How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Impacting Kids’ Mental Health  | NBC Nightly News


48 thoughts on “How The Coronavirus Pandemic Is Impacting Kids’ Mental Health | NBC Nightly News”

  • Shame on making children afraid of their own environment, all on account of adult hysteria. Our society needs to grow a pair.

  • Kids I have a message I received today. You dont have to study the bible. The Mark of the Beast will soon be. The third semester will be skipped to exams. Just remember God said. Do not take the Mark. XXX.

  • I guess this is what it looks like when kids realize that their parents don’t have answers and are not the real authority.
    Parents tell kids “go to their room and deal with it. Come out when I tell you”, the government tells parents “take your kids and go to your rooms and deal with it”.

  • I'm in 8th grade and it's my last year in my middle school and I was hoping this would be the best year but everything I was exited for are all canceled and I have not been happy about it and just hope this might be over soon

  • SingleEdge Sword says:

    Trump, feel the pain now? All these are the bitter results by praising Xi and all these years collaborations with CCP by Democrats. Time to wake up and strangle this evil regime.

  • lunar animatics says:

    I a kid I feel depressed more than ever and I miss my friends and it is hard I feel so stress and tired I never get to sleep cuz of this I drink more coffee and it bad I know but anything to stay awake I have to do it. ??

  • These kids will be fine. They are in a nice cozy home with a family that clearly cares about them. Worried about the kids who don't have that.

  • Mental health problems Because they have to play video games all day and eat pizza? Go to the slums of Manila where they dont have any clean water, and live in a small room with 10 others and ill show you what mental probelms look like

  • Kids are very resilient they don't need us to tell them they are damaged by this experience. They are doing just fine as long as we dont convince them otherwise.

  • Read the Bible, and gain wisdom = divine way to reason/think on every problem, or event in this life. Have the kids treat other good, like they want to be treated – Matthew 7:12. The LORD be with the good. We love you from here✌️?

  • I see something else . I've been grounded for months . Just another excuse and a staged agenda. Good acting though.

  • Juci Shockwave says:

    These kids are well to do… they'll be fine. I am more concern over the kids who live in the ghettos, rough neighborhoods with drug and gun violence, along with family members who resent their existence because mom didn't abort them rather prefer they live in miserable existence in order for said family to get a check from the government (Welfare)… they I worry the most and send more love to. These kids shown in the video are middle to upper classes… rich families…. they don't have to worry about anything. Also notice how none of them are in broken houses or poor neighborhoods… nor have I seen them interview a single black kid…. WTF? >_>

  • Let’s pray and fast together says:

    Kid: No one has the answers.
    God has them all. (Matthew 24:7 For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in divers places.) perfectly describes the times we are in and it is just the beginning

  • The Righteous do not sin:

    Don't forget about God in anything you do
    Don't do anything for a false idol
    Don't speak of God carelessly
    Don't work to serve the flesh or force anyone else to work to serve the flesh(Sabbath is Holy, stay Holy always)
    Thank/Honor God and mother's who do God's Will
    Don't murder or commit violence
    Don't make or break promises
    Don't Lie, not even about your thoughts
    Don't steal anything that is rightfully someone else's
    Don't hold on to thoughts of violating any of these things.

    AND BELIEVE IN THOSE WHO GOD SENDS! (Prophets/Jesus) spend your extra
    time checking people against scripture to find out who is who.

    HAVE TO DO! Then you will "work" for God. Buts its hardly work, mainly
    just restraint.. the only thing you are supposed to actually do is thank
    God, unless you actually know a mother who does God's will (doubt it)

  • StarGazer kawaii says:

    They aren't asking the opinions of kids who are from low income families who are close to being evicted just kids that have to miss their dance recital. My sister is a single mom of 3 kids and is unofficially fostering a toddler. Unofficially because she couldn't take time off to do the classes to make it official. So no money from the state.

  • Some health tips for yourself and your family

  • Kimberly Howard says:

    The way it's being handled is impacting my mental health!!! these kids should only know information that is at their developmental age. They should be carefree and playing in their yard and board games, not sending messages to the public about an adult problem. Families can word what's going on in a light hearted way, like we are having a big flu season and now you gets lots of free time sweety, go play. Parents should watch their news at night time and not around their children.

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