How to Attract More Business by Using Lead Generation Advertising - Dan Lok

How to Attract More Business by Using Lead Generation Advertising – Dan Lok

what I notice it's funny sometimes people tell me that they would email me or private message to meet up or things like that and they would sometimes feel like their time mister hey I'm sorry so so so so sorry dan I can't make it tonight or if you I don't know they apologize that they cannot make to the meeting which is I find it kind of interesting why do they do that I know why they're doing that because they trying to be polite but in from from my perspective it actually doesn't I don't mind it doesn't bother me like they showed up what they don't showed up you know because you are not here for me you're here for you how many agree that you're not here for me like in case you haven't noticed I kind of I've been to the Sims this seminar before so it's not here for me you here for you and so if you miss something it's not it's not me you here for you so when you're here get the most out of it up before we take a break and then I'll bring up my Stefan the speaker for tonight I want to give you a couple of strategies first because I think you get more out of Stefan's a keynote presentation afterwards and I want to take a moment and talk a little bit about lead generation now let me ask you a question how many of you are in the in the surface business as they show hands okay you sell service okay how many of you are in the expert business means you sell coaching consulting information products that type of thing okay and how many of you in the just product business it's a selling product okay okay good any other business that I don't know that covers pretty much everybody okay so let me ask a question so exactly what is what is lead generation tell me y'all the answer what is lead generation finding a client okay what is lead generation your contacts new contact okay creating a list of new contacts okay now why do we need to do lead generation marketing but what's the difference sales okay but no but why do we need to do lead generation life but of a-blazing is good and no but here's the thing why can't we just sell whatever we sell few selling a service whatever might be why can't we just sell what we sell directly why do we have to put them through some kind of process qualify your clients and here's the thing most entrepreneurs whatever product they've got okay they go up there and they approach people and say you want to buy some of my stuff okay you want to buy some of my stuff what's the problem with that they're not building trust so this is a one step process how many four what I'm saying yes yeah one step process so these generation it's a two step process this is so there are multiple steps instead of going out there and you're saying hey you know what you want to buy my service do you have a need because here's what's going on in the marketplace and it's key because in any given moment in the marketplace whatever you're selling at this point write this down only three percent of the people are actively looking for your product and service in any given time only three percent so let's say if you I wrote her you're talking to a hundred people on average in the marketplace only three percent three out of a hundred are looking for your product and services are looking to buy a home or sell a home in fact let me see we are about ninety some what people in this room how many of you are looking to buy a home or sell a home right now okay put ahead one two three four four five people so so there's three four percent for five percent of room so that's in the marketplace and then you have seven percent of the people in the marketplace they are open to it they are open to it so means well yeah I don't you know I I'm not thinking about moving but you know if it's a good location if it's a good deal then I'm open to it that I could buy a new home or I could sell my home only 7% of people what happens if you try to do marketing in a one-step process you're only talking to the 3% of the people because only 3% of people at any given time have a need for your product or services then you have the other 30% that they are not thinking about it they're not even thinking about it kind of lukewarm they're not thinking about it they're not thinking about it and then you have the other 30 30% that they don't think they are interested they don't think they're interested they don't know they don't think they're interested but with time or now could it could it be possible that someone maybe not they're not they don't need your product service right now but three months down the road they might need your product services yes hello yeah so we're talking about this and then you have the rest of the 30% there's just no way in hell they're gonna buy from you period they don't want it they don't thinking about it they don't need it period they're not your ideal clients they will never be your client so what happens is if you are doing a direct kind of selling approach you're only talking to the three percent of people you're not talking to the rest of the marketplace so let me give in an analogy let's say you go out there and right now you have an opportunity that I put a hundred people in the room and I say to you that there's hundreds and hundred people they are your ideal clients what kind rise there are your ideal clients and you could go out there and