100 thoughts on “How German News Covered Trump’s NATO Visit”

  • The original clip (To find: use search item "eierkratzen".) was uploaded eight years ago and achieved 200 000 clicks less than this one with the faked subtitles reached after five days.
    So what's going on in this Studio?
    She reads and talks very calmly and pleasantly about women in a small Austrian village (Stinatz), who are knowledged in the almost extinct art of scratching extraordinary figures on shells of empty eggs, probably for Easter decoration. The Text continues, calls the knowledged women "Egg-Scratcher" ("balls-tickler") and laments, that the chances to find such a professional woman are getting smaller and smaller, so that one has actually no possibility to choose a woman anymore, today aone has to take what one gets. She ends straight, primarily not realizing the funny double meaning. I assume a person behind the camera brings it with a gesture or a leer on her mind. Then comes the outburst of laughter. She brings her clipboard close to her eyes to check if she misspoken anything. No. The laughter goes on. "This is the worst, that I ever had to read!" she says. At the end she points to the person not in sight and says not angry: "It's your fault! I would never had hit that idea."

  • Harrison La time traveler says:


  • First of all, it is obvious that it cannot be German news since Germans do not laugh in public. Secondly, it is from Austria and, hence, cannot address Trump because Austrians live in valleys surrounded by high mountains rarely receiving news from the outside world. So it must be a joke of the Colbert show, which I, as a German, of course neither can understand nor laugh about ;-).

  • Patrick Anthofer says:

    This is part of an old outtake from a local Austrian news programme in Burgenland. She had a hard time not to laugh presenting a segment about a traditional way of decorating Easter eggs called “Eierkratzen”. The double entendre of “scratching eggs” was pointed out to her by someone in the studio and it took her a very long time to get the recording right.

  • Danke!
    To the Germans fer Standing Against Stupid and thank u very much fer the Laugh in these days of Peril.
    MAGA!~ SH$THOLE the CHILD MOLESTING TRAITORS residing in the white house!!!

  • Her Name is Nadja Ebinger and she is a moderator of Austrian regional TV — and yes, she did talk about somthing completely different. The picture with Angie has been added later…

  • Cowworshiper PissDrinkingHindus says:

    I'm so damn ashamed as a American for being a laughingstock to the world cause of that clown in the house.

  • Deniz from Germany says:

    Thats not German TV its austrien and further more she is laughing about herself for saying something funny thats it but yeah msm colber has to lie just to promote their agenda

  • יאשיהו צ'רלס טאטל says:

    Donnie Darko is the decent of Lucifer Domnicient Flavian the man who crucified Issis Manu El Salvatore Mundi King of Edessa (Jesus Cristos) Thise worshiping him are a cult of golden neon idol worshiping narcissistic personality disorder adulterous sodomites(true accurate translation) Shame shame shame on the cult plague of narcissi

  • Please stop talking about this non-existent pee tape. What he has on him is whatever backroom deals he negotiated with Putin and the fact that he knew that Russia was meddling in our elections. This is enough to call him a traitor to our country. We need across the board reform in our political process and our national dialogue. Partisan politics have divided this nation more than ever and allowed unethical behavior on both sides that compromises our government and our nation.

  • So sad for trump because in the event that the pee pee tape doesn't exist, he will still be forever associated with it til he dies….some small comfort…chuckle

  • Trump is right though, Germany is owned by Russia, all their oil comes from there. but the Germans and their far left media won't say that

  • Herr Wagnerianer says:

    "O my goodness, Austrians have a distinct accents." Who would have thought. So have Bavarians, Rhinelanders and Hamburgers. And people from Vorarlberg and those from the Burgenland (former German-West Hungary) have quite different accents/dialects as well.

