23 thoughts on “How social media breathes life into the Irish language | Teresa Lynn | TEDxFulbrightDublin”

  • This is utter rubbish — education does absolutely nothing for some.

    What about those of us who wish to revert back to the font used in the 1950's and removing the "h"? — I avoid Facebook and Twitter like the plague. I despise these clowns who promote Facebook and Twitter. I live very well without either Facebook or Twitter!

  • Love this, I’m living in the Bronx and wish I could speak GAELIC with others as I love it,being from Donegal in Ireland

  • GhostRaverShuffleWTF says:

    I was born in the US but i am of strong Irish heritage. I've dicided to learn Gaelige to get closer to my roots, which i am very interested in from a spiritual stance as I am a Pagan. I hope one day I can visit Ireland and hold conversation with many native speakers, to get a real feel for such a beautiful language. Im sure there are so many sayings that a student wouldn't learn in a classroom setting, that are half of the languages charm. After learning about its endangerment i have been even more inspired to learn this language. My family assimilated here but forgot who they are.

  • Dia duit, tá a fhios agam féin mé as an Afraic Táim i mo chónaí in UAE Dubai Táim ag obair in óstáin Is breá liom Oideachas teanga Aimsigh cara nó cara Teachtaireachtaí agus teangacha a mhalartú agus a mhalartú Má tá comharsana UAE ina dhiaidh sin

  • Co Truly a grey M says:

    I met an old man in Ireland this summer, way out in the middle of nowhere no da ja vu that moment.
    He was dressed old looked old thou his grey hair looked bran new.
    He said he had the oldest name in Ireland..
    His name was older than the Mayan Callander and predates the flood.
    That there once stood an island off the coast of Galway that rests on the sea floor about a mile out.
    His ancestors are named after the island "Hóur"
    That translates into English as Óclóck
    That the Ó'clóck family were responsible for building New Grange.

  • Marcel Gomes says:

    Tá mé Sualainnis. Is breá liom Gaeilge! I lived in Co Cork in the late 90s, we pretty much spoke English though.

  • Aoife Nic Sheain says:

    Is it possible to use the images of the maps d'úsáid na Gaeilge ar Twitter? An bhfuil cead iad a úsáid? (Múinteoir anseo)

  • seo an físeán is fearr go bhfaca mé an tseachtain seo!! ar fheabhas, maith thú agus Gaeilge abú!!!🍀🍀🍀🍀♧♧

  • Isabella Studies says:

    dia daoibh. Is astrálach mé agus táim ag foghlaim Gaeilge ar duolingo. I never thought that I'd be able to learn Irish but I'm so glad that I can now.

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