How supermarkets invent vegan meals | Supermarket Secrets – BBC

How supermarkets invent vegan meals | Supermarket Secrets – BBC

One of the biggest new food trends became a mass movement
thanks to social media. Veganism. Now, there’s a trend
that’s come right out of the blue. A year ago, being a vegan
wouldn’t have had mainstream appeal. Today, it’s everywhere. Whether it’s for ethical reasons, to save money
or simply to be healthier, swapping animal products for plants
is a rocketing trend – a trend now worth
almost £600 million a year. Tesco are taking
the trend so seriously that they have just hired
a head of plant-based innovation – top American vegan chef Derek Sarno. Why do Tesco feel they need
a head of this department? Well, I helped convince them
that they did because it’s not only a trend,
but it’s here to stay. And if we’re going to look
to the future of food, we really need to incorporate
more plants in our diet. This growth can’t have come about
by purely vegans, can it? No, I don’t think so. And I don’t think that’s how
it’s going to move forward. It’s the meat-eaters
that want to eat more vegetables and incorporate more vegetables
in their life. That’s what’s going
to make it grow. That’s me. That’s you, exactly. That’s me.
That’s what we want. That’s what I want to attract –
you to eat the food that I’m making. Yeah. I don’t want
to give up meat completely. I just want to be healthier
and eat more veg. Exactly. Any reason to eat more veg
is a good reason. To try and boost vegan sales
amongst even the meat-eaters, Derek is going after one of
their favourite pieces of flesh – the grilled steak. But surely he can’t replicate
the succulent meatiness of steak without a good piece of beef, or can he? Derek believes
there is one vegan ingredient that will satisfy meat-eaters
more than any other. Hey! These look like
a load of yule logs. Hidden in the darkness of a huge,
damp warehouse near Liverpool is Derek’s secret weapon –
mushrooms. Grown on hardwood logs that
mimic their natural environment, these fleshy fungi are what
Derek is pinning his hopes on. How many of these logs
have you got in here? We’ve got 15,000 logs. What is it about mushrooms
that’s meaty? It’s just that chewiness. I can’t find anything
that’s all natural that reminds me of meat
more than mushrooms. A mushroom’s meaty taste comes from
a chemical called glutamate. Glutamate gives food a rich,
savoury flavour. It’s what makes
a dry-aged steak taste so good, and mushrooms are full of it. But the joy of steak
isn’t just its meaty flavour. For his mushroom to work, Derek needs a meaty texture,
as well, and for that, he’s relying on
one very special type of mushroom. These are the brown
oyster mushrooms. They have the steak qualities
that we’re looking for because these petals right here,
these are going to be the layers. So, they’re going
to help create this marbling that we’re going to do like
you would have in a normal steak. It certainly doesn’t look
much like a steak yet, but Derek has
a new cooking technique he thinks will change that. Show me how you are going to turn that mushroom into a steak,
please. OK. Why compress it like that?
What is that doing? It is making it super dense. By squashing a mushroom, you can
make it into a meaty texture? Yes. This isn’t cooking it. No.
This is changing the texture. Yes, very much so. It takes ten minutes
of constant pressure to transform the mushroom. Whoa! To me, right now,
that doesn’t look like a steak. That looks like some ribs.
That’s crazy, though, right? Yeah! This is the three stages here,
right? Un-pressed, mid-pressed, impressed.
DEREK LAUGHS I’m not sure whether
it’s going to taste like meat, but it looks like something
I really want to get stuck into. Yeah, it’s delicious. But does it taste
as meaty as it looks? That tastes like meat. That tastes like crispy,
well-seasoned fat with meat underneath. Thank you. That tastes like a piece of meat.
Thank you. I know. No, I’m telling myself.
I can’t believe it. And that crispy edge is, like…
All of it, it just brings it alive. Look, I have
a certain reputation to uphold, but I love that. OK. I love that. As clever as you are, I know
there is a world of difference between you and I and a barbecue
and commercial viability. Can you gear this up?
I know I can get it on the shelf. How I’m going to do it,
I’m not sure. BOTH LAUGH That’s honest. Right?
That’s honest. Right? But this is your mission, right?
This is the mission. With the new meat-free market
now worth over half a billion and rising,
the stakes are high. But can Derek turn
this beautiful barbecue feast into a production-line ready meal? The mushroom steak,
as amazing as it is, it’s a little too pricey
and a little bit complicated to scale up at the moment.
It’s one thing to cook at home, but it is such a different story
to cook for 2,000 people. Derek’s discovered there is
no factory machine out there that can compress his mushrooms. You can see how that might be
a little bit difficult in a commercial kitchen, unless I have 100 guys
on the lines doing it. So, now he’s experimenting
with an alternative and slightly easier-to-produce
mushroom meal. I have been working on
another solution, which is an Asian-style
pulled, like, pork. Like, I used to eat pulled ribs,
pulled pork. I’m taking that concept
and putting that also into a dish. It’s a spicy, Asian-style
pulled mushroom barbecue, which Derek hopes
still delivers a meaty punch. Derek now has to get his new mushroom dish ready for the shelves. Thankfully, he finds a supplier who can make his mushroom dish
on a production line, and he is able
to fast-track this product. And now, four months after we first
looked at mushrooms in a dark shed, Derek’s new vegan ready meal
has become a reality. I’m here at the supplier’s
head office to get a sneak preview. Here we go. That’s proper bang-on. The texture is great. Some mushrooms
go a little bit slippery. This isn’t. Yeah. This is firm. I don’t find this as remarkable
as the steak. No? Because there, the mushrooms
felt like steak. Yeah, yeah. Here, this is about the quality
of the flavour. It’s clear Derek is on
a steep learning curve, but that’s what happens
when a hippie vegan chef joins a massive supermarket. It’ll be interesting to see
what he comes up with next.