you could do a pitch to your ideal clients I've put a hundred of the ideal clients in the room they can do a pitch but there's a catch the catch is that you can do your pitch but I give them the option the 100 people in the audience the option to leave if they don't like your presentation at any given time so if you go out there and you do your pitch if you want the maximum amount of people sting in the room what would that pitch be so example is it Gary it's a good example get a mic thank you there so Gary come on pause by the way no no this this again so so Gary you are what do you do stand up you can see I'm a realtor okay no so Gary if you go up there you look talking to people you want to buy a home you in a cell home you'll do whatever we're talking to the three percent right okay okay so that's what most people do and that's why they up by the way it's wrong this way now if you want to talk to if you're doing a stadium pitch you want more people the hundred clients in the room you want them to stay what would be a so if Gary goes up goes out and say hey you know what anyone want to buy a home in one of our own let me tell you I'm the greatest water in British Columbia let me tell you how many awards I've won let me tell you how all of in business right it's just like leave me alone but now instead of doing that instead of doing that it's interesting every time used to F where people laugh I don't I don't get it but it's a mental note you smoke anyway so so in order to make the people stay to hear your pitch what they say I want to talk to the top 10% what could you say I probably just try to add value to it would be the title of your presentation instead of you want to buy a home you want to sell home world could that be 10 tips how you could you could save money on their next home purchase or okay good so 10 tips on how you could potentially save money on your next home purchase so you're talking to now the people who all kind of open to it yeah maybe I'm thinking I don't know but hey 10 tips don't add value to my life that will help me save some money with my next purchase I'm interested now is he getting people to do business right now yes or no no okay just put up your hand lead generation it's all good I do this actually for you Han it's all I did it put up yeah its audience you get your potential clients to put up their hand and say hey you know what I'm interested like stating analogy don't go out there and go to a bar and say hey your place or mine okay lead generation is basically getting a phone number this beautiful number that's it get a phone number and then they start a conversation there now Gary if I want to capture more of the market place and say I want forty percent of people that would stay what could be their title of your presentation maybe like like ten ten tips of two you know ten tips know ten things to watch out for when you're selling your home okay okay yes Nathan okay so even though you're thinking of selling your buying doesn't matter who if your home home you want to think how can raise some value of the home yes so now your message suddenly from by now to little bit broader a little bit broader so now what I want to capture this chunk seventy percent of people in fact I me I want someone that – how can I mix something so irresistible make the title so irresistible that most of them would put up their hand and they would say I want to stay I want to hear what you have to say how can I do that yes Earl how do never pay property tax again the bigger arrival loss for that let's get one that's good one so that's what I'm saying you are using write this down Lee magnet lead magnet you are using some kind of an ethical bribe a piece of valuable information could be a PDF could be an audio could be a video whatever it might be something worth some value information to the prospects and you're not asking them to do business you're just asking them today you know what let me give you some free information I mean let me let me add some value to your life that's a matter of you and I do business doesn't matter you buy something for me it doesn't matter if you want to buy home sell home it doesn't matter you just say here's some free information no obligation and you do it in a way of course internet nowadays you can use Aweber and autoresponders and I'm sure Stefan was going through it a little bit that you can use these technology to help you to automate some of these things they put up the hand you put them into your marketing funnel we put them into up and then you let your marketing funnel that's the work and then when they already they would put up their head and say they would call Gary and say yeah you know what I've been in your marketing funnel I'll be getting your information I've been getting your report in the last six months and I think now I'm thinking market is good I'm thinking of out really you know reallocating to a different place or whatever might be now there's a reason for me to to sell my home then I give him a call versus this is how you achieve top of mind awareness it's not branding its you're adding value throughout the way and you don't know if they might be ready in six months in right ready in a year you don't know but if you're not there then guess what then they call your competitor make sense yeah so lead generation okay Gary good job so take two minutes hello discuss among a table how you can apply this in your business go


