How QAnon Conspiracy Is Moving Closer To Political Mainstream | Morning Joe | MSNBC


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  • It amuses me to read the comments in this video.
    It's funny to read the comments of sheep who have never been awake once in their whole life that think they're so smart.
    Just wait until all is revealed..

  • To the sheep of our nation:
    Learn for yourself.
    Don't allow the mockingbird media scare you away from knowing the truth.
    Don't allow them to do your thinking for you.
    Don't let them intimidate you by labeling you a, "conspiracy theorist."
    Vindication awaits you.
    Remember, we're not conspiracy theorists like the media is.
    Need I remind you?
    They've been chasing Russian conspiracy theories for three years now.

  • Anon was a neutral enetity that both helped and hurt society, by strengthening security, abolishing attacks on common sense, and pretty much being a private antihero, until they decide to be butts once in a while. Q Anona is a bunch of geeks trying to 'compete' with it by softening their voice and sounding philosophical~ And wise~ And in the know~ Go eat cereal, Q.

  • Only one cure for stupid. Here's to hoping those that are buying into and/or furthering such non-sense find that cure very, very soon. However grateful I would be, I hope they realize I won't send flowers.

  • Why are no one in the GOP wanting to out Qanon? He’s a supposed “insider” in the WH. The Trump WH hates whistleblowers and leakers, Qanon is both. Losers!

  • Q told us about NXIVM and those involved like Keith Raniere and Allison Mack years ago.
    (NXIVM gets outed and exposed)
    Q told us about Jeffery Epstein years ago.
    (Epstein get's arrested for a second time and ends up suspiciously dead.)
    Q told us about Jeffery Epstein spending almost 60 million dollars for concrete work on little St. James Island years ago.
    (Breitbart reports about the money Epstein spent a concrete and a cement mixer earlier this year.)
    There are many other examples like this.
    We have yet to see the video with Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin.
    Coming soon…

  • Get a third party candidate. That will bleed supporters of Dementia 45 and swing the election to the Democrat. Make it happen dingbats.

  • Well, gut your public education system and this is what you reap. Take note Australia because this is where we’re heading 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Ephesians 6:12 "For our battle is against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms

  • Isaiah 8:12 "Do not call conspiracy all that this people calls conspiracy, do not fear what they fear, not be in dread" The ones who call it just a theory are those who fear the truth and scared to enter them doors of knowledge because they have been subconsciously programmed to believe that knowledge comes from the Darkside but we must Rebel against the Darkside programming and seek the truth because truth is much more stranger than fiction

  • Sanctum Sanctorum says:

    “I believe that there is someone out there putting information on the internet”


    How prescient!!

    She’s running for office?


    Trumpturds get your breadcrumbs our cause it will be a show when the traitorous liar ends up in prison with the rest of his crew!

    Ruck Fussia and Truck Fump!!

    Grab em by the putin hairs!!

  • Deleting my comments, MSNBC?
    Doesn't matter.
    You cowards will all be exposed soon enough.
    Nothing can stop what is coming..

  • QAnoan is related to the Far Conservative Christian right. It is a reference to the origin source of the Christian Bible – QAnon believe that Trump is a servant of God bringing about the 'end times' as described in the Christian Bible Revelations. They believe they know 'the Truth' and that the blind ( all the rest of us – especially the media' cannot see the plan of God. This is WHY Trump's base is so strong – because it's not about Trump – it's about God – and the bringing about of the end of the world as we know it as described in revelations. AND they love the fact that 'the press' is clueless to this hidden agenda. It makes them superior to everyone else.

    "Failed Prophecies Won’t Stop Trump’s True Believers
    QAnon conspiracy theorists are bringing apocalyptic beliefs into the political mainstream."

    "The Q source (also called Q document, Q Gospel, or Q from German: Quelle, meaning "source") is a hypothetical written collection of primarily Jesus' sayings (logia). Q is part of the common material found in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke but not in the Gospel of Mark. … Q's existence has been questioned.
    Q source – Wikipedia › wiki › Q_source"


    “Just as He shall tread the winepress of G-d’s WRATH, so shall ye tread the winepress of your nation’s wrath to PROVOKE, offering up your privacy as a sacrifice for your people, standing next to the wicked prior to the STRIKE… where shall the fist fall?” — FROM A DREAM"

  • Yours Truly The #1 Pony says:

    The deep state is the new illuminati

    Hahahaha what's next

    The V movement where they wear V mask from V for Vendetta
    Oh that's Anonymous

  • Don't worry about evil , it will be a moron that destroys the planet . Conspiracy theory as gospel , the "chosen one" in the Whitehouse, from opioids to kool aid , the shake your fist at the sky party is coming to town and the only question is, who's cashing in on this ?

  • Q hadn't posted in over a week until yesterday.
    Why did MSNBC make this hit piece about Qanon almost immediately after Q's first post yesterday?
    Is MSNBC paying attention to the Q board?
    A, "larp", and, "conspiracy theory", that's worthy of their undevoted attention?