100 thoughts on “How supermarkets invent vegan meals | Supermarket Secrets – BBC”

  • That oyster mushroom recipe, without Greg's chirpy chappy voiceover:

  • Ironic Maiden says:

    Lmao veganism is not here to stay, just wait for the malnutrition to catch up with them and they'll crawl back to meat and eggs

  • Adam Nilsson says:

    Veganism is a religious ideology that secretly craves animal products and tries to make vegetables taste like it with sugar and other unnatural things such as startches and extracts, but not allowed to listen to their body and eat the real deal.

  • If you want to eat plants then do it. If you want to eat meat and other animal products then do it. Just don't try and take the high horse and think you're better than others over your choice of diet.

    I'll stick to eating animal products.

  • Add more plants in our diet really what crap by the media corporations with the exception of the stupid English-speaking nations most of the world eat more plants then meat.
    One more thing we have evolved to eat meat our stomach acids have a high ph for a reason we need meat or will get sick enough is a enough. It’s like the raw milk thing every one in English speaking nations have to drink pasteurised milk while it’s okay for the queen and her family to drink raw.

  • Why vegan claim that eating meat it's bad for health can someone explain me or give me some reference to search

  • but making "meat sale" food is going against your body natural instincts.. your body is craving it thats why you want something similar to meat

  • ZeeZee Zputnik says:

    Surely a compression machine with a heat function would not be too difficult to create in order to create those mushroom steaks? 😑 Commission an engineering company and make a prototype in about 2 weeks, lol, it can be done.

  • Raymond Groot says:

    One of the big things that is often left unmentioned IMHO, is that your taste pallet is somewhat malleable. These companies want to transfer you from meat to meat replacement, but I regularly have a slice of cabbage instead of my burger slice abs have gotten to love it. I grew up strongly disliking larger mushroom, but enjoy it regularly now. I think meat replacements can present a cost argument for people willing to transition – try simple veggie meals with some staples, you likely don't have the refined taste of a chef, so you'll likely be able to prep a satisfying meal with absolute basics.

