14 thoughts on “How Social Media Shapes Identity | Ulrike Schultze | TEDxSMU”

  • heathenbreathinfire says:

    I've stepped away from Social Media mostly excepting Youtube, and that is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life. Failbook was such a huge emotional energy drain that I never realized how much I felt like half a person 'til I stepped away, for example. I remember that in the 90's and 2000's, sites that had bulletin boards, chat programs like MIRC to a lesser extent or particularly forums, had intense, developing, continuous extended conversations that could last years, or perhaps a decade! These would develop on the nuance of a certain topic or topics, and generally involve a very high level of intellectual development and intense discourse or debate, regardless of the topic. Yes, there were awful trolls or those times of being too emotionally charged that a conversation would turn "toxic" and start a flame war, but really, it wasn't all that commonplace as compared to today, where nearly any site for Social Media specifically, like Failbook for example, or containing such a function like the aforementioned forums, would inevitably be entirely taken over in it's leadership by Social Justice Warriors and a neonazi leftist ideology, where even freedom of thought or expression is no longer tolerated whatsoever! We can see the most prime examples of this in the new attempt to push a 3 year jail sentence for "Offensive Content" being posted on Social Media by both Australia and New Zealand, or in the SJW's taking ownership over even Linux and many other things to ruin and defile them despite never having any real hand in being a creator or supporter of the platform in any way, on the false premise of assumed victimhood. Just look at how the SJW's killed the Boy Scouts!! This is beyond shameful, and until people wake up from becoming the shambling, zombie hordes they are now, we are effectively doomed…

  • I think I don't know people who plays or played second life and if they're use it nowadays, but the game itself it's a giant metaphor for what thing have turned into today in the way of how we communicate trough social media

  • scarlet poppyfield says:

    Social media is allowing artificial intelligence to get into your head………… is mass brain washing. It is destroying human communication skills

  • Adeline Specht says:

    It would be wise for her to work on her presentation skills. It is hard to focus on her message because of all of the "um"s. I understand she is likely nervous, but unfortunately that doesn't make it easier to listen to her.

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