How I Recruited 10 People in 10 Days in My Network Marketing Business


50 thoughts on “How I Recruited 10 People in 10 Days in My Network Marketing Business”

  • Bertha Ndumba says:

    I am in a society where 80 percent people believe that going to work and getting pension at the end of it all will make them rich eventually so it's very difficult to convince them

  • instanthellmurderer says:

    I don't like approaching random people in the streets about opportunities. Is there a simpler way to go about that?

  • Corlin Mckinney says:

    I initiate contact, I build rapport, then when I get into what I want to share with a prospect in a none bugging none intrusive way, the conversation seem to go cold or just completely stops

  • Thanks Darin! I've been in sales and marketing for 30+ years (I hired 40 ppl a week for 10 of those years) and also own a digital marketing company. I JUST joined a new MLM (I'm 21 ppl from the CEO) and feel like I'm a kid again. I'm motivated, building my team, and putting my years of experience into this new MLM. (and yeah, I'm crushing it) This video was a BIG help!

  • Refiloe Seri Duiker says:

    The gap I'm experiencing is lacking the resource to share for potential customers/ members to look at. Pls recommend or share the magazines/ short videos.


  • Sapam Saimon Singh says:

    Thanks a lot it's so inspiring to me ,I'm also a network marketer from India and I'm your new subscriber✌

  • Allen Varghese says:

    Thankyou!! inspired ! Can you let me know of personal products that you use Network Marketing!
    How to find cost effective Products and at the same time useful for society/community!?

  • Most top income earners arent talking to friends and family, They are calling the target market ! People who are, or were in networkmarketing at one time or another, THATS A FACT.

  • Drickus Francke says:

    The 4 basics work but to get exposed to more people is hard. I am 20 and some older people won't listen really because of my age. Time is changing and social media is big. How can you promote yourself and work through talking to older people

  • Life Abundance Radio says:

    Great points as always. Hope you are doing better. Still sending thoughts and prayers your way. 🙂

  • Qeni Khoali Tsokeli says:

    No 1 challenge I always have is Procrastination, I think it's some type of curse. However after this presentation, I am sooo charged up I am even designing my own, and I will never look back unless I wanna go in that direction woow such wisdom.

  • Pay Yourself Home Business says:

    No 1 challenge is after agreeing to see the proposal, totally ignoring you on follow up. Your video was great teaching how to deal with that. Some will, some won’t, so what, next, somebody else's waiting. Perfect advice. It's definitely a numbers game. Thanks for sharing.

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  • They are trying to get my wife on bord. She just had backsuger .my mom did not rais a fool she said if it sounds to good to be true.then its to good to be true. Dont be a fool

  • One lady marry kay was a good Lady. But all the people in this game ant the same. You can tell a man bye his fruits. This man is a car sales man.

  • James O'Bryan says:

    yeah it's a "numbers game" until you need 15,000,000,000 people to maintain a profit. you're taking advantage of people. let me ask you this.. what happens after you recruit those 10 people? each of those people need to recruit another 10? then each of those 100 need to recruit another 10? then each of those 1,000 need to recruit another 10? then those 10,000 need to recruit another 10?… see a pattern here? please explain to me how this model is sustainable and how you aren't basically just stealing money

  • The Market Influencer says:

    Great info Darin I so agree it’s a numbers game and you must know your numbers I appreciate you my friend!

  • Igor ivannov Nimbona says:

    I recruit people;;they seem to understand and love the business and promise to come and learn more but that’s it !!they don’t come and since it’s said you inform just not insisting on people;;;how will I get people to join my business

  • Andri Prasetio says:

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  • great content..
    my question is
    people after attending the event.. they said wow we will do it.but unfortunately.after 3-4 days they quit. please help me.

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