How Russia Is Disrupting the World Order | NYT News

How Russia Is Disrupting the World Order | NYT News

These are the members of NATO, a military alliance formed in 1949 to protect European countries against the Soviet Union. “Only a strong
defensive alliance could deter them
from further adventures.” NATO now includes
29 countries, including three that are
former Soviet states. “Estonia … Latvia … Lituania.” The Soviet Union may have collapsed, but Russia is still trying
to wield influence over the region and undermine
nations who get in its way. How? By trying to destabilize
America and Europe, and damage their relationship. The goal: to weaken alliances so Russia can more freely
pursue its interests. From cybermeddling
to mind games, here’s how the country and
its leader, Vladimir Putin, excel at geostrategic trolling. One tactic? The method: Invade a foreign nation, reject the outcry and hold the territory. Exhibit A: Just as Ukraine was embarking on a pro-Western course
and possibly joining NATO, Russian-backed rebels
seized Crimea. They’ve been there ever since. And Russia even
built a massive bridge to connect to the area. Method: Stoke instability, claim innocence. Exhibit A: “Little green men.” Russia claimed the
insignia-free forces who took over strategic
locations in Crimea were not the Russian
military, but instead were “separatists.” Putin eventually admitted
that the men were his troops, once Crimea was under control. Method: Posture the military
in provocative ways. Exhibit A: Deploying next generation
nuclear-capable missiles at NATO’s doorstep. Method: Undermine elections, trigger power outages — “Ukraine.” — leak emails. Exhibit A: Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear. These were Russia-linked
hacking entities accused of attacking
America’s elections. The U.S. has indicted 12
Russian military officials for the interference. Use soft power
to hide ugly truths. Method: Host international
sporting events to show you’re a
good global citizen. Exhibit A: the World Cup, which allows Russia
to gloss over charges of human rights abuses
and international isolation. Method: Find a useful megaphone
for your message. Exhibit A: Donald Trump. The U.S. president
has been reluctant to criticize Putin
for his country’s actions. “And I might even end up
having a good relationship, but they’re going: ‘President Putin
is K.G.B,’ and — you know what,
Putin‘s fine.” That’s made it
easier for Russia to achieve its aim of
weakening the world order.


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  • The rope that Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has sold to the USA is A-bad – Don – allturd
    Trump. Rev 9 : 11 . Trump is truly the Destroyer in all he says and does. America soon
    to be kicking and tweeting in the wind…… uh- oh ugh twisting… ?

  • The so-called world order is satanic and Russia is more than welcome to destroy it. America has shown it's true colors as a devilish state after the demise of the USSR

  • What a load of crap! Using Trump as the last soundbite is to make us believe it is all Trump's fault. With crap like this, it is the NYT's fault.

  • Yep Russia had a good teacher…The United States. Its ok if we do it. But if Russia does it and is transparent they are evil….BS

  • Seriously, the warmongering US is so despised around the world right now, most people will simply reject this bs propaganda video. Whatever Russia is doing, they know that the US is ten times worse.

  • Jeongwoo Moon says:

    People may not know this but when put in came to real power and moved in to this office he removed the portrait of Lenin and put Peter the Great in its place.

  • America is an empire in decline, they are unable & unwilling to wage war due to obsolete weapons that are useless compared to Russia, China & even Iran. How is it that a $100 million dollar stealth drone is destroyed by Iran, not once but twice. I respect Donald Trump because he knows the current situation & the corruption that makes it impossible for America to fight, let alone win a new war.

  • The whole world is actually laughing that Iran has the technology, the capability to not once, but twice destroy the most sophisticated, most expensive $100 million dollar stealth drones in the American arsenal. For that price, being Stealth,,,, you would expect they can evade radar. No secret Donald Trump,,,, being a demanding Perfectionist, halted war with Iran,,,,because he realizes that America, especially Boeing have been producing crap weapons for years,,,,, they no longer can fight a war with failing weapons.

  • You can be certain within a few years that Boeing will become bankrupt because of sloppy everything within that organization. Their Dreamliner failed, the 737 Max has been the worst failure,,,,, nobody will fly on that jet. The weapons & Drones are proving to be absolute crap,,,,, compared to other military super-powers. I do believe Trump will demand a massive refund for these failing Stealth drones & he has a long history denying payment for projects that do not meet his high standards. Overall the world is laughing at America & it is certain America might find itself isolated with a worthless economy if they continue the policy of sanctions.
    It would actually be in the best interest for America to actually develop a massive trade agreement & mutual respectful understanding with Iran,,,, that mentality creates stability, employment & wealth for everyone. No doubt the Iranians are honest Persians, educated, decent, rational, hard working etc & they want respect & peace. Iran does want normal relations with everyone,,,, yet due to history they also have the right to defend their territory.

