How To Became A Digital Nomad In 2 Months Via Digital Marketing

How To Became A Digital Nomad In 2 Months Via Digital Marketing

hey guys in this video I'm an interview Anthony he is a guy from New Zealand that took the digital marketing course that I sell here on engineer truth and this story means a lot to me because Anthony hated his job in engineering just like how I hated my job in engineering and through this course within two months he was able to get a job in Thailand doing digital marketing and for me this is a primary reason why I make engineer truth is to help people go from a job they hate to a job that they love so let's just get started with his interview so what's up guys got set and Anthony death is the creator of the digital marketing course that I promote on the channel and we got Anthony who I guess I'll let you introduce yourself so they come from civil engineering bed crowd graduated English law student and I worked my job for coffee is you know they'll just like kind of over it what do you go over how come you didn't like the one generic I wouldn't unlike a project manager you could say those working really long hours and the company I was just like really bad like no training no mean tool you know I was like you know strengthen was 18 was much support and you had to work like 40 hours a week at a location I really like constricted right like operates very similar to what I experienced mechanical engineering yeah but more like 50 hours a week and you're from nine Australia for but all based on these ease all right so your gel agario forget that and then you stumbled upon my occasional marketing video yeah so originally I want to let the decision I made myself a what job can keep me that do not stumble across value the digital not sink or steal promoting good luck okay why not try it out and it's closed for two months and so a job online and apply for it like no comment yo so I gotta talk to me more about this pylon because like when it when Anthony told me I thought you were originally oh I'm intervening Anthony from Thailand I didn't know it was a New Zealander that's in Thailand working as a job can you tell me more about like the job that you actually got and how it's out like are you working for our company in Thailand or something or what okay so I'm working for the company a smaller blogging website so there's month so my father's away living a digital nomad lifestyle but most of the things are in our based in America yes but it just wasn't remotely and it just come over here all the Tran use anybody princess and after six months you can just work anywhere in the world that's such a fast way to become a digital nomad as your very first job that's really rare I think not set the agree tier right like he said there's a lot of these people out there doing their own marketing and if you can connect with some of those people that it's absolutely possible to become an apprentice or to get mentored by them so I want to say it's not the most common thing but it's definitely a possibility as anthony illustrate and i would say is the three main ways to become a digital nomad is web development being a youtuber or blogger or Instagram famous social media famous where that's obsessive second one and the third would be digital marketing those are other three main ways in 2016 to become a digital nomad I mean a Antony year at like a digital Nomad what's it called like it kind of like a what the cost but yeah a web place I'm sure working but a co-working out-of-court you space that first experience that the collisional marketing job you got you went through from like constricted civil engineering job which is I know how that is to digital nomads in your very first job and of course that you only have to take two months to do but now you're in an environment where you get to learn how it kind of during the course if they pietà learn how other people become digital nomads so you kind of like picking on these ideas of meeting really cool people who also do the same thing so it's like you're going to figure out your next step really fast because you basically live with these people yes thank you everyone working for themselves but like everyone's really friendly everyone's always willing to share – let me just ask you this so you you came into the course you had no experience of digital marketing is that correct yeah I started a blog but oh I'm not going into it well so did you feel that the course was you know was able to prepare you for this job and help you basically get basically prepare you you to know how to talk to the person that hired you and then you know how did it help you get the job basically a dis way signe up what will the foundations of what full full expectation options and when when I plan for the job um the main criterias was EPO which you talk about in your course and because what I applied for the job feels he gave me two top one was to make a video and second laws look at SEO homework like how would you rank the webpage currently ranked number 13 choose number three and that I asked you for advice because you have like a foreign forum health which is really helpful and I also took the knowledge from your SEO video and just applied it to the homework that's I mean that's pretty nuts I mean did you think when you sign up for the course like this is actually going to get me a job when I my first or I'll dance this is my dream job I did it not true well okay and was the video the video application I spent a lot of hours and I like making it really good I didn't know much take a selfie in those dots and pull them down myself i way try made it let connect in a minute because this one stood out the most full to my iphone and because most people as last duty applicant and Lotus like looking at dark rooms like a be a crappy little a smartphone that's one thing I mean this is this general career advice um I think it's better to think this just two types of ways to apply for jobs is like sprin credit pray like I'm just going to put them plan to everything and like copy and paste things which is actually what they recommended to me at dev Mountain which I really don't like is spraying praying I prefer to be like you're a sniper like you see the exact position you want you take your extra time to cater your application to them and bam you're probably going to get the job that is really good advice it's very simple advices say really look at the job posting and look at the company research the company make sure to let them know like a like you said a thing like let them know you read the posting by responding to certain attributes that they're looking for but anyhow so so Anthony you got this job in Thailand uh I mean you obviously seem really happy about it I mean are you happy about it and like what what makes you feel happy about it oh definitely I'm really happy I'm really grateful I got the job because it's like but just like traveling and meeting what is that amazing like take a life base name it then all these different entrepreneurs really and just look because I was I'm trying I put a lot of hours into the job just like to prove to my boss yeah I really want this and I I don't see the job as a job like I just see it is because my other job I'll shine like maybe with some visual mushroom by myself like my spare time and so I was enjoying that dance of engineering so now what thing is it's like my full-time job so I'm just enjoying my every every minute of it when someone says they work hard it means two different things and could mean that they work hard at like your civil engineering government my mechanical engineering job where we hate being there or it can mean like working 60 hours a week on something that you like like mind YouTube channel web development you like your digital marketing and it feels like you're loving it like every single minute you love it because the reason why you put 60 hours a week into it is because you love it and that's a huge difference I come on how much turns a day time being just like Java and shout and I'll come back to the hall and what the mall just like because it's like what I am doing so that bug them on business yeah whirring so what exactly are you doing then for those for those you know long hours so right now we're going to like go into the deep light vigil action right now just and lots of basic like content marketing or like try to improve the HDL particles but must be time I'll just play cuz I work on the top I was given or just like without just real on more official maps doing like strategies and increase my knowledge so it's truly like an apprentice apprenticeship where I mean these internships work so like 10 years ago to be honest now things are all about apprenticeships I feel like everybody's accepting apprentices and then everybody's being an apprentice and it's a much faster way to learn than going to college so like what's next for you I mean like you seem really optimistic about your career what's my ass off for the next six months and I'm not too sure but go ahead and stuff of it but most likely I'm gonna work in China for six months and I'm here the option scenario is digital Oh amazing and Vietnam pretty good so maybe I'll go to Vietnam would different six-month and just free reevaluate what a where I want to go next cool I think that's everything get like really really good talking to you Anthony I you made me feel a lot better about selling this course on my channel as do all the guests because you know you know we I see the sales for this course in Cana c7 I do so a lot of this course and I don't want people to feel like they're getting scammed out of money like that's not be the worst like it if people weren't getting jobs on this course I would stop selling it but it some say it is a fuel job from this course I mean for $90 a month it's way cheaper than College and more effective from what we've seen people getting jobs in less than two months this way and again the biggest help from six was his forum was like one on wildlife how but uh I've got this problem how do I do it and you provide like a really good answer or you like raise this article or look at this and that really helped a lot because I'm going out like five five or six times and you just have to every time thanks that well that's night for knowledge you just so exactly thing they need to know your pleasure gram white do it alright guys I'll see you guys later all right man later Cheers I hope you guys enjoyed it that interview if you guys want to try out a part of the course for free I'll include a link to an annotation here so you guys can you know just check it out if you guys are interested we've had a lot of success with this course we've had we've done multiple interviews I'll link unedited interviews in the description below if you want more proof that this works I mean this course has gotten people jobs all over the world we're on people jobs in like Kansas Nebraska everywhere so we've proven its effectiveness and if you want a job in digital marketing this is the course to take what that being said hope you guys enjoyed the video and I'll see you guys next time but I ended up getting a full time job in digital marketing for about 38,000 a year he didn't want to reveal his actual salary because he just got hired at a job and he was worried that it would piss off his boss so with that being said let's get started with his video


