How to Break Generational Bloodline Curses | John Turnipseed on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

How to Break Generational Bloodline Curses | John Turnipseed on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural!

Is there a supernatural
dimension? a world beyond the one we know? Is there
life after death? Do angels exist? Can our dreams contain messages
from Heaven? Can we tap into ancient secrets
of the supernatural? Are healing miracles real? Sid Roth has spent over 35 years
researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid for this edition of
It’s Supernatural! Sid: Hello. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s
naturally supernatural. My guest was a career criminal. His extended family consisted of
drug dealers, drug addicts, pimps, prostitutes,
fatherlessness. He had 34 members of his family
in prison as of now for murder. I mean, this pervaded the whole
family. He had an encounter with the
Messiah. He learned about bloodline
curses, began to break them on himself, on his family, his
extended family and he has a passion to help you break. Now by the way, these curses can
be things like sickness, like poverty and their bloodline. It’s passed through the blood
and you can stop it, and his passion is to help you. Are you ready? Now I have John Turnipseed here
with me and we were talking a bit about bloodline curses. What is your understanding of a
bloodline curse? John: My understanding of a
bloodline curse is if you can look back into your family and
certain things, devastating things, not just like a cold or
anything. I’m talking about things such as
like cancer and things of people being unemployed and
prostitution or sexual immorality and things of that
nature, or people going to prison, if you can trace that
back one generation it might be a mistake, an abnormality. But if it happens in two or
three, there’s definitely something going on there and
you’d better address it right then because it can carry on
into other generations. Sid: Now you don’t look old
enough for that, but you tell me that you traced these things in
your own family back four generations. John: Yes, starting with my
father. My father got shot at a young
age, did a robbery at a young age, went to prison and
abandoned us as a father. I got shot at 16, abandoned my
kids and went to prison for ten years. My son Little Johnny got shot 17
times, abandoned his nine kids and went to prison for 15 years,
and his son got shot at a very young age in his teenage years
and is doing life without the possibility of parole. Every generation it got uglier
and stronger, and that’s when I knew that I had to do something. Sid: That’s an interesting
point. I hope you didn’t miss it. He said that each generation it
was getting worse in his family line. How big is the Turnipseed family
that you’re talking about? John: We are the largest family
in Minnesota. A family reunion for us is a
couple thousand people. Sid: Wow. And how many would you say
percentagewise has this curse affected? John: I would say in most of the
generations, probably 75 to 90 percent. Sid: You were raised in a loving
home. You had a good childhood in
Alabama. John: Yes. Sid: All of a sudden, uprooted
to Minneapolis. Let’s take a look at this clip. [begin video] Man 1: I was six
years old when the boogeyman started to haunt me. Woman [screaming] Man 1: I
prayed he’d go away, but I guess when your father is the devil
you can’t expect God to answer your prayers. Boy: Virgil, come! Man 1: You can’t take the
boogeyman down. Boy: Don’t make me beat you
again! Man 1: You’ll find someone who
can. Man 2: Ever since I was a kid I
ran these streets by whatever means necessary. [siren] Man 3: Oh one more
thing, John, you walk in my courtroom one more time, just
one more time, you will not see another human being for as long
as you live. [end video] Sid: You know, it’s
hard to even comprehend this lost, scared little boy went on
to become a gang leader, a pimp, a drug dealer. He was shot, stabbed, abducted,
addicted to cocaine, armed robberies, in and out of prison. How did that happen? John: Well with a father not
being around and nobody to supervise me, I was basically,
my father wasn’t there, the head of the household. My mother was sick and hurt, and
I would venture out into the neighborhood. And down the street from where I
lived, because there was no authority over of me, a group of
pimps and thugs took me in and they showed me what I thought
was love. And I went, I grabbed and held
onto it for all I could, and it led me to penitentiaries and
everything. I was pulling armed robberies at
12 years of age. Sid: But you were raised in the
church. John: Yes. Sid: Your father was raised in
the church. John: Deacon. Sid: And how does someone that
has a little bit of teaching, just a little, do cold-blooded
things such as you did? John: Well I was raised in the
church, and when I was six or seven years old my grandmother
told me I was going to be John the Baptist. I was going to be a preacher, so
I would practice preaching at five and six years of age, and
it was my destiny. We had intact families down
there. Everybody was married, no
alcohol. Everybody went to church and
worked hard. Good family. And my father comes up here by
himself and a couple years later when we came up here, he was not
the same person. He went from being my hero to
the boogeyman and he, I was scared of him. I didn’t like him and he beat my
mother every single day, and I couldn’t understand. And I prayed every day for God
to stop it in my little bitty mind all by itself and it didn’t
happen for me. And one day I stopped praying
and I became very angry at God, and I thought, that’s it. All that stuff you guys have