  • Q. Trump pulled the evil ones out of the darkness and they, for the first time, fight him in the light. Can you see them now? I can

  • The movie Idiocracy truly is America's future. This is what happens when people think real journalists are somehow fake thanks to Trump, Russia, and the Faux News Channel. I would gladly exchange all of these people for migrants from anywhere. We need to stop fighting unnecessary wars and start fighting rich tax evaders to fund basic education way better.

  • People are stupid. There's a difference between wanting to believe in something you think might be true as opposed to actually believing something because you don't know if it's NOT true.

  • Sask Sun seekers says:

    wow incredible…man and I thought trump parrots were dizzy.smh…I bet they too think that windmills give you cancer!!!

  • Not a theory but conspiracy movement indicating reason's attrition in the USA making people vulnerable to authoritarian manipulation.

  • Instead of running a hit piece why don't you show Q's posts and compare them to events that have happened? In fact, if you are reading this go to qmap (dot) pub and judge for yourself.

  • Its so shocking to know so many Americans are such dullards. IDK, its like they all want to throw a tantrum and do what ever they can do to get attention. So here is my comment to these QAnon idiots. You do know that the internet voice is actually an alien from Area 51. They are trying to confuse you because they are coming to take you. Especially the women. They serve the women as delicacies. Thing is you think this is a joke. See I could very well be that voice on the internet. I could be trying to warn you. They are coming for you. RUN!

  • Deep state is a mythological state. Its a political tool drempt up by GOP'S to sway voters because many have very few accomplishments to get relected.

  • a collective delusion is more comforting than being an Individual struggling to find and understand the truth amidst all the noise. they never consider the irony that they're movement is an integral part of the conspiracy it espouses. The movement is the goal of the conspiracy. It's a closed loop. It's like in the Matrix, the people who live in Zion and think they're free don't realize that it's just another layer of the Matrix and that the Oracle (Q) is exploiting they're beliefs and telling them what they want to hear to keep them from truly waking up. Because Q is just another program designed by the Architect who was created by us.

  • Great, Qanon sounds like a right-wing propaganda machine to brainwash idiotic Republicans in believing in stupid right-wing trash. Boycott qanon and stop dangerous conspiracy theories.

  • Qanon supporters are the devolution of the MAGAmororn as their IQ diminishes after drinking the Trump cult kool aid too long…

  • Pedofiles? Who was kidnaping children at the border? We saw some of the girls ended up in NYC. I wonder how that happened?

  • Enstigator Official says:

    WEARING A Q ANON SHIRT IS TREASON because Q calls for the overthrow of the US government with a rogue general. Therefore advocating and advertising Q is a federal crime punishable by 20 years in jail and a $100,000 fine. treason is not free speech

  • You can bet if the Pravda fake news msnbc says it’s a conspiracy, it’s just the opposite. This is the same so called news media that shoved the Russian hoax conspiracy down our throats for 2+ years and they’ve never apologized for it. But I’m not surprised they accuse others of what they are actually doing.

  • OMG – this won't end well. Uneducated white voters are truly scary sometimes. Pretty soon we'll be hearing dueling banjoes.

  • OMG!!! What a group of morons. YEAH – There probably ARE pedophile rings in DC….. Jeffrey Epstein (one of TRUMP's Buddies) was MURDERED to stay silent! #BeLessStupid

  • The greatest strength of social media is the proliferation of information by the masses. The greatest danger of social media is the proliferation of dis-information by the masses.

    This is why legal systems, academia, and science are founded on measured and verifiable information; not belief. When we stop requiring evidence, or we ignore evidence; we infringe upon the stable foundation of society. This is one such example: an unfettered mass of strangers, who need no evidence and are exposed to outside influence from around the globe on social media. What ideas could countries like China and Russia introduce into this community, to foster an unstable America? Whatever they like, because this community doesn't require evidence

  • In any large scale political cult that peddles paranoia and conspiracy theories to gain power there will always be splinter groups who are determined to be even more paranoid and conspiratorial. This is what happens when truth, reason and evidence is systematically undermined and obfuscated by the president every day for years and when he continually announces that all media that is critical of him is 'fake.' He is trashing US society for his own pathetic ego.

  • Self Destination says:

    Trump is most dangerous man since Hitler. Pandering the least intelligent and the worst of Americans.
    Taking advantage of their hatred and ignorance. Making traitors out of people who actually believe they are patriots.
    These folks are the greatest domestic threat America has ever seen.

  • Qs posts yesterday included a 0 (zero) Delta. Meaning, the time stamp from Trump's twitter was identical to Qs post. To the second.

  • A few guys with box cutters did 911. 😆 LOL TROLLS. Nobody believes that. Los Vegas odds makers said 6 trillion to one odds that in the (aftermath) of 911 the number of deaths to investigators could NOT occur. Foolish media paid trolls trying to play the American people.

  • Dismiss you??? oh lady… You are absolutely terrifying! This is very scary… I hope this story doesn't just die… Every American should pay attention to this movement. It's the KKK rebooted, but far more dangerous now.

  • I struggle to understand why many of dems leaders, paid trolls and the vast majority of the media are still alive. What a wast of oxygen. Very 😥 sad

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