know what the perfect number is I think the perfect number is I don't know three or four hundred videos a year a video a day I think that's a perfect number twenty twenty thousand tweets a year I think that's a perfect number I mean I'm talking about big big numbers okay I'm talking about six eight ten posts today that's what I'm talking about did this Twitter this Twitter box you probably can't see it's 264 thousand followers right there we bought a few of them we did buy some of them and found out that was no good it's just no good to my people okay cuz they're robots and junk thirty nine thousand nine hundred tweets in under three years that's ten thousand tweets a year so post often and keep posting and I'll use social media experts out there they got forty three hundred people following you on Twitter and they're gonna tell you I post too much I'll take my you take your forty three hundred quality followers on Twitter and I'll put my two hundred sixty four thousand non quality followers okay as I have 25 interactions on Twitter right now from our world change mag well Camargo anonymous anonymous is tweeting me de la della Casa rot Rachel Rachel age five marketing lee bird david zibolski ingrid coat cool on i can't say it right i never want to okay Elena Cardone just tweeted me well can you come in here I want to talk to you I want to confront why you having problems number three be a celebrity in your space number four make planet Earth your target number five you need varying content lots of varying content I lost my picture back here guys number four number six 80/20 rule I know I don't promote that much on social media I do promote and when I do I promote shamelessly I lost my picture and number seven do not delegate this now I'm going to talk to this lady right here on Twitter she's at Grant Cardone let me so many followers you have Elena Lord how many do you have no clue and II was in the studio Thursday she said she's never coming back because she didn't like the way I treat her my wife has thirty eight hundred and fifty six followers I that she's had her Twitter account jut almost as long as I have live broadcast aired there we go okay almost as long as I have she's posted sixteen hundred and sixty-six times oh yeah good job buddy good job okay I posted in that same period of time what I say guys y'all remember some insane number like that I'm one six six six yeah but baby I mean that's not the point why are you having so much trouble here I wasn't aware I was having trouble forty thousand I just hit forty thousand tweets by the way Wow while we're having the show Wow so look I'm okay even 10x water maybe that'll help me you've gotten started right you got started if you would like to hear Elena tweet more about what it's life like to live with me what it's like to put up with my beer oh my god how I if y'all would like to hear see her tweet more post more get involved more follow more hey man hit her up at Elena in trouble Elena Cardone what part of this you having trouble with tell me well I have trouble putting posts out I mean you know I keep the kids away from you so you can do all the posting but it's hard to try to text and watch children are you with the children right now no and I tweeted just tweet right now I want I want you to show the audience cuz you're not you're you would not be a technology savvy person right yes that show show people how take a picture of me and then tweet that out alright we got while I take a phone call Ingrid from Edmonton Canada what's your question hello hello how you doing I'm doing great how are you good I'm doing great excellent stop giving Elena such a hard time thank you why I'm fine you think she's doing fine I do I don't like that you bought followers but I'm happy that you admitted that was a bad move yeah well you know at you you look if you're not if you're not going to make some mistakes then then what are you gonna do absolutely we test measure test and measure you sound like you know what you're talking about I have an intelligent person on the phone with us right now folks okay there so Ingrid what is your question uh well my question is why is it that Elena Cardone is not at 264 thousand followers what what would you like to see her be at make you happy no I didn't say I was unhappy okay I'm not gonna have a problem I said she's got a problem problem the problem is she's not posting enough she's not getting involved enough people want her people actually say do another video do more of your modern housewife do more your rants they're asking my public people that love and love and follow me want more from her that's what I want from her okay so I want her to she's already started I wanted to do number two now post often and keep posting I wonder number three to become a celebrity in her space because we the two of us have some goals and those goals involve me and her being on the same page pushing pushing the car the stuck the mechanism the stuck out of the mud right baby yeah so tell the model couple to tell Ingrid that I'm pushing you for good reasons yeah so right now you say but you know what Elena might want to do then okay take more pictures when she's on set and focus on on the actress side of things that complements that her half of the power couple yeah I like that meets right posting pictures of things that people can't see when they're at home I can mom Ingrid you're great do you have a question for us today uh no I wanted to know if you had a question for me as a social media expert I didn't know you were a social media expert that's okay with since your social media expert Ingrid what why don't you give us your your what what where would you like people to follow you well you can follow me at ship in the city shift in the city eight is and the city okay or mischief underscore DeeDee I'm falling Grant Cardone okay find me there okay good good and you can follow my tips on social media under shift it shift tips I love it hey thank you for calling in appreciate Ingrid how some weather never too difficult freezing it's freezing you know how cold it is okay my name is Grant Cardone this is Elena Cardone follow my tweet everybody I just sent it what she what she does is she uses the excuse that she doesn't have time because of the kids folks it's an excuse okay it's an excuse you can find time okay what I've asked you to do is how many tweet today like a hundred no no really what's not real number and eight you don't even listen to him anymore okay she's not even listen this