How Rural Hospitals Are Preparing For Coronavirus Patients | NBC Nightly News


13 thoughts on “How Rural Hospitals Are Preparing For Coronavirus Patients | NBC Nightly News”

  • Older and less healthy?! I beg to differ. To suggest that those who live in the country are less healthy is just stupid.

  • Pedro Rodriguez says:

    What state elected officials are suppose to do,look after the needs of the population or waste 3 years trying to impeach the President. 👎🇺🇸🇵🇷

  • Chuck U Farley says:

    I just got this email at the nursing home I work in
    We have recently learned that our supplies have been mysteriously disappearing at an alarming rate (masks, hand sanitizer, etc.).

  • 0.003% is the percentage of americans with corona at this rate after 1 year it might be 6 percent some tidal wave. I now beleive the doctors who say its a media virus.

  • Fear? WTF!!! Rural people are less healthy? Thats BS! We "rurals"eat fresh, organic, seasonal, free- range!!! Feel Me!!! Yeah, put fear into us "slowminded" Rurals ..

  • You could got back to towels during menstrual thingys,,, and put a corn dog stick on a plug, "tampon", and whal lah,,, a nasal swab!!!
    It's a win win! You get the swab, and ya get too eat the corndogs!

  • All the media does is produce FEAR!! Always remember FEAR also shuts down your immune system. Let's keep informed but lets also not live in FEAR. Much love to you all. 💯🙏🏼💚✊🏼💫🙌🏼🌎

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