How to break the speed of light

How to break the speed of light

You may have heard that Einstein’s theory
of special relativity imposes a cosmic speed limit: nothing can travel faster than the
speed of light. Well, that’s wrong. All that Einstein said was that light moves at the
same speed in every reference frame – and while this implies that nothing with real
mass can move faster than light, it doesn’t impose a cosmic speed limit. Because you can break the speed of light in
your backyard. All you have to do is point a laser beam at the moon and flick your wrist.
The spot of light from the laser beam will travel across the moon’s face in about half
a millisecond, which means it’s traveling at twenty times the speed of light! How is this possible? Well, think about a
computer screen – what’s the speed limit for pixels on the screen? Zero. Pixels can’t
move. But if you cleverly arrange a whole bunch
of pixels to turn on and off in a special way, you can make an image that appears to
move across the screen, even though every pixel stays put. So you’ve broken the speed
of pixels! The laser pointer on the moon is basically
the same – each photon travels to the moon at the speed of light, but the image of a
dot that they form on the surface moves twenty times faster! No physical laws are broken
because nothing physical is actually traveling faster than light – it’s just an image. And as you may have guessed, the red dot of
a laser is pretty big by the time it gets to the moon – depending on your laser, it
might be five hundred or a thousand kilometers across! So don’t worry about blinding any


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  • What of you would take a very long (unbendable) stick and do the same as with the laserpointer? You could sit on top of it and travel through the universe faster than the speed of light.

  • Why the hell do you start confusion with computer pixels instead of just saying that light do isn't physically moving from one side to moon to other, and that the only thing moving is still light from laser at speed c?

  • I broke the speed of light. I was so tired that I turned off the room light and by the time it got dark I was already in bed and asleep.
    Everyone, please watch my little nature videos. There is no talking in them. Shhh!

  • Hamthoi phuchung says:

    what if i travelled at a significant portion of the speed of light, something like 99.99999999999999999 percent of the speed of light and i shot a bullet, would that bullet be moving faster than light?

  • Wrong. the photons from the laser pointer would still travel at the speed of light and the light from the laser pointer wouldn't reach the other side of the moon as soon as you pointed it there. It would show on the other side of the moon once the photons have reached there and they can't go faster than the speed of light

  • I dont think thats right if you move the photon source it will take the time required by the photon to reach the moon to produce any difference in its image. Reply if there is anything wrong

  • Here's one by my teacher. Go on a train that travels near the speed of light. Get up and run down the train. Boom you just went faster than light if you did it correctly 🙂

  • Why do you need to break the speed of light it's not like everyone on earth is gonna go on an interstellar space mission in the next 1 year. Who want to run round the earth at 7 times a second you only need it once and how are you going to get enough power to move at the speed of light these videos are irrelevant.

  • Sage Lionel D'souza says:

    Assume that there is no resistance of air or anything.. And acceleration time is zero… If i turn on a lazer and after it reached 1 meter ahead of me, i start moving with light speed, would i get a lightsaber like thing in my hand? With light only a little away from the starting point… (the direction cant be changed.. I will go in same direction as the laser)

  • You dont break the speed of light doing the moon leaser thing because the information is not going from point a on the moon to point b on the moon but from you to point b.

  • But… I thought that not even information could break the speed of light… wasn't there a thought experiment with a pair of scissors where if you close the scissors and each arm is moving at lightspeed, the point where the blades meet could not travel faster than light?
    I always figured that if we pointed a laser at the moon and swept it across, the time it would take the light to travel to the moon, bounce off it, and reach our eyes, would mean the dot would not see the dot travelling faster than light.
    Or, like, because of the swipe, the dot would kinda smear, and the time required for the dot to smear, move, and unsmear after the swipe, would make the entire thing take longer, and not exceed light speed.
    idek wut I'm talkin about, don't mind me.

  • so what if instead of a laser beam it was a really long (impossible light stick) and that if you flicked your wrist then end of the stick would move the 20 times faster than speed of light. By that logic would the speed of light be broken by then end of the sticK>

  • From our perspective, the laser "image" (WHICH IS STILL LIGHT BY THE WAY!) will move with a 1.3 second delay – from the time of our movement until it's acutal movement on the Moon, because of the time it takes the photons to reach the surface (supposing you could see the spot anyway).

  • We should have a national day snd hour where everyone who can see the moon on that hemisphere of the Earth buys a lazer light and shines it at the moon

  • This is a very wrong and misleading video… This whole idea is just a myth. Veritasium explains it:

  • In my opinion what you said about the laser is wrong. Because when you turn the laser on small packs with photons are constantly traveling with the speed of light to the moon. So when you flick your wrist it won’t go instantly to the other side of the moon. Instead the beam from the laser will curve and it would take some time for light to pass the information. I don’t know if you understand what I’m saying but the light beam won’t travel instant from the one side to the other thus breaking the speed of light

  • Simple: throw some stuff into a black hole.
    Once beyond the event horizon, the stuff is moving faster than the speed of light.

  • Nothing in the material world has infinite mass, hence no material thing can be accelerated to light speed. It would require infinite energy to do so. This proves that there is a definitive ontological boundary between matter and light (mind). They do not belong to the same category of existence. It’s therefore a category error to treat light as part of the material world. There is a fundamental problem with Einstein’s equation. Light moves at light speed, yet does not have infinite mass. In fact, it has no mass. This means that in order for anything material to travel at light speed, it would have to cease to be material and become mental, i.e. it would have to undergo an ontological phase transition. We see exactly the same phase transition in the formation of black hole singularities. Massive stars implode to nothing at all. They leave spacetime entirely. Any material thing approaching light speed would become so massive that it would collapse into a singularity, just like a huge star.