told me, my grandmother, that’s hocus-pocus. That doesn’t work. I prayed and he still beats my
mother. So how does a nine-year-old
child deal with that? Sid: But when you got involved
in this life of crime, wasn’t there even a tinge saying, this
is wrong, I shouldn’t do this, a tinge of remorse? John: At first. Pretty soon, the conscience gets
put to sleep. Sid: It’s called seared. John: And then it’s gone. Sid: You told me that when you
were involved in these things it was almost like a high. John: Absolutely. There was no greater thrill to
me than going and putting a pistol in someone’s face and
humiliating them, and making them give me all their money. Sid: You hated your father, as
you explained. But then you became just like
the one you hated. John: Absolutely. Sid: You became just like your
father. That curse that was haunting you
was causing you to move in these areas and probably even giving
you that high that you had for crime. John: Oh absolutely. The curse that came upon me
became so strong in me that I was able to persuade others to
follow me. I was able to, I was 18 years
old. I was in prison for the first
time with a thousand men and I took over the prison, just had
them following me to this path that I was on, and because I was
so taught so well how to influence people for my own
benefit that I was able to send a lot of young men down a very
dark path. Sid: But you had some good role
models in prison. Did you really want to change? John: God kept sending angels to
me. Sid: What do you mean? John: He sent, I wouldn’t go to
school and one day I wanted to do weightlifting and this
weightlifter told me that he wouldn’t teach me weightlifting
unless I got my GED. So I went and studied the book
and took the GED test a week later and passed it. And then there was another guy
who came and visited me in prison and told me I was,
insulted me by telling me I was a total waste of human life
because I wouldn’t educate myself. And I went to school and got a
degree in computers. And there was a guy named Father
Cappucci [sp], a Catholic priest, that when I would act up
he was the only one that could calm me down because I knew he
was one of God’s boys and I didn’t want to offend him. So God kept sending, he never, I
didn’t realize it until later on in life, he sent the Calvary to
me, to prepare me. Sid: God is so good. John: He is that good. Sid: Now you hated your dad. John: Hated him. Sid: Wanted to kill him and when
you had a child it would be different, but it wasn’t. John: It was not different. My first child actually came
into the world. She was, I was shot, the mother
was shot and she was shot by a gunman that was trying to kill
me. We all lived, but I brought that
evil, that evil followed me into my household and tried to
execute my family. Sid: It’s all part of that
curse. John: All part of the curse. But the angel of God, the mercy
of God was there. Sid: Your life was in and out of
prisons. You had a skill, but you were
living a double life, a life as a normal person and a life
because that curse would not leave you alone. You were going to be arrested. You knew it. You were in your office. A television crew showed up. Describe that to me. John: I had been caught, put in
jail and arraigned on probably a couple hundred felonies. And I agreed to plead guilty to
50 of them if they would let me out to finish teaching a class. See, I was, when God had sent
those angels I had gotten the skill of teaching and I had
students. So I went back to teach these
students. Nobody knew I went to jail and I
was going to go to prison. I barricaded myself in my office
and I started crying. I started crying. I wanted to kill myself and
something from my childhood came to me: my grandmother telling me
just, “Boy, just reach to God. Reach to Jesus.” That’s what
that voice came to me. And I asked him right there,
right there I said, “God, if you are who my grandmother said you
are, you have to come right now.” And he came right then and
there. And I know he came. I came him the gangster. When that gangster came into my
life, you know, I can’t describe it. I cannot describe how I felt
that moment. I got up. Everybody was waiting outside my
office. I came out smiling. I had dirt all over my suit, mud
running down my face. I didn’t care. Jesus came and got me. Sid: He was real. John: He was real. Sid: I’ll tell you something. When we come back, you think you
have problems, 50 felonies, a judge that hates him. He’s facing ten years to life. He could be put away forever. But the same God that rescued
him, the same God that is ready to rescue you, it’s a miracle. I’ll be right back. Sid: Just before John was
arrested, he asked God for two things. What were those two things? John: I asked him, I knew I was
going to jail and I let my children down once again. I said, “God, I want my children
to forgive me and to love me one more time. And Father, I want to teach
again,” because I was a licensed teacher and I knew it would be
taken away. I loved teaching so much. I wanted to teach again. And that’s the only that I
asked. I didn’t ask him not to go to
jail. I didn’t ask him anything else. Sid: The judge could have put
you away for life. Sentencing day, tell me about
it. John: Sentencing day comes
around and in Minnesota we have the career criminal division,
and when they prosecute you these guys are, they have no
sympathy, no empathy for anything. It’s like you have crossed over
the line. You have went over the
sentencing guidelines. They’re, you know, we’re going
to put you away for as long as humanly possible. Well the prosecutor that was
prosecuting me, all of a sudden wasn’t there that day, and this
guy really disliked me. He had prosecuted my son, my
cousins and everybody. The judge had seen me time and