  • Putin/Trump/Duterte _ Every countries needed the leaderships like them.., guarantee that there will be no Snowflakes, Crackheads & Sheep.

  • jose de la mata paniagua says:

    Primera mentira la OTAN no se creo para defender a Europa de la Union Sovietica y despues de la Federacion de Rusia,esa es la mayor mentira de la historia,la fundo EEUU para tener el control sobre Europa y la Union Sovietica,para impedirles con su control que pudieran desarrollarse,pero parece ser que ya no puede controlar a la Federacion de Rusia,tampoco a China y da la impresion de que tampoco va a poder controlar a Europa,no es que Rusia este perturbando el orden mundial,es que junto a China y a otras naciones esta creando un nuevo orden mundial y EEUU intenta que no sea asi,pero no podra impedirlo su tiempo se acabo.


    I dont believe this propaganda i came here to order a pizza and u are saying these new world order… what are u saying man i dont understand are u saying the all seeing eyes…? Im here for a pizza….

  • Pedro Gorosviba says:

    Yeah, Russia is welcome. We need more Putins in this world to fight the NEW World Order blood suckers

  • That's why Putin brought his own cup to drink from at the G20 meeting this year. A wine cup can be laced with poison and give the impression of a heart attack. Everyone had arranged seating at the table so it would be easy to spike the wine glass and eating utensils. I didn't see pictures of Putin eating either.

  • Robert Szallavary Sullivan says:

    The NYT, and other 'Controlled' Western Media is a prime factor in contributing to the current frictions in the world order–not the Russian Federation. Your paper flourishes on 'Dupism.'

  • American lies have no frontiers. USA wish to make fools all of the world, but that time is behind us. More and more people realize that USA and UK lost race slowly. As soon as you agresively start to attack it is a sign that you feel fear.

  • JRT 4JUSTICE says:

    Historically speaking, since the end of world war 2, RUSSIA and America has done a pretty good job in keeping the peace within the civilized and industrialized world. The Europeans can’t be trusted…they were responsible for two world wars, the Hundred Years’ , Napoleonic wars, etc…and many more on the continent that has caused over 100 million in lives during the past few hundred years. Has Russia ever invaded Europe? No. But Europe has many times. Screw the new world order the Europeans and the bankers have coveted over the USA and Russia….

  • Emmanuel Ubaha says:

    Nyt talking about putin disrrupting the world order.How could that be when they say russian economy is about the size of south korea.It's defence budget is $46bn.Now compare US military budget is $800 bn not to mention other nato members' budget.Nato has 27 members and russia is just one country.How could such a small economy with military budget of $46 bn disrrupt the world order.This is pure propaganda.This is how nyt keep deceiving their people with lies.Russia is only seeking his interst.

  • Nugget of Truth - Eric King says:

    Thank you for this information. I post predictions that come true. I just posted some new predictions for end of 2019 and beginning of 2020 that you might find interesting.


    America can’t talk about no other country’s. This country lies about everything. Americans will pay for everything they’ve done to others

  • Mohamed A. Hussein says:

    What World Order?
    NYT is just telling us half the story. Their half.
    Propaganda…. Seems like that.
    Not a serious newspaper.

  • Exhibit A: Drop nuclear bombs on city of people,
    Exhibit B: fake Moon landing
    Exhibit C: Invade and bomb country's with natural resources, set up puppet leadership.
    Put your banking cartel in every country in the world, thereby creating world recessions

  • Dimitri Kivokrasov says:

    The conspiracy ideas that you hold dear to you come from a Russian disinformation campaign meant to fool the American public that such fancifull lies are actually true.

    Rockefellers and illuminati as such are all a part of an enlaborate scheme planned and set in 1972 by then department head of foreign espoinage of the KGB. Grigori Maletnikov. With this, the Soviet Union started spreading false news stories to major news outlets, using shell companies to invest in authors with medium scale publishing houses, and yes even funding the American Militia movement.

    All those millions of dollars to see all simple minded Americans running around in fear.

    The Las Vegas shooter was an Ex-GRU soldier named Viyacheslav Gurianov. He helped peddle ideas such as crisis actors for the now present FSB.

    Alex Jones and his company, bank rolled by Russian agent Sergei Mihailov former director of Rosneft, Russia's third largest oil company.

    All you Americans have been played for the last 60 years.