24 thoughts on “How to Attract More Business by Using Lead Generation Advertising – Dan Lok”

  • Love your video on generating leads.. Never new it is an easy way to earn income as an affiliate marketer. I am happy i stopped by. Great video

  • Creating a list of new contacts.

    Why do lead generation?

    Main reason is to qualify buyers.

    At any given time in the market.

    Only 3% are ready to buy now.

    Then 7% of the market are open to it. I could buy…

    30% not even thinking about it.

    Other 30% they dont think theyre interested… may be interested in a few months.

    Last 30% not even interested.

    So even with 100 of your ideal people….

    People given the option to walk out of they want to…

    So, what would be your pitch?

    Start with ‘Stadium Pitch’

    Lead gen is basicly getting a phone number.

    Lead magnet – valuable information for the prospect
    – add value
    – no obligation

    Put them into your marketing funnel.

    Continually adding value through the process

  • Christianne Gomez says:

    Hi Dan, I finally got an overview of your strategies. I have been watching your videos, researching marketing topics and this makes great sense. I have now realized how these tips you gave implemented in your very own videos, thru webinars, thru freebies. I am amazed by your strategy to the point that you have changed someone like me who almost always never comments/like/subscribed into the complete opposite. I will put these lessons into applications and figure out your concept of "triangle of wealth". Thank you and I shall see you next time in your other videos!

  • Celisse Willis says:

    I know this is probably going to ruffle some feathers, but my focus is real estate marketing & I don’t agree with collecting emails when it comes to real estate lead generation. You want PHONE NUMBERS. The reason being is that there is a typical buying process that most fall into. Most sellers & potential sellers will go several months JUST trying to choose an agent to work with. So similar to Zillow & trulia, getting their email makes you another option that they can add to their “think about it” list. You want to be top of mind & the easiest way to do that is to have a conversation. It’s psychological; People remember conversations easier because you can hear emotion in a voice & emotion allows them to connect with you, thereby making you memorable & trustworthy.
    Whereas with email, the only way you can portray that is learning to write convincing copy & by default, real estate agents don’t understand how to do that, nor do they make time for it. So you could put in the same amount of effort, (if not less overall) by having a 5-10 minute convo with potential clients that give you their number & 10x your results. You shouldn’t even move to email until AFTER someone’s become a client. Otherwise you spend months wasting time writing a puck load of emails “checking in”. Most people won’t even take the time to respond & update you, they’ll just go silent & never respond.
    So as I said, focus on PHONE NUMBERS FIRST, NOT email.
    Just as a side note to understand why I say this, let’s look at California; there were over 200,000 people who applied for & passed the Real estate licensing exam just during the 2017/2018 fiscal year. Let’s say 25% became active, that’s another 50,000 trying to make a name for themselves in the industry. It’s imperative that in real estate, you do something different. Because when it comes to picking an agent, it is ALWAYS a buyer & seller market. They make the call on who they want to work with, not the other way around. So as I said, if you’re going to do a funnel, you provide the value, your intention should ALWAYS be to get the phone number. It would show some seriousness of interest on the buyer or sellers side & even if they’re part of the 7% “open to it” crowd as Dan mentioned, & you’ve conditioned them, then they’ll definitely be open to giving you their number.

  • Anønymøus Víds says:

    Could someone explain how this would be done with my business which is car detailing. I get 2 cars a month how would i increase this thanks

  • Man, now it makes sense. There are so many explaining lead generation in the most complex way possible. Now, I'm thinking either they don't know what they are talking about & don't get it themselves lol, or they don't know how to convey it.
    Thanks Dan for this! 🙂

  • The bald guy on the right, second row, looks like the guy from Project Life Mastery. he's also on youtube lol. if it is him then it's incredible how successful people still continue to attend seminars and learn.

  • Phronesis Olamide says:

    Never seen lead generation explained this way before. Damn!
    Suddenly I'm getting my ideas on what to do in my marketing.
    Thanks for the content Dan.

  • Ayowale Oloje says:

    This is distinct from all explanation I have heard or read about lead generation. Dope information from the Sifu

  • Speaking to 70 percent of the audience have 2 great benefits:1. You cover the most targeted plus least targeted prospects, 2. Casting a wider net into the funnel. Thank you sifu.

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