45 thoughts on “How social media makes us unsocial | Allison Graham | TEDxSMU”

  • neworleans 1990 says:

    honestly people think their introverts and like to flaunt it because it makes them feel o so unique guess what take away social media, tv, video games, and anything to do with living through a screen and guess what will happen bam extroverts? funny huh? lol

  • neworleans 1990 says:

    or you can just pay for minutes and text and no internet plan if you have a flip phone there is plans where you get like 500mg of internet then slow speeds can’t do much with that lol

  • What do you want me to tell you? People want to be inundated with intrusive, invasive devices that dehumanize us. It's the new thing.

  • Easy to walk away from my phone for a hour, if the waves are good then 3 to 4 hours…
    However I stop all social media accounts in the last 5 years

  • Nathan Laing says:

    Sad to see people in my life who insist that they are being interrupted when someone attempts to talk to them while they are watching TV, scrolling Facebook, etc.

  • Decent message but it’s presented, and arguably aimed at older generations… which are likely not the ones experiencing the majority of the things she’s speaking about… (know your audience) this is borderline an old woman complaining about young people on her lawn at this point.

  • people have forgotten to enjoy life,they actually do stuff,take pictures to show off….seeking validation at all times is disastrous….

  • ….The only time i don't use my cell phone is when I'm at work, the boss says, NO! Otherwise, I would be on it all day, thank you boss….lol.

  • My coworkers are in their offices uploading from social media and god forbid you interrupt them. Lol. I have one good friend because I hate people. Seriously.

  • The fact is, socializing is a part of our nature, humans are supposed to communicate that’s a part of who we are. Although when we do socialize we find people who are toxic to us, but this will happen to everyone so you can’t just be alone because you have ran into a few toxic people. Running into these people will just teach you lessons and better you, try to stay positive about everything and don’t be negative about lessons you have learned.

  • Alex Schemery says:

    These comments are all people on social media, patting themselves on the back for not using social media yikes

  • Where I live it's gotten so bad that people quit their jobs via text. As a matter of fact, many will stop showing up to work without explanation. Social media encourages people to have no accountability.

  • I call this the clash and drift away from purpose and intent: Technology, Gadgets and Social media were designed to make our lives better and connect us closer to those we care about and the world. but, unfortunately, it has driven us far apart. we must see technology as a tool, how we use it determines the outcome of our lives.

  • TheJellymonty says:

    Is that glitter on her neck-chest area? Just wondering why she has glitter on her chest. But I agree completely with this.

  • My boyfriend is more addicted to his smart phone, than I am. I am cutting down my social media footprint, I want him to do the same. I don't want my daughters to be addicted to their smart phone and social media. I deactivated my Twitter account. I have cut down on going on Facebook and I don't go on Instagram all the time either. I have done some things to stop myself from looking at my phone and it has helped me

  • Rebecca Maddux says:

    Let's get one thing straight, the house wife down the street doesn't have the same destructive nature with online addiction as, say, an Instagram influencer. This video assumes that everybody uses social media in the same way and the consequences are universal. We go back ten years, we'd hear the same argument being made about telephones, radios and TV's, yet nobody complains about 90’s technology anymore. This debate happens every new generation, technology changes and people change with it. This isn’t a sure bad thing, it can be in excess but that’s the case with most things. For example, in the video she complains about the shortening of language skill. However, language is always evolving, and adapting to the needs of its users, and this isn't necessarily a bad thing. The change is so slow and only noticeable when the older generation stop to grumble about the “dumber vocabulary” used by the younger generation. This is nothing new, If you go back a couple more centuries it’s like a different language. At one point the use of contractions such as, they're, we're, you're, where considered slang. It's debatable that what she's really arguing here is the focus of western individuality in main cultural, social media simply propels the ideology. After all, it's much easier to fear monger, and use "modern technology" as a scapegoat for our growing problems in America, then face the real problem with in ourselves.

  • I hate all these comments of users bragging how they quit social media. Good for you. Toot your own horn, pat yourself on the back- exactly what Facebook was anyway.

  • Pfff i miss those old days, without any social media platforms. People were more alive. Social media is undoubtedly and slowly destroying us from the inside and the outside. I just pray that one day, we humankind are gonna recognize this problem and do something about it.

  • There is nothing more powerful than face to face interaction. Because technology is now the fundamental part of communicating i.e, texting on our cell phones , communicating via social media platforms, we fall into this doing this consistently everyday 7 days a week. From this we have the power of now not being responsive to messages which we may receive, or have the time to get back to, or simply to avoid a conversation with someone. Apart from family members, How many times do people actually pick up a phone to ask how a friend is, who you may not have spoke to for a while etc. I think we can fall into making a lack of effort sometimes in communicating , and in years to come loneliness and depression will be experienced more and more with people who are actually struggling with this non-verbal communication wave which we have in our everyday lives.

  • Ahsomecosplayer says:

    And this is why we need flip phones again. No social media, no internet. Just text, call, and camera baby. Boy I miss the early 2000s. We need to make a petition to make flip phones come back. Who agree?

  • I'am 21, i got into social media when I was 13. It was the biggest mistake of my life. Now that i'am aware of the situation, im saying goodbye to social media.

  • Stri Bakkiri says:

    Also, to thze average human type being it is normal, to record anything and everything, share it wherever disregarding whomever appears in thze material. Recording material, in thze form of images and videos, as observed by Theodorius Ghandeli.
    Thze beings not doing that, or opposing this, are being seen and thought of as not being normal [anymore].

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