This week on TGC News, Sig fancies up a classic,
Wilson Combat fancies up a Sig, theres a new netflix for 3d printed guns and we sold enough
guns in march to arm an entire city! Welcome back to another episode of TGC News,
the only gun news show that covers things you actually care about, my name is Jon Patton.
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Now, how about some news? Shout out to all the guys that are sick and tired of Gucci
glocks because Wilson Combat has a new one and it’s not a glock. It’s a Sig P320, sort
of. It’s called the WCP 320 and it was created in partnership with Sig. Starting from the
top down, they take an unfinished 320 slide and machine it with Wilson’s XTac pattern
on the front and rear sides, as well as on the top. They’ve also swapped out the sights
for their own battle sights with a fiber optic front. The fire control group actually has
a special serial number starting with WC and the trigger is Sig’s own X Full unit with
a flat blade. It’s a great factory trigger actually. They have an option to upgrade to
the grey guns stuff if you choose to go that way. And the fire control group rests inside
Wilson Combat’s own 320 grip module which has their signature grip texture all over,
and a beveled magwell. Besides that, it has a 4.7 inch barrel and comes with 2 17-round
mags. All in all, it seems like a solid option for a tuned up 320. And I’m sure you guys
are sitting there going, JON HOW MUCH IS IT? Thats a good question. The base price for
the WCP 320 is 1195 dollars. Not cheap but certainly not the most expensive Wilson available.
If you want to compare that to the Sig X5 Legion, which is their sort of top of the
line version of the 320, this wilson comes in about 200 bucks higher in pricing. What
do you guys think of this? Is the juice worth the squeeze? Are you relieved to see a 320
instead of another glock? Did someone just cough in the other room? Sound off in the
comments and let’s talk about it! Speaking of Sig performance guns. They’ve
expanded their Legion line of guns with the new P220 10MM SAO. I’ll break it down real
quick, they’ve taken the P220 in 10mm and added a little bit of fanciness. The legion
treatment on this single action only variant of the gun nets it a lighter trigger pull,
sigs XRAY3 day/night sights, a specific gray coating on the frame, different g10 grips,
and that’s about it. They say this is putting a modern twist on a Sig classic. To me, this
is churching-up an obsolete gun. Even with the horsepower offerings from the 10mm, I
find it hard to wrap my brain around why someone would grab this. Short of being a Sig enthusiast,
I just don’t see the reasoning. But hey, i’m just a guy on the internet. And now, as you guys requested, Patton’s Armory.
This is a segment where I grab one of my personal guns and tell you guys about it. This is something,
I don’t know if I’ve shown this on the show before, but this is something that’s really
really cool. This my 6.5 Creedmoor build that Ben helped me with. This is my 1000-yard gun.
It’s got a Ballistic Advantage 24-inch barrel, Zrodelta brake, this is an atlas bipod, Lancer
handguard in carbon fiber, right now it’s rocking a Nightforce shv optic, the Magpul
stock out back. Sharp’s Brothers / Spikes Tactical AR 10 receivers, it’s got a lancer
mag in there, it has a geissele national match 2-stage trigger in it and of course a Zrodelta
mount on the optic. This is a BA gun, it shoots fantastic, I’m really proud of this thing
and it’s my favorite long-range gun in my collection right now. So there you have it,
the 6.5 Creedmoor this thing does not have a name, I don’t have a name for that build.
If you guys want to see more of my guns let me know down in the comments hope you enjoyed
that. How about a little industry news to spice
things up? You guys remember Defense Distributed? They’re one of the key companies behind the
3D Printed Gun movement and it seems they have a new plan to get the files out to the
public. A few years back their site called Defcad was shut down by the Obama administration
citing violations of ITAR or the international traffic in arms regulations. Adam did a legal
brief on ITAR a while back if you want to understand that more. Under the trump admin,
Defcad was allowed to start sharing files once again, but they’ve been sued by a few
states and are constantly under attack for distributing freedom files. What they are
trying to do now is a sort of Netflix for guns. The plan is to charge an annual fee
of 50 bucks for access to the Defcad website and thus insulate them from ITAR regulations.
Moving to a paywall or membership model allows them to regulate or control the locations
from which their users hail. They plan to use geolocation and other undisclosed methods
to determine whether folks are based in the US or not. Honestly I have no idea whether
or not this actually insulates them or not BUT I find it very interesting nonetheless.
3D printing guns is fantastic. And I think it’s very interesting watching the US and
State governments trying to control the blueprint files because once something is on the internet,
it’s nearly impossible to erase, just ask Beyonce. There’s no intel yet on when this
service would launch BUT I’m excited to see what the future holds.
Also in industry news, it seems that we have set another massive record. The FBI stats
for the National Instant Check System are in and wow. Every month this year has been
a new record. January had 2.7 million background checks. February has 2.8 million. Both the
highest for those months in our history. In the month of March in 2020, there were 3.7
million background checks. Last month we set the record for the most background checks
EVER. This number is so staggering I’ve got to give you some more data. In the
first 3 months of this year, we have had more rough population of the US is about 330 million
people. We bought enough guns in march to arm 10 percent of the entire US.
You could arm the entire city of philadelphia twice with that many guns. AND that’s assuming
that folks only bought one, which we all know is highly unlikely. If you drink, grab a beer
and drink one for freedom, if you don’t drink, grab a beer and have one for freedom. That
is amazing. To be honest with you, I have no idea
what I will do with it. I hate that it even exists so it’s gonna be a struggle for me.
However, that Wilson Combat 320 looks pretty sweet and costs about 1200 bucks haha. Look for local gun shops that are open and have a range. I’m not sure
if they will all be in operation but they may be your only option. ALSO, dry firing
is a decent way to improve. You could also look into getting a SIRT pistol if you want
to ramp up from there. Yes and no. Keep in mind that gun businesses in large part remain open so the challenge is
less about quarantine and more about the limitations of less people at work and very likely a huge
surge in orders over the last month. Most brands, especially the smaller ones, will
be focusing on meeting current demand rather than innovating. I’m sure the things that
were set to launch at NRAAM will come out across the year but there’s certainly a lot
less pressure to do that when the dollars are pouring in. If you want to ask a friendly fire question, jump over to Subscribestar and support us there! Before we go, I want to make sure that I include
a farewell to someone very important to the gun world. Edward Avila, the founder of
passed away at the end of March and we are super sad to see him go. Apparently he had
been battling cancer for some time and lost that fight. His impact on the gun world through
Arfcom was massive and he will be missed. A sad note to end on but That is it for this
week’s show. I would love it if you guys hit the like button to show your support and if
you think we’ve earned it, get subscribed as well. As always, thank you all for watching.
We’ll see you soon.