is what this is my advice to you folks you can go to entrepreneur magazine and see the full article okay seven tips how to how to grow your social media following I was at a company yesterday in New York and the guy said hey can you help my company with social media I was at it again a Gary Vaynerchuk a conference and he said you guys need to get more involved he's a car dealer you guys need to get more involved social media I'm like look did it don't matter Gary's gotten a million followers on Twitter okay you got a sales person hadn't even logged on yet this is what you have to do you got to start first number two once you start you got to post often you can't post once or twice and think it's going to do anything now I know there's a lot of social media experts like Ingrid probably would disagree with that because I could tell she was very conservative and she restrains herself but with social media you want to unleash your creativity on this medium it's like throwing bricks into the Grand Canyon okay you have to throw millions of them in there to fill it up number three be a celebrity expert in your space any way that you can become the man the woman the expert do it number four planet Earth is your target if only Miami or LA was our target Ingrid would not know about me okay number five crave varying content Clarissa from New Jersey or Jersey City what's your question for now Clarissa what's your question thank you for calling I cook hi grant I love you i watch you every week you're both shows I love them dude I love my staff washing it it's amazing and honestly our business has grown tremendously and I want to thank you for that great thank you so much Clarice I love you I love that you say that okay curl Gloria I own a pet store in Jersey City New Jersey yeah yeah Papi's we're the only pet store around here that sells live animal mmm Pet land dude what do the other people the other not competing with us were dominating they don't sell live animals nope they don't stop not the ones that we have we have high quality animals here and we're just dominating people come over here they don't even want to go over there anymore do we kind of do it what can I do everything what kind of dog do you have right now that I'd want to buy oh my god we have a Yorkie Bichon beautiful dog beautiful how much very tiny is $700 it comes with all his shots it's been seen by a vet they implant the dog yet they put a little chip in the dog so in case I get how they have the trip everything that's good it's kind of $700 you can't beat that get it maybe that anyway I'll get a free mini iPad you can get anything you want okay you need to post you need to post a picture of that dog with you kissing the dog okay it but you guys gotta both be in the bathtub okay and then how many I'm gonna get you and your company some followers all right awesome thank you I appreciate you calling it clears – thank you so much so Leo folks here Clarissa wouldn't know about me she's in a dog business I've never done any work for Petco or the dog business okay I've never done any business for the local pet shop I didn't know her dog Jesus Christ see that's the kind of video she should do right cuz she's crazy she's a wacko job and the women relate to the wax okay so look here's what you want to do start post oft and keep posting three Billick become a celebrity in your space Planet Earth okay why would a shop in Edmonton or New Jersey wanna post in India or China because somebody in Taiwan might talk to somebody they know their cousin in New Jersey that wants a dog and goes down the street gets a Yorkshire gift seven hundred bucks up okay you're not just posting to zip codes anymore make Planet Earth your target Oh number five varying content okay if you follow me on Facebook if you got Facebook if you have a Facebook page you can put in Cardone success how is it possible that I live in Miami and I'm still this white I don't know dude I don't know actually I connected show him your legs show them how white your legs are let me see one white leg okay no these aren't jeans these understand look out whiter those are not jeans those are white legs these are actually darker than my actual legs she's looking at her cell phone camera so um if you go to Facebook Cardone success can you show him the number of shares we had on that one image we had a 70% share rate now how would I find that out you're not going to do it by doing one thing you're going to do it by doing lots of different posts yeah you can find it you're going to do about finding you using lots of different posts and finding out what works on Instagram may not work on tumblr okay I've already admitted to you look I don't have any followers on tumblr 9 I just started this new thing called medium oh I think I have 10 tumblr event you probably do baby okay they're all tumbling okay I just started what's that thing I started they medium I posted my first article how to create multiple flows of income I don't know who's on medium except a buddy of mine Glen pash okay who's a brilliant social media guy suggested to me grant you need to get on medium so what did I do I didn't turn it over to somebody in my office I didn't call my wife and say have somebody start a medium account no I went and logged in the medium using Twitter simple once I'm on Twitter and then I posted an article grid how do you have time for this because I make time baby you can't have a million-dollar dream with a million of minimum-wage work ethic that was a light fourteen hundred times for fifteen hundred and seventy times still getting likes eleven hundred and thirty three people shared that I don't know if they're the same people that liked it or they're new people or whatever but what are they doing they're moving my content they're moving my ideas there's no ad here there's no promotion I'm not telling you the water bottles $29 by the way it is okay and it just reminds me it says right here there's nothing average about me so every time you drink water now I'm in your dog I'm in your face I'm in your head I'm in your mind I'm saturating I mean Merson you're thinking baby I'm getting you thinking right I got lured on the phone Lord what's your question and thank you for calling first of all Lord I'm practicing manners because my wife's your thank you for calling oh yeah you are so welcome and thank you for everything that you have done I am so excited I just wanted to give you just a quick shout out to let everybody know I watched I watched all like 160 some of your