How To Break The Sims 4

How To Break The Sims 4

Hey guys James here today and welcome to another sims four video today. It’s something a little bit different It’s a video on how you can break the sims 4 I mean this all started off as a fun idea initially to Just see how long I could get a sim to spend, you know Walking through a hedge maze, its more just a spiral as you can see but the thing I realized the further I got into this the more broken the game became so I was like You know what? Let’s change this up into just a like- Let’s see how much we can break the game So at this point here Placing the fences in, these are just hedge fences, the game decided to give up and it just glitched out Completely and I don’t know what’s happening. It’s like it doesn’t have the capacity to render that many hedges For some reason but I was like, you know what? I’m gonna keep going I’m gonna push through this maybe it will start working again, but no, no, no it actually just got much worse The further I went the worse it got, but I was like, you know what? I’ve already started this thing We’re gonna keep going cuz I want to see Well, how far can we like sort of push this thing? so and took it all the way to the middle and Then yeah the whole of Windenburg just starts glitching out as well at that point But it was like, okay, let’s take this to the next level literally, haha Just a great little pun there But no I wanted to go upstairs and I built the whole floor here And I was like, you know what I want to do? I want to do 1×1 rooms with 4 doors on all sides and then cover the whole level in that This is a 64 by 64 lot this very quickly turned out to be a terrible way to do it because I had move objects on, so every time I clone The room I’m cloning all the doors By the end of it you can see each of these rooms cost $10,000 and the game just crashed, because it couldn’t handle it. I was like ok Let’s try let’s do something a little bit different this time. No, the game crashed nevermind. It’s just not working So I thought ok well, what if I could start replacing some of these hedges with just a different fence and that actually worked so You know replacing some of those with different fences worked But I was like I want to revisit this whole one by one room idea. So I Decided to start placing all these rooms and I realized it actually be quicker to just drag out a whole grid First, and then put in the doors. So that’s what I started doing but you can see pretty quickly it started struggling This is still sped up footage. By the way this… I think this is real-time footage just here but it, yeah, no, so at a certain point as you can see, the game decided to have Trouble rendering this many rooms, and the more I put in the crazier it got. I don’t know what’s happening here But it looked interesting so I kept going I Wanted to see if we could actually get to the point where it would just… I don’t know I thought maybe it would fix itself. It didn’t at all but I was like, okay well
what if we just try opening this level up to the ground above like what if we just what if we removed some of these rooms turn it into like one room in the center because I got this nice central bit of The maze it was like let me just sort of combine this all that didn’t really help I think we’ve just got too many rooms, but I was like You know what? Let’s remove the roof and you can just see it now I don’t like, you know, let’s put a pool there and maybe we can send some of our Sims that way to check it out Alright, so I’m at the point where you know, I’m in the game. We’ve got this weird situation going on here This is what it looks like. Oh my god I can’t even- oh, the walls already up. Oh my God! This is what it looks like with the walls down Yeah, I don’t think it… I really wanted to do like a door maze You know? Have doors on all of these and see what pathway they would take to get to the other side That’s not gonna happen. So what we’re gonna do instead I figured we got a pool in the middle. We’ve got this huge spiral It’s gonna take ages to get there. So why don’t we just start? Actually, wait if I do sims.spawn Where does my sim spawn? Oh, there’s one over there. That’s actually really annoying. Yeah, that’s okay because here’s what we’re gonna do We’re gonna start getting them to go swim here, you know? And then, oh my god, I’m can’t even click on the pool Apparently the other guy could but this one cannot. Oh well, whatever, you can go here then. There you go! So he’s gonna start running. Ah, There’s the other guy there! He’s going, oh I think I’m typing whoops you can just see his little head. There’s a little mohawk running through the He’s that so he sounded at like eight forty. I think eight forty-five We’ll see how long it takes and now I guess Sims.spawn. We’ll just see how many guys we can get running in Okay, switching Sims even takes a while. We really got four Sims mind you it’s just such a big lot anyway, okay So this guy’s made one lap. Here he is. Oh, no this guy’s going so slow. Oh No, what are you doing? Mate? What are you doing? They’re gonna catch up. No, wait what happened? Can they overtake him? I don’t know. I can’t even slow down time. Oh, they can overtake him. I can’t slow down time. It’s broken This is literally how to break the sims. All right, let’s see, sims.spawn This guy- nice hat man. Let’s see how many Sims we can get going here, cuz I really wanted to do like some where’s the first guy? there he is How many rows in is he? He’s a few in Yeah, I wanted to build like this whole house here and have like a whole thing going on But, I mean along the way this just kind of became interesting. Oh my god, changing floors is not working Oh, there we go full house What a great TV show. Keep them coming. Let’s keep going. I’ll see