    The wall may have fallen, but your own blood has been spilled. And it was so easy because you Americans are too stupid, gullible, and lazy. All of you are sheep just waiting to be slaughtered. We bankroll your churches and institutions until we can divide you far and wide.

    We already flew past American airspace, a naval base is being built in Cuba east of Havana.
    Another maybe built in Venezuela and not to mention it was Chechen troops who fired upon protestors in Caracas.

    We won.


  • if you ask me all the leading and major power countries are playing double-agents in major game of chess and we people are the figures on that table. russia,us,uk,germany all countries of the world are being manipulated by invisible hands of free-masons aka illuminati for higher agenda and purposes as it fits them.

  • Russia is doing nothing West is not doing to it….. so its a fair game. I don't see Russian military bases surrounding USA? Its very simple Russia will not allow NATO to have upper hand when it comes to first strike capability… it is very simple. Now if those zionist bankers in the USA understood that there would be no problem…

  • The comments section proves how little Americans thing of the main stream media! Incidentally, I'm an American and I don't trust my government or the media.

  • Albertin Iiyambo says:

    he is the savior of the planet earth. he saved venezuela, he saved iran, he saved syria, he saves cuba. look at libya and Irag America and EU are looting, stealing

  • Muhammad Fairouz says:

    The fact that you manage to 'expose' all of this soft tactics is it's you who actually have been doing it for years.. Seriously Americunt? You insult our intelligence like we are 5.. LOLOL dumbo..

  • Ursula Widawska says:

    You stupid Americans, you are incapable to keep order in your own state. You bloody CNN liars. You make me vomit listening to that garbage about Russia you proclaim is true. You stink! Countess Ursula Widawska

  • We need to separate from the Corporations like we separated from the Churches. Not saying to get rid of them because we need them but separate……

  • Twenty million Russian citizens were murdered by the Newyork city bankers backed bolsheviks and the Newyork times reported nothing.I trust the Newyork times don't you?

  • So, the Global Elites under their umbrella group known as Illuminati, who are obviously the one who sponsored this one giant international TV network media, which is just one of those plenty Mocking Bird media's under their influence to spread lies and deceits. Hereby admits in this video, that their plan of One World, one government have repeatedly mentioned on this video.

  • Haha Illuminati put chip in my brain. And now I cant think. They are monsters, pigs, Guinea! Dont trust them. I will put them in prison soon.

  • When I think that the defense of Europe is in Trump's hands, I start to sweat.
    The Americans only have scrap that have not even served to intercept the Yemeni drones launched against Saudi Arabia.

  • Muhammad Aiman Mansor says:

    Already know what The New York Times is all about, just come to see how they react towards the russian govrnment since they're the bigger threats to these families.

  • This track movie is a blsck propaganda for Russia because now Pres.Putin the leader of russia bringing back his country for s develop /high economic development whoch surpasses the US/Europe due his vast natural resources.

  • So queen ?
    While you will steal another one's blood/resources ? …and then claim it as your own ?
    Now thats not really a crown at all.

  • that is a good thing. save uss from pedowood and the rhotchilds. and the devil pope. we hawe menny popes leying in bogs ower here.

  • How Putin is disrupting the new world order there you go I fixed the headline for yah New York Times; just be honest who you work for 😂

  • Eduardo Cortez Cornejo says:

    USSR was creating a new world order too ? They wanted to control everything so Illuminati groups owns the governments from USA and Russia

  • Илья Липатов says:

    Hello from Russia… I see how many people with a sober mind live in Western Countries. It's really great. We have to understand that we all are brothers and sisters… But at the same time Russia and especially Vladimir Putin have done a great job to force the whole world into wars, misunderstanding and hate. From what I see, nevertheless we're living in different countries and in different political and economic systems, we face almost the same problems. I consider we, our children and their children will ever succeed and set peace only in case we throw away our delusions about each other and come together. Peace and prosperity to us all!

  • Putin is playing chess with Trump who is learning checkers. Of course Putin wants to rule the world and to do this without using nukes. It's obvious, control the oil, control the US……….wait to you have to give up GOLD for oil………then who will rule the world………and Trump is leading the pack with Fox news. I'm afraid our freedom is at stake,

  • Actually Russia and China is doing this to the the new world order that formed in the western part or Illuminati that wants to rule the world

  • Invade a foreign nation,(probably oil rich and disturb Israel), reject the outcry and hold the territory. 🧐it might sound like USA policies to me

  • DJI Mavic Videos In 4K says:

    Please make a clip about America invading many countries and changing regimes, can you? Or you are not paid for that? Journalism at its worst!

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