100 thoughts on “How the US military raid that killed Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi unfolded”

  • Place is blown to smithereens, yet they got him out and collected "valuable evidence"? Sure. You people continue to fall for anything.

  • I feel desperately sad that three children were killed by that hideous terrorist. Now that WAS a cowardly act on al-Baghdadi's part.

  • Killings innocent people taking kids from their mothers and molested women, trump is a horrible orange mess and bagdaddy was a monster who deserved to be tortured to death.


    IF TRUMP WATCHED THE RAID then the world wants to really fucking scared of America – cos America has invented time travel……

    He was still on the golf course as the raid was happening. That picture was taken nearly 2 hours later.


    UNDER ALL THAT RUBBLE will be a Toyota pickup truck still fully servicable and good for another 100k miles……….

  • CNN 😂 he died 10 times….he was an CIA and Mossad agent….nobody believes in american lies and politics. 9.11 wtc 7 says the truth that was an inside job.

  • Isis was created by Demacrats. So it's just part of there party. Like illigals part of there party. The Demacrats are a party of corruption.

  • CNN, terrorist sympathizers.
    Did you clowns forget how he ordered Americans beheaded, burnt alive in cages, limbs cut off while still alive? And you and your asshole panels wanna sympathize… hope you get captured, your tune will change. Praise Trump's job well done, assholes

  • FAKE NEWS abu is alive already dead 8 times more then any cat he is ALIVE living well and soon new video coming out get ready US evil regime failed again

  • Thank you, President Trump, for unshackling our highly skilled military men and women. The previous occupant of the White, you know, the weak-kneed, mealy-mouthed smooth-talking community organizer from the street corners of Chicago, always kept the military on a tight leash. 

    President Trump has a much better and high accurate understanding of how alpha men think. A factor that contributed to the success of the atomization of Baghdadi was the mission's secrecy. Good thing traitors Pelosi and Schiff, darlings of the mainstream media, were not informed, Schiff would have leaked without regard for the lives of the military personnel involved in the mission. The virulent hatred that runs deep in the veins of never -Trumpers has rendered them insane.

  • Azaan Ullah Mehsood says:

    trump is pro anti muslim and belive in crusade wars that why his hate baghdadi…because you all people know that clear these people wil that all world control and there HEADQUTER is surya inshallah….his is brave that why he below him self..these people are already excpt death.

  • People don't celebrate just yet Donal tduck is a liar so can you really believe this guy is dead remember Donal is in hot water so he can invent any thing just to keep him a float

  • Beavis The Great says:


  • Liberal media unhappy that the murderer of men women and children was killed . Of course ,who will muder americans now ?

  • This is the guy that Obama let go. Why are we not hearing about that. That is how we got his DNA in the first place when he was captured.

  • John Bender Cigarette Smoking Man says:

    Now CNN is even deleting my comments. I'm the Cigarette Smoking Man, I am deeper than the deep state, I know and expose everything! We antizionist rebel Jews know the real names of "Osama Bin Laden" (Tim Osman) and "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi" (Rabbi Elliot Shimon). You can't bluff and play poker if you have nothing!

  • jamersonWarren Jamerson says:

    We must not let our guard down for every action there's a reaction I pray for the United and other surrounding countries these people are not to be taken lightly we should not let our gard down

  • John Bender Cigarette Smoking Man says:

    Message to Israel's terrorists from the Cigarette Smoking Man: "You can't play poker if you're not holding any cards."
    I am Deep State. There is nothing the israeli mossad can hide from me. Tim Osman (Bin Laden) and Elliot Shimon (al-Baghdadi) are dead toast. Now who will Netanyahu bring next to make Islam look bad? Anyway, I will know his real zioname anyway…

  • John Bender Cigarette Smoking Man says:

    Over a billion of real Muslims celebrate this event! The rope around Netanyahu's neck is getting tighter. It's always great to watch Israel's terror assets being ripped. Elliot Shimon aka "Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi", the fake "islamic leader", cannot tarnish and brutalize the image of Islam any longer. Also, Israeli Mossad lost its influence in Syria. They cannot remove Assad, as they originally planned by creating ISIS for that purpose.

  • Give it to cnn to weasel a jab at our president even in victory . For those who don’t know
    At the same time this secret raid went down, Saturday night live was showing a skit using an “isis “member telling President Trump (A. Baldwin) “You’re making Isis Great Again” . How ironic

  • If crooked Hillary 🤪 was President she would have assisted the ISIS leader to regroup, in order to launch attacks against us Russians. ISIS threatened to attack Christians in Russia. So the death of ABAB is good for both USA and Russia! Thanks to President Donald Trump 👍

  • Isis leader been dead since 2017 what leader our President talking about seen this in the NYC post 2017..ALLEGEDLY.IJS

  • Fuck you all USA 🖕🏿🖕🏻🖕🏻🇺🇸 all what happened in Iraq ,you are the reason of and now you just do nothing ,thousand of people are dead why you don’t care 🤷🏻‍♀️ just made your country the best in every thing but it is the most fucking shit in world stop stop and found some thing to stop what happened in Iraq in my country that you destroyed plz people are dead every where💔💔💔💔😭

  • 👍👍🤝🤝👏👏👏❤❤❤ it was a dog fight and the US dog killed the ISIS Pakistan sponsored DOG. Love it. Fuck these bastards

  • Great job by President Trump! This horrific man terrorized Men,Women, and Children because of there beliefs. We need to recognize that here in America! We might have different beliefs but we all love the fact that our country is prosperous and we have the freedom to believe they way we want to believe provided to us by our Constitution! Respect each other, even thou we have different beliefs. Don t let the media divide us.