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  • Pedro Hernandez says:

    Matt you really are helpful in you videos man you give me hope about the future. Its crazy how people watch videos that just waste time but they don't want to watch content to help invest and better themselves. I wish more people in our generation start to realize that working a regular 9 to 5 is not worth it anymore.

  • Your hints are very good , but not suited for Everyone
    Imagine all people Apply to be "Digital Marketers" "Youtubers" or Work from Home (WFH) Then who will handle NORMAL Productive jobs ?

  • these guys make their money from the courses. a few people admittedly can do it but most have a background already. most make just about enough to bus around Thailand and the like. The course makers put their time into pulling people into overpriced courses. I wouldn't be surprised if these three are all in it together

  • I really like your vids but just an idea. I know that you make a lot of money so maybe you could pay for cheaper microphones for the ones you are interviewing. Cause listening to laptop audio really doesn't sound nice. You would maybe lose some hundred dollars and have to make a bit more prep work but video quality would rise immensely.

  • JohnnyFD is a Scam Artist says:

    Another scam artist. These con artists claim they want to "help people" but they are liars. They are making money pushing this BS agenda. Dont be naive, These guys are con artists.

  • railn j sander says:

    i want to open my own bakery, i didn't go to college yet and i really love baking, and this is not me saying it but everyone else I'm really great at it , i took some online classes and did workshops by other bakers , my question is what other major should i take so i can manege my bakery?? plz help

  • Took the course it is really helpful. Still have not found a job since i live in Connecticut and the ct/ny is super competitive, but i'm sure i'll find one soon.

  • In a previous video I asked Seth, in the comments section, what would be an appropriate amount to charge someone for setting up paid advertising on their personal youtube account. I was wondering if he (Seth) knew the answer, I was thinking about doing this for people to make money for myself or as part of a startup, something along those lines.. Here is what I recieved back from Seth: "I saw you left some comments including an offer to pay for students who want to take the course. May I ask who this is?"

  • Ruslan Kuleshov says:

    You have really good channel, but everytime when i watch this video i afraid that it could be scam. I mean i afraid to pay money and get nothing from it, i afraid to get what i can find in Google easily. I know that everything depends on me, it depends on how hard i will study. But I've already contacted with Seth and he said that Russian isn't his region and i afraid that i won't be able to use all instructions in his course for myself, because i am in Russia.

  • This video as better quality then the orginal regardless keep up the good work! I hope to take seths course I just gottah get a bank account and money, I just moved to Texas damn it xD

  • VDEngineering says:

    Attention everybody: Not every job within a field (Engineering, Cyber Security, Military, Teaching, Law, History) is 'by the book' boring or not. It honestly depends on what company you work for and what industry you are in. Do not simply watch one video and come up with a conclusion that this is boring or that is boring. There are thousands of job types within one field of engineering.

  • by Kevin Samuels says:

    I'm a Chemical Engineer and I hated everything about. 20+ years in corporate sales until I deserved my true passion Image Consulting / Fragrance lover. Being a fellow YouTuber there is no one that does both of these things equally well and for a living. Hey let me style you virtually and we can both create content. Woot!

  • Why do engineers hate their jobs so much? I'm a little confused, it seems like a very interesting profession.

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