How to Break the Instagram Algorithm

How to Break the Instagram Algorithm

The brightside of business, branding and being your own BOSS hey boss it’s Sunny Lenarduzzi and
today this is a highly highly highly requested video so I’m doing it for you this is the top four ways to break the
Instagram algorithm so to get around the fact that yes the algorithm has changed
on Instagram and you’re seeing more of your friends and families post as
opposed to seeing Brandon business posts so if you’re finding that your
engagement has dropped this is definitely a video that you want to
watch and I can’t take all the credit for these tips i actually turn to one of
my friends she’s brilliant incredible Instagram marketer and she goes by the
handle @MindyTheLion but she has a ton of accounts where she just absolutely
crushes it and knows how to grow accounts extremely fast in a real way plus she’s just real and her photos are
incredible and you love her so follow her on Instagram the handle is right
here and the link is below to follow her so let’s get started with the top four
ways to break the Instagram algorithm tip number one this is pretty simple and
you probably heard me say this before so I’m going to breeze through it but it’s
just cross promotion so here on my video you’ll find my Instagram link below this
video I also share my Instagram photos on snapchat and i tell my audience there
to go like and comment those photos because the more likes and comments that
you can get in the first hour that your photos on Instagram the higher that
you’re going to rank in the algorithm and also more likely that you’re gonna
be able to make it on popular page that is a big feet but that is how you do it
you need a lot of engagement within the first hour so that’s one way to do it
you also as a business or brand want to make sure that you’re driving your
traffic in your community on Instagram to your conversion site or to your
website but off of the actual Instagram platform that’s how you get around the
algorithm you’re at least getting people on to your email list your ecommerce
site whatever it is that you’re trying to drive them to make sure that you’re
not just posting the photo without any call to action so you can say for the
full details on this photo or this information or to find this Product go
to our website link is in our bio and then people can go there and click there
and drive traffic to that conversion site tip number two is exclusive content so
you want to get more likes and comments on your photos post exclusive content on
Instagram and again you want to cross-promote on other channels and tell
people that a big announcement or contests is coming soon and you’re
announcing all the details on your Instagram page and a certain date and
time and then posted that date and time then you’re gonna have an audience
waiting for you there and you’ll get a ton of likes and comments within the
first couple of minutes as opposed to just randomly posting an arbitrary time
so post exclusive content like contest or announcements of some kind and also
another thing that you can do on Instagram that a lot of beauty bloggers
due to drive up their engagement and get more followers likes and also beat the
algorithm is q and A’s specifically on instagram because like i said the more
comments you get the higher your photos will rank really in the Instagram
algorithm so do a video on instagram and say hey guys i’m going to answer your
question live here on my page leave your comments below with your
questions and then you go through and answer all those comments you’re
doubling up all the comments that you get increasing your reach and increasing
your ranking in the algorithm tip number three think like a tween they rule the world
on social media so mad respect for the tweens and the teens out there we could
all learn a thing or two and this is one tip that you definitely want to take
note of so if you’ve ever noticed on a big huge
celebrity account that the Kardashians of the world if they post a photo on
Instagram the first comments for hundreds or thousands of comments
usually say lb what that means is like back and it’s basically a secret code in
amongst twins teens on Instagram so if you post i’ll be on a big celebrity
account in the comments you’re gonna get a flood of people that
will go and like your photos so people are liking back they’re going back to
your photos on your profile and liking them to get a flood of engagement so
this is an easy little hacker trick to get more comments more engagement on
your photos i don’t recommend things like this because it is quite spammy so
I don’t actually remember recommend saying i’ll be on photos but here’s how
you can adapt this to your own brand in business make sure that you turn on notifications
for the biggest influence ters in your space who are the big names
that are on Instagram in your space for me it’s people like marie forleo Gary
Boehner check lewis howes turn on notifications for people who have a big
following on Instagram in your space and the moment that they post a photo open
up the app go to that photo and be one of the first people to like it because
then people are going to see your name and your handle and that you were there
first and you also want to leave a meaningful comment because you’re going
to get more eyeballs on your comment because again you’re gonna be one of the
first ones to comment so don’t necessarily right well because that will
not work in an adult audience and you just sound like a weirdo but right
valuable comments on that picture and you’re gonna get more eyeballs on your
account finally tip number four if hashtags and tags now you know you’re
probably thinking I’ve heard this before but this might be a little bit different
so what you want to do is in your phone in your notes section store relevant
industry hashtags so in my knee shit things like social media marketing
social media tips and I just do research on other big accounts in my space and
see what hashtags are working for them store them my phone and I copy and paste
them into the second comment on my photos so i don’t put it in the original
caption because it can be a little overwhelming I put it in the second comment the other
thing you want to do is pay attention to trending hashtags when you post a photo
add that trending hashtag onto your photo yes this seems a little bit spammy but
you can delete it after a couple of minutes you just want to do it so its
first engagement in that first hour that your photo is on Instagram the other thing that I want you to do
and that’s going to help you break the algorithm and get more engagement right
off the bat is ask your followers to comment and tag a friend who the photo
or graphic or text based image that you’re using on Instagram might be
relevant to sault ste tag a friend if you can relate to this sort a girlfriend
this reminds you of something like that you just want to make sure that people
are taking their friends in the comments because again that’s exposing you to a
new audience it’s taking people who maybe I’ve never heard of you before so
it’ll increase your following but it also increases the amount of comments
within that first hour that your photo is on instagram as well now for some
bonus tips so bonus step number one is Instagram stories obviously this is a
new feature on Instagram but what it does is it allows you to get past the
algorithm a little bit because it keeps you top of mind because when you post an
Instagram story you’re going to come up at the very top of the feed before any
of the static posts or videos or photos so if you have an Instagram story that’s
live use that to tell the behind-the-scenes story of what your
photo that you posted on Instagram is all about that’s going to engage your audience
even further and drive more comments or likes onto your static content as well bonus tip number two is post good
content seems pretty simple but the way to figure out what your audience wants
to see and what’s driving the most engagement on your profile and is going
to get the most engagement in that first hour that your photos on Instagram is by
paying attention to what people actually want to see on your account so see
what’s getting the most engagement see what’s getting the most likes and
comments is it a text-based photos is it videos is that sunsets is it selfies is
at night time photography use more of whatever is working which brings me to $MONEY bonus tip
number three yes i know three bonus tips hi this is ridiculous I’m bonus tip number three is pay
attention to your analytics there are now analytics on instagrams particularly
for business accounts but i recommend everyone gets these especially if you
are brand-new business because you need to know it works and if you want to use
different platform for analytics i recommend using ikono square it will
tell you things like what kind of content is seeing the highest engagement
and when you should post your content because that’s when your audience is
most active so your analytics will guide you and getting more and more engagement
on your photos and your videos on Instagram so that is how you break the
algorithm on Instagram again some of these tips are mine but a lot of them
are from my friend the genius many the Lions make sure you follow her on
Instagram and you can follow me at sunny Leonard uz that’s the same across all
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