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    Your girlfriend/fiancé/wife? Is so cute. What on Earth does she see in you? Just kidding. I love your channel. I even got a free hat from Kinetic Development at the first Triggercon just for dropping your name.

  • smokydragon gaming says:

    I contributed to those numbers I bought an ATI .45 1911 at the end of February. A kimber micro 9mm mid March and a Smith and Wesson m&p 15 at the end of March. Those were my first 3 guns I’ve ever bought and I’m not just one of those panic buying I’ve always wanted guns and I’m not gonna sell them in a few months like I know a lot of these people will I’m keeping my guns

  • S&w needs to make a m&p to compete with the Glock 20. Sig sauer…. no one wants a single stack 10mm. Anymore.

  • Randy Randerson says:

    you should share the guy on reddit who made a wildcat 50BMG necked down to 9mm with a special low pressure powder load. Fires out of a 90% 3d printed gun, plastic chamber, plastic barrel, only metal pins and springs.

  • Any gun that is marketed by linking it to a sitting official is worse than tacky. A firearm commemorating a past official can and have been tastefully done. That Trump gun was drug dealer crap.

  • Where can you practice your shooting skills while the gun ranges are closed? Everyone expects you to wear a mask whenever you go out, so try your local 7-11 or gas station.

  • Jason Lessard says:

    Are you going to report on “The Warrior Poet Society” big announcement? I’m hoping he opens this new format to YouTubers like you.

  • PumpkinDefender says:

    Proof that the gun show loophole is a lie. More background checks during a month when most of the country was under stay at home orders and gun shows were cancelled.

  • CK Knife and Tool says:

    1. Wilson Sig? Yeah… that’s nice!
    2. Gotta get out of the hallway Jon.
    3. Gotta pay your intern… she works hard. ?

  • As far as presidential models being offered from several mfg's. I believe that there are plenty of 2A supporters that don't agree with some of his policies, or procedures. At the same time, I don't believe that he's done anything remarkable to define and defend our Second Amendment rights. Why honor his lack of support with that distinction? I love Henry rifles, but I doubt a 45th president commemorative Golden Boy model will make it's way into my safe.

  • prylosec or something says:

    I really dont think trump deserves a commemorative gun, he's revealed himself to be adamantly anti gun over the course of his first term and taught me not to trust any politicians whatsoever

  • Wilson combat will go out of business once the boomers and fuds stop buying their overpriced and useless products.

  • lacquerheadTX says:

    I'd have an AR-15 with Obama's face on it. After all he did sell more firearms than any other president at least until Covid-19 made things cray-cray. Oh, and because Black Rifles Matter!

  • Haha, too late. I’m accustomed to hitting the thumbs up before even starting the video, because I already know it’s going to be good.

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    To those People who want to buy a Desert Eagle with Trumps name and face on it!… We Salute You!

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  • Why wouldn't DD simply do what was done with PGP encryption software in the 90's?
    When State Dept. threatened Phil Zimmerman with ITAR, he printed the source code onto good ol' paper and mailed it overseas, which made it a First Amendment issue.
    The recipient scanned the pages and compiled them into a file and the genie was out of the bottle and Phil Zimmerman was off the hook.

