How to become a beta tester of TalkBack? In Hindi only for blind with TalkBack

How to become a beta tester of TalkBack? In Hindi only for blind with TalkBack

welcome to Technical Group G for blind I am your tech guru Rahul don't forget to subscribe us those tops up come many many congratulations you UK on the 900 subscribers receive Colleen jihadist row after subcommittee I'll say thank you cannot Sangha top seven a muddy videos collide here share kia top the feedbacks the it's Ricky Karan come here a choker pan here I'm sorry Co many many congratulations all tilted thank you for Ashiya sake appear when I recorded so French make a cap a worker am look Blanche eggs youtubers agar oppose apne general course my shaman Quran echad the heat or description Madea gay male ID Paisley music is a contact French hammer a global collapse women of Allah had this peak for John Kerry up Kajol he provide karate je so friends are bad karma has a video key when I bake a cake mozzarella oh c'mon my Excel hey Rach Becca beta tester case ebony gene and Roscoe Museveni Bertha may never put skates shanlee Minnesota I stock or eat or Alania topically if you topic paste it or LD DHI watch give idiom I'm a burden I belong to talk beta beta tester K say one thing Oski better addressing cook KH what the heck so Jenna Kealey banner am ia video Cassatt those though agree a video of corpus and I feel like EJ of Negros cockatrice share get a pair up nama-hatta phone effective out comment box night yeah very male ID Bay yeah feed every social media path follow Kirkuk this at me hey so friends person I a theater dislike cutaway comment both member tychii care committee campus me or its channel co subscribe karna mad bully Agatha Kyoko a say he video military he or current setting is schedule a notification say current setting is all notification car CJ sake up camara latest upload gig a video get John Kerry subsample a milkshake a Namaskar toast Oh Maron Amira whole AB Dekker a technical guru ji for plan chili Shahrukh attained those talk back a beta tester barnacle a sub say Bailey required things your hair bow hair up go egg mills in karna padega to open kidney Jamelia email a cup melody of core description female Jaggi or click easy on compose have a mare I will tap easy eyes best FREE + subscribe add Google Groups dot-com spelling e H – E + S period C alleged I simply send Khadija blank email mary did box Malik of another era hey Oscar reason hey you many married signature said yeah managers a senpai click here I'm the ice free Google Group Co request with the heck am i FK group my droid when I take it off though so Abby egg ice frico male I got red eyes – free join request per eyes – free open bracket open race I'm 69 f100 is Melva click eg navigator button this make link the hero spec lacarpe here is called link replied sand Cossack the head meh blank reply send karma reply all reply reply may click here so Madame Angelica – please join request for up yeah the one key mail here is pretty minimal a big doin request kheh red eyes – free you have joined the group eyes – fr EE at Google Groups calm some nice group identity I is group request repost car now of Nestor this and anymore so ice best free ed Google Groups tour company L target you see group my up Mel B intersect a above quote link by click on either link up go description man Mel Jackie take a apply so karna padega bitter distinctly HTTP colon slash slash Zico / a little bit better you speak it hello everyone open with just one Quran Kitab is open easy progress are 70% 80% 100% yeah big Vista Hospital rocky G similar business ice playgroup mizuna Ho Hos the email id say a space coffee : my left will attract alpha 0 R 0 Google Talk back one Google LLC hello Google LLC has invited you to a testing program for the released version of the Google Talk back gap as a tester new ' ll receive an update that includes the tested version of the Google Talk mat gap which may also included release versions of it since the tab a couple live without the stigma yes a virgin taste connect on me Milt AAP jo publicly live a release name we know who's my bug V or something what Chris B Ossipee here but the one that tested versions may be unstable say about the anti-balaka become a tester but become a tester play click on ahead I can again measure I've gotta download the Google Talk that guy pocket all clear late okay yeah right am i right – laughs I've got that way become a tester but Begley Caramba progressbar 21% 100% what hey interface looking Taurus attendees here doc sorry it believe you are now a tester you are now a tester bottle please please respect liquidity a progress bar with plate just let's go get set up and is it about my update mil chuckles okey-dokey like an update carne SF la mejor merit of my covers my back said version six point one point zero point one eight six seven nine seven six eight seven update I'm registered a year bread Beta ki ab na c beta-carotene tsuki here a vibratory update wanna be map covers on the katana I'm dead hooker to talkback on come mrs. Eiger up gay pass just the beta tester make oh or Batman cover that engagement key up top back on don't pick up Detroit cyka stable Hoonah DTMF on my tab talk back a bit a disadvantage the whole neck injuries cause people were sonata hit avocado para apply karna padega or s key policies you have what change with you within a peak is a video disturbing nothing navigate up it'll might also like Cosby copy talk back at six point two point oh point one nine three two seven eight one two he left us three hours but America Tamaki Budapest requests for tickets in here was Kelly I was premiering list go a google group call a karna and then he required ninja my face before he link page on that click HTTP colon slash slash T post a bit better 21 percent 100% downloaded period Abbott don't leave don't leave the program but ihlara tester he believed the program button yes ready to leave the program to make progress mark 21 percent 100 percent developed a test program you have left the district program about my public wasn't face rachana Kelly the virus a can happen again I'm beta tester Georgia pin bio manager Playstore total image of install okay do you want to install all updates to this Android system app question mark okay I didn't started got a 30 minute or one dead minute Yatta lab justice numbers on the top my god accessibility tutorial 5 advantage – good keep sliding your finger around the screen at the next button exit Play Store what's up my voice mrs. Cabot anytime happen next toga the night – laughs when I say exit button be happy about a nice leaning double tap to select system buttons in it 800 extra bonus as this system apps the update switch was angry what's the public version joy items 1 2 5 or 14 or judges which what I have me Apple updated whole googled out that quote what a little Amara burger toppings your mo update or a hobby that was out by God I'm not a dog back update for Chuck ahead or you notification be me lying have connection ID homie you keep – I will take a phone call making me a notification accessibility Smith in this way traffic talkback set version six point one point two point one eight six seven nine seven six eight seven anger um a fourth American public that the easy Pharisee up its top make a beta tester bunch act they have map for the Kankakee ice remaining list go beyond subscribe K seconds ahead play store a grid search app play stop firemen arrived FM radio 5f Gmail mail ID he asked me this sorry I stress free plus unsubscribe at Google red eyes – Herrick mail my church nice – 3 + ice – 3 + alert as it'll be a CRI be at Google Group stuck-up sandwich revised – 3 + Inlet Shilpa Oh subscribe key are it you and legged on I said sankiji a blank milk or a point or email Malaga he your Sacramento is pastry and Google Groups dot-com was successfully a thread ice – free add red eyes – free Iran subscription to ice – free was successful your own subscription to ice – cream was successful I'm an apple so how did she say Marathi is pretty mad English go join karna talk back a public versus a beta tester 1k 1k beta version may switch wanna whoppers the public version may on our beta testing coach wanna or ice-breaking mailing list copy Shonda he caters to those though I hope here we do observe co-passenger yoga agar presently I have to like today personally yeah just like that they like and comment box number that km improvement carsick a goes to our happy abuzz consumes away the please make a comment box my yeah or guy be so yeah basics a head the size video caduceus real about that we share key J Buckley agent Ari contact by project a pooja email bitch and kar sakthe hain gmail a MLM aja come perspective is a pale a liberal marry melody is person vanilla gay re-edit box my email liquor send button the top right corner Bay left your thigh high beta J now somebody's are a social media page follow colleges can link up is generally about will my video feed description box my milk I gave my rotisserie general go subscribe GG kikuma half mi both veterans in Jakarta lost Osei sake of cocoa Chignik of Malaga a CVD is a hot key media members at night Jane