  • Rofl what a pathetic copycat act. Trying to look as intelligent as Obama. Thinking killing one insignificant individual will get him reelected. He will be dead in days if he gets reelected

  • Annnnd the US keeps bombing people in countries without anybodies permission.
    Any of you morons that think this was to kill some made up leader, is living in another dimenssion.
    This is just more intrusion into Syria to tell Assad the US "owns" the country and they are going to take the oil out of it.
    Thank you. Don't go around wondering why the rest of the world hates your guts.

  • Bernhard Weinviertel says:

    They should catched him alive and bring him to the father of the burned Pilot. He would exactly know what to do with this scumbag. But know he burns in hell.

  • John Bender Cigarette Smoking Man says:

    The chief terrorist of all terror group leaders in the world is Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel. Yeah, you know such a comment will only come from me, the original Bender, the one anonymous antizionist Jew. Mossad doesn't care about Bibi. He is hiding like a coward dog too behind the Shin Bet. Because he knows sooner or later he is going to be taken out too. Not by the Arabs and Muslims. But by Jews like us who know that the current state of "Israel" is fake and evil to the core.

  • Fox is censoring comment content on all of their storys on this item. Bet bill barr sent a threatening letter to censor listener content or else.

  • how nice, first you insult dogs(the most faithful of animals) to a monster, then you tweet about the hero dog??? What an idiot!!!

  • Terrorists are made and killed by same country..
    The so called leaders are making innocent people fool.
    Fuck bahdadi..fuck terrorists

  • All patriots join your State militia immediately Donate what weapons you can spare.Explovise experts ied knowledge and experence helpfull.We are taking our country back NOW!

  • This was a classical fake news event, even Trump in his announcement himself said it was not different to Hollywood movies.

    Someone gave Trump a good reason to divert attention from his impeachment proceedings which were gaining steam closing down on him. With this obviously another Osama bin Laden sequel, now all the news in all the private media corporations outlets will be chanting this propaganda of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi death 24/7/30 . A man with 9 lives, since it's not the first time that he has been pronounced dead but magically appears in another country alive.

    I won't be surprised if he gets another make up as the new more dangerous character with a new name of a terrorist organization which he will be the new number one leader.

  • The details is that they will tie in OBAMA who's funded al-Baghdadi. Obama in his book said if the winds change in a different direction, he would side with his Muslim people, meaning if war breaks out against America.

  • So, he said, "go take 'im out with the military. Ok. *sniff*. Congratulations.
    The military said, "we have 'im", and he said, "go get 'im". what's he gonna do not go get 'im?
    I keep hearing all this about Baghdadi, mmm, Uh Uh. And he gets all this credit?
    It's a lot of crap!

  • This comment will be deleted quickly, i am sure. This is the fourth time big daddy has been killed. Of all the "news" channels, you still believe this one?

  • The reason Abu al Baghdadi rose to power and created ISIS can be partially blamed on President Obama withdrawing
    our soldiers from Iraq setting off this whole nightmare in northern Iraq and parts of Syria.

  • The comment section makes me want to weep. This is like the fifth or sixth time that Baghdadi died. He's like Kenny from South Park. It's the same moviescript over and over again. They are finally going to ''dump him in the sea'', so that probably means the end of this Baghdadi character. It meant the end for Bin Laden. So they'll now probably create a new character that they will also kill a dozen times.

    So many people have a memory of a gold fish. It's really sad to see.

  • Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi took children with him because he was an evil guy that knew that military intelligence would have to work around the murder of children. In truth, our intelligence knew this guy's location and, certainly, there have always been plenty of covert Information Specialists to track the guy. Our military intelligence and our soldiers have our hearts, our respect and our thanks for risking their lives everyday. It is a thankless job. But trump criticized Obama openly for not "killing" this man sooner. While trump may see things simply, nothing is ever simple. The devil never sleeps. If this was something that required the approval of the oval office, one has to wonder about the timing of this event. Maybe this will whitewash trumps low ratings. Trump gloats, showboats, hotdogs, brags and uses the foulest language to accept all the credit for this event. Any other president would reflect with somber for the innocent children/persons that were murdered. Not trump. Not trump. He could care less who dies and what the cost is. Whether it's innocent children at the border or someone's babies in the middle east. Maybe this will finally win trump his supporters and win him another term. Trump will brag, brag and brag that the world is safer place and that we can thank him. Trump cannot contain himself with the sick and morbid details as he describes the guy's death. I wondered if he needed to change his underwear after. If Congress cannot remove this sick psychopath, i suspect we will vote him out. And hopefully he will be imprisoned to boot. As long as he doesn't get presidential pardon.

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