31 thoughts on “How I Use Screen Reading And Magnification- Voice Over- Talk Back”

  • Gaurav Sharma says:

    Hi I also have a vision issue. Can you suggest smthg which is helpful in reading n writing hard copies?

  • Hi there! can tell me something about witch software can help me in online poker? couse i cant see the cards etc thx a lot for yoiur answer

  • I know it has been over a year since this was posted but could you provide the name or a link to the magnifier app you had on your phone at this time or recommend a screen magnifier for Android?

  • Albert Daley says:

    Can anyone help? I would like to setup talkback to read just what I want it to and not everything on the screen. How do I setup talkback to do this or can anyone recommend an alternative app?

  • Cameron Tyack says:

    Thanx Sam
    I use voice over exactly the same as how you use talk back, I am thinking of giving the non apple products a try for the first time in over 10 years, it's great to know that talk back appears to work just as well as voice over!
    Helpfull video!
    Have a good one

  • Hey I have a question. I was wondering what is the name of the program screen reader that you are using for your computer? And does it comes with that Good quality voice? Or do I have to download a good quality voice separate . Please let me know as soon as possible. Because I have jaws and it's only a demo It is so annoying to always have to restart my computer every 45 minutes because? I don't have that much money to pay that $1300 to get the jaws . I am poor.. And my Jaws cents is a demo . It always deactivate every 45 minutes..

  • Hey whats the best way to magnify android keyboard? The magnification feature doesnt seem to work on that, thanks!

  • I've noticed a guitar in a couple of your videos. I play for my own enjoyment but recently my vision has taken a turn for the worse and I can no longer read music. Enlarging helps a litle but most magnification chops up the music and of course I can't play and move the magnification around.
    Any tips?
    Thanks, I enjoy your post
    Davied McIntire

  • Marjorie Hewitt says:

    I would love to have the name of the download you used for the large 'Time' widget you have on your phone. Mine is so small.

  • MS Office Tutorials says:

    Thanks! I have been visually impaired all my life. I didn't know that there was a channel on this topic. Recently, I had to step down from my job. I used to be a computer instructor. But, my eyesight has been giving me lots of problems in this past year. And, after surgery, I can't read print any more. (I am going to get magnifiers soon). So, number one, thanks for this channel. Number two, do you know anything about how to read letter by letter or word by word within a document using Voice Assistant? (Android) Again, thanks for the video!

  • does talkback have a gesture to auto read everything from where you press onward? I spend a lot of time on reddit and would like to know if it can read the whole thread without me actively touching every comment

  • Great tip with the home page triple tap. This makes life WAY easier. Not sure if you have checked out text to speech through chrome, but I have found it very helpful for reading articles emails etc. especially when ctrl + scroll up mess up the format.

  • Linda Johnson says:

    Hi I just recently found your channel and I am new to computers iPhones etc. I have never owned a computer I've had an iPhone 4 it will be two years next month before that I never even knew how to operate one or even if I could operate one. I am totally blind and I am trying to figure out if somebody could help me with a video or something about scanning foods boxes jars etc. sort of like the summit but only I know there are apps on iPhones how to do that and I got one but I cannot use it very well and I'm hoping to find a different one the one I have is called Goggles talking goggles. I hope I can find an easier one!.

  • wish magnefecation worked for me. i'm stuck shoving my nose into the screen and squinting hard to make out diffrinces. 🙂

    I use ReadPlease (an old clipboard text to speech reader) to read/navagate
    i still find a full screen reader to be anoying and slow.

    hilight copy listen.

  • Robert Hansen says:

    also to let people know that Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 has a built-in screen magnification program that is linked up with narrator. They have really improved narrator in the screen magnifier in Windows. So if you don't have a lot of money then you can use that as an alternative. Zoomtext cost a lot of money for some people. And so the screen magnifier in Windows 10 really works well. That's another alternative that works well. I use that all the time. Also do a video about nvda otherwise known as non-visual desktop access.

  • Thank you so much for this video! Belive it or not I just now own a smart phone. It isn't the largest of screens but I think that if I could get a screen reader I would be just fine with it. My phone is an LG. Where can I find the screen reader you demonstrated in this vid, please? Also, do you have a FB page? Thank you much for all the amazing info you're sharing!

  • No problem. I apologize for my miss wording. Your words were "Virtually exactly the same" as an intensive user of both screen readers, even that is erroneous to say. I understand that this video wasn't meant to go intensively into that topic, but my comment was for those who not only heard the description, but may considered trying either product. For example, if someone wants to try talkback am picks up an android phone. They may think they're able to do triple click home to turn on the screen reader, or try to set up that feature. When in reality only samsung phones are capable of doing it this way. Also the learning curve with using talk back is a lot greater than voiceover. I was where you were a trainer, this is not directed at you, but I dealt with many trainers. And more often than not they don't have all the information.

  • Hey Sam, you are probably aware, but just didn't demo it in your video, but on Android, if you triple-tap to magnify, if you hold down your finger on the 3rd tap, you can move a single finger around the screen to move the magnification area. I find it much easier for reading and things.

  • William Randles says:

    Where do you setup the home button to turn on TalkBack? I never used talkback because it got to chatty. But till I get Eye surgery I lost vision in in my good Eye. Thank In Advanced.

  • Hi there. Appreciate what you're doing. I know your target audience is probably low vision users, but as a low vision user who mostly uses screen readers. There were two missed leading mentions about talkback, and voiceover. One, saying they are virtually identical is wrong. They're similar, but saying identical is a stretch. They have many different jesters, and the way they interact with the phone is different. Two, the triple click home only works on Sam song phones for talkback/android. For other phones other than Sam song you have to use a different method as a shortcut for turning on top back. On the iPhone the triple click home is correct, but you could also use Siri, and just tell it to turn on the voiceover. Saying this to help you out, not to put your video down. I know you're mostly a Low vision user, and don't expect you to know all those ins, and outs. Keep up the good work, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

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