rents I spent like ten hours listening to your soundcloud I pick up the phone I said you know I need to make this phone call I called all that those speaking engagements I seen online I'll call them when I close the deals I got I got about his product dude how big was the deal $1200 for 30 minute speaking engagement come on man what did you send me into that 1200 I helped you get it you just said I help you get everybody heard that Lord said I helped to get that but he didn't send me any of that money well good for you bro you got a question man on the question is man I just say I mean what should we do every day every single day without notice I'm starting a 10x whatever about to borrow your pocket this week I'm just excited in fact on my mind but what should we do on a daily basis I mean you got the Facebook the Twitter the Instagram the Pinterest I mean this is good like you said you go crazy oh well what should we do yeah yeah great question Lloyd and thanks thanks for calling so the first thing you do is get started second thing he needs he needs to post Lloyd needs to post this is everybody's problem okay you got to figure out how do I post all day and then move on not get stuck there like if you saw me will operate these mechanisms okay my wife posted that one thing I think she posted that photo Lisa conception on Twitter saying hey I love you I love you guys okay and I'm a writer back ok see how long this takes thanks for the follow ok I actually misspelled thanks it's tha ex is how I spelled it I don't clean it up dude I move I hit it I'm answering loads question what should I do ok I have my computer here it's got everything in it in my book my my bookmarks in my search or set up so I flip back and forth I can go to Facebook right now and post something on Facebook and you'll notice a picture of a cat comes up ha holding my bookseller be sold now the reason I did that was because I read something this weekend that said look man cats and dogs are brilliant on social media that's magic they're brilliant on social media okay so I'm like okay let's try klaris I'm gonna love I posted this on Facebook says I like cats that's all I said hold on my book alright folks my name is Grant Cardone you're in the cardones oh my numbers three oh five eight six five five two six oh you wouldn't say what you like with you get my name is Grant Cardone on Twitter I'm Grant Cardone this is Elena Cardone she happen to drop in today on the show and I'm trying to convince her to do more on these social mediums look it's like a street corner you're working a street corner what are you doing a street corner you yell and scream until you get attention what do you do when you open a store you yell and scream until you get attention what do you do when you build an app do you sit on it no man you don't sit on it what did this guy in the Ukraine do just sold it for 19 billion dollars why did he sell it for 19 billion he solved somebody's problem he got it into people's hands four hundred million people a month are using this cat's app okay he only charges 99 cents a year so what does Facebook do we need more eyeballs okay we need more eyeballs we need more people we need human beings we need everybody knowing about our product my name is Grant Cardone every week we come to you talk to you about your business your finances your career I don't care if you're 55 years old or 75 years old or you're freaking 15 years old if your legal enough to get an account if you're old enough to get an account get that account and don't be used by these mediums use them the difference between me and so many people in social media is I know how to use them and every day I'm trying to learn a little better how to use them not be used by them you guys playing sugar cross on Facebook all day ain't going to make any money nobody's going to know about you okay all right a couple of things and then we'll wrap the show up you got any more callers on 305 8 6 5 5 to 6 so give me a call this week Saturday be in Tampa doing the NSA conference NSA baby and say I'm going deep deep down under okay let's see what else strategy of the week Cardone success comm if you go to card on Grant Cardone success comm Grant Cardone says success calm we're going to sign you up for my weekly newsletter you can check out two great articles right now entrepreneur magazine social media so you can get some of the tips from this particular show today and also if you've ever experienced fear in your life you might want to check out fear handling fear at huffington post on youtube subscribe to my channel if you like the show today folks my name is grant cardone we have 1200 video sitting on YouTube everything from how to get a job to how to sell a product how to follow up how to get your girl how to get a raise do you want a how-to advice I'm on YouTube I'm I'm all about about dude I'm dropping it on YouTube hard and heavy Thursday Thursday at 1 o'clock young hustlers with me and your boyfriend Jared gali she loves Jared my daughter Scarlett 2 years old at Starbucks this morning on the way to Starbucks said what I want Jared I want Jared this is a six o'clock in the morning six o'clock folks is Grant Cardone Elena Cardone you're on the cardones zone look have a great week this week whatever you're going to do become a celebrity in your space whatever you're gonna do do it so freaking hard that people like dough you freaking monster you like a Superman you got a cape at your house who are you man are you on something Grant Cardone in the car down zone be great cuz nothing else pays ex Millennials generation meat generation internet you know who you are you've been crushed hit hard by this economy so if you're dealing with college debt I mean maybe you're even trying to move out of your parents house or start a new business look the only way you're gonna be able to do that is to be able to produce and to get people to pay you what you're worth I'm fighting for your generation I'm not counting you out I believe in you we're here to give young hustlers the advice and tools they need to succeed in the 21st century the every Thursday 1 p.m. young hustlers be there I don't realize how great a roommate where my champions at where my champions didn't the lights just to recreate the ambience about the murder stage call an ambulance moment of silence my condolences I'm going crazy I don't think that I can hold it in I pray to God to forgive me for my life of sins I'm jumping


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