25 thoughts on “How The Media Spreads Trump's Lies”

  • Think about this in conjunction with BuzzFeed and Huffington Post laying off 1,000 journalists back in January. Left-wing papers don't have the leverage to re-frame the narrative anymore. This was all intended.

  • Αλέξανδρος Κατσούλας-Λιακόπουλος says:

    So when they uncritically spread his own lies, they actually prove him right in calling them the enemy of the people. The IRONY…

  • Shite Channel full of TYreTarded children that like to eat propaganda sandwiches. Send fatty your money. He needs your money. He cares about you. He really does. Now send him your money.

  • So, if someone on the young Turks posted anything that they had an opinion on and Twitter didn't like it. You think they should just be able to shut you up? No matter what it is???

  • These steaming turds are the biggest hypocrites on the planet… all they do is spew lies… The media outlets have done this to themselves… they are horrible at being neutral… socialism, political correctness and multiculturalism are promoted to the nth degree… this leftist agenda turns rational red blooded patriotic Americans despise them

  • Helena Anderson says:

    I just wanted to let you know that I didn't really need that information. Whenever I watch one of your overly dramatized videos, I just give you the benefit of the doubt and automatically assume the content is fake.

  • Tyt talking about fake news, this is rich. You guys are the very essence of fake news, there isnt a worse more bias news source on youtube

  • The truth, like the arc toward freedom and democracy, will not be denied in the end. Trolls and oligarchs, your days are numbered and your cause is failing.

  • Attacks on intellectualism, demonizing of science, fear of learning. Now we express our selves with expletives.

  • Kenneth Hoffman says:

    Poor TYT… In the beginning they were like a new, shiny bronze statue of a mighty sword bearing, avenging warrior. At least that's what they tried to MAKE YOU BELIEVE. Now they're just COMPLETELY MAKE BELIEVE and so covered with their own bull shit even the pigeons stopped coming to dump on them…WHOA LOOKOUT! THE SWORD FELL OFF! GET OUT OF THE WAY!.

  • Mark Sanders says:

    The only fake news coming out these days is from Trump….media outlets that does not massage his ego is considered fake news

  • The punitive response to the civil rights movement has bore fruit.
    Education, participation, equity, original thought are now countered by heuberous, and belligerence.
    Quick to judge. Quick to anger. Slow to understand. Ignorance and prejudice walk hand in hand.

  • Do not use their language! When Trump throughs out meaningless goop do not latch on to it. The meaningless blurts are intended to controlle dialogue and discourse. Like rats in a maize we become predictable. We seek affirmation by hearing these grunts and snorts shot back at us.
    The Republicans and the Democrats are tag team wrestlers.

  • Kenneth Hoffman says:

    Yo TYTurds… You want to talk 'lies? You must, because after holding my nose through a few of your bull shit sessions it obvious that's all you are capable of. It's in your 'mission statement'.

    If you clowns worked in a real world environment with others you would be the ones who were marginalized because all you did was gossip, play personalities, back stab and otherwise have all day bull shit sessions and smoke breaks. Nobody who was productive would have a thing to do with you. When business got slow and layoffs came you clowns would be the first out the door, and would be stunned as you were so OBLIVIOUS you didn't realize you were on the bubble. In a way, you are lucky you have fabricated this little online circle jerk that tells young minds full of nothing more than a sense of entitlement and adolescent bull shit what they want to hear. Otherwise you'd be in chronic poverty.

  • Kenneth Hoffman says:

    "The Hill? More like The Shill?" Besides being The Bernie Bot World Headquarters, what the shit are you assholes, TYT? Please clarify… we need the laughs…..

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