11 thoughts on “How to become a beta tester of TalkBack? In Hindi only for blind with TalkBack”

  • moin kaladiya says:

    moin बात कर रहा हूं आप बहुत अच्छे वीडियो बनाते हैं राहुल साहब मैं ऐसी अल्लाह से दुआ करूंगा कि आपके एक हजार नहीं एक करोड़ सब्सक्राइबर हो और आप एक ऐसे ही हम लोगों का प्यार जीते रहो और ऐसे ही आगे बढ़ते रहो तुम्हारी चैनल का 1 साल नहीं पूरा 50 साल खत्म हो ऐसी आशा करता हूं और मेरा एक प्रश्न है कि क्या हम लोग आइस फ्री में लिंग लिस्ट को अन सब्सक्राइब कर देंगे तो हम Beta टॉक बैक में से लव हो जाएंगे प्लीज जरा बताना धन्यवाद

  • गुरु जी हमारा यह मतलब बिल्कुल नहीं था आप हमें गलत जानकारी दे रहे हो आप हमेशा सही सही जानकारी देते आए हैं और आगे भी आपसे यही उम्मीद रहेगी शायद हमसे ही कोई मिस्टेक हो सकती है और मैंने वह कमेंट भी डिलीट कर दिया जिसमें आपको शायद थोड़ा सा बुरा लगा होगा

  • राहुल जी कृपया करके डिस्क्रिप्शन में या तो कमेंट बॉक्स में वह ईमेल ID छोड़ दीजिए जिससे हम सब्सक्राइब कर सकते हैं ताकि कोई गलती ना हो

  • राहुल भाई आप बहुत ही अच्छे वीडियोस बनाते हो और यह सारी चीजें अच्छे से समझाते हो मजा आता है आपके वीडियोस सुनकर टॉक बैक ट्यूटोरिअल्स सारे ही अच्छे होते हैं और दूसरे भी जो आपने गेम्स के जो ट्यूटोरिअल्स अपलोड किए हैं वह भी बहुत ही अच्छे हैं और काम आ सके ऐसे हैं बहुत-बहुत शुक्रिया आपका

  • Blind Tech Hindi says:

    Very nice and useful tutorial for all visually impaired people, and congratulation for 932 subscriber, keep going keep it up Guruji

  • Technical Guruji For Blind says:

    hi guys! In this video I have told that how to become a beta tester of TalkBack? with some easy steps in Hindi friends I request you all to watch this video from beginning to the end for know more about beta tester of TalkBack friends congratulations because we just have cross on YouTube 900 subscribers thank you all!

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