  • Joshua obaga says:

    I’m a chef that isn’t vegan, but I love the challenges and complexities that veganism present in the context of making EVERYONE love a meal. Mushrooms have been a particular passion for me for a couple years for this reason. It can definitely supplement the human craving for meat, and if prepared correctly, can be even better in some cases.

    The process he presented in compressing the layers of oyster mushrooms to bind them and then grill them with a glaze is such a great idea that I will definitely be trying out soon. It looks just like ribs (I’m sure it doesn’t taste the same), and that’s inspiring for me as I have a 7 course vegan menu to develop and prepare within the next two weeks. Great to see hearty vegan food that everyone can eat (although India and China have always had plethora of great vegan food).

  • This is cool and everything but when I want a steak I eat a steak, when I want veggies I eat veggies. No point trying to fool yourself with an imitation

  • I'm only at 1:36 of the video but two things annoy me: they suggest vegan food is healthier and that you need to eat vegan meals to eat more veg??? wtf

  • Kirill Obraztsov says:

    "hippy vegan chef"? oh fuck you lol. carnests trying to make a joke out of everything. yall gonna be on the wrong side of history one of these days. also pro tip, vegtable heme is what gives a meat taste to the impossible burger so maybe put some of that as a flavoring. i will have to experiment with the oyster mushrooms. theres also a bacon mushroom, look into that

  • Darragh O'Reilly says:

    A plant based lifestyle is the only option going forward in this world and that’s that! Humans are not supposed to eat animal products and that’s a fact.

  • Michael Goldstein says:

    YouTube is full of vegan content makers who got very sick after being vegan for a long time. It's not a healthy diet long-term. It might be ethical, but if it makes people sick then it's no wonder it's being pushed by the establishment.

  • Nataleigh Jones says:

    Then there's people like me who are highly likely to get allergic to ingredients found in most vegan products.

  • H.B.C. Reloaded says:

    “A trend that’s here to stay”…well, if it is then it would be the first , there’s been dozens of diet fads over the years but for some reason huge corporations are all on board (?) That should clue you in that it’s not an real movement, it’s top down greenwashing/brainwashing/control.

    It’s ridiculous that almost every single celebrity (influencers)has “gone vegan “ in the last few years. 😐

    Nobody is going to make it on just beans and salad so they’ve got plenty of lab concocted fake meat, milk and cheese for you, dupe.

    It’s such transparent manipulation and propaganda it makes you wonder if most people are literally sleep walking through life.

  • Gareth David says:

    Veganism is damn unhealthy… it's a stupid way to kill yourself slowly. It deteriorates your health over time, even check on youtube how vegans are leaving the cult or how most ofthem en up with brittle bones, teeth and health problems.

  • All you do is take normal meals and take the meat out. It isnt rocket science, people who eat meat, also eat vegan meals just that they dont need to make youtube videos about it like stupid vegans.

  • Oh come on now, most people know you need to eat your veggies to be healthy. This is no trend it’s back to eating real Whole Foods. 90% of what’s sold in stores is just processed, packaged junk.

  • Danny Tonnessen says:

    This same trend was popular from 2000-2005… it died!




    Awww but that’s only the bad vegans… WE know what we’re doing! NO, YOU DON’T! You’re just as cruel and abusive, you just don’t see, or understand, the damage you’re doing, BUT YOUR KIDS WILL SUFFER AND THEY WILL TELL YOU EXACTLY HOW MUCH ONE DAY… WELL IF YOU BOTH SURVIVE LONG ENOUGH TO HAVE THAT TALK!

  • @sortedfood should give the mushroom steak a go and sample the new meal and then see which one they like better!

  • A vegan diet doesn't contain naturally occuring complete essential fatty acids, it's deficient and only should be followed if you take a totally firm ethical stance against eating animals. However, consuming animals is perfectly natural for humans given that they provide what we need for optimal health. Take care of yourself:)

  • julie Wallis says:

    “With the new meat free market worth over half a billion and rising, the stakes are high!”……..

    Me: no, the steaks are plant based!

