How to Boost / Increase Etsy Sales. Part 4 (Instagram, Pinterest, Social Media Strategy)

How to Boost / Increase Etsy Sales. Part 4 (Instagram, Pinterest, Social Media Strategy)

Welcome to part four of five on how to
get more sales on Etsy! If you guys have not yet downloaded the free e-book
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before watching this video if you’re new to this channel please consider
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success with that being said let’s get started so lesson four we’re talking
about bringing sales into Etsy from outside of Etsy because you know most of
the time the focus with Etsy success is is bringing sales to your shop with the
search results and and doing well ranking your products and bringing in
customers that are already on Etsy but the shift of focus can be you know moved
to bringing sales in from outside of Etsy this is always an option no matter
whether you need more sales or you’re doing well already you should always be
bringing in sales from outside so whatever platform you’re using make sure
to be using it more make sure to be mastering those platforms as well
because you can rank well you know after getting a lot of reviews and sales and a
high conversion rate a high click-through rate etc yes within Etsy
but no one ever you know points out that you should you can rank high in Etsy
from obtaining a lot of sales outside of Etsy so if you get really creative and
think of a great sale to run on your social media platforms and bring in a
ton of traffic from Instagram or Pinterest or whatever one you like to
use then at seize algorithm we’ll see that
you’re making more sales you’ll get reviews from those sales and
you’ll start ranking higher inside of Etsy therefore resulting in more sales
inside of Etsy so super underutilized tactic I mean obviously everybody should
be using social media but nobody really thinks of it in terms of a
way to leverage your ranking within Etsy because that’s he does a whole lot of
work for you you know compared to having a standalone website and having to run
paid ads outside of Etsy and running social media as your primary primary
source of traffic that’s he does a ton of work for you and that is why the fees
are so high because they do a ton of work for you it’s a marketplace so in
this lesson I go over the easiest tactics to use when on some of these
platforms the ones that I suggest is Instagram and Pinterest it’s two of the
platforms that have the most you know organic engagement right now Facebook
used to be a hotspot for traffic but you know around like eight to ten years ago
they changed the algorithm and and nobody’s getting a lot of reach anymore
unless you’re a massive page already so the money train has kind of stopped on
Facebook Instagram also changes their algorithm pretty often Pinterest is
really nice though because it is also kind of like a marketplace obviously you
can’t buy things on Pinterest but it is a search engine which means if you show
up whether it be a paid ad or one of your pins in someone’s search then
that’s that’s warm traffic that’s very warm traffic because they’re looking for
what what they’re typing in so one good tactic for Instagram is to buy shoutouts
you can buy shoutouts from influencers within your niche and the this is really
useful because if it’s an influencer that’s within your niche let’s say let’s
say we’re going with the handmade soap and there’s herbs and you’re so poor
there’s crystals in your soap or whatever it is and then this influencer
is like herbalist or just like some kind of page that is really natural or some
kind of hippie page or whatever it may be something that is really relative to
your product or close enough to your product that means that their entire
audience are potential customers for your product you wouldn’t you wouldn’t
buy a shout out from a big Instagram page that posts nothing but puppy memes
right you wouldn’t buy that you wouldn’t buy a shout out from that page but if
you work with the right influencers you know you can send a ton of traffic to
your Etsy store and then get a ton of sales and then
rank in Etsy resulting in more sales so that’s one way to do it and then another
one for Pinterest is of course using things like tailwind or whatever
whatever you like but you know getting a good Pinterest following of course but
in in the guide here that I suggest you read obviously I suggest that but in the
guide here I talked about Pinterest ads because like Pinterest ads are different
from good they’re different from social media ads for example that show up in
your feed because ads that show up in your Instagram feed or your Facebook
feed that’s cold traffic you were not
expecting to see that ad but with Pinterest ads you’re showing up for a
search term that somebody typed in and that again is really really warm traffic
so it’s just like Google Ads you have control over the keywords you show up
for and you have control over the bid amount so that’s he promoted listings
used to have that but now we have we’re have been stripped of that of that
choice to choose our bid amount Pinterest gives you the bid amount so
does Google ads but Pinterest is a little more user friendly and a list a
little less I you know heavy in terms of you know technicalities etc so if you
want to try you know advertising outside of Etsy I would go for Pinterest first
because it’s so user-friendly and if it take the learning curve is much lower
for other social media platforms you’ll have to spend like a thousand to two
thousand to three thousand dollars even to get your you know your sea legs find
out what’s working get good at it etc because with paid ads there’s so many
elements there’s the creative there’s the image which is known as the creative
there’s the ad copy which is known as the the caption and then there’s the
offer and the product you have to have a good offer it can’t be too expensive it
can’t be too cheap and it has to you know be a great product on top of that
so there’s a ton of different elements involved with paid ads and Pinterest is
very user friendly so I would suggest that for a social media tactic to bring
in sales from outside of Etsy so bringing sales in from outside of Etsy
is extremely powerful to boost your sales within Etsy I contribute a lot of
my success to doing to doing these methods to using Instagram to bring in
sales from outside of Etsy because it definitely boosted me inside of Etsy now
I believe Etsy kind of changed the weight of a sale from outside of Etsy
because if it comes from a sale within Etsy if somebody types in a search term
you show up the click-through rate is good for that product they buy the
product through their search then I believe that sale is much more powerful
in terms of ranking compared to you know you telling a social media follower that
already loves you to go to your page and buy this product right and they can see
that difference so that’s why I believe that changed the weight but nonetheless
I believe I know that the weight is still there for sales coming from
outside of Etsy another really really interesting thing side note unrelated to
this lesson is if anybody remembers this about two years ago Etsy had their own
card readers for when you sold in person now it’s just through square and there’s
literally no reason aside from inventory management to to
use the Etsy point-of-sale thing through square it really really makes no sense I
have no idea why anyone would do it but yet she used to have their own card
swiper and each one time you sold something with the card swiper it would
count as a sale in your Etsy shop and that was another tactic that I used to
boost my sales because I was doing craft shows a lot so that really really
boosted me as well but now that’s not available and I really don’t think I
really think they changed the weight of that even like maybe halfway through
that that whole program with the Etsy card swiper so there’s a few ways to to
boost your sales within Etsy from outside of it and that that card reader
Etsy program was just was really great because it I’ve seen a huge boost but
nonetheless you can still bring sales in from
outside of Etsy and do really great with in at sea because of that I hope you
enjoyed this video and I will see you in the next lesson


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  • Marianne Côté says:

    Thank you Dave for all your tips to boost sales. We use Square to sell in person, it's synchronized with Etsy, and when we make a sale in person using Square it adds a sale to our Etsy shop. 🙂

  • Cordialgreetings • Ella says:

    Instagram only shows you to 3% of your followers. IG & FB are owned by the sand company. They want people to pay to play. If you show more videos and use your stories to link to IGTV you can add a clickable link within IGTV & you don’t have to go to your profile to click through.

  • Hi! I currently have a crochet toy shop and need some advice. I would like to start selling patterns I have design but am not sure if I should start a second shop. My crocheted toy would have a different target audience than my patters would. Because they are both crocheted related can I sell them in the same spot or start a second shop?

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