how many I can get in here Okay, that’ll do it for now The problem with having this many Sims is that we haven’t really told them to do anything Actually, you know what I might need to do? [Turn] autonomy off, because I don’t want them to do their own thing Okay, everyone is off, now. Look at them all go! It’s great. They’re like a little marathon running around Wait, where’s the first guy? Cuz he’s the furthest- Oh god, he’s only there and he started at 8:30 Still going in. Oh, man, you know what we should do? let me jump in a build mode. You know, I should probably also hit save because I feel like this is probably gonna… It’s gonna break some things. Oh God, it takes so long to save this lot as well Alright, so we’ve saved and then let’s see if we get these- I wanna get these hedges glitching again Let’s bring that back. That was fun. Oh my god. Just changing these is laggy Okay, apparently has nothing to change on half of these. Okay, here’s what we’re gonna do instead I’m gonna have to click and drag over them Although wait, hang on a second. I guess it’s already glitching. Nevermind! I couldn’t do it- yeah so this is what it does. Uh oh The game’s not moving now. Maybe I’ll just give it a minute. Hang on. Here’s what we do save. Oh No, oh Okay, it’s been about 20 seconds still saving Oh… I just got a charge apparently I just got charged $2000 about 30 seconds in to saving, that should have happened in build mode by the way Oh Hey, there we go. It’s stopped saving. Oh that guy’s- what’s he doing? That was actually like a minute and a half saving. What? Are you? Oh, she only just started Oh, and he’s trying to do the overtake! He’s trying to go for the overtake! He can’t get past! He is being blocked by… Devante. oh man, this is this is like a… oh I was trying to pause so you get it Devante has now gotten out of the way. He did the overtake. He got there Emile- Emiliano? Oh is that what his name is? I’m trying to pause. It will pause eventually, but it’s taking its time Now this is this is a sport. This is Well, what is this gonna be called? Like the hedge race? Oh Man, this is like the fact that- the clock is not moving, by the way Hey, I think we can well and truly say we’ve broken the Sims at this point because it doesn’t know how to handle this I mean look at that thing. We don’t have enough hedges to get the world glitching like I had originally I think we need a few more hedges, oh wait the clock is moving now. Can I pause? Oh I can pause Alright, let’s see if we can get some more hedges back in because that’s gonna be oh my god Okay doesn’t seem to want to do these ones. We got we got the first one going But it can’t seem to get the other ones. Okay back to live mode, and play nope errrr We might see some- Oh my gosh There’s a first guy. Hey, mate. How you doing, you good? Yeah, err that’s pretty good So I think the game is to wait for it to realize that hey I’ve spent money. It’ll pop up and then It should be good. Let me just unpause it. So eventually we’ll start going I’m just gonna go here so doesn’t glitch as much. Cause if you don’t view all the hedges It doesn’t glitch. The further out you go the more [hedges] in the view the more It’s like nope. No, there we go, beautiful Hey, we spent the money there it goes now maybe if I Unpause. (Deep soothing voice) Here we see the sims in their natural habitat, running amongst hedges Whoa, okay they’re gone, where’d they go? Okay. I think we’re off! We had a had a slight intermission, but we’re going again. Okay, let’s just see how long this takes I can’t even go three times speed. I did it, but we’re gonna have to wait for it to realize that I’ve done it He’s making good progress. So we are how far in one, two, three, four, five, six lines in pretty good So I’m just ready to work out how far they’re actually running so because this is all- Ooh, there it goes I’m gonna… you know what, keep going fast. Because this is a 64 by 64 lot though We have to build one tile in it’s about 62 by 62 and we filled it Oh my god, sorry, and we filled up most of the lot that means it’s three thousand eight hundred and forty four squares however, we got to like subtract this central part, which I guess is one so minus 12 by 12, so so, 3844 minus 144 so 3,700 squares is what the distance is that they have to run. Look at them all go. Oh my God (Laughs) Look at this! At maximum speed, it looks so stupid. Oh, it’s going night time – Oh my god, he made it. He made it. He made it. He made it. He’s not getting in those things so long What time did he make it? Like 7:20 ish? We’ll say 7:20. Go for a swim do it. Oh she’s made it They’re reaching their destinations. They can’t figure out how to do anything there and it’s still so 7:30. So It’s not quite there. Oh My god there Okay, that’s certainly breaking the sims, do you see that? Look at them all standing in a line. Okay, it’s only 7:10 We all apparently made it here at 7:10, I guess and now everyone’s complaining Well guys it’s gonna be a long run to get out of here if you if you’re done you okay, buddy No, you don’t know what to do. He legitimately doesn’t know what to do. I’m not quite sure where he’s trying to go But he’s literally just walking in circles. So I at this point I think when you’re well and truly say we have broken the Sims on multiple levels It doesn’t know what to do. Go for a swim. Come on, buddy Uh don’t know why I try to go three times speed though. I knew I was know gonna work Yes, he’s swimming in the lines. Look at lines. It’s sweet There he goes! I mean the pool works. Oh god, he’s really cold. Oh God its cold. Okay Well, hey if you want to break the Sims, this is how you do it Yeah Yeah, I mean that that’s all I got to say really it’s certainly something


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