  • If you want to be vegan but can't get over the fact that you will no longer consume meat and constantly looking for meat taste alternatives, I am thinking that you got it all wrong in the first place. The point is to go for a healthy plant based variety, naturally enriched with proteins, minerals and vitamins without the need to consume animal (taste) products. Veganism is not just salads and fruits, it's about choosing wisely what you eat. Vegan junk food (which is in fact trending) is just as bad as your ordinary meaty- junk meal, it's a processed product full of chemicals.

  • We are not herbivores people c'mon .. Use your brain..
    You can't get vitamin B12 you can't get vitamin D you can't get creatine you cannot get adequate vitamin A if any at all from plants…
    In supplements don't really work so what's your plan?? Lab meat? Oh yeah I'm sure it's perfectly healthy what could go wrong?😒
    You should all know that beta carotene is not vitamin A

  • Eat more veg……..its laden in glysophates from monsanto chemicals. Should be a good rise in cancer due to endocrine disruptors.

  • Nacho Eremita says:

    yeah! cool! but you know… we not only eat for the "fleshy textureblabla" it's about the nutrition and give the body the materials, a mushroom cant never give the thing that are in meat. eating fake meals is the future? it's already look like that with all that packages colored flavored pretty fake food.

  • Jita'ame suluma says:

    i will never give up meat , i am part native american , we are meat eaters , i gave up before and i missed it

  • hahaha vegans obsessed about eating non animal products that reminds them of the animal taste :))) why arent they obsessed with the taste of crappy antinutrients ?! sprinkle some sugar on it :))))

  • ThatsPhotography says:

    let's face it, Vegans practices extremism, unless you have a medical condition, a balanced meal is the solution. Vegans take it to the extreme and only consume 1 side of the food chain. The exact definition of extremism and the extremist vegans demonstrates these characteristics; against any compromise with the other side, demonize the other side, etc…

    balance well rounded diet over any form of extreme spectrum of food diets.

  • Indiana Lawrie says:

    It’s so frustrating that the presenter takes such a condescending tone when discussing veganism. Sure, he can imply that vegans are “libtards” or “trend followers” but at least we don’t support an industry that slaughters, rapes and tortures innocent animals on a massive scale. He even seems to take pride in it.

  • Pamela A Saur says:

    Why that obsession with creating “vegan meet”.??!!! The idea of veganism is to say no to animal based food!! Not to copy meat 🤦🏻‍♀️ I found those “vegan” steaks, chicken, etc, just ridiculous!

  • Nishant Jain says:

    If people are finding non veg items texture taste etc. Then they're actually not vegetarian … They are still hypocrites !

  • Insects will be the future food source… Don't need much to mass produce them.
    With a world were fresh water is depleting, global warming and constant deforestation for crops&cattle even if we leave this planet to another (which is unlikely for most of the population and the nearby planets are inhospitable ) we will surely eat bugs.

  • FARM_ BOYO-_- says:

    Still going to eat meat. End of story. The thing is he chose one of the most hated vegetables so i won’t be touching it

  • monika yordanova says:

    So many vegan stereotypes in one video. They kept on calling it hippie or a trend, which is far from representative of the vegan community. I did like the video overall though mostly because it reflected on the huge dietary shift in food production we are experiencing and the fact that it talked about the fact that non-vegans eating plant based meals from time to time are also having a positive contribution to this movement 🙂

  • It's refreshing to have a guy on TV who isn't an overwhelming personality, that vegan guy who so chill and mature.

  • nothing lastsforever says:

    Why does this fraud constantly getting invitations to be on different kind of shows? Is there any good chef left in the UK?
    Impossible to believe someone with this kind of poor presentation and insights can be on BBC..

  • Lmao why didn't he mention "saving the environment" when he was listing the benefits … It's one of the biggest reasons

  • Eating vegetables makes me shit a lot. Eating meat, makes me normal. Vegans do more damage to the environment, shipping their precious fruits and vegetables from all around the world. People never use to eat fruit and vegetables year round. It was primarily animal products. Veganism only came around because of refrigeration. Funny how they try to replicate meat in their recipes.

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