How to break glass with a fragment of a spark plug (Part 2)

How to break glass with a fragment of a spark plug (Part 2)

(smashing) Okay so why does this work? I don’t
really know. I’m not a physicist. Perhaps there’s a physicist out there somewhere that can enlighten us. That would be great. I can only speculate that it has something to do with the hardness of the material. There was also a comment below
somewhere that said there’s aluminum oxide in sparkplug porcelain. I’m not
sure about that either. Will this work with any porcelain? I don’t know. You know, there’s porcelain dolls, plates, cups, even a toilet. let’s find out if the porcelain from a toilet will do the same thing as a porcelain from sparkplug.
First I’ve got to break the toilet. (SMASH) (SMASH) That was awesome. I’ve been wanting to do that for a long time. Alright so make it a few pieces of the smallest porcelain here. Need to break one up a little bit. (smash, smash smash) There we go.That’s good.
So, there’s some of the porcelain from the toilet
and I just throw it up glass see what happens (tink) Nothing Happens NO Try a little bigger one alright so that worked. It was a little
bigger. Okay, I’ll try a few more pieces on the back window here (tink) NO (tink) NO Need my safety glasses on this one might do it it’s a nice big
chunk. Let’s try that. (tink) No. So it’s a lot harder to do it with
this type of porcelain that’s for sure. I might have just got lucky with that one.
I tried a few times with that… Okay, how about this size of one? it’s pretty
jagged. I’ll try it. (SMASH) So, it did work… It went right through it. but man I had to throw that
pretty hard and I wouldn’t say that it’s as effective as the spark plug porcelain and I’ll show you how much easier it is on the other side of the car. Will it work on the back window? I don’t know. I’m guessing that it will and here is spark
plug porcelain and I’ll give it a shot (SMASH) Yeah,…. it works all right, will it work on the front windshield? I don’t think it will It might spider it or just chip it. but it’s double pane with the piece of plastic in between for safety so it doesn’t shatter on the driver in a collision or something. So here’s some more spark plug porcelain.. Ill give it a shot
here we go (tink) (tink) Okay, it did spider it. It won’t shatter it. I
mean that’s a good splinter. it’s going to definitely spread.. but it’s not broken Alright, another question that was asked… does this work on industrial glass? Like
in an office building or something like that in case emergency and you need to bust out real quick.. well I have an industrial window out of an office building and
let’s find out All right, here it is. A solid piece of glass out of an office
building. I’ll give it a shot got. I’ve got the porcelain off the spark plug, glasses on for safety, (SMASH) (SMASH) Absolutely does. One shot one kill… and
that’s gonna make a giant mess soon as it all falls out of there. Okay so in the
last video a lot of people thought that this was a fake. That I was doing some
sort of video editing to make it look like the porcelain broke the glass. It is
in fact real I’ve proven it. I do not recommend it and please don’t use this maliciously. A lot of people say “why didn’t you just use the hammer?” Because, this isn’t a video on how to break glass with a hammer. Another video… I think it was by National Geographic.. the guy was hitting the window really
soft. Its not going to break. You can do that forever. okay? rubber mallets not gonna work.
Somebody said why don’t you just throw the whole spark plug? Well, because the
theory is that a fragment of the spark plug porcelain which is way more
impressive than throwing the whole sparkplug You know, if you want, I’ll throw
that okay? Here… Wait… that didn’t work but the porcelain does (SMASH) (SMASH) (SMASH) Okay, last one, smaller, a little stronger
I’m sure, well, that’s not actually the last window the front windshield is still in but
we know we can’t do that now so here we go. (SMASH) Well that was easy.
Now you can use the rubber mallet okay So I just wanted to keep this as simple
as possible really and that’s why in the last video I used the one where sentences.
a lot of you you made it clear that sounded dumb and I shouldn’t do that anymore. The fact of the matter is the porcelain from the spark plug breaks glass. It really does and it is really that simple. So you can either take my word for it or
find out for yourself. Just don’t do it to something that you or somebody else holds value to. This is a demolition derby car and I was gonna remove the glass anyway so I just took advantage of the situation so I could show you guys that this really works and now that, I’ve done that, I’ve got this giant mess clean up and I’m going go do that so.. rate comment subscribe the comments down below please and until next time hey guess what………… vacuum


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