  • Jeremy Collins says:

    Your 6.5 looks a lot like mine. 1000 yards should be nothing more than a good way to warm up the barrel for a build like that. Gotta ask – why the cantilever scope mount on an LR308?, especially since you have it sitting so far back?

  • Jon ANYTHING beats another Glock! but in all seriousness a 320 isn't much better!!! the 320 is BECOMING THE NEW GLOCK!! and hell yeah on the 220 if it comes in 45!! some of us love a tried and true classic well proven hammer gun! why do you think the 1911 is still around and going gangbusters!! DD they should say the 1st amendment bitch and that should be the end of that!! on the desert eagle why the hell not if they kick some of the duckits to his re-election campaign!!!

  • Zechnar Williams says:

    Get a laser snap cap. It is dry firing with a laser dot to show if your squeeze was good and on target. laserlyte and a few others make them. Good for when you can not go to the range.

  • Very cool.
    Your 6.5 is very similar to mine.
    Same barrel and stock.
    Mine has a Vortex scope, Black Rain trigger, an Areo upper and a billet lower cut from an 80%.
    Tack. Driver. ❤️

  • Red Eyes to Dead Eyes says:

    John, please get the 4-20×50 tract toric and do some kind of review or video with it. It’s literally the best optic for the money in the scope game

  • Paul Edrington says:

    I had not thought far enough ahead to consider spending the $1,200 check on Guns N ammo but now that you've mentioned it and put that bee in my bonnet I may have to get me a Ruger 57 after all. Sure hope they have plenty of ammo for it

  • Was going to buy a Sig p365XL right before this mess hit. Concerned about QC the way they were trying to keep up with demand before & now dk what to think. No rush I suppose. Have plenty of stuff but really like that gun. Haven’t owned any polymer pistols in a long time.

  • 9,000,000/330,000,000 Doesn't equal 10%. It's less than 3%. Amazing regardless but yeah.
    I'm just here waiting for the "Shall not be infringed…" part to be listened to and every single gun law in existence. ALL OF THEM. To go away. Yes. If I were so monetarily capable I should be able to own an aircraft carrier.

  • Taylor Dougherty says:

    When they post background check numbers does that include people with a CHL or LTC since they don't do background checks?

  • Uh,….I hope you never reload based on your math. That would be VERY dangerous. FYI – 3.3 million is 1% — NOT 10% — of 330 million. By your incorrect math, 33,300,000 guns would have been sold in March 2020, IF an equivalent number of 10% of the US population had purchased guns.

  • What do I think of "Presidential" guns? Like Patton's Colt, I think Trump's Desert Eagle pistol should be worn daily by Trump in a bad ass holster to match. Kinda slung low,…like John Wayne. Definitely needs a drop-leg rig! Kind of Han Solo look. The US is at WAR against the unseen enemy; and, Trump is a BOSS as Commander-In-Chief.

  • Henry and a few other manufacturers are producing Trump guns, too. I hope every brand jumps on board and supports our President!

  • WC doubles the price for a trigger sear tune up and a set of sights? Hard pass! I'd rather have my Sig P320 V-tac. It comes with a better trigger feel and fiber optic over tritium sights right out of the box from Sig.

  • Formattednate 1107 says:

    If you didn’t have tools before the pandemic then you’re a fool. Shouldn’t take a crisis for people to realize no one can save you but you

  • Michael Williams says:

    I have own firearms as an adult since 1975 but was taught how to shoot when I was 7 years old ?? Yes I got ( you guessed it ) a Glock model 41 long slide 45 caliber plus the Smith & Wesson 1911 ? Those who hit the dislike button must be those who are jealous ??????

  • I will never understand the want for these ‘Gucci handguns’… rather spend the $ on and AR, and keep the handgun simple… but thats just be me. ?

  • 1. HAHAHA! You are meme'd for math terms of use violation. LOL!
    2. Enjoy the content and have been a subscriber for a few years now.
    3. The girl is a QTpi and very much a keeper. Take care of her.

  • I'm sooooooo glad to see different guns getting customized besides Glock (despite the fact that factory glocks need it and others don't, but I digress).
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  • Trump is not a god. I’m getting really sick and tired of the firearms community worshiping him. For the low IQ members, no, I don’t wish Clinton had won. However, more gun control laws have been passed under four years of trump, than eight years of Obama. We clearly fight harder when faced with direct opposition, so maybe we’d have those silencers at this point since we would have been suing Clinton at every turn. Doubtful. I voted for neither, but don’t fault anyone if they did buy the hype and vote for him the first time. I’m just saying that you need to stop justifying his bad choices, and hold him accountable. I see no difference in the way you act versus the way the left acts when screeching “orange man bad” like a bunch of tards. Only, it’s on the other side, saying the opposite. It’s cult like. #Reaganwasatraitortoo

  • Glock 43x Lover says:

    These weekly videos make the quarantine easier. To improve your skills at home buy a BB gun in your EDC model and shoot in your backyard. There some pistol BB guns where the slide even cycles.

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