  • Phahahahahahahahhaahhahahaah donald trump is the phaahahahaahha omfg, is the president of united stat… phahahahhaahahahahahhaaaaaahahhahahahaha of 'merica hahahahahaahaaaha

  • Rainer Schütz says:

    The Austria thing is kind of relevant because Austrians wouldn't usually sympathize enough with Germany to laugh that deeply 😉

  • Sorry I didn't get it. Was the translation supposed to be funny? The actual subject kind of was. And yes she is from Austria, the only thing german is the beginning with sat1.

  • Yep. The world is indeed laughing at us. Heck, I chuckle every now and then myself. We hired a clown so we got a circus.

  • Oh my goooood. Of all segments you picked this one hahha.
    This is local news from Burgenland, a state of Austria, and the anchor lady had to talk about a rare local tradition, where women, around easter time, "scratch eggs". Now scratching eggs has a double meaning bc eggs in german is vernacular for (men's) balls xD

  • Germany is a country in Europe and an economic super engine of the world. Germans are efficient and punctual, with a strong work ethic. They are also a fun loving and gregarious people. Next time you are introduced to a German, start the conversation with a funny joke. A good one to tell is, "What does it mean when a cow is nicer than a woman? – You are in Germany!" You will be surprised by the reaction!

  • Funny as hell. That is a small regional TV sender in Austria, and that,‘s what she is talking about:

  • Seal Of Apoorval says:

    Wtf is this channel trying to prove by putting in fake English subtitles ? It's not at all funny and you just ruined an actually funny need report with those bs subtitles. And now everyone in America will be thinking that's what actual news is in Germany (it's not even German)

  • I grew up in germany and I didn’t get that joke at all lmao I suck at understanding dialects it’s really sad. Especially the austrian and bayrisch dialect is not for me, my austrian friend always has to speak clear german otherwise I won’t get what she’s trying to say

  • Brendan McCarron says:

    People are annoyed that they showed an Austrian news show instead of a German new show. Germans and Austrians are extremely similar and they speak the same language. I mean it would be easy to do that with Canada and the US. Just saying.

  • Roger Gustafsson says:

    I'd say this is how the rest of us on Europe think about Trump. Maybe except the "Special Ppl" on that island to the west.

  • The original is indeed much funnier that what Colbert's team did with it, but the addition of the picture of Trump and Merkel to Colbert's re-make actually makes the original German truly hilarious. . . I wonder whether anyone realized it what they had done!

  • Germany has been long conquered and occupied by Americans. Not Russians. America owns Germany and has Americanized Germany. Germany is nothing without the  USA. We still have American bases in Germany there culture is long gone and replaced my American culture.

  • Those who are saying the "actual german" is funnier, please translate it so we can understand the "actual german" version

  • Ehm dudes that is a funny news topic from the early 2000s

    The picture with Angela Ferkel and Donald Duck is editing with Adobe final cut

  • Trump is so misinformed or he lied about this. Germany does get some of their energy from Russia but it is only abour 6%.

  • Literally she says: "But this culture is in danger of extinction. There are just very few women left who can perform this technique and if YOU really are in need of (looking for) active EGG-scratcheresses, the supply is scarce."

    Implicitly she says: "But this culture is in danger of extinction. There are just very few women left who can perform this technique and if a MAN really is in need of (looking for) active BALL-scratcheresses, the supply is scarce."

    Egg is a colloquial term for balls as well and the impersonal (general) 'you' means 'man' in German and this can refer to a guy (Mann) in general, too. Those two words (man and Mann) are pronounced the same in German.

  • It’s working! I knew it would work! Michael Moore is the only liberal that gets it! Moore said, “People are upset. They’re angry at the system and they see Trump, not so much that they agree with him, but they see him as the human Molotov cocktail that they get to toss into the system.” Well, at least we got em laughing in Germany! I’m just hoping after 2024, we find another Trump, maybe even more eccentric, so we can toss that into the system next! I’ll give Moore credit. He’s the only liberal that figured it out. Touché Michael! Just keep it to yourself and let’s enjoy the ride !

  • So much funny

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