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  • Why didn't you just call this a Boxee box advertisement. You can use any media server, including almost every game console, to access your computer files via Wi-Fi from your home networks. How much did you get paid to run this bullshit

  • If you have multiple music media players, how do choose the file so that it plays in the correct music media player?

  • Routers Setup Configuration says:

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  • so many device to connect…..better buy some device that can connect hard disc server as cloud throught the tv….no need many RJ45 cable or wifi extender….

  • RichMantaray says:

    wouldn't use power plugs for media,,, there to slow ,,,, future proof it for 4k by using cat6/7 lan cable

  • Mustapha Tom says:

    I dislike D-Link products as they take forever to boot !!
    TP-Link routers, power line adapters & media hub devices boot in a second 🙂

  • Michael Burke says:

    The shame with this set up is that the NAS will probably be Gigabit ethernet, but you're using those Powerline things and wireless. It'd be cheaper to drill a hole in the wall, thread a Cat6 cable in to the room and connect it. Would be far quicker too!

  • guys did anyone know how to connect the modem to the access point by the Ethernet Cable ? not by the wifi network please someone help me and till me what i need to buy ?? i have the modem but i don't know witch access point did i need to buy !

  • forget DLink, seriously i owned various NAS products of that brands and routers
    they are buggy, unstable and unsafe ! check official dlink firmware support forums and see yourself
    Dlink hasnt been able to build 1 firmware yet for their NASses that works completly, and is stable
    and especially for an entertainment network dont use Dlink, if 2 users are streaming a movie the nas overloads, it cant handle it
    while synology is able to stream with their cheapest model easy up to 5 users or more without overloading
    plus dlink has nothing to offer, big brands like qnap, synology offer plenty more for less money
    and you get decent firmware updates and stable firmware

  • Two quick questions: first, does this allow me to stream a mkv movie on my television from the NAS/PC or I need to check first if my TV supports mkv files?

    Second question: what if I want to play pc games I usually play on it with wirless/bluetooth controllers on a television? TV and PC are in the same room but two different corners, I'd like to play sport games with friends on the TV but I don't know if the best way to connect them is via air or cable.

  • ALL routers have advanced QOS and traffic shaping capabilities built in, but one designed with gaming in mind would slow down a film being streamed and give the game traffic priority. You can't have it so every protocol or type of data is given priority or they would all be at the same level and QOS would be of no benefit. DLINK Customer Service in the UK is extremely poor by the way, that is why you lost my custom! The UK DLINK offices closed down due to money trouble a few years back.

  • The download speed of a Torrent file depends on the amount of people uploading it together and the speed at which they upload. The router has NO control over that, it depends who is switched on, uploading and what your ISP provides in the way of bandwidth/speed to the customer. A new router will not suddenly cause loads more people to switch on and upload the file to you! That Box is a waste of time, bad design and not very reliable in my experience, it's well over-priced too.

  • That is not what he asked. The router doesn't "buffer", the computer does if it is a slow model. He is perfectly fine streaming a film over 2.4GHz (g) from a stored file. You don't need to transfer the entire file before watching it, the transfer goes slightly ahead and stays ahead IF the computer is good enough. If it's a slow PC it will be like pressing pause as it tells the router to stop sending while it catches up on other software running. ac is not at a final standard and not in the UK

  • YES, it would be fine if the signal was strong enough. Unfortunately other people have answered questions you did not ask and avoided the one you did ask! I used that method until about 3months ago and played the film from a laptop to the TV via HDMI cable. I later got a different router as I wanted 5GHz because it is a quieter band, nothing to do with any problems!


    How can you suggest the Boxee Box when the company is now close to being defunct and the Boxee Box has lost all software support?

  • Federico Benavidez says:

    Yes, by setting Priorities to your devices (a.k.a Quality of Service). This is done in your router and basically assigns a portion of your bandwidth to one or many specific hosts in your network. This doesn't mean that if you have a 10 megabits connection you split it in 2 segments of 5 /each. Your connection will be fully available to any host until the very moment that the QoS'ed host request a resource. in that moment, the % previously set in the config will be STILL available to that host.

  • Alexander Medina says:

    hey if i got a usb internet device and i want to use the usb internet device from veraizon and put it in my router my router it's goin to give me wifi conection (((( that can work ???)))

  • you didn't mention that the Boxee Box only supports 2.4 Ghz and not 5 ghz.. So unless you've got a network bridge the dualband router is kinda unnecessary

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