How Greta Thunberg plans to cross the Atlantic carbon-free | DW News

How Greta Thunberg plans to cross the Atlantic carbon-free | DW News

This is the boat where climate activist Greta
Thunberg will be cooped up for at least two weeks.
On Tuesday she went to familiarize herself with the vessel.
Her dilemma had been how to get to New York without increasing her carbon foot print.
This yacht , she hopes, is the answer. Last week she admitted the journey would not be
easy. “Yeah, I have not sailed before, but I am
going to go there now to try to sort of get basic lessons in what to do and what not to
do. . Before setting sail skipper Boris Hermann
briefed Thunberg and her father – who will accompany her – on possible problems- including
the weather. “This trip will be massively challenging for
Greta and for all of us and I hope we will be able to find a route through the weather
that is not too rough. So, we can make our route a bit longer to sail around strong winds.
That’s not always possible. So, we have discussed this, she’s trying to mentally prepare for
that .” The weather will not be the only challenge.
The 80 ft yacht is designed for speed rather than luxury so the amenities
such as the sleeping quarters – are basic at best. And there is no toilet or shower.But
the vessel is fitted with solar panels .. and the electricity on board is produced by underwater
turbines. This means Thunberg is likely to achieve her goal of making the long journey
across the Atlantic with zero carbon emmissions.


32 thoughts on “How Greta Thunberg plans to cross the Atlantic carbon-free | DW News”

  • Riverflyswatter S says:

    Zero carbon emissions hahaha. Where did all the hi tech equipment come from.?
    People sail across the ocean all the time without emissions.
    What a joke

  • first Impression says:

    If the she goes to NYC by air will she lose the moral ground to fight against climate change ? Of course not. People on the right will acuse her of being hypocritic ? They will do it even if she sails there. They don´t even accept climate change is real.

  • Like a hundred years ago…. But with under water turbines making it even less efficient. I wonder how much pollution was caused in the manufacturing of that boat? Well done to the privaliged kid though.

  • Stay in school KID. Enjoy being a KID!.

    One day you will wrestle to understand life, suffering, love, sadness, philosophy, theology and the greatest mystery of adulthood. Including why your parents used you for moral and political propaganda.

  • That is this vessel called the LOONISY? First class ticket 10k usd, travel by Loonisy 1 million. Monetary means both physical labor and use of materials that which are made of plastic and by burning fossil fuels. Soooooo this is a one time use for this craft??? Loonisy. Look, I love to sail, I love the learning it provides, the long hours of quiet, that allows you to think. Don't connect to any satellites out their on the open water, can't imagine how much fossil fuel was burned to put them up their. A phycologists would be cheaper then this craft and a far better alternative.

  • I want one of those racing sailboats made out of CARBON FREE materials…even the electronics are carbon free. Can someone tell Greta the carbon footprint of the world armed forces…if she mentions that, we will never hear of her again in the MSM.

  • Someone should explain the meaning of "embodied carbon" to this girl. Fossil fuel combustion is but a small part of the whole picture.

  • Thank you Greta for your work. You're intelligent and would never waste any time on the haters. They just can't handle a 16-year-old girl who tries to make the world a better place. Good luck on your journey! We are many who listen to the scientists, and to you.

  • Joaquín Olvera Almazán says:

    I would like to ask?
    Does she use plastics at home? Does she have great knowledge about Chemistry? Has she ever worn makeup? I guess she knows that whenever she gives a conference, that leaves a carbon footprint, her jacket left a carbon footprint as well.
    Is she a scientist?
    How did she get from Sweden to The United Kingdom? I bet she didn't swim from Sweden to Denmark, and I guess she didn't swim from the continent to The British Isles and I guess she could have used a a boat but Did she bike her way from Denmark to France, Belgium or The Netherlands? Did she travel in an electric or Hydrogen fulled car?
    I don't agree with her. I'll listen to a scientist, someone who actually knows about climate and can actually really do something to correct this situation and is not seeking attention or media exposure, and rarely gets credit for it.
    It's a pity that someone like her gets so much attention.

  • Histopher Citchens says:

    I really don't get this stunt, when carbon-free sea travel technology has been around for centuries… I just hope they're also prepared to pick up the multi-million dollar tab for any rescue.

  • Most of us can hold two contradictory positions at once. The wish to stop climate change while at the same time travel to a climate conference powered by fossil fuels. Even taking this sailboat a lot of fossil fuel was used in terms of embodied carbon. The lesson here is we shouldn't have to hold each other or ourselves to a high level of purity and never be contradictory, because that is impossible.

  • The communist UN's expert on 'climate change' is 16 year old Greta who has no recognised meteorological qualifications and is apparently diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome!
    Don't be taken in by a Marxist plot against western society.

  • Patricia Dileonardo says:

    This young lady is noble having a beautiful dream to improve our world. However, who is allowing an underage, inexperienced young lady to put her life in harm´s way on the ocean with only a brief sailing lesson? Do the adults have a backup plan in case of emergencies? When the replica of the historic sailing ship ¨Jamestown¨ sailed from Virginia to England and back to America there was at least a Doctor we knew from our hospital aboard to assist the crew.

  • Are we sure we gave her all of the vaccine’s ?
    Does she have sea sick pills ?
    Can we give her a voice and a wheelchair like Stephen Hawking

  • Add a English accent narrator so Americans think it’s legit.
    Perfect because we take the English so serious.
    Stuck in the 1200s worshiping kings and queens.

  • Greta Thunberg is a puppet of the far left elitist Marxists. It's sickening how these ideologues take advantage of a young woman to push their sick dogma. Vomit inducing.

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