time again, and was just tired of me. But that day I had like nine
months before I came for sentencing and the judge told
me, he’s seeing something different in me. And my lawyer was arguing for
the ten-year, you know, let’s get him ten years. And I told my lawyer, “Just
chill out, man.” And the judge said, “I’m going to give you
probation. I don’t know why.” Sid: No time
in jail? John: No time in jail. Sid: That’s a miracle. So those two prayers you prayed,
I think God instantly answered them. John: He instantly answered
them. And the place that I got shamed
and got arrested at that the cameras came to, they not only
rehired me, but they promoted me. Sid: When you were talking about
that day when the cameras were there, I saw crocodile tears
coming out of your eyes. Why? John: There’s no way to explain
when God does what he does and how blessed I was to receive it. I owe him everything and he did
it for me, for me right there and then regardless of my past
or anything. He did it for me. Sid: Would he do this for anyone
if their pastor was even worse than yours? John: He would do it for any one
of his children in an instant. Sid: Would you pray for the ones
that are looking right now, and you know who you are, because
God has been dealing with you and he loves as much as he loves
John Turnipseed. He loves as much as he loves me. He loves you enough to die for
you. John: God, you know us. We’re your babies. Father, sometimes we are
disobedient. Sometimes we do not do what
we’re supposed to do. But father, you told us that you
loved us so much in John 3:16, that whoever believed in you
shall not perish, but have everlasting life. And Father, we’re your babies. We need you in our life. Knock down the barriers for the
ones that don’t believe in you, Father. Just knock the barriers down and
let them know that you’re there, Father, because only until you
come will they know how great you are, Father. So please, Jesus, just give us
unyielded, unrestrained favor, today, Father, even if we don’t
deserve it, Jesus. Amen. Sid: You know what? The Bible says if you confess
your sins he is just and faithful to forgive you of all,
all, all, no matter what you’ve done. Real quick, tell me the first
message you ever gave, your first sermon. John: My first sermon, I gave my
life to Christ and I went back to school to become a minister. I went to a funeral that another
pastor was supposed to do. I get a phone call because he’s
not there and it’s from a cousin of mine that tells me, “Hey,
Johnny,” that’s what he called me, “I’m just telling you this
because I know you’re at that funeral. The pastor ain’t showing up. The pastor owes us a whole lot
of money and for drugs and I’m just telling.” Yeah, it’s hard
to believe. “And until Monday, he’s gonna
stay right here. So tell the family.” So I went
to the family and I told them, I didn’t tell them whole story. I just said, “The pastor won’t
show up.” And I said, “But I’m a pastor.” “You are?” And I said,
“Yeah.” And they asked me, “Well would you do the service because
the funeral home is waiting.” And I said, “I will.” And when I
got up to speak the crowd there, I heard cursing. Sid: They know about you. John: He’s a pimp. He’s a thug. You know, he did this to me. I mean, all of this. And God just, I felt him. And I went up and I opened the
service up with John 3:16. And I’ll tell you how I said it. I said, “For God so loved the
world that he gave his only begotten son that whosoever
believeth in him, even Johnny Turnipseed shall not perish, but
have everlasting life.” And then I told them, “I don’t know about
the God you serve, but the one I serve said that and meant that,
and I’m going to do this service.” And I got a standing
ovation. Sid: Well now. What about that large extended
family of pimps and fatherlessness, and prison, and
murders, 34 members of your family serving time for murder
right now? What’s going on with all of that
family? John: Most of them that are in
prison are saved. Sid: What percent would you say
are saved? John: I would say 90 percent. I would say 90 percent. My children are saved. My brothers are saved. We are no longer raising
criminals. We’re raising hopefully little
preachers, you know. That’s my greatest hope. That’s bigger than the president
in my family. Sid: Okay. With your family, you broke the
curses. How can people watching you
right now break the curses over their family, whether it’s
sickness or whether it’s divorce, or whether it’s prison,
or whether it’s addictions? Whatever. How? John: What I had to do with my
family is we had to sit down and come face to face with these are
the things, and be honest, that are plaguing our family, okay:
the prostitution and the gang, and the drugs, all of that,
father absence, men walking away from their children. We had to say some very
unpleasant things about the reality of who we were. Okay. And then in agreement with each
other we had to act on it. And then we had to arm ourself
because the enemy came and he, man, did he ever come. When I started talking this
message he started attacking my family more than he had, because
before he could just leave us alone because we were doing it
all by ourself. But once we started, we armed
ourself with the Word and the blood of Jesus Christ and stuff
that he had to back off. He had to back off. Sid: Did you hear that? He armed himself with the Word
of God and the blood of Jesus. That’s why they had to back off. And I tell you the devil, the
curses are backing off in Jesus’ name. John: Amen. Sid: Next week on
It’s Supernatural! My guest says we were created to
be feared by the devil. Do you agree with that? Do you want to find out why and
how, and start doing it?


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