    Stark, Dr. Thomas. Euler’s Formula and Special Relativity: The Deep Origin of Space and Time (The Truth Series Book 1) (Kindle Locations 382-387). The Ontological Mathematics Foundation. Kindle Edition.

  • consider a large space ship (theorital name:hyper ninga) which have a speed of 1 lakh km/hr in empty space. consider another space ship present inside hyper ninja
    called hyper ninja 2 with same speed. in hyper ninja 2, there is another space ship called hyper ninja 3 and goes on for hyper ninja n
    suppose hyper ninja is travelling in empty space in 1 lakh km/hr, then hyper ninja launches hyper ninja 2. so the speed of hyper ninja 2 will be sum of
    speed of hyper ninja + speed of hyper ninja 2.
    after launching so many hyper ninja vehicles, can we ever exceed the speed of light?

  • extratone is the fastest music beat. just download some of them and changer their speed to 16x fast.. there you go 😉

  • When you try to do this at home (or outside) make sure you don't hit any jet fighter with laser. Those bastards will launch missiles into your position.

  • Do u wanna know how to make something x100 faster than the speed of light well heres how record yourself flicker a light once then fast forward it x100

  • Another way to break the speed of light
    Step 1: Slow light down
    Step 2: Make a particle faster than the slowed light (superluminal velocity)
    Results: A glow called Cherenkov Radiation caused by the "photonic boom."

  • Pedro L. Mammini says:

    There is an entire veritasium video about how this technique to "break" the speed is wrong and impossible

  • You expected a username but it was I, says:

    1. Take a video of the sun or a flashlight
    2. Fast forward the video.

    I can't believe people are wasting their time making stupid theories. It's easy if you use your brain

  • Given the beam spread, a 1 ms pulse of light from the laser would fill a volume of ~2×10^17 m^3. A 5 mw laser emits ~1×10^16 photons/sec. The probability of a human observer's eye "seeing" one of those photons Is ~1:4,000,000. Can't hardly call that a beam. When talking about single photons you'd best use quantum physics rather than classical physics to describe the phenomenon.

  • If there are objects with negative mass, they should be able to transport information with the limit of the speed of light, but with the lower limit. So they break the limit, Einstein meant. But this is fully replicable with the theory of relativity. Am I wrong?

  • Kngcobra GAMEING says:

    what if i some how invented a way to ride on the lazer

    news headlines: man has found out how to go faster than the speed of light riding on a lazer

  • Not really the same thing but related I think: if I have a source of light, my hand and a wall – I move my hand, its shadow moves in the wall. Is it correct to say that the shadow moves faster than my hand?
    if my hand moves 6 centimeters in 3 seconds then
    if at the same time the shadow has moved a distance of, let's suppose, 9 centimeters
    the velocity value of the shadow is higher then the one of the hand, is the shadow moving faster than my hand?

  • It is very easy to break the speed of light . And it is proved. Pavel cherenkov proved it.
    but it was not in vacuum but in other medium { cherenkov radiation }

  • I initially though this was wrong, but after a bit of thinking he is right the "image" moves faster than light and that is the key to understand this riddle…the image moves faster than light not its individual components

  • That’s not true, in fact, you won’t see the complete image of the laser movement, you will only see bits of it. It is just like holding a water pipe that is constantly shooting water. When you swing the pipe very fast, from one point to another, there will only be bits of water dropped between the starting point and the ending point of your swing. The same goes to your laser movement image. You won’t see the movement image with full 299 792 458 frames per second, you can only see a ‘lagged’ movement image, because laser photons wasn’t shot out fast enough to cover the whole swing line, and the reason why is because electrons travel slower than light, which cause the emission of light to be slow

  • So the actual lesson here is:

    "If somebody (for example, some clown on the Internet) significantly over-simplifies a complex issue (for example, like saying 'Nothing can move faster than the speed of light') then it's a pretty safe bet that something important has been left out."

    Or, to phrase this another way:
    "Unless you've actually seriously studied any topic more technically complicated than, say, 3rd grade math, you should probably assume that a major portion of what you think you know about thar topic is almost certainly, at the very least, partially wrong."

  • Naveen Raj Katare says:

    It's not technically breaking the speed of light just because the point on the surface of the Moon moved at 20c. The last photon emitted before twist and the first photon emitted after twist are falling at different places creating the points. Those points are made by entirely different set of photons and not the same photons before twist had travelled 20c to the new position.

  • Woodstock Man says:

    heres how it was explained to me. so say ur in a spaceship travelling the speed of light. and you shine a laser pointer against the wall. because ur already going the speed of light and thats the speed limit of the universe it shouldnt be able to work. so in order for it to do its thing, time relative to the laser pointer actually slows down in order for it to work

  • christian Saldaña says:

    LOL,in a ship traveling at the speed of light,run 5 meters per second in it,and there should be a 1 light year long platform under it. Your speed relative to the platform is faster than the speed of light! 😂

  • Abdullah Rubayet says:

    Can somebody tell me that is this video's theory real or not? Can a laser light really go 20 times faster than normal cosmic limiter light? Can somebody please tell me is this video for real